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Five Reasons Why Drake Can’t Be Great

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I got into a pretty good discussion last night about the incredibly trompe l’oeil life, career, and music of one Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Let me be clear, I enjoy his music here and there, but there’s just something about Drizzy that’s off. There’s something about him and his entire image that tends to offend my real n**** sensibilities. In last night’s conversation I couldn’t properly put into words what exactly that is, so, I’ve created a a lil’ list. Ready? Here it is:

5. He’s Down With YMCMB


If you took mid 90’s Wu-Tang, stripped down the depth, lyrical, conceptual and artistic versatility and general awesomeness while adding in way too much “swag” – you’d get something that resembles YMCMB. YMCMB is basically Lil’ Wayne and Baby’s version of what Mase envisioned when he created “Harlem World”

4. Lyrics Like This:

“So I’m going through her phone on the way to the bathroom, in her purse right there, I don’t trust these hoe’s at all”

No real dude goes snooping through a woman’s purse while she’s in the bathroom. We also don’t go through their phones. If you can’t trust a woman you’re dealing with enough to not need to resort to such childish tactics, you shouldn’t be dealing with her. And if she’s a “hoe” as Drizzy describes or someone you’re not really in a position to trust, you should be trill enough to not allow her access to anything that could be potentially damaging to you – as crass as that sounds.

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3. Photos like this:

Men should not purse their lips when taking photos...

2. Degrassi Drake

"They say they miss the old Drake girl don't tempt me..."

Look, y’all know I’m generally cut from the “can’t knock the hustle” cloth, so I try my best to avoid being critical of how a dude earns his living, so long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else earning there’s. Still, there’s just something egregiously wrong about the fact that Wheelchair Jimmy has the nerve to rap stuff like “You gone mess around and make me catch a body like that.” Really? A body? Like, a murder?



1. This Description of His Mansion:

The backyard of Drake’s mansion is indistinguishable from the set of one of those late-night Lifetime soft-core romance flicks. Waterfalls gush all around, surging over enormous boulders. Bronze animals—lions, elephants, giraffes!—checker the lawn, glimmering in the last light of the San Fernando Valley sun. A giant fire, fit for a king from Middle-earth, burns in an outdoor fireplace, and a flat-screen TV plays Sixteen Candles.

Sixteen Candles? SIXTEEN CANDLES! You can’t make this stuff up. If this is the future of Hip-Hop, I’m afraid of the future.
But maybe it’s just me? What do you all think of Drake? Love him? Hate him? Indifferent. Also, do you think his success says anything about the direction of Hip-Hop or is he just another blip on the radar?


  1. Great post as per usual, Simply stating the issues that I am sure many feel.. Myself included. As much skills he has to be the greatest in YMCMB, that is about it.

    Never could be in top 5 of all time.

  2. Perhaps if he would have signed with g.o.o.d. music or maybe def jam who knows… I mean a wave is being rode and masters are owned and residual money is being earned. Can't be mad at that but per the standard of a dope MC much to be seen. But don't look like he is trying to go for that which is cool if he but miss me rolling with the gangstas…..we both in service on Saturdays so mazzol!!

  3. LOL this is almost as mean as that GQ article. i liked Degrassi Jimmy! the lip pursing and squatting has got to go though.

    why can't y'all let him embrace his sensitivity. no one teased Ralph Tresvant like this.

    btw i'm not a fan of drake's music now. maybe when he first came out, but now, he's pretty ew. and LOL @ going through her phone and purse while she's in the bathroom. the heck. definition of wack.
    My recent post How Garlic Saved My Life (or just my hair)

    1. Real G's don't squat. Son coulda took a single knee #Tebow style, but never ever squat. Only way you can squat is if you're in a 80's crew picture and you showing off four finger rings, with a kangol and some shell toes…

    2. "why can't y'all let him embrace his sensitivity. no one teased Ralph Tresvant like this."

      Everyone teased Ralph Tresvant like that. It's not an accident that New Edition's lead singer had the worse career after the Heartbreak album.

  4. Aw come on leave Jimmy alone. Degrassi was a tough place to grow up. Did you see the way Skinner turned his back on him?

    I like him though, but I agree his "thug" persona is questionable.

  5. Great Post… Just awesome…

    There is a lot of Drake that I really like… But after that, I just can't… He got hits… But I just can't…

    Some R&B dudes got more cred than this guy

  6. YMCMB is basically Lil’ Wayne and Baby’s version of what Mase envisioned when he created “Harlem World”

    Laughing Out Loud!

  7. the ironic part about the drizzy slander? is that it comes from the inhabitants of the country that made him what he is. lol.

    when i went to miami a few years ago, his music was EVERYWHERE. and im from the city in which he hails.. and while we're proud of the hometown kid – certainly didn't give him the amount of spins that americans did. (we also dont have the population to make him a household name)

    the irony.

    i think the drake can be as great as he wants to be. he's making more money than those who don't 'follow their artistic vision'.

    people wont like him, but the standards of 'greatness' are different. some ppl base it solely off music sales. others lyrical content. this entire premise could be applied to the entire state of hiphop/r&b/music today as a whole.
    My recent post the monologue: can i vent?

      1. LOL. sorry bout that.
        just speaketh the truth though.

        plus this is also a generational thing. many of us grew up in an era of when hip-hop had to fight to be recognized. now it's selling milk and coke products. times they are a-changing….
        My recent post the monologue: can i vent?

  8. I like Drake from his Room for Improvement, Comeback Season (So Far Gone was all right) days but lately all this singing and sensitive talk is a bit too much for my liking.

    As well Drake will never be a hardcore rapper Drake was raised in the rich part of Toronto he's not from the hood so he will never talk about the streets that's why I gave a side eye when he said " you're gonna mess around a make me catch a body like that" .

    No Drake, the only thing you're gonna catch is a snowflake on your tongue lets keep it 100.

  9. If a dude is making millions and one of the most popular music figure sout now.. hes being great to me…lol

    He has some corniness and a few losses.. bbut yeah son is being great now. Cant front.

  10. Yea, I'm gonna have to agree w/ Sprads on this one. Drake will never go down as one of the "greatest rappers ever." BUT he WILL go down as a really good Pop/R & B artists. Once Aubrey realizes that, he'll stay in his lane, a la Flo Rida.

    Good job, Maine.

  11. LAUGHED OUT LOUD @ the following:

    – The first picture
    – The caption under the second photo
    – The fact that dude randomly had Sixteen Candles (I…a girl…loved that movie though, lol…Molly Ringwald could do no wrong back in the day, lol) playing in his backyard.

    OMG! LOL! Completely ambiguous, LOL! Completely!

  12. lol poor drake, people have said this before but I think him and trey Songz want to switch careers. Drake sung on most of take care and Trey keeps trying to rap. I like Drake (especially mix tape Drizzy) it’s just every time you give him cool points he does something sus that makes you put the cool points back in your pocket lol. But he's braver than most, he does what he wants and it sells.

  13. I think there's a place for him in the music world. Not a fan, but not because he's too sentimental or doesn't act the right way, actually I'm glad he breaks some of the rules set out to young (black) men. But I get that it's hard to accept when you've been raised to think it's stupid.

    Now, as for his thugness, you should've heard the two white (lilly-white) sales clerks I passed in a grocery store in Toronto. They were rapping and saying stuff like "yo, my nigga". What. The. F. Seriously? You really think you're cool when you do that?

    Nah… nononono. I get a similar feeling when Drake tries to be what he is not.

  14. I disagree, I think he's great, he rhymes well and I enjoy his "sensitivity" the cold, thug thing is overdone. He's selling millions of records, getting millions of dollars, has millions of fans and it doesnt look like he's stopping anytime soon. Plus I don't understand the hoopla about him playing someone who was crippled by a gunshot, it's pretty ablest.

  15. See, my thing about the whole Drake hate, when has he ever tried to portray himself as thugish/hard? He hasn’t. He’s spent his whole career acknowledging the fact that he’s not a thug. But he says one line (the catch a body line), and all of a sudden he’s trying to be something he’s not? I don’t see the logic. Drake can be one of the greats of all time if he keeps making great music.

  16. Dudes hate he's speaks about stuff the average brotha can't relate too.

    Like Jay z niggas want the old Jay. Kingdom Come was a classic.

    Drake-The Ride ft. The Weekend

    Telling stories that nobody relate to
    And even though they hate you they
    Just keep on telling you they feel you, nigga

    And deal with the questions
    About all your excessive needs
    And you do dinners at French Laundry and Napa Valley
    Scallops and glasses of Dolce
    That shit's right up your alley
    You see a girl and you ask about her
    Bitches smiling at you, it must be happy hour
    They put the cloth across your lap soon as you sat down
    It's feeling like you on every place you choosing to be at now
    Walking through airport security with your hat down

    Niggas talk all this tough guy shit never had Dad around yet they cry at night looking for him.

    Screwing every chick they can't get their hands on to release that pain they feel of Dad not being there. They wonder why did Dad leave me.

    My folks have been married for 30 years now. I grew up well off. Paris at 12 family on Cape Cod. I work with brothas who have daddy issues.

  17. "Wheelchair Jimmy has the nerve to rap stuff like “You gone mess around and make me catch a body like that.” Really? A body? Like, a murder?"


  18. I like the some of the stuff I hear on the radio….wouldn't buy a Drizzy CD only because I'm not sure if I would like enough songs. I've downloaded a few of his songs that aren't played on the radio and they are just aight.
    I do really like his collabs and he has a pretty good singing voice for someone who can't "sang" lol.
    Drake is makin money and he ain't botherin nobody…..ease up Sprad……lol

  19. In all honesty, I do like Drizzy. I completely agree that he's with the wrong clique. He's way too sophisticated to be with Young Money. When I first heard him, I could've sworn up & down he was in the Jay-Z/Kanye camp. Go figure.

  20. i like drake, almost in spite of myself, where normally I would be the first to clown somebody like him, I did find that when I took a moment to listen to him, i could understand some of the things he was trying to get across, what I get about him is that really he is an r&b artist with rap sensibilities. He kind of embodies, this manchild in the promised land confusion, that makes me what to see where he's going with all this. Yes he postures, and plays gangsta, because that's what men do, and yes he fronts and struts, because that's what men do, and then he has an honest barefaced moment when he looks up and realizes that he's a jerk, and a user, and all he really wants is someone to love and understand him, again because that's what men do. If I had to judge him strictly on lyrical content, and his prowess as an emcee, he would not even make my top 100, but i do admit that I have had my doubts about my own talent, my own drive, my own dreams, and that I have put on successful, or make me proud, and realized that I am not alone with my bus ticket and my dream, and it ain't rakim, or krs one, but there's something…….

  21. What people fail to realize is Drake has created a style of music that everyone is trying to duplicate but they just can't. Call him soft or emotional all you want he is the shit right now. And he will be for a very long time. This generation is moving towards self-expression and I must say he introduced this to the world first. No one cares about what "look" your suppose to have anymore. Just like we have plus size models now, we have rappers that are Jewish and played on a show like Degrassi. If you haven't already prepare yourself for his takeover because it's already sort of happening.

  22. No one cares about what "look" your suppose to have anymore. Just like we have plus size models now, we have rappers that are Jewish and played on a show like Degrassi. If you haven't already prepare yourself for his takeover because it's already sort of happening.A good point but I don't agree with that.. perfect-essays

  23. Drake sucks, period. He’s famous because he’s jewish it’s as simple as that don’t try to find anything in him besides his race. Jews are the most racist group on earth just look at that cesspool apartheid that’s called Israel. Boycott this poser

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