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SBM Video Series: Why Is It So Difficult for Black Men to Commit


I’ve been writing for a number of years and in my professional and personal experiences a number of women have asked me why is it so difficult for men to commit, especially black men. I honestly have no idea but I have my theories. I’m sure it has something to do with rap music. In addition, I think most men have internal personality types that often have conflicting interest when it comes to pursuing relationships and what they’re looking for in their ideal woman. The following video provides an example of how if two of these contrary personality types are left unchecked they may hinder a man from choosing and ultimately committing to one woman.

– WisdomIsMisery


  1. The problem is the question itself. Instead a a woman asking a specific question about her own personal life, she is looking for someone to "justify" an entire race of men. If someone asks you this, they haven't given you enough information for you to be able to give a satisfactory answer. Even if they ask, "why have the men in my life not been able to commit?", It still requires follow up questions to get to the answer. "What type of men do you date?" And "Black" is not a satisfactory answer. If the only thing you knew about the men in your dating life is their skin color, that in itself is a major problem. This question on a whole is too broad to give any kind of meaningful answer.

  2. I'm not ashamed to say I think Misery is wassup..lol..funny post, but I agree with previous commenter that this question should be asked in a, "Why isn't he committing to me right now" rather than why don't men commit in general..

  3. I loved the vid. I thought only women had these schitzo problems?
    Wisdom *swoon*
    Misery *drool*
    Suburband black guy *butterflies*


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