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Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose are engaged, and Dr. J reacts…


In other news… Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are engaged.

And now for unsolicited Dr. J thoughts…

This goes to show you what you can do when you stop worrying about what people think about you and go out there and just achieve. If Amber listened to everybody who was a hater in her life, she’d still be on that pole. Amber did alright for herself. Most of the women reading this right now won’t ever be able to say they dated two dudes of Kanye and Wiz’s stature. In my opinion, Amber Rose should write a book and explain how she did this. I took the liberty of taking down a few notes and thought I’d share:

  1. Shave your head.
  2. Get butt naked.
  3. Get you a digital camera, take some pictures while being butt naked.
  4. Get you a super rich man with emotional issues.
  5. Make super rich man with emotional issues break up with you and make an album, twitter rant and movie about you.
  6. Get you a digital camera, take some pictures while being butt naked.
  7. Always have a look on your face like you are disgusting in bed, but it’s freaking awesome.
  8. Get you a not so rich man, who knows that your ex is probably better than him. Lord knows, ain’t nothing more important to a man’s self-esteem than thinking he stole a man’s girl (that’s probably better than him) and he’s now the man.
  9. Stop talking so much, don’t stress him out, show him some of those tricks you learned along the way and fade into darkness.
  10. Say yes, when he asks you to marry him.
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More important is Wiz. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Wiz won. I know a lot of people kept saying that Kanye was still smashing, but you know what counts, that Wiz was smashing too. Now, Wiz put a ring on it. He came up from being an underground rapper who’s material consisted of mainly talking about marijuana to being a mainstream rapper who’s material consists of mainly talking about marijuana. He has a bootiful fiancée now, cheers to him. My bad, put one in the air for him.

What are y’all thoughts? Is this a case of [loose women with high dreams] be winning? Or is it a case of lame dudes be winning? Are you happy for them? Go ahead and lie and say you are even though you about to use this as a reason to get on a soapbox and say, “Good girls have it bad, they never win!”

This right here is dedicated to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

“But Wiz, do she got some friends?” – In my Juicy J voice.

– Dr. J 


  1. Ha!!!! I mean, did we think this wasn't going to happen? I loved your breakdown of the timeline. But in all honesty, I think Amber be winning. She played it to the beat just like she was supposed to. And she's not a dumb girl. Yeezy may have taught her, but she surely turned it around and made it work for her.

    So can I be mad? No.
    Am I hating? No.
    Do I recommend all sisters try to follow this plan? No.

    What she did do is show us that she knows where her weaknesses and talents lie and spun them into gold no matter how we choose to look at it. On top of that, I respect her for not bashing aforementioned Yeezy while he and his Stans bashed and hated on her. I could be wrong, but it seems like she just came up again. And well Wiz – Wiz surely came up with this one.

    Best of everything to them both.
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  2. I don't think it's either of them things; it's just finding the right lid for the right pot…

    It's like buying shoes. The first pair you ever got were lame, but you ain't have no other options. You get your change together eventually and buy the best pair out right now and find them thing's uncomfortable as ____. After awhile, you find you a pair admittedly cheaper, but they make you feel like a King/Queen while you're in them. Those the pair you rock forever. And there it is…

  3. Congrats I guess. I don't see why folks make a big deal about him just because he got Ye's old damie. His music is aight (I think Curren$y makes far better weed music) and I think the controversy surrounding them just keeps his fans count in check. I still haven't figure out exactly what Amber Rose actually does.

    1. "I still haven't figure out exactly what Amber Rose actually does." me neither……besides look and act like a video groupie chick.

    1. "n***as wifing reformed h**s?…..that's erryday "
      My sentiments exactly……..men are men and at the end of the day they will go for the best looking youngest and newer model…..just like they do with cars…..nothing new under the sun.
      I'm not hating and happy for them and wish them the best. Also not impressed by it either.
      It is what it is.

  4. IDK why people are mad at Amber or Wiz.. I’m sure half of these ppl don’t personally know them.
    I think amber is winning because she left a guy who wouldn’t treat her right and found won who accepts her past relationships/nude pics/ adult occupation and all. And as far as we know (the public) every man that she has slept with in a serious relationship with (kanye Wiz and the Stud she was with before she met Kanye). We can only assume she slept with Reggie and Fab but there’s no hard proof. So this entire hoe to housewife stuff really makes no sense.

    Also let’s remember Wiz, Amber and Kanye are all famous so this situation might not work out the same way for the ok looking shorty with the big butt that slept with two guys that work together at foot locker. In situation number two the likelihood of ending up like amber is pretty slim.

    1. ummm…..what is Amber famous for???? Amber would really be winning if Kanye wifed her because he got waaaaaay more duckets than Wiz…..and what she needs to do is get her "Snooki" on and really make herself famous in a "Reality Star" Superhead/Nene Leakes type of way…..then she will really be winning………jmo.

      1. You had FOUR question marks… The thing is, rather than have a conversation about why Amber is famous, we should be like, damn she ain't really do nothing and she famous. Like most people got to do something, sing, dance, rap, play a sport, be rich as hell… Amber ain't do none of that and she came up. I can't knock the hustle. But that song she dropped with Wiz was kind of catchy.

        1. Glad u can count Dr. J…..lol A lot of people nowadays get famous and don't really do a damn thing as far as talent goes….ie all the Kardashian girls, and pretty much everyone else on a reality show…wit the exception of Kevin from the first Real World. I got much respect for Kevin as a commentator and writer. He does actually have skillz.
          At any rate, reason why most all these folks are famous is cause 1. They look good
          2. They got "Charisma" 3. They got something that works for t.v. that folks like to see….ie they are loud, dramatic, rambunctious and in a way some of what it takes to be fairly good actors…..ie Snookie and the Jersey Shore Cast and The Real World peoples. Oh and I forgot about Eric Nies who could actually dance. He had an actual talent and skill too…

      2. Famous in the sense that we all know her regardless of her lack of talent . If she wasn’t in the limelight we wouldn’t be talking about her. Our generation has set the standard for what fame is we could all ignore her and not comment on her presence like anyother random video chick/ rapper girlfriend and she would become irrelevant.

  5. 1. why does anyone care that they are engaged or not?
    2. she seems like a nice girl. i don't get the hate OR the stanning. i really don't. women take risky (naked) pictures everyday and send them to men who "leak" them to their friends via email and text chains so….
    3. what do you mean a man of wiz and kanye's stature? a rich man is just a man with more stuff. doesn't make their quality any better or worse. it only raises the number of the face on the 1-10 scale of the woman that they are dating. that's it. how exactly did he win? i'm so confused. i wouldn't even compare kanye and wiz, but i don't know either of them personally, and i hope they're happy.
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    1. 1. I'ont know.
      2. I don't leak pictures. But you right. Not every woman looks like Amber Rose tho… I did read an article that said that since Robin Thicke and Paula Patton always in separate cities that they sext and "do things on skype" to keep the excitement there. I mean… i'm just saying, i'd run for President with sexting as a part of my agenda.
      3. I don't mean that to mean they better than anybody else, I mean that they have noteriety for their music and lifestyle. That's all. At the end of the day, there are many of us who live meaningless lives and are mere blips on the radar. I can't say that's Wiz and Kanye, but I do know that some women here today know some dudes they've talked to in the past who are.
      3b. Wiz won because he got what he wanted.
      3c. You can't compare the two of them because Kanye is a lot more successful. The only thing you can compare is their relationships with Amber. Kanye broke up with her and went emo. Wiz put a ring on it.

      1. "Kanye is a lot more successful. The only thing you can compare is their relationships with Amber. Kanye broke up with her and went emo. Wiz put a ring on it. " my sentiments exactly Dr. J.
        I mean I know who Wiz is but he ain't no Kanyeezy……..

        1. Kanye has also been in the game for ten yrs plus almost so of course he’s going to be ahead of Wiz . But wiz isn’t doing bad either as far as new rappers go, I’m sure he’s using his money investing in ventures , pushing his brand. Plus what’s money If the person treats you like crap. It’s not like she went from Kanye to the guy selling hot dogs at Yankee stadium .

  6. “Is this a case of [loose women with high dreams] be winning? Or is it a case of lame dudes be winning?”

    It could be. And if that is the case I would like to see more of it. Lame dudes should continue to take loose women off the market. That not only means that it will keep lame dudes out of the mix, but “loose women” will no longer be the competition either. In the end, everyone is winning lol!

  7. "He came up from being an underground rapper who’s material consisted of mainly talking about marijuana to being a mainstream rapper who’s material consists of mainly talking about marijuana."

    lol. I actually thought they'd gotten married awhile ago, which is kinda random. If they do make it to the alter, I hope they last for awhile. They look happy together in the few pics I've seen. Like a bunch of silly, goofy kids having a blast. I don't have much to go on, but I feel as though they are better matched than her + the annoying egotist.

    A lot of good girls don't aspire to be with someone like Wiz, so they shouldn't feel strongly about this. As for those who do, meh. Might as well get over it.

  8. Your picture says it all man. In the end they'll judge for what you did and what you haven't done so whatever. DO you, be happy.

    Amber is in like 2 upcoming movies and making a name for herself. So I say they're both winning, they're happy, both making money and it's all good to me. I love Amber cause I love people who hustle hard and work for what they have.

    Also can we not just assume that all strippers are loose women with little morals? I know really good people who make their money on the pole who are married, not stepping out on their men and morally upright individuals. Yeah I know the exceptions but it's a total bummer when people assume someone is promiscuous because she works in the adult industry. If you don't have video footage of the chick in question getting it in, you don't know the truth about her promiscuity.

  9. Are you for real? When did smoked out Wiz become a catch?! Is this the kind of man women want, really? She can write several books,but I won't be reading because she isn't doing anything that interests me and doesn't have anything that I want. Amber Rose can keep Wiz and Kanye for that matter. She ain't winning in my opinion, but whatever. Every moldy bread has its cheese (Guyanese saying).
    On a side note: Ladies money doesn't make the man, his heart for God does. When a man loves God, he will treat you like the precious jewel you are. If you want a real man get one that loves God. If you just want any man then follow Amber Rose's example.

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