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Update: George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin 911 Police Tapes Released


The 911 tapes on the night of the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin have finally been released. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, please read our first two write-ups on the story here and here. In total, there were eight calls made the night Trayvon was killed beginning with George Zimmerman, the man who admitted to shooting Trayvon in self-defense, calling to report a “suspicious” man walking through the neighborhood. George Zimmerman was not arrested that night and as of the date of this posting, he has not been charged for his role in the shooting death of Trayvon. You can listen to the 911 calls below:

[audio: http://www.axiomamnesia.com/Audio/George-Zimmerman-Treyvon-Martin-911-Call.mp3] [audio: https://www.singleblackmale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spdtrayvon1.mp3] [audio: https://www.singleblackmale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spdtrayvon2.mp3] [audio: https://www.singleblackmale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spdtrayvon3.mp3] [audio: https://www.singleblackmale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spdtrayvon4.mp3] [audio: https://www.singleblackmale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spdtrayvon5.mp3] [audio: https://www.singleblackmale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spdtrayvon6.mp3]

While this story is finally gaining some national recognition, it has unfortunately become more and more focused on race rather than the loss of this 17-year-old boy’s life. In fact, the New York Times and many others have begun focusing on labeling Zimmerman, whose multicultural background includes white and Hispanic, simply “Hispanic” as if that makes it all better. People seemed to be under the impression we were going to say, “Oh, he’s not white? Cool. No more to be outraged about here.” Let’s be clear, we here at SingleBlackMale want to emphasize that the race of the shooter or the deceased is not as important as the fact that a young boy went out to buy tea and skittles and the only crime he committed was walking home. For this, he was shot and killed by another man who labeled him “suspicious” because he had on a hoodie, which last I checked, any number of kids from any number of racial backgrounds wear.

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Color me ignorant but it is tragic that I doubt we would be having this hypothetical discussion of why Zimmerman remains at large if it were a young Caucasian male killed that night, whatever the race of his admitted shooter. However, regardless of race, we should all be able to walk through the neighborhoods in which we reside without the fear of being profiled and in this case, shot to death simply because we look “suspicious” based on preconceived notions of a complete stranger.

George Zimmerman

When I listen to the above 911 tapes and read stories of Zimmerman placing over 46 calls to 911 since January 2011, I see a man who even if he had the best of intentions, became overzealous in his role as self-appointed neighborhood WATCH captain. In this role, he chose to pursue an unarmed teenage boy whom he self-identified as looking suspicious. While no one other than Zimmerman and God knows what happened when he encountered this boy he chose to stalk and engage, I do know only one of them is dead. For that, I believe the other deserves to be arrested and face charges for his actions.

Zimmerman made a number of choices, many of them I personally disagree with, and as a result, a young man died. Race does not matter here. The very idea that I, a family member, friend or a complete stranger who is unarmed and with no prior criminal record, unlike Zimmerman, doesn’t have as much right as anyone else to walk down the street without fearing for his or her life makes no sense. It’s appalling that many have chosen to argue otherwise. Yes, Zimmerman had the right to carry a weapon. He even had the right to make the choice to follow and engage Trayvon. Tasked only as a neighborhood WATCH captain, these were misguided and poor decisions on Zimmerman’s part. Worse still, he killed an unarmed young man because of these decisions. Therefore, I re-state my position that I believe Zimmerman should be arrested and brought up on charges for his role in the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.

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However, it is not up to me. The case has been turned over to the Florida state attorney’s office for additional review and investigation. You can also sign a petition, which has received over 300,000 signatures to have Zimmerman brought up on charges. We will continue to follow this story and provide additional updates as new information comes available.

– Wisdom Is Misery


  1. I responded to another article written for the Washington Times by a ex-cop who claimed that social media was playing the role of bringing justice and he disagreed that everyone was trying to arrest Zimmerman. He argued race of the shooter was hispanic and that we needed to let the police do their job. As you said, had that young boy been another race, we would not be having this discussion. Thank you for writing this article.

      1. It is about killing a human, but had this human been another race we wouldn't be having a debate. I've listened to the tapes and there is no way something should not have been done by now. We can agree and disagree. Agree that this is a human issue and disagree that race was not a factor. Race was the reas

      2. It is about killing a human, but had this human been another race we wouldn’t be having a debate.  I’ve listened to the tapes and there is no way something should not have been done by now.  We can agree and disagree.  Agree that this is a human issue and disagree that race was not a factor.  Race was the reason Zimmerman got out of the car in the first place.  As he says, “they” in the tape.  Thanks for your response. 

  2. Coming out of luk mode with crayons to color you ignorant. How is this not about race in a racist society? How is this not about race in a society that has a history of terror against people of color, specifically black men? I just cannot fathom why people insist on denying history and present reality when it comes to race in America. You are correct, a lot of young males, regardless of race, wear hoodies but only someone who is ignorant would believe a white male wearing a hoodie perpetrates the same stereotype when black and hispanic men wear them.

    We should not forget that a young innocent man was MURDERED by a monster whom has no respect for humanity. We should not forget the REALITY of racial profiling and the negative ramifications it has on individuals and society. We should not deny the reality that the law does NOT operate in the best interests of ALL citizens or else this cold blooded murderer would be in jail!

    1. Um…he acknowledged that the race of the victim was a very important factor-all he said was what does it matter if Zimmerman was white, Hispanic or both, he still murdered a child and is walking free.

      I’ma hafta take your colors for now.

      1. I'ma say that WIM didn't write very clearly. I agree with his point that the race of the murderer is not the main reason that people are outraged. I know I'd still be outraged if the person that pulled the trigger was Black.
        WIM messed up when he wrote the phrase "race does not matter" instead of "the race of Trayvon's killer doesn't matter." It muddles everything and makes it seem like race was not a factor in the mind of Trayvon's killer when he labeled him "suspicious" for walking in the rain in a community where he belonged, then unjustly took his life. People are obviously emotional about this and people also prove everyday that reading comprehension is not what it should be out here.
        I know WIM knows race matters based on the fact that in this same post, he doubts that the actions of the police would have been the same if the dead boy was White.
        It's clear that race (and class) do matter when it comes to how crimes are investigated, prosecuted, and sentenced in this country. I don't ever want that minimized or muddled.

  3. Hispanic, Black, White, Orange, Green, Whatever … It really does not matter.

    What matters is that someone took the life of AN INNOCENT YOUNG BLACK MALE. Yes, I capitalized those words. They matter to me. As they should matter to anyone with the ability to distinguish right from wrong (and that is all I am going to say about that).

    I am not a lawyer but Mr. Zimmerman's actions amount to assault with the intention to kill. And whatever the law says is the maximum sentence should be handed out to him. If not for nothing else but to deter other “overzealous” neighborhood watchmen/watchwomen from willy nilly killing off someone’s loved one. Shoo … killing any human being (loved or not).

  4. I can't even bring myself to listen to those tapes. The whole case upsets me enough and if what i've heard about thoses tapes are accurate i don't think i could handle it.. This case is sad and its salt in the wound that Zimmerman is still a free man. You would think this would be a no brainer, you kill someone you go to jail. My heart goes out to the family.
    My recent post I’m Baaaack!!

  5. The race of the killer does matter. If Zimmerman were black, he would be in prison–which is also upsetting. Secondly, I am outraged by this, but a part of me realizes that many innocent black teenagers are being killed by other black (criminal) men and it wouldn't probably garner this much attention if that were the case here (of course, again, the main issue is that Z hasn't been arrested or charged whereas a black perpetrator most definitely would have been). We need to be more vocal about those (black on black) crimes as well especially when innocent kids are involved.
    My recent post What Everyone Should Know About Trayvon Martin (1995-2012)

  6. I think it is about racist cause the fact why was he following the teenager anyway and getting out his car chasing the young man and as everyone know its 2012 and its still racist people in America. And the main purpose of the police why they didn’t never take him in for questioning anyway unless their racist too this George Zimmerman Guy need to be excuted for what he did and the police men that was on the scene and didn’t do their job need to be off the police force cause their letting a guilty peoson walk around free and it angrier me the most about it cause I have KIDS. THATS Y JUSTICE NEED TO BE SERVE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN MURDER!!!!!!

  7. The man is white. His background is hispanic. The sooner everybody understands that there are only 3 races in the entire world (Black, White, Asian), the sooner this stupid confusion will end. Hispanic/mexican/latino/puerto rican/el salvador/dominican is not a race. That is simply where you’re from or your culture. Look at Cuba. Cuban is not a race. There are only 2 types of Cuban. White or black. Same with Brazil, same with Puerto Rico, same as ANY spanish country. There is only white, black, or asian.

  8. When the operator asked Zimmerman where Trayvon was heading he described the back entrance. Then it sounded too me that he said under his breathe " its f*kin closed" "Not" F*kin coon". When the 911 operator told him to stop following him Zimmerman said OK. They discussed meeting the police the mailbox.

    Tonight we learned that Zimmerman reported that he was going back to his car when the confrontation occurred and it appwears that a witness saw Trayvon punch Zimmerman and jump on top of him.

    This is a tragedy. A young boy gets shot by what appears to be an oversealous neigborhood watchman in a gated community who ended up having to defend himself from a scared teenager who chose confrontation rather than retreat. And the media creates a false racial incident that so inflames eveyone that when the facts come out Zimmerman ends up looking less overzealous and more of a victim.

    1. @Ray ur a fucking lying ass racist!!! That son of a bitch fat ass coward shot that young man down in cold blood because he wanted to kill a black man!! He said " they always get away"!! So he made sure Trayvon didnt get away!! That son of a bitch!! I hope they kill his ass! U white racist bastards make me sick to my stomach!! Always justifying a white man killing a black man and u all are fucking liars!!

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