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Dope Memories: 5 Things I Miss About the Good Old Days

The memories. The delinquent memories.

I was overcome with nostalgia this past weekend. Who would’ve thought that Walgreens and a wack dunk contest would lead me to a search for a time machine on eBay?

I walked into Walgreens on Saturday and a Blockbuster Express machine caught my attention. As I looked through an assortment of new releases and recent classics, I thought about the days when we had to visit an actual Blockbuster or Hollywood Video store. I remember spending 20 minutes reading the back of movie boxes before deciding to get the movie I’d went there for in the first place. I remember sneaking into the adult movie section with my friends when we were 16 to get a glimpse of the “parties” on the covers.

We may have gotten kicked out a few times for our boisterous laughter, but it didn’t matter because we were having fun. Little did we know that those trips we made to Blockbuster would become the memories we chuckle at today. For real though, I miss being able to spend 30 minutes looking through movies, smelling the popcorn, and deciding if I’d pay premium price for some candy that I could get next door for the cheap. Yes, those were the days.

After selecting a movie that I’ve yet to watch, I found myself thinking about other things I miss from the pre-responsibility days. Out of my list of 15, I’ve picked 5 to share with you today. You may even miss a few of these things yourself.


Remember when pagers were cool and the only short codes people knew were 143 and 911? Remember all the shapes, sizes, and colors people would have for such a simplistic device?

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What I liked most about having a pager was that it made meaccessible, but not too accessible. The quickness with which I could respond was determined by how quickly I could get to a phone. People understood that. It wasn’t a big deal if I didn’t respond instantaneously. There was no such thing as “I know you saw my text message” or “How can you have time to tweet or update Facebook, but not have time to call me back?” If it was urgent, people typed 911. Otherwise, you’d hit them up when you had the chance. You didn’t have to confirm receipt of the message, because the beeping sound after they typed their number told them you’d receive it.

Unsmart Phones

I love my phone. It’s great. It’s necessary. Yes, it’s made me more efficient, but it’s also contributed to my non-clinical ADD. When I first got a cell phone back in 2001 (Shout out to Voicestream before it got purchased by T-Mobile), I talked to people for hours. After all, that’s what a phone was for. Forget the fact I had to keep it by the right corner of my dorm room window to get a signal. That was my connection to the people I wanted to hear from, not just type to.

Nowadays, I spend more time on my phone doing everything but talking. One glance to check the time turns into ten minutes of random browsing, texting, and status updating. But back then, a basic Nokia allowed you to focus on the one thing it was intended for: talking.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons and Shows

I can’t tell you the year that Saturday morning shows fell off, but I know that when I wake up on weekends now, I wonder what’s happened to quality programming? Maybe the kids like this stuff, but I think most of it sucks. These young whippersnappers have no idea what it means to be a Thundercat.

I miss being excited to watch shows like X-Men, Sonic, Hangtime, Captain Planet before Don Cheadle, and Saved by the Bell. I miss being able to wake up for two hours of consistently entertaining TV. Those were the days. I want them back. Please, thanks, and leave those right there. I’ll put them away when I’m done.

Those were the days. Great wrestling. Less fluff. Pause.

WWF Pay Per Views

I don’t expect most women to understand this, so my apologies if I’ve reduced the relatability quotient of this post. But I grew up on sharpshooters and tombstone piledrivers . Wrestling was my favorite thing to watch until the World Wildlife Foundation forced the WWF to become the WWE. It’s no longer the Attitude Adjustment Era. It’s the era of horrific storylines and two hour shows with only three real matches…if that.

When I see my favorite wrestlers pushing toward the end of their careers, I think back to the pay-per-view watch parties, the pizza and wings, and the cheering for conclusions that had already been decided. (We didn’t know that though.)

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It didn’t matter if what we were watching was real. It was about the experience of being around childhood friends and enjoying something together. We’d rotate houses to watch the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and the Survivor Series. Nowadays, I get together with people to watch the Super Bowl and March Madness. There’s no designation of whose house it’ll be at. I just pick from a group of people throwing events and go to whichever one is the most convenient. It’s just not the same.

Spud Webb reaching for the crown.

The Slam Dunk Contest

This past weekend I witnessed the worst NBA slam dunk contest I’ve ever seen. It was yet another reminder that I miss the good old days when the elite players would take to the air and creatively reach for the crown. On Saturday night, we got players that elicited no excitement, nonexistent judges, people predictably jumping over people, and few first dunk makes.

This wasn’t the dunk contest I grew to love. It was something else, something underwhelming. It was a hollowed out shell of what used to be.

Anyway, these are just five of the things I miss from the good old days? What are some of the things you miss? Family time? Waking up to do nothing and being fine with it? Do share.

Lost in Time,

P.S. Here is some classic dunk contest footage with Spud & D-Wilkins: 



  1. Captain Planet, he's a hero…gonna take pollution down to zero *breaks into dance*

    Things I miss:

    – Although I kinda have them now that I'm back in school, I miss standard two hour breaks. Back in Cambodia, we'd get chauffeured back from school and my mom would be back from work for a siesta before heading back to our respective dealings. I sorely miss those whenever I'm working.

    – These HUGE, yummy Sugar-coated (and not that powder crap, either) doughnuts my Mom would bring back for us every Wednesday. I've been in search of something comparable ever since we got to North America, but to no avail.

    – Having interest in Basketball, including All Star weekend and March madness.

    – Watching Indian movies and Cambodian shows with flying & endlessly fighting semi-people. Eff yo WWF!

    – $30 USD in my pocket meaning I was rich as hell.

    Stuff like that.

  2. Just yesterday I was wondering what kids watch on a Saturday morning. And even though I'm only 21 I feel like harping on about the 'good old days' of children's Saturday morning TV. Those days are gone.

  3. I miss all those things you mentioned above Slim….except those damn pagers….lol
    I had a boyfriend in high-school who used to always put in 911 and expect me to race to the nearest payphone to call his azz back….lol My friends did that ish too….hated it…lol
    I do miss voicestream too….to this day I still got mad love for T-Mobile…..even though I'm cheatin on them with sorry azz Sprint right now….lol
    I miss sat morning cartoons, playing double dutch, I only went one time but I miss Freaknic in Atl, I miss the Greek in Philly. I'm from Philly and I hate that kneegroe's had to get all ghetto and violent and end the Greek…I loooooved the Greek and have very fond memories of it. I miss all the cool free festivals that used to happen in Philly, Jersey and Delaware. I miss the old Cap N Crunch Cereal and just plain ole honey nut cheerio's. I miss watching Kung Fu movies with my uncle and laughing at their lips moving faster than the words…..lol.
    I know a friend of mine that keeps up with all the ole skool rap groups like Kool Moe Dee, Doug E Fresh, LL Cool J, etc etc etc. In fact he is goin to an ole skool rap concert in Connecticut next month. I'm gonna start hittin up some of those with him. I also miss Powerhouse in Philly and all the hip hop and R & B concerts my dad used to chauffer me and my girlfriends too….those were the good ole days.
    Wow Naija you lived in Cambodia huh? I have a close friends who are Cambodian….they keep saying they wanna go back and take me….still waiting to go there. Hopefully there will be no wars and natural disasters if and when I do ever get there…..lol

  4. -Music (all genres)
    -Gas prices
    -Not having to reserve everything. Like movie tickets and sleeping outside for sneakers (I’d never sleep outside for some sh*t like that)
    -Only having to worry about when I was wearing to school the next day. Ahhh the good old days..

  5. Hey! I used to watch WWF on Pay Per View! I was in college, and my mom would record it and mail me the VHS copy overnight so I could watch it! Then all my guy friends would want to come watch, or borrow it

  6. I miss…

    Internet 1.0 – These days, everyone with a computer or smartphone now has a voice. You know what happens when you get a room with a hundred people talking and no one listening? Lots of noise, and eventually, a headache. Any arsehole can now throw up a Tumblr and call it a blog. Many actual blogs and news sites have stopped doing research, and resort to generating what will garner the most hits. As soon as they’re called on it, there’s the new company line of “Oh, we misspoke. Sorry.” And that’s only if there’s even a response. YouTube is now cluttered with fan-made movie trailers, dubstep videos, cat videos, and girls twerking. (You’re now like a stripper…except you’re not even getting paid. Good work.)

    People enjoying schit – I swear to almighty Kajagoogoo, I will snap the neck of the next person that says they’re watching, listening, or doing something ironically. Who the hell even started that bullschit? If everyone is ironic…is anyone truly ironic? Trick question. None of these people are. They’re just afraid to admit liking something. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re a slave to the opinions of others. Tragic.

    Overt racism – I’m not being ironic. (Read above, damn you.) I miss the hearing unrepentant n-bombs. Oh, how the rage would build in my manly chest! Oh how my nostrils would flare! I miss the righteous anger that would flow through my large arms as I proceeded to choke out a frat boy or repeatedly bash in the skull of a redneck. This is, of course, before I snap back to reality, and give the offender the full force of my middle finger.

  7. I’m happy to leave the days of pagers and unsmart phones behind but everything else you said…..ON POINT!!!! Saturday morning cartoons were IT!!!!! Then you had Saturday afternoon Kung-Fu Theater. And don’t forget weekday afternoon cartoons; Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Tailspin, etc.

    And as for the dunk contest…maaaaaaaannnnnn! I miss the 80s/early 90s format.

    1. I definitely miss the 80s/early 90s format of the dunk contest. It has become a travesty nowadays. Yeah I definitely miss those afternoon cartoons as well. Coming home from a long day at school. One thing I don't miss though is dial up internet. Did anyone ever have Prodigy? Having to pay for a certain amount of hours? Not a good look! lol

      1. Children these days are really being deprived of solid quality animated entertainment. As old as I am now if Ducktales comes on I’m tuning in lol. Oh and how can we forget the era of good sitcoms? Cosby, Different World, Family Matters. Hell I even watched Boy Meets World (I was in on Tapenga…down with that swirl lol)

        As for the dunk contest, there is a video posted to WSHH today of some street dude who’s dunks put the NBA dunk contest of the last 4 years to shame. I’m talking between the legs or around the back OVER multiple people

        1. Remember Thursday nights on NBC?

          7:00 The Cosby Show
          7:30 Family Ties
          8:00 Cheers
          8:30 Night Court
          9:00 Hill Street Blues

          A few years later, insert A Different World. You just don't get that many good shows on TV on one night anymore like that.

        2. Exactly! Uplifting tv. Positive families. Yet still interesting shows.

          Lord willing, when I have kids I’m buying box sets of these shows and letting them watch that. Tv now sucks. Bunch of scripted reality shows.

    2. I feel bad that my little brother will never experience good Saturday morning cartoons. I love family guy, the simpsons and the Oblongs but where are the rated e for everyone cartoons lol And Ninja turtles too add to the list.

  8. I miss $1.00 gas. I miss quarter bags of chips that cost a quarter, and 25-cent Little Debbie snacks.

    Saturday Morning Cartoons and Shows: I remember at most barbershops in the 90's, they'd stop cutting hair when X-Men came on Saturday mornings. With few exceptions, like the almost-too-good-to-be-a-cartoon Justice League Unlimited, cartoons today suck. The fact that my nephew prefers to watch the 80's Transformers cartoon with its poor animation over the current version says a lot.

    As nostalgic as Saved By The Bell was, that show was the epitome of corny. And I watched every episode.

    WWF Pay Per Views: When the WWE/F had the Rock, Stone Cold and Triple H competiting for the Intercontinental title, wrestling was never better. Three of my friends and I used to bet on the Royal Rumble, we get points for each correct guess of who would come out. Of course, we thought $20 was a lot of money back then.

    1. The Slam Dunk Contest: The slam dunk contest this weekend was an absolute embarrassment. Since the NBA allowed props and Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard started using them, it's become more about a show than the dunk. That motorcycle dunk and ultraviolet dunk were just lame. Granted, the dunk contest was getting bad for years, but this year was terrible.

    2. I have vivid memories of $.98 gas…not a $1…$.98!!!!!! I remember $10 giving my Aunt's Tempo a half a tank!!!


      *sheds one mo thug tear*

  9. What i miss from Slims list was definitely Saturday morning cartoons and the old wrestling PPVs. I was too young to get a pager, my first unsmartphone was a sidekick 2 which at the time WAS the closest thing to a smartphone and give or take the Kobe, J Rich, and Vinsanity ones most of the dunk contests i witnessed live (1997 onward) have been meh (also i didnt think this one was as horrible i just think we’ve ran outta dunks that wont cause career ending injuries) As for what else i miss…

    R&B- it went from rhythm and blues to repitition and bullsh**. I just cant get with this fist pumping glow stick music thats being forced onto me. l

    TV Shows- I rebuke everything that is reality tv. Can I get a funny black sitcom that can last longer than 4 seasons? Is Hollywood really outta ideas that they gotta reboot every successful show over the last 40 years?

    i’ll prolly think of more later…

    1. Can I get a season that lasts longer than 6 or 8 episodes?? It used to be that the season lasted from September thru May, with reruns only airing in the summer.

  10. Man.. where do I begin

    – I miss the real block parties we used to have in the hood, with the reggae music blasting out during the day (Buju, Shaggy, Beenie) and ending in the night with the whole neighborhood doing the electric slide. I do not miss the gunshots that rang out afterwards.

    – I miss the only ice cream truck in the neighborhood that served hard-scooped ice cream, and the fact I knew homeboy and got the discounts

    -back when WebTV was such simpler time in life. Too much internet all the time now.

    – I missed the Twin Towers and breaking my neck as a kid trying to stare up at them.

    – I miss belts, and when young boys used to wear them properly

    – I miss the cyphers in front of the corner store, dudes breaking out into 16 bars and everybody clowning the loser

    – I miss real rap battles (Bigge vs Pac/LL vs Canibus / Jay vs Nas ). Now all we have is Common vs. Drake??? #GTFOH

    Damn, who else want to put in on this time machine? I got 5 on it.

    1. "Damn, who else want to put in on this time machine?"

      I got one — the simplicity of when A Boy LIked A Girl back in the day.

      You passed love notes to one another using the help of your friends

      You scribbled little "I love You's" on your looseleaf binder with a big heart that read "you and your girls name 4-eva"

      Going together meant sharing a locker space or walking home to and from school together
      she rockin your name belt, talkin on the phone when parents aren't home, etc.

      Simple innocent things — nothing compared to the extreme things these youngins are doing today.

  11. Yeah, that Slam Dunk Contest was SOOOOOOO weak. I was like, for real, that's ALL?

    I miss being naive about the troubles of the world.

  12. I miss the days of going outside to play. Nowadays all the kids are on their video game console or on their computers, which I find to be horrible. Yes, my father bought us every video game that came out BUT we had a time limit on how long we could sit in the house & play them for goodness sake. If I ever have children I want them to go outside and play. Get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors! There are a million little things I miss, when kids went outside to play is major but here are a few more: 1. People giving you $5 to put in your gas tank & that amount actually meaning something. That $5 worth of gas went a looooong way! 2. Going to the library to read & check out a bunch of books. I REFUSE to get a Nook. I still go to the library every week to check out at least 5 books but back in the day I would actually see my friends with their parents at the library. Now when I do see children at the library they’re playing games on the computers they have for public use. Thats all for now, thinking about the good old days makes me sad (in a good way).

    1. LOL. I go to the library website, check out a bunch of e-books, and put them on my Nook.

      But seriously, everything doesn't come in e-book form. People should still use their paper books. Especially if they want to keep them permanently. As long as it's connected to a network, you never know if the e-book maker will change the rules and take your content right off your device.

  13. Brings back the great memories! Saved by the Bell, Garfield, Sonic, and Pee-Wee Herman's Playhouse were my shows!

    –I playing outside. My mom would say, "Go outside and ride your bike. And stay out." It's rare that I see kiddies playing outside. And we wonder why kids are so fat now?

    –TGIF. My TV spot every Friday Night.

    –I had VoiceStream then I quickly got a Cricket phone. The BEST thing, unlimited calls for $30.00 and $5.00 to get caller ID.

    –Eating Kool-Aid Sugar out of a plastic bag…wait or was that just where I'm from?

    –Taking public transportation everywhere because my parent's didn't want to take me. Around 12 years old, I would take the bus anywhere I wanted and came back before dinner. My mom didn't call or text me wondering where I was.

  14. A few more to add:
    – Waiting for the "Ding Ding Man" (ice cream truck) to roll through the neighborhood in the summer time
    – Running through the sprinklers or playing on a Slip and Slide
    – Home and School Association sponsored Skating Parties
    – Going to the neighborhood community pool for Open Swim during Summer Break
    – MTV when the played ONLY music videos

    BTW- I am a lady who can TOTALLY relate to the WWF reference. My brother and I couldn't WAIT for SNL to go off to watch the WWF matches that typically started at midnight. Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Andre the Giant= pop culture phenoms:)

  15. Never had a beeper, my parents didn't allow it. #Whomp Whompppp

    What I miss about the old days is that in my neigborhood EVERYBODY LOOKED OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER, your Block or Neigborhood was like FAMILY. People left their front doors unlocked or screen doors open while the kids played outside and no one had to worry about who,what where the kids were because basically EVERYBODY ALREADY KNEW.

    I miss my favorite cartoons The Smurfs and Gem while eating pop tarts. Basically I just miss how simple life was in general and how much easier it was to JUST BE A KID, I feel for these kids today, things we took for granted like being able to walk to the neigborhood store by yourself is no longer safe now, if you locked yourself out and had to go to a neighbor's house when you were a kid back then it was cool you felt safe because your parents knew them as well as the rest of the neighborhood but now today, I wouldn't feel as secure.

  16. "Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but somedays I said I wish I was a kid again…"

    I remember when younger I always peeked outside to see who was outside so we can play catch with the baseball or football in the street or look down the street to the park to see if anyone was hooping and race my bike down there so I could get next and be out there for hours.

    I remember going to mall with my buddies and try to pull numbers using pens and scrap paper and keeping a list for the entire summer to see who could have the most, lol. I remember collecting trading cards and anxiously waiting on my Beckett subscription to come in the mail to see what my Penny Hardaway rookie card was worth this month and then always turning to see what Michael Jordan's rookie card was worth and stare in awe…*sigh*. Man….Good times, man…good times.

  17. I had a Uniden 9000…a clear blue side joint! <— FANCY! *shimmy* Then, I got a Nokia 918. Looked just like the cell phone pictured above. That thing was like the size and weight of a remote control, LMBO! Hmmm….what's missing from today?

    Babysitter's Club – Man. I had the books mailed to my house, lol. What are little girls reading these days???

    Duck Hunt – COD what? MW who? Try to pop those ducks…and fail, lol

    Local Radio Personalities on Morning Shows – Forget these syndicated shows! I miss Randy Dennis and Jean Ross. Frank Ski ("oh baby, oh baby" lol). The Big Fat Morning Show. These syndicated shows are so impersonal…

    Products Made to Last – I swear, I've had to buy a new iron every 2-3 years. But, my Mom had 1…ONE…iron throughout my entire childhood…and my grandmother had an iron that was old as dirt as well. Smh…

    I was with some 12/13 yr old girls this weekend…and they didn't know how to use a yo-yo, smh. What's the world coming to?????????

    1. Duck Hunt! I loved that game on Nintendo. Super Mario was nice too, but I never could get past world 3-4. Boo. My older brother used to take my controls away from me just to pass that level so I could die at LEAST in the 4th world. Good times 🙂

      And yay for the shout-out to BabySitter's Club! I identified with those girls, and looked forward to each new book like a new episode of my favorite TV show. Nowadays, Twilight and Vampire Diaries are the hot series for young girls. And, I must say, they kinda suck.

  18. I miss:
    – living on my parents dime
    – never coming home to an empty house
    – having no idea how bad for me McDonalds/Taco Bell were and thinking they were the biggest treat ever
    – thinking Chinese Buffet was a "fancy" dinner
    – being known and recognized and celebrated as a star athlete
    – having all the time in the world to become whatever I wanted to become
    – never questioning my parents mortality
    – being excited to get a piece of mail with my name on it
    – SLEEPOVERS! (with other girls) (not like that Pervo the Magnificent)
    – holding hands and making out and that being enough
    – my Papa

    1. Son, I remember when Chinese Buffets came out like I remember when Jordan 11's came out. Word spread through the hood like wildfire … "yo, they got a chinese buffet over by the mall … sh*t is crazy!"

      1. I remember my brothers scrunching up their faces at the egg drop soup and trying to convince me that it was snot because I liked it…aww, being the youngest… 🙂

    2. – being excited to get a piece of mail with my name on it

      lol I still jump for the pile of mail, eagerly looking for something with my name on it. That's what I'll be doing in approximately 5 minutes.

  19. Sometimes when people talk about the good old days i wish I could feel that. There is nothing I miss about being a child. It was like being in jail. My parent were strict, so i dont remember it being a lot of fun. I have WAY more fun now. I LOVE being an adult cause I get to do whatever the hell I want. You cannot pay me to go back. I do miss talking on the phone, though.

  20. i miss seeing kids outside playing. when i was young staying inside was punishment. and when we actually knocked on each others' doors asking if so and so could come out. lol.

    i miss A Different World and Cosby and Family Matters and Full House and such. sitcoms that the kids and the adults could enjoy. now it's either a cartoon that is way too "adult" or an adult show that is way too adult.

    house phones. lol

    long attention spans.

    seeing kids read actual books.

    parental discipline… when even the threat of parental discipline was enough to keep a child in line.

    real music, and having legitimate greats and Legends making timeless music.

    there's more but my short attention span is preventing me from spending too much time in this tab. lol

  21. I miss notes. Remember notes? Not letters, not emails, but notes, the kind chicks would fold up all special, write something cute on the cover and pass to you in the hallway in between classes. The kid that you were never supposed to show your friends but always did.

    I miss playing outside. I remember being outside from early in the morning till just before dark. Two hand touch football in the street from pole to pole, then someone would wheel out their huffy basketball hoop and lower it to 8 feet so everybody could dunk.

    I miss retreats. 7th, 8th, 9th grade we went on retreats with my school and they were always fun. SBM should do a retreat somewhere …

    On second thought … that's probably not a good idea.

    1. I thought you was talking about Notes on BlackPlanet!!!

      Remember you used to do the search for your age group and then check out everybody page and leave a note.

      Maybe that was just me.

      1. Nope, I sho' as hell did that too (for the cute boys, anyway). I had my fancy html message with the scrolling images and text; the works.

  22. I miss old school CANDY

    Now N Laters, Air Heads, Pop Rocks and those ice pops you'd get in the summer. My mom would buy them by the BOXLOAD and put them in the freezer in like May and we'd have them til the very end of August. I'm trying to think of other candies but really if I could just have a pack of Now N Laters I'd be beyond good.

    And those 5cent juices. Miss those too. And double dutch. And Friday nights at the roller skating rink. I couldnt never get the hang of actual skates but put me in a pair of blades whooooo I was a beast!

  23. I miss that old big mac commercial and song
    2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun…lol
    and the "where's the beef" old lady……RIP "where's the beef" old lady…..

  24. Still wathc WWE to this day, but the 90s were magical man.

    What about TGIF – Family Matters, Step By Step. Man listen..

    Saturday Morning Cartoons were a gem in time. Never to be duplicated again. Kids are losing for real.

    Let me not even go IN on the greatness that was Nickelodeon. GUTS, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple (the precursor to Temple Run lol), What Woudl You Do, You Cant Do This On Television, Clarissa Explains it All.. man I swear I was a pop culture Demi god in a former life, before the Rise of the current god Ryan Seacrest.

  25. I miss landline telephones. As a matter of fact, I miss all communication pre-facebook, twitter, email, text message, etc. I'll add physical photo albums as well.

  26. Related to every single thing written, except pagers, dont think we had those UK side. I miss…

    When there used to be more than two black sitcoms to watch year in, year out ….in addition to Saved By The Bell, Hangtime, Roseanne, Cheers, California Dreams, Clarissa, Boy Meets World, (I watched alot of sitcoms)

    When mainstream R&B and Hip-Hop artists made real music


    Class trips, packed lunch was always more special on class trips

    Having the best metabolism in the world

    Game Boy, NBA Jam on SNES,

    Playing Football In The Park for hours without getting tired

    That new trainer (sneaker) feeling

    When Mcdonalds was a reward

    Could go on forever
    My recent post Things Men Need To Stop Doing At The Gym

  27. I concur with most of you. My nostalgic memories are: My mom pressing my hair with a hot comb by the kitchen stove (usually on Sunday) ; Sunflower seeds ; Watching Gilligan’s island, Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, The Littles, and Dynasty (if my mom let me stay up past 8pm) ; Buying my favorite sour candies for 5-10 cents a piece; Playing Hopscotch & Chinese jump rope but going inside just before the street lights came on; Block parties; Real Thrifty’s ice cream for 35 cents a scoop (not that Rite Aid ish); Dressing up like twins with your best friend and wearing one half of the best friend heart pendant/necklace; Tower Records on Sunset Blvd; Century Club in ’97-’98; Crusin up and down Crenshaw on a Friday night

  28. Firstly the fact that Everything resonates with me is very scary!!!! I have reached the league of the “GOOD OL’ DAYS”…(taking it in)…..

    Ok, well i never had a pager.. in fact ive never seen one… no one in my vicinity had one- we just jumped on the cell phone band wagon!!

    In fact as matters stand right now, i have been relegated to the league of no smart phone coz my smart phone is “sick” so the courtesy phone is……… 🙁 atleast it has a long battery life and i can hear it when it CHIMES– loud and clear!! I was devasted and on the brink of depression when i discovered i would be sans my BB for an indefinite time… but like was said.. i like being accessible, but not too accessible..

    I miss Saturday mornings watching cartoons and eating frosty flakes before an afternoon in the great outdoors with my bike and best friend Mona… another novelty i miss… a best friend… sigh…

    I remember the days of wrestling!! WWF and WWE… those were really tough guys.. well i thought so… all of the neighbourhood gathered on my grannies carpet with scaley knees and runny noses.. cheering for the “Nasty Boys”.. and “Yokozuna”..

    I miss a life before worrying about calories and when exercising came naturally!! because if you teased me- id run after you.. now we just cuss you back about your “momma” or make some highly appropriate remark with homosexual conotations.. or reach for my smartphone to smear you on all my social networks with one push of a button!

  29. Great post! What I miss are Fat Albert Cartoons, my family all getting along and spending time together, penny candy, and riding my bike up and down the block cause that's as far as my mom would let me and my little brother ride.

  30. Even the women in the good old days were so much nicer and much easier too meet at that time which today only God would know what in the world happened to them.


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