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Last month, twenty-six year old George Zimmerman (shown above from a 2005 arrest photo where charges were later dropped) admitted to shooting and killing unarmed seventeen year old Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Because he looked “suspicious” Zimmerman followed and confronted Martin, despite being told not to by a 911 dispatcher. While some of us may be focused on the African warlord an ocean away, (#Kony2012) maybe we can take a minute to bring some attention Zimmerman’s way, allowing him his due share of infamy. Let’s review the facts.

From the Huffington Post:

Martin, 17, a high school junior who lived with his mother in Miami, was visiting his father and stepmother at their home in Sanford, a suburb of Orlando, on the weekend of Feb. 26. During halftime of the NBA All-Star Game, Martin’s family said he walked to a nearby convenience store to get some candy for his younger brother. On his way back home, according to reports, he caught the attention of George Zimmerman, a 26-year-old college student and self-appointed captain of The Retreat at Twin Lakes neighborhood watch.

Zimmerman, armed with a 9mm handgun, trailed the boy in his car. At some point, Zimmerman called 911, telling the operator there was a “suspicious person in the area,” according to a police report acquired by HuffPost.

Not long after the call, some sort of altercation ensued between Zimmerman and Martin. Then neighbors said they heard gunfire.

The Sanford Police arrived and found Martin lying face down on a patch of grass about 70 feet from his family’s home, a pack of candy in one pocket and an iced tea in the other.

Today, Zimmerman, the sole survivor of a confrontation he initiated remains free, because Sanford Police have not charged him. What are the officers’ reasoning for not arresting Zimmerman despite his admission to killing Martin?

Tracy Martin [Trayvon Martin’s father] said that when he asked police why Zimmerman hadn’t been charged, officers told him “they respected [Zimmerman’s] background, that he studied criminal justice for four years and that he was squeaky clean.” He continued: “My question to them was, did they run my child’s background check? They said yes. I asked them what they came up with, and they said nothing. So I asked if Zimmerman had a clean record, did that give him the right to shoot and kill an unarmed kid?” – Source.

A squeaky-clean record? Not according to the http://www.dailymail.co.uk. Yes, “uk” as in the United Kingdom. The source of the following information on Zimmerman’s supposedly “squeaky-clean” record.

Mr Crump [the Martin’s lawyer] also called Zimmerman a ‘loose cannon’ and pointed out that Zimmerman was arrested in Orange County in 2005 for resisting arrest and battery of a police officer.

In summary, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin left the house to go to the corner store. He purchased tea and a bag of skittles. Self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, twenty-six year old Zimmerman left the house with a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun. Zimmerman called to report Martin as a suspicious person to police, continued to follow him despite the 911 dispatcher advising him to wait for officers, and he made the choice to confront Martin. Zimmerman suffered stained clothes and a bloody nose. An unarmed Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. According to officers, because Zimmerman went to college and has a “squeaky clean” record he was not arrested and as of the date of this posting, he remains at large.

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This is an injustice. George Zimmerman should be arrested and face a jury of his peers for his admitted role in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. There is no other excuse for why this shouldn’t occur. In my opinion, there is no excuse for why this hasn’t already occurred. It’s disgusting. Each day that passes is insulting to the family, the memory and loss of Trayvon Martin, and to everyone who is aware of the facts I have described and sourced above. I hope and believe this arrest will occur sooner than later. Sadly, given my observations of similar incidents in America in recent years, I remain unsure.


  1. This is something small but it pssed me off nonetheless–In a couple of the initial reports, it was said that Martin was in the complex, returning to 'the house he was staying at'. As if it was some sort of transient residence. IT WAS HIS FATHER'S HOUSE!

    1. Hate to break it to you but the killer was not white. He was either Hispanic or Hispanic/black mixed. This site ought to be renamed uninformed black female. The people who testified in favor of Martin were white. As usual it’s our own black and brown people to blame and we end up looking dumb pointing fingers without knowing the facts. Stupid….

        1. He was Hispanic and from a multiracial background according to his father. Be informed!
          I agree this is crazy. Why was this insane man chasing people with a gun? He SHOULD be arrested and I wish everyone would fire the police who didn’t test him for drugs, etc. At the crime scene and for not arresting him even though he didn’t follow their orders to not confront the kid.
          I also think you are being irresponsible to keep saying he is white when he wasn’t because you are just doing it to create more hate, not report facts. He is Hispanic. So am I… Doesn’t mean I should be hated because of some total psychopath.

        1. His mother is Hispanic so she took the name Zimmerman when she married. It's really that easy to understand.

  2. I hate to argue in hypotheticals, especially in regards to race, but what severely bothers me is there's no doubt in my mind that if these circumstances were reversed there would have been no delay in arrest. Had a 26 y/o Black male shot and killed an unarmed 17 y/o, he would be sitting in a cell pending arraignment as we speak.

    How is self defense an issue if you voluntarily followed someone in your car after being told by dispatch not to and then willingly got out of your car? This is an alarming travesty in the system that this man is free after killing a teenager who was only guilty of being Black after dark in the "wrong neighborhood."

    All I can say is there would have been an arrest had this been my kid, because I'd have had to show George Zimmerman what a true threat was afterward.

      1. That is a great comparison. Both Zimmerman and White could have waited for police to arrive, but both took matters into their own hands. I think White had more of a defense, considering that event happened at his house, and the kids came to him. It did say White was allowed free during sentencing. They also might not have arrested White until they had enough evidence against him to know they were going to charge him with a crime.

  3. While we are wasting money supporting a mission that places 60% of its funds into salaries, travel, and marketing (Invisible Children–those behind the campaign against Tony Kony) we need to look right outside our door and be the voice of injustice in our own neighborhood. What happened to this young man is an act against humanity. We gotta WAKE UP and speak up.

    My soul aches for the family of this young man. I know what it is like to lose a young brother…wow of wow..

  4. There was no doubt in my mind when I found out about it that the idiot murderer is currently roaming free because he's not black. And much like TWISM, I'm not one to quickly pull out the race flag. I sincerely hope that the police get their minds right and do their job.

  5. This guy is Mexican, he is not white. What is with all the hatred for white people. You guys are the ones guilty of "profiling".

    1. Who exactly are you directing this towards, because of the 11 comments posted right now only yours and one other says anything about "white people". So who exactly are the 'you guys' you're referring to?

    2. Ignorant. Disgusting. Misinformed. Filth. Moronic. Abhorrent.

      The fact that your anti-intellectual comment completely neglects that an innocent 17 year old is dead for no reason at all makes you a poor excuse for a human being and everything that's wrong with this world. I'd tell you to go to hell but its better than you deserve.

    1. Since Obama isn't considered white, Zimmerman can't be either. He's Hispanic so your comment should read he's a piece of Hispanic trash.

  6. After reading this article, I posted the following comment along with a link to this article on my FB page. I hope everyone follows suit. I am so upset by what I read. Here is my FB post::

    I saw this post on my niece' wall and it caught my attention. After reading it – and seeing the photo of the 17 year old innocent-looking youth Trayvon Martin, I am devastated. How could anyone find him suspicious-looking? Having lived in Florida for 7 years, I know first hand of the prejudice against blacks (and other minorities) that exists. My own dear friend's 25 year old son was shot and killed by police. Why? Supposedly he was resisting arrest. But his girlfriend stated he never resisted arrest. The fact was he was half Arab and he looked it. My heart-felt sympathy goes out to the Martin. I hope everyone posts a comment on the Singlblackmale website. Maybe it will motivate the Sanford police to do their jobs. Shame on them!!!!

        1. yes it does matter so stfu. So sick and tired of white people saying shit doesn't matter. RACE MATTERS IN USA this why this incident happened in the first place. If it was a white boy walking round at night no one would even bat an eyelash!! RACISM IS ALIVE AND REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Race does matter I agree with you, and if it is important like you say, then why don't you get it correct that George Zimmerman is not white, he is hispanic, but a racist non-white doesn't sound as good, right?

      1. The revelvance to this observation is the real Zimmerman has not been revealed. They are using this hispanic man to cover up the REAL Zimmerman. Also, isn't it strange Zimmerman got off for assualting an officer? Have anyone thought about that? Obviously this Zimmerman cat has ties to someone in Law Enforcement, or some city official who gets him out of shit everytime..HMMMM something to PONDER..

        1. You are correct. Zimmerman studied criminal justice and most likely has buddies in law enforcement. For the record, I am white, & I believe this was a lynching. I believe Zimmerman has not been arrested because of his ties to law enforcement, not his race (I also believe he is Hispanic due to accent on 911 tapes and appearance in 2005 mugshot). I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment and misuse/ abuse of a weapon in such an agregious manner should have been dealt with swiftly and harshly. Guns don’t kill people, idiots with guns kill people.

  7. This is similar to something that happened in the Bronx earlier this year, NYPD followed this boy home (because they though he was armed) ran in his home and shot him like a dog in his bathroom (this is just a short version of the story). And then realized he had no weapon. Unfortunately the lives (especially of young black males) have no value in the justice system. If this had been a 17 yr old white male shoot down and killed (no matter what color the shooter was) he would have been behind bars.

    Yup our glorious post racial society. It’s not as bad as what our grandparents went through but the under tone of racism still exist.

    1. And since it was a Hispanic male who shot the 6'3 young black man, leave white people out of it. If Obama is considered black even though his mother is white, then Zimmerman is Hispanic. Period. There is so much racism against white yet no one wants to talk about it and this proves it. Neither Zimmerman nor Martin were white yet whites get brought into it.

  8. 'Scuse me language, but ….

    Until a white, unarmed 17 y/o gets shot for being unknown in a neighborhood, I'm pulling the race card. I'm tired of wondering if the black men/boys I know are gonna be harassed, arrested or killed because the police and others feel like they have the right. they didn't care that this young man had a future &wasn't bothering anyone. Zimmerman was wrong. He should have left it up to the police. I expect that anyone would defend themselves if they felt violated. He got out of his car to confront this young man, for what?! & the fact that there was no arrest?! fuck this 'post-racial' society.

  9. Assuming the child was not already dead when the 911 call was made, the call amounts to an admission of stalking. The town of Sanford should pay for this. This cannot happen without the support of the town. Sanford Florida should become synonymous with racism. Sanford has been the setting for several recent movies, including My Girl (1991), Passenger 57 (1992), Rosewood (1997), Wilder Napalm (1993), and Monster (2003). The Love Your Shorts Film Festival is held in Sanford. These should be the last movies made. You can reach Love Your Shorts Film Festival on Facebook.

  10. Race excluded, what tight does a civilian have instigating a confrontation and then executing an innocent victim. If Mr. Zimmerman was head of the Neighborhood WATCH, That is all he was inclined to do after notifying authorities. Observe and report. He had absolutely no business approaching Trayvon! He initiated the confrontation and in so doing, took matters into his own hands. What about the fact that he is a law student??? Shouldn’t he know better?
    Given the facts or what is being written in on the internet, how can you blame anybody for thinking this CRIME (IT IS A CRIME) was racially motivated?
    This man absolutely needs to be indicted and put on trial for murder! COME ON CITY OF SANFORD DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Race excluded, what right does a civilian have instigating a confrontation and then executing an innocent victim. If Mr. Zimmerman was head of the Neighborhood WATCH, That is all he was inclined to do after notifying authorities. Observe and report. He had absolutely no business approaching Trayvon! He initiated the confrontation and in so doing, took matters into his own hands. What about the fact that he is a law student??? Shouldn’t he know better?

    Given the facts or what is being written in the internet, how can you blame anybody for thinking this CRIME (IT IS A CRIME) was racially motivated?

    This man absolutely needs to be indicted and put on trial for murder! COME ON CITY OF SANFORD DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. What about the fact that his poor family will never get to see Trayvon grow as a man, get married, or have kids. One very irresponsible and wreckless idiot took it all away without a thought of how this was gonna affect the lives of many. How can a law student be that stupid??? How can this not be racially motivated. There really is no other reason for such a stupid, thoughtless and irresponsible thing Mr. Zimmerman did. He should have just WATCHED like he was supposed to do. HOLY SHIT I cannot believe how angry this article has me.
    Godbless all the friends and family of young innocent Trayvon.

  13. This incident makes me feel nothing short of hopeless. It’s true that this type of injustice has been going on for years and years, but I can’t help but feel like the non-arrest (or even the mere lengthy delay) is a intentional slap in the face to minorities (Blacks in particular), as if to say “The power; Yeah we still got it.”. The police should not be allowed to give a reason for why they did not arrest that idiot. His arrest should not be OPTIONAL. And their lame excuse? Hmmm aren’t all criminal records clean until someone does something criminal. Well, this is criminal. My biggest problem is that they are deliberately breaking the rules and showing us that there is pretty much nothing we can do about it but sit back and watch. By the way, who gives the police dept such authority? Think on that… I can’t help but feel like we are being taunted as if to see, well watcha gonna do about this here. So many recent events almost feel as if they are trying to induce riots *closes conspiracy theory books and exits left*

  14. So sad. Just goes to show even our children will NEVER be safe. He is just the more recent headline of what happens too often.

    So sad….

  15. -_-

    Where are all the loud, angry cause bearers when you need them?

    Oh, I know where…fussing about underwear commercials, elephant hooks, "obamacare", and whatever else. SMH! Not hating…but get up in arms about other stuff too…like what's mentioned in this article while you're at it as well. This issue could use the attention. Where's Jessie and Al? Where's Baisden? Why am I just hearing about this???? Smh…

  16. Sanford Florida Police Department
    815 West 13th Street Sanford, FL 32771 (407) 688-5070. http://www.sanfordfl.gov/police
    Here is Chief Lee’s email address: Bill.Lee@sanfordfl.gov Drop him a line and let him know how you feel.

    . Sign the petition on change.org: http://www.change.org/petitions/prosecute-the-mur… AND this one: http://signon.org/sign/17-year-old-fl-boy-killed…. Join the FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeforTrayvon
    Here is another link with very active discussion on the topic: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/09/george-z
    If you tweet and follow anybody famous, tweet the links from Huffington Post and Change.org to them. Post the links on your Facebook, tell all your friends. Let’s use the Internet and do some good. Be Trayvon's voice!!


    1. What does your recent post have to do with Trayvon's Martin death? Shame on you for interjecting an irrelevant link here to bring attention to your own writing when a death is being discussed. I am disappointed in you.

      1. Dear Deborah,

        I will presume that you are relatively new to commenting on blogs, so will educate you a little bit.
        I have a blog yes, and when blog writers/owners/bloggers comment on certain websites, it will automatically populate information. on SBM, it includes a link to the last post i wrote.

        i should have unchecked it because it doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand, but is something that is automatically populated and wanted to share my comment quickly since im at work. if you scroll up or check out other SBM posts, you will see the same thing.

        if want to be disappointed and shame me, that is your choice. but hope you consider yourself educated.

        and for the record, the creators and contributors of SBM know my intentions that i am not one for shameless self promotion on their site.

      2. Hello Deborah, to be clear and to introduce myself, I'm an admin here at SBM and the writer of the above post. While I and SBM appreciate your readership and the intent of your comment, as fourpageletter outlined in her response to you, the 'My recent post' is an automated feature that frequent commenters would have to opt out of for it not to show up. This is not the expectation of us here at the site. However, I did want to reinforce that fourpageletter's statement is accurate and that it is an automated feature.

        Thank you.


    Seminole County Branch NAACP – Unit # 5134
    President: Mr. Turner Clayton, Jr.
    Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4113 Sanford, FL 32772
    Telephone: (407) 328-7496 Fax: (407) 324-0514
    E-mail: unit5134@naacp.org

  19. So many red flags jump out at me about this case. Self appointed neighborhood watch captain? Last I checked, anybody can be act as a peace officer if they witness the act of a crime, but I've never heard of 1 carrying a firearms; let alone initiate a confrontation w/ an alleged subject. I mean there's a reason why mall security don't carry weapons. They can only report what they or the cameras see, they can't act on what they think happened. Secondly, was Zimmerman's gun registered and licensed? I haven't read or seen anything about that. Thirdly, how did he appoint himself w/out no one else in the neighborhood asking how qualified he was to do the job?

    This whole case rubs me the wrong way because it's the classic case of police justifying overzealousness. The fact they refuse to charge him speaks volumes. If they're so convinced Zimmerman didn't do anything wrong, let him stand in front of jury of his peers and defend the evidence.
    My recent post Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union Are Finally Acting

    1. Hispanics are often under attack as being the victim of race crimes and Zimmerman is Hispanic. You only see it written he's the son of a white man and Hispanic mother but how often do you hear Obama is the won of a black man and white mother? You only hear of Obama being called a black man. Zimmerman was very wrong to disobey the 911 operators to stop following Trayvon but let's get the facts right.

      1. I'm going to assume you are talking directly to me since you choose to reply to mine instead of the 115 other post. Lets be clear racism IS not just a black or white thing ( yes hispanic can be rasist too). Hispanic while they are surely racially profiled as well, i do NOT and will NOT pretend they are treated the same. My comment above about the "race card" was not soley one of zimmerman/martin but it was a comment about the "systems" handling of this case. Point blank period whether Zimmerman is innocent or guilty he would not have killed a white kid and still be free.
        My recent post I’m Baaaack!!

    1. Only part that I can see that he could cower behind is part 3. But again, it states, match force for force. A gun outmatches a punch in the face (apparently there was a report Zimmerman had a bloody nose when police arrived) in the force vs force. The other sections of that do not apply. The victim was a child, which means part 2, section b takes precedence. This is appalling that Zimmerman has not been arrested. I cannot see why he was not arrested since he clearly went above force for force, negating part 3, and since Treyvon was 16, and still a child, and was not doing illegal activity, part 1 is not applicable.

  20. I stumbled on this blog via Huffington post story and then googling Zimmerman

    As to pulling the race card, sorry the only race important in this story really is this dead child – he was Black or African American (dealer's choice). If the kid had been white doubt it would matter what the shooters race/ethnicity would have been he would have gone to jail on the spot regardless of the eventual outcome or DA ruling.

    Evidently the police had or took the position that it was at their discretion to arrest the shooter. Here is the thing if you fire a round in a residential area (let a lone shoot and kill someone) how often do you think you would end up in jail – 99% of the time I would hazard to guess. ( And in most cases I bet that would be the case if you were white too)

    As to the self-defense claim : Zimmerman was told to stand-down he did not – he approached the individual. If he wasn't going to stand down he could have merely kept the young man in sight and report what house the kid went into – he did not. Zimmerman escalated the situation putting the kid's life and his own life (if say the kid had been a threat – say he was carrying) as well as everyone in the vicinity in jeopardy. Fire a weapon in a residential neighborhood and anyone can get hit.

    At one time I worked in Corporate Security – this clown wanted to play cop even though he was a neighborhood watch "captain" which has no real training requirements as far as I can tell. I am thinking when I worked security I must have been a 4 star general! Any basic Security Guard knows you are there to Observe and Report not Shoot and Kill. Makes me sick.

    Now for the sake of full disclosure: I am a Single White Male over fifty. If anyone feels I shouldn't be commenting on a blog called "A Single Black Male" no offense intended the whole incident just makes me so angry and sick I was compelled to add my two cents. If folks are bothered by my comments have the admin delete them no offense taken.

    1. you obviously have an agenda to come trolling on this forum.
      good luck "john", whoever you are, you're going to need it.
      wish i could be there when they finally catch up with you.

  21. This is an outrage. The media is reporting the bare minimum on this tragedy. If this were a white 17 year old it would be front and center news 24/7. This man has not been arrested much less charged. What has to happen to get media attention?? The child was walking, the murderer was in a car with a gun!
    I speculate that captain neighborhood watch (self appointed as reported) followed and harrassed this young man even though he was told by 911 to stand down. Sounds like he got out of his vehicle and pursued this kid then got his butt kicked as the kid defended himself from this lunatic. THEN he pulls out his 9mm to "defend himself". I'm disgusted with the police, the media and anyone who thinks this is not about race.
    By the way, I'm a middle age white woman in SC.

    1. I agree. Sounds like Zimmerman got out of his car, grabbed Trayvon's arm or something to get him to stop, Trayvon punched him in the nose giving him the bloody nose. In the ensuing scuffle Zimmerman ends up standing over him with gun in hand, Trayvon calls for help and then an enraged Zimmerman executes him.

      Once he had the gun out and Trayvon was on the ground, there was no threat. That makes this murder.

      Concerning race, yes Zimmerman probably would not have thought a white kis looked suspicious and thus this chain of events would never have happened. What's more telling though is the police's read on this. They must have come to a similar intrpretation of events but chose not to prosecute. Seems to me that this is a gross abuse of authority, racially motivated. The Feds should come in and investigate the PD.

  22. Everyone seems so calm about this but it's horrifying!!!! How can you go around shooting and killing people and not be in jail???

  23. WOW, there are a lot of ignorant, hateful and vengeful people on this site. Each of you and all those who form opinions on the "information" provided by the news are pawns to the media, television networks and ultimately there advertisers.

  24. FACTS: The photo being used for George Zimmerman IS of him; although be it a very old photo of about 6 years and 50 lbs. more ago. No he not Hispanic… he doesn't even speak Spanish. With regards to his prior "Arrest," he was not charged; therefore, he did nothing wrong.

    1. If his mother is Hispanic he is as Hispanic as Obama is black because his father is black. Blacks never call Obama white because his mother was white.

  25. WHAT THE NEWS MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU in an obvious and successful attempt to gain ratings and stir up the community is that, and according to George Zimmerman's account of the incident only hours after spending hours being interrogated and put under a polygraph test at police headquarters, As soon as he confronted the young man, the young man began physically attacking Zimmerman and broke his nose. Zimmerman went down and then he began bashing Zimmerman’s head on the floor and then covered his nose and mouth to suffocate him. As Zimmerman was in and out of consciousness he reached for his gun and so did the young man. The result was that the gun went-off and the young man was hit.

    1. And why did Zimmerman feel the need to approach and try and apprehend someone who was doing absolutely nothing wrong? It was that initiating action that started a chain of events that led to the death of a young man. If you are going to pack heat, you damn well better know that there can be consequences to your decisions you make while armed. Neighborhood Watch strongly discourages the used of armed citizens for this very reason. Neighborhood Watch, not Neighborhood Shoot. White, Black, Red or Green, stupidity resulting in death needs to be prosecuted.

    2. He didn't absolutely anything actually, see his picture up there? do you see it broken? NO. So, prove this…without any physical evidence. Anyone would say anything so they won't get there ass arrested clearly. Anyone would try to defend themselves if they saw a freaking huge ass gun in there hands. In actuality it was the kid trying to defend himself not this man, the man could have minded his own business but instead he chose to approach him with a gun. overall, he's just one racist motherfucker.

      1. Well ultimately you were not there and Zimmerman was thoroughly interrogated by police, his cloths were taken and analyzed by a blood splatter expert, he was interviewed for several hours by a polygraph expert and the result of the investigation was that he was telling the truth. So everyone can say what they want til there blue in the face but nothing is going to bring the young man back and vengeance is not the solution for a civilized society.

  26. Was Zimmerman wrong in following and confronting the young man… given the nature of the circumstances, yes; however, around that neighborhood are some seriously unsavory characters and crime is on everybody’s door step and the fact that someone was out there dedication his time and personal safety in an effort to protect his neighbor’s property and safety is something to be commended.

    Ultimately, None of you were there that night and honestly no one knows what happened that night except for GOD and George Zimmerman. Mistakes were made and the whole thing is very unfortunate.

  27. YOU CAN HELP BY SIGNING THE PETITION: http://www.change.org/petitions/prosecute-the-kil

    PS – in regards to black/white issues, please just remember: don't let the sins of the few cause the punishment of the many. Yes – there are still plenty of racist, biggoted, mysogonistic people in the world. But there are also tons of loving, open-minded, color-blind people too. Peace.

  28. I believe he was racially profiled because he was black. Zimmerman is HISPANIC and white. People writing articles should get facts correct.

  29. I heard the 911 tapes today on the news and although, I already believed Zimmerman should be charged, listening to him say, "these assholes always get away" sealed it for me.

  30. The Hispanic male stood his ground against the hoodlum.

    I hope that very soon we will have safe neighborhoods again like we did in the 1950’s.

    Its only a matter of time.

    If you don’t like it, call Al and Jesse.

    1. Hoodlum? He was with his dad who lived there. He was in hs and Never in trouble. Where are you getting hoodlum? You are so ignorant!

      1. He was suspended from school for having pot on school grounds which is a felony. He just hadn't been to court yet. Not saying that's grounds to kill someone but state facts.

    1. Exactly, Obama is half and half yet he’s black. Zimmerman is half and half yet he is white??? At the end of the day people who see race ineverything are almost always racist. Zimmerman should be in jail. And my thoughts. And prayers go to the little kids family and freinds. People need to realize that there wll always be racists, white, black brown purple green every race has its racists. Be colorblind

  31. Im sorry, for the person who writes Zimmerman was interrogated for hours so on that is inconsistent. You would have to be taken into custody for that in addition a polygraph test is on given if there is reason to believe there is “probable cause” the whole reason they have not arrested Zimmerman was they claimed they did not have such cause. Furthermore according to 911 call the young man was running yelling for help then silenced by a gun shot sowhere does this explaination come from there was a struggle and gun went off? Try again but this time look at the facts

    1. I realize that everyone has an opinion, but do I need to remind those that support Zimmerman that an unarmed, non-threatening child was stalked and killed in cold blood? Based on Zimmerman's comments on the 911 call he made, this is a hate crime.

  32. Zimmerman felt threatened and killed that dude. Case closed. Only two people know what really happened and only one is able to talk. By the way, Zimmerman is not white. His dad is white and his mom is Cuban. If you're not 100% white then you're NOT white. Also, Yes!, there is a double standard in this country and it will NEVER change. Oh Well.

  33. Zimmermans mom is latino and his dad is jewish. his fathers jewish connections are the reason he's not in jail

  34. We don’t know all the facts yet. What we do know is a kid is dead, which is a terrible thing. What bothers me is how racism immediately gets brought into the fray, even though the shooter is cuban with black relatives. I believe this was a guy that wanted to be a cop and was over zealous. I think when the real story comes out a lot of what we thought was true, wasn’t. I think blacks as a whole are some of the most racist people on earth.

    1. Sigh. Let me try to explain this to you, just in case you are open minded and want to know why people are upset.

      You say, "We don't know all the facts yet." That is completely irrelevant. The facts we do know are enough for an ARREST. You don't need to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for an ARREST, although there is a preponderance of evidence that shows that he is very likely guilty of first degree murder.

      The race of the shooter is also irrelevant. The reason "racism immediately gets brought into the fray" is because this is yet another documented case of blacks not receiving any sort of justice from the system, despite the overwhelmin evidence to support the case of the black victim. Despite logic, the 911 tapes, the conversation with his girlfriend prior to the shooting, and eyewitness testimony, Zimmerman hasn't even been arrested, much less convicted.

      And if you can't see that, I'm not going to call you a racist. I'm going to call you a moron.

  35. George Zimmerman was an Altar boy, his dad is of German not Jewish lineage.
    I do find the similarities between some of the comments on this site and Stormfront (a nazi website) compelling though
    George Zimmerman, His Mother Is Latino and His Father Is Jewish …

  36. I am not judging anything until all the facts are reported. I do not like Florida's "Stand your ground" gun laws, and I've had a child murdered by an adult so I say this with an open mind. The picture being shown by the mainstream media of Trayvon is NOT a recent picture. His recent picture does make him look like a thug. Find it and you will see. My point is NOT to defend Zimmerman but to point out how the mainstream media manipulates things to appear much worse than they truly are. The media also reports Zimmerman's arrest yet fails to point out the record states it was written as non-violent. They also point out Trayvon had no criminal record yet he was suspended for having pot on him at school so he either had pending charges which would be a felony since it was drugs in a school zone or what should have happened – an arrest for possessing drugs at school – didn't happen. My thought, since I was robbed by someone with a sawed off shotgun who was wearing a hoodie pulled over their head is in 80 degree weather, by wearing a sweatshirt hoodie pulled over your head, you are making yourself look suspicious. At one rally in my home area, I saw a picture of a young man who not only had a hoodie pulled over his head – it was 85 degrees outside – but the young man also had a ball cap on his head UNDER the hoodie. I do believe Zimmerman should never have followed Trayvon once the 911 operator told him he didn't need to do that. Obama is half white/half black and the white half is the American part yet black people insist he's black so why isn't the same thing applying to Zimmerman who is half white/half Hispanic? Following Obama supporters' logic, Zimmerman is Hispanic yet the hate is turned towards white people. I'm sick of political correctness that assumes racism only goes one way which is BS so if this is a race thing, it's Hispanic vs black. As for Zimmerman's arrest record, the media leaves out a word in his arrest report – "non-violent" yet the media portrays it as a violent crime. By the way, my 16 year old son was murdered by a 34 year old man and I didn't get a call from the President.

    1. Debra: "Following Obama supporters' logic, Zimmerman is Hispanic yet the hate is turned towards white people."

      Curious: how do you know who anyone supports by their comments about Zimmerman? Is this an "everything is Obama's fault" rant?

      As far as Zimmerman's record and Martin having weed, what does that have to do with this case?

      And while I give you my condolences for your loss, I have a question for you. Do the police know who murdered your son, and if they do, did they arrest him? Because this isn't a white/black thing. It's a "black life doesn't matter" thing, and a "he's black, a hoodlum, and deserved to die" thing. If not for the national outcry, they wouldn't even be investigating this case any further.

  37. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but who the hell cares that Zimmerman is half hispanic? In case you didn't know, many HISPANICS do not like black people either. So it really doesn't make a difference. In addition, I can agree with your "hoodie" statement if you feel as though all races look like "thugs" while wearing a hoodie. Ask yourself this question….would I be as nervous?

  38. When I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment. Is there an easy method you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

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  40. I personally ponder the reason you labeled this blog, “Arrest George Zimmerman –
    Single Black Male”. In either case I personally enjoyed


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