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Top 100 First World Problems

SBM Fam - Caption This Pic For Me

Going through my daily net surfing I came across this hilarious list – thought you all might enjoy. Can you think of anymore to add?


  1. LOL! I would like to add to that list breaking your nail while opening the car door! Having too many food choices to pick from! And your bank neglecting to tell you that a store you shopped at was robbed so they turned off your bank card for your safety but you found out when you were trying to get gas… yea I'm still a bit salty about that

  2. This had me cracking up so hard!
    Yo that McRib one is real. *sheds tear*
    My first world problem is the beautician messing up my eyebrows. For real, that brings out my inner Hulk. The other is not getting my trash out before the trash man comes.

    Diddy pic: "Who the f*ck put this in here?"


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