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Married Men Are Lame

Your wife didn't prevent you from getting with Alicia Keys; your lameness did.

As I get older, I’m 29 with two grey hairs in my beard, more and more of my friends are getting married (or divorced, but that’s not today’s focus). For most people, this is the natural progression of life. You get older, the people around you get married and if you’re unlucky lucky, you get married too. Then you raise some little crumb snatchers and collect tax benefits. That is my general understanding of the process.

The other day, however, I found myself wondering if married men even enjoy marriage. I think they do, but I really have no idea. For whatever reason it’s almost expected for married men to focus on the negative aspects of marriage instead of the positives. For example, when I informed one of my married friends that I was thinking of settling down myself his response was, “DON’T DO IT! You don’t want this life man. Stay single, FOREVER. Reconsider! Read some literature on the subject!”

It has become almost unacceptable for men to champion for the positives of marriage to their single friends. This is despite the fact that married men live longer, are generally healthier, and on average, they have more money and more sex than their single counterparts. I think the primary culprit is married men forget how lame they were as single men. Today, I want to remind them. I hope that this will inspire them to stop taking their wives for granted because real talk, I have no idea why she is with your lame ass, bro. This is an obvious testament to the fact that there is a God, because she is your miracle.

Below are 7 more reasons why married men are lame, but their life is awesome (even if they don’t realize it).

1. You aint got no game and you never had no game. I hate having conversations about women with my married friends. They always manage to sneak in the phrase, “You lucky I’m married…” There is no comeback to this line. My married friends’ selective amnesia convinces them they were fighting off women by the boatload when they were single while I sat on the sidelines with tears welling up in my eyes because they took all the women.

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Yeah, ok.

I’m pretty sure you spent 90% of your single life playing PS3. You never had game or if you did, I never saw it, like ever, and I’ve known you my entire life. Married men latch onto that ONE great weekend they had and will retell the story 1,000,001 times as if it was the rule and not the exception.

Married Friend: You remember that one time I got 17 numbers at Kappa Beach?!

WisdomIsMisery: THAT WAS 2002!

MF: Quit hatin.

WIM: 15 of those numbers turned out to be fake and you didn’t even bag none of those brawds!

MF: I kissed two in da mouf at the same time, Sean!

WIM: Who the hell is Sean? … Anyway, everyone was drunk and I think one of those two “women” was a man with a Super Bowl ring.

MF: Yeah, well, whatever. Still counts. Haters gonna hate.

2. Single life is not all P.Diddy white parties and Playboy mansion getaways. My married friends attempt to live vicariously through me even though my life is rather ho hum. They watch BET videos and assume that’s how single people live. They think I’m out here making it rain and making big bootied women’s booty jiggle every weekend between Magic City and the Playboy mansion, respectively. If I tell them different, they call me a liar. It’s a lot of pressure to live the life my married friends think I’m living – and let them tell it, they would be living “if only I wasn’t married, dawg.”

3. Married men really think their wife is the only thing stopping them from having sex with every woman in the world, plus Alicia Keys. You’re an idiot. It’s any wonder your wife will agree to have sex with you. You are not a very attractive person. I personally find you physically repulsive.

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4. Married men party harder than any man ON EARTH. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of partying with a married man BUT IT IS IRREPREHENSIBLE. And for GOD’S SAKE don’t let a married man and a married woman come across each other at the club. That is a perfect storm of calamity. They’ll get to slow grinding (twenty-five feet from one another out of respect for their wife/husband at home) to every fast song that comes on. It’s troubling to witness, like watching two honey badgers wrestle over gristle.

When you’re single, you don’t have to party too hard because you can always shrug your shoulders and remind yourself, “there’s always next weekend.” There is no “next weekend” for married people. There is TONIGHT. Married people get a baby sitter and escape their kids for a few hours and LOSE THEIR MINDS. If you ever see a dude doing a combination of the jerk, harlem shake, and fist pump AT THE SAME TIME, I’ll put everything in the bank on the fact that dude is married. Married people go beyond hard in the paint. They go concrete. No single person is going to out-party a married person up until about 11pm.

Then they’re slumped over in a booth somewhere falling asleep complaining about, “How late does this club stay open?”

5. Go have sexual relations with your wife, bro. Married dudes are perverts. They always want to know about your single sex life. Then they ask all kinds of increasingly invasive questions. “Did you make her say your name?”, “Did you put it in her butt?”, “Did she have pretty feet? ….Did you suck on’m?”

WIM: DAWG! You’re folding your children’s onesies right now and you’re seriously asking me if I put it in her butt? You need help.  AND NO, I AINT SUCK NO STRANGE GIRL’S TOES. …they were pretty tho.

MF: How you not gon suck her toes, bro? …you lucky I’m married.

WIM: *blank stare*

You are not Guile.

6. You’re lame. Face it. Grow up and be a family man. In summary, married men, you’re lame. Face it. Grow up and be a family man. You never had game. You had one good weekend in 2002 but that was 45 pounds and two full hairlines ago. You can’t recreate that experience! Single life is not all that, trust me. It’s iiiiiiight at best. But, even if you were single, since you have no game, you couldn’t get any of these women anyway, so what does it matter?

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Go in your home, kiss your kids on the forehead, kiss your loving wife in the mouth, and if that’s what you’re into, suck on her toes and do it in the butt.

7. Your reason here. In your experience, ladies and gentlemen, what’s another reason you think married men are lame, should shut up, love their wife and kids, and be family men? Why are (most) married men so  hesitant to admit to their single friends how much they love being married (unless of course he’s drunk, then you can’t pay him to shut up about how much he loves his wife, how she saved him from certain death, and his kids are the best thing that ever happened to him)?

Lastly, what is it like for women? What are your married women-friends like? I know for a fact those are the hardest dancing women ON EARTH. How in the hell do you cat-daddy in 6-inch stilettoes?


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  1. This is the funniest post I have read for a minute. True as it is Men were raised to know the benefits of marriage. That's where women come in. Women are supposed to show them how beneficial marriage is to life. If you have a nagging brawd as you say then why would they see the benefits to being married when experience shows them otherwise? IJS.

  2. First off, to each his own. I'm 26 and it's 2012 so marriage isn't happening as much as it use to back in the 90's. Most of my classmates are still finding their place in the world. Finishing up their careers, finishing school, going back to school etc. Most of the guys in them long term 2+ year relationships are like the married dudes in this article though. The couples in the long-term have the best of both world. Don't have that title of "marriage" so they can get out whenever they want, but they still have that serious relationship.
    *** Them married cats do be going hard whenever they go out though haha.

    1. "Don't have that title of "marriage" so they can get out whenever they want…"

      That's precisely why I don't believe in playing house or staying in a relationship too long in which you want marriage but it doesn't happen. Time is valuable and I'm not convinced someone spending all that time with you without moving forward values yours.

  3. WIM, to answer your questions, 1) I don't think married men are lame, they just don't want to be 'seen' as lame. No matter old we get or how our situations change in life, everybody still wants to be seen as 'cool.' We are perpetually in high school.

    2) Along those lines, I think happily married men don't want to be seen as 'whipped' by their boys so they pretend it isn't all that. Of course, you do have those rare guys who couldn't care less what their boys think and will tell their friends and the world how happy they are! Paul Carrick Brunson comes to mind here. I think happily married men follow his example…..everyone who is married isn't miserable.

    3) My married women friends do seem to be tired and overworked all the time. They tell me to 'take my time!' when it comes to settling down. All of them. Even the ones who are happy. No matter how 'equal' the partnership seems to be between husband and wife, the wife seems to do most of the heavy household lifting. That isn't something I want to rush into…………

  4. lol @ I personally find you physically repulsive.

    I appear to be familiar with two camps of married men. The ones who love married life & their wives and who aren't afraid to show it……….and the ones who hide their rings and try to fly me over and/or come visit. Less than a month after they got married. But who's keeping track, right? Seriously though, there are some trifflin' ass people in this world.

    As for married women, the ones on the outer shells of my friendship atom appear to be happily touting the virtues of married life. They seem to forget about lovey dovey [public] messages to the husband and focus on the kids when those come around, though. But for those approaching marriage whom I can vouch for as being best friends with their partner, I can tell it's going to be lovely. Partly because their husbands are the type to get involved in housework, raising kids, and all the other things that usually cause one partner to be more stressed than the other.

    1. "……….and the ones who hide their rings and try to fly me over and/or come visit"

      Fly??? Lol…well dayum, you got it like that, huh? I ain't mad at ya, I'm glad at ya 😉 lol.

      1. Haha. I was a student on a budget, so they knew the only way they would see me is if they were to fund my travels.

  5. This made me laugh out loud~~~>Single life is not all P.Diddy white parties and Playboy mansion getaways.

    Why? During lunch I sit at a large table with about 6/7 men and the things these married men bitch about are just too funny. The workplace seems to be the quintessential place for married people to congregate, specifically men, to complain their a**es off about how much married life sucks; and they think being single/dating is so grand and every weekend singles are hanging from chandeliers.

    What's crazy is they do so trying to convince "us" single people that married life is so horrid and how they wish they never married or how much they can't stand their wives. Really dude? LOL You a grown man complaining about how your wife gets on your nerves every day but you've been married to her for over 15 years??? STHU! lol what sense does that make?

    And let's be clear, I'm talking about a group of WHITE MEN (I work in a Caucasian-dominated field and usually the only black person and black women sitting with them – I learn a lot listening to their phuckery) … There have been many times these dudes ask me questions about my weekend or what 'single life activity' I did that have them biting their nails in excitement. SMDH LOL

    Half the time I tell them: Look, if you and your wife are going through it – work that ish out! … You not about this single/dating life! LOL

    1. "You a grown man complaining about how your wife gets on your nerves every day but you've been married to her for over 15 years??? STHU! lol what sense does that make?"
      leapingdoorway I ask many folks the same damn question and wonder the same damn thing myself….marriage is so terrible, yet you still in it and not goin nowhere no time soon. Then they say they don't wanna have to give up half their dough and child support to the women and spout that "cheaper to keep her" bs. Really…..
      I know a dude who tried to date me who was married and 10 yrs ago all he did was complain about his wife and the only reason he stayed with her was because it was "cheaper to keep her" and he manwhored as much as he could….now fast-forward 10 yrs later and they have a newborn baby in addition to their 17 yr old son and he stays facebooking about how much he loves his wife and fam and showcasing pics of them and he's so happy……puuuuuhlllleaaaaze!

  6. 7. Married men always have advice they dont live by. Its easy to tell a dude move on when you been on the Dave Hollister flow since 2007. They tell you to smash the coworker, buy the big screen tv when you have bills #yolo, and like you said try to live vicariously thru u. I have no married friends 2 engaged so i can imagine this is what coming.

    1. THIS!!!^^^^^^^^
      I am the only single friend of my "wives club" (which is what we were when we were all attached, I'm just happy they still talk to me, lol) and now that I am single they give me all KINDS of crazy advice!

  7. Hey, this was a definitely funny post. I think men should only get married after experiencing life fully. Only then they can truly choice the girl that they consider the perfect 10 for them.

    Sure this all depends on the guy. The problem that I see with a lot of marriages is guys settling because they are afraid that they won't find any other girl. They set themselves with a lack mindset instead of one where you already had reasonable share of women. What happens is that this type of guys become perverts just like you said and the older they get the worse they become lol.

    1. " I think men should only get married after experiencing life fully."
      Here is the problem with what you said. That part of your comment seems to imply that marriage is the end of "life". That once you are married all fun and living ends. That can't be further from the truth. Its not the end but rather a beginning to what can be a better life. That is assuming the the married life is what YOU wanted to begin with. If you get married for any otner reason than because YOU personally want it then you are a fool (not talking about you personally but man in general).
      The only thing that ends is the chasing of new tail. Sexual relations or emotional connections to other women. Past that life is the same but with an added bonus.

      1. Cosign on all that larnelw……folks need to really seriously examine WHY they get married in the first damn place. If you marry whomever you feel is the right person for you at that time, for the right reasons, and you fully understand the responsibility and level of maturity that comes with marriage and a family, and your ready willing and able to take that on then you shouldn't have much to complain about. If you do that could be an indication of the choice you made in a spouse and/or ya azz wasn't ready to get married.
        When I do accept the proposal of my future husband trust and believe it will be with the intentions that both of us will have very little to complain about most of the time.

  8. LOL'd all the way through this!

    #4 was the best to me. When I was married, my married circle and I were all at this wedding reception (cause us married super Christians weren't clubbers so wedding receptions were all we had, LOL) and we shut that sucka DOWN! LMBO!

    1. I've actually noticed this phenonenom at a few weddings…people who I never really seen "out", but were very involved in church get to a wedding reception and they go ALL.IN.! I'm like, "Am I in the club right now?" ….Fascinating…

  9. Marriage is cool if done the right way. Let's be real..no one, men or women, want to go thru this life and grow old alone. Scalleywags from the club can't hold you down when times are rough. I do agree that most lame married men were once lame single men. In fact, dudes that were lame when unattached, sometimes being married to a woman who appears to be fabulous, instantly upgrades him so some of yall need to get married lol. You'll get way more play than you ever did as a bachelor. As women, a lot of us are guilty of overlooking good men who lack a certain level of swag or seem thirsty or whatever but as soon as these men get attached and females witness how good of a husband/family man he is, the former lame-o becomes desireable. Being married puts spotlight on a man's best qualities…why do you think a lot of single women go for married men.

    1. "Being married puts spotlight on a man's best qualities…why do you think a lot of single women go for married men."

      Yup!!! you ain't lying.

  10. Wow don’t hold back WIM, tell us how you really feel about your married friends lol. I literally died at all of this!

    All of my gfs are either married or engaged. (Seriously, my last gf just got engaged last month and my first thought was “great…. How effing lame of you.”) But I’m use to it by now bc women usually check out on fun earlier than guys do. They act the part of wife when they are just in relationship status so by the time they get married they’ve already been collecting dust on the anti-fun shelf for a minute.

    I listen to them complain about wishing they could go out as often as I seem to get to but in the same breath tell me how much fun they has when they went to –insert fun outing that requires a plus one here–. (-_-) Ungrateful sons of *******

    1. OMG lmao! ~~~~~~~>"I listen to them complain about wishing they could go out as often as I seem to get to but in the same breath tell me how much fun they has when they went to –insert fun outing that requires a plus one here–. (-_-) Ungrateful sons of *******"

  11. "In your experience, ladies and gentlemen, what’s another reason you think married men are lame, should shut up, love their wife and kids, and be family men?"

    If certain married men are lame it's because they bought into the notion that they are supposed to be. A learned helplessness if you will. It's easy to spot them, they look broken down and worn. They are the ones that sit in the comfy chairs in the mall while their wives shop all day looking at those that pass by like they're caged animals. lmao. So sad. Get it together sweeties…live…party WITH your wife… I hope she is your best friend…not your warden! hehehehe!

  12. This post is too funny – it's so true. I had my old married ass in the club after my babies' birthday – with a designated driver no less, lol. All I know is I drunk dialed my husband 3 times (and didn't remember), I ended the night by falling down in a 7-11 while waiting for them to refill the chili and cheese machine (I was laughing and lost my balance), stumbled in the house talking bout how we'd shut down the club and my line sister telling me it was only 11:45pm. Womp womp.

  13. This definitely is a hilirious post. And there is a lot of truth in it. But I think the majority of those married men who fit this bill are he ones who never really wanted to be married. They likely got married due to some sort or feeling of obligation. Perhaps they had a kid with the woman or they've been dating her for a while and feel they had to do it. Whatever the reason they try to re-attach to their single life some how. Usually living vicariously through their single friends.
    I'm a happily married man. Love married life though truth be told its not always easy. I have no desire to live the single life again. Been there. Done that. Isht is overrated, in MY opinion. Only difference I see between my single life and married life is the constant pursuit of new "snatch". Running the game. The lines. The whole rigamaro. Don't miss it. But I have enough associates that I hear saying/doing everything listed here. Always trying to get the lastest stories of what their single friends did. Who they did. How they did them. It truly is hilarious.

  14. I don't know what brought this on, WIM, but it was inspired comedy. I know a few guys like this and as a married man who knows his player days are behind him, it's embarrassing to watch. What I recall about my few truly good seasons was that it was a lot of work and I had a lot more energy and time than I do know (2 crumb snatchers).

  15. Man…lol. Some of these married men out here makes you question whether or not it's worth it to walk down the aisle, lol. I'm aware a lot of what they say they are being jokingly serious, however.

    Like someone mentioned upthread many of my co-workers I had/have are the biggest complainers. And my friends that are married or even in long-term relationships have that look of a kid who is grounded and looking outside watching all of his friends play in the street when I talk about my "single-life weekend".

    My very unscientific theory is that as children come into the picture is when the man (and probably women, too…but that's not the focus of this post) may get those thoughts of "man, if I was single…". He is probably having less sex….spouses physical appearence may be umm….slightly altered…and so on and so forth. But like I said, just maybe one reason of what could be a multitude for having this kind of attitude. Generally speaking, though, most of my married friends are overall happy….until they got divorced…but that's for a different post.

  16. Written by a 29 year old young ‘un with (admittedly) no idea how life is in the “trenches” of marriage. I’d like to see what he writes 10 or 15 years from now when he grows up some and has some experience under that belt.
    That being said, this was funny as hell and not a little true.
    I ain’t mad at you young ‘un, do your thing, enjoy single life.

  17. "Single life is not all P.Diddy white parties and Playboy mansion getaways."

    WHAAATT!? I always thought it was though! And from what you say about married people partying hard…I clearly ain't doing it right. I gotta step my game up. You're making me rethink life!

    This was such a hilarious post WIM. I almost woke my husband up laughing at this in bed last night.

    1. Girl don't do it….sitcha self down at someone's house party, have a drink that isn't overpriced and don't worry about the thirsty dudes who stake out the entrance so they can be the first to pull your arm. You aren't missing a thing.

  18. HAHAHA! This was soo funny to me because I babysit for this married couple from my church and they are in their mid 30s. Once I watched the kids as they were on their way to the Watch the Throne concert. And the husband was geeked! Talmbout how he used to be in a rap group in Detroit, doing rap cyphers with Eminem and such, driving down to ATL for the weekend to do shows. Just yesterday he whipped through the church parking lot with the window down yelling, "woo hoo!" cause they sent the kids to Detroit for Spring Break. And I'm like sir. You know you are an old man now and need to just let some things go. Every time he tells a tale of his youth, his wife just shakes her head and walks away.
    My recent post A Fine W(h)ine

  19. GO home and be a family man >>>> lololol

    Seriously good post.

    I wouldn't rip dudes who want ot hear a skeevy escapade from their single friends. Remember, they are committed and they aren't trying to cheat, so they want to win through you. It doesn't mean that they dont appreciate what they have at home, but they want to virtually embrace and experience the "i dont give a uff" days.

    Otherwise, yeah they're lame lol

  20. "DAWG! You’re folding your children’s onesies right now and you’re seriously asking me if I put it in her butt? You need help"

    *LaidOutInPineBox* I can so picture you saying this. lolllll

    This entire post is just Heelarious..

  21. OMG This hit the head on the nail…seriously I was watching "Hall Pass" yesterday and the basis of the movie is exactly what this blog is hitting on right now….while also being hella funny. I agree with everything above.
    My recent post Money Pants

  22. There are some truths in here, but there are also some falsehoods !!!
    Many married men party hard through dancing and flirting, but when I was single I partied hard and bought way more drinks (for me and the ladies), and was hitting on the ladies left and right……

    For most men I think there will always be that "thrill of the hunt", and for married men (even if you don't have game) they will always miss that !!!

    I'm guessing the writer is single, but although the article is entertaining, it is also one of those bagged one-sided rants that falls apart when the surveys come home and show that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    The Rebel G

    1. Guile held it down. He had no real range but the sonic boom. People who used dhaisim are lame… did I just defend defend a character on a game that came out in '91? Haha

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I was like "I never saw this in the game." Maybe because I never loss to or used Guile. All Ryu/Chun Li/Balrog/E. Honda everything. Sidenote: Did ya'll know that Balrog was supposed to be M. Bison and vice versa? It got lost in translation coming from Japan

      1. Nah yo, it wasn't even just that it got lost in translation. I remember reading that the character was modeled after Mike Tyson, but that the names were too close and the tyson camp woulda tried to pursue legal action.

        But yeah, I still don't trust n*ggas who used to use Ken. Ryu all day. Kobe fans and Kappas use Ken.

        1. Ummm …men can we please get back to the regularly scheduled program…….the ladies have no clue as to what yall are talkin about……….
          thank you……

  23. Funny!!!…and so true. Most people get married because of the "idea" of marriage versus the "REALITY" of marriage, but the real problem is that they are not having enough fun at home with their wives. You get what you sign up for…all the more reason not to race down the isle.

  24. The married people I know are kind of like the ones Chris Rock describes when he jokingly talks about hating married people. They talk about domestic things like new recipes they tried and their mounting excitement about a new chaise they picked out over the weekend (snooze).

    But, I agree with what someone said upthread, friends who married their best friends and genuinely love hanging out together seem to be the most content with married life. I have a friend who married because she was ready to have babies, so now that she has had a child, she says she could take or leave the marriage…she, along with the people you describe in your post got married fro the wrong reasons. I'm looking forward to marriage. I perceive it to be hard work, but I know if I select the right mate, it will be waaaay more fun than single life. Being single is lowkey for the birds lol
    My recent post Monogamy is not natural

  25. "…suck on her toes and do it in the butt."
    What married man were you talking to, Deon Phelps-the Ladies Man?

  26. So true. Take it from someone who's been there. You want to become completely neutered and give someone total power over you? Be a married man, go ahead.

    Run, run my Brothers, from the Hell That Awaits You! Run!

    Unless you want kids, you have no reason to get hitched and every reason to stay single. And even if you want kids, put your house and all your savings in the name of someone you trust before you do – because She Owns You after the license is signed.

  27. Not all married men are lame. I do agree with the thought that you have to watch married folks with a "get out of jail free" card. They just don't want to take their behind in the house.

    One thing I wanted to comment on was the incessant complaining by married men; that's just men. Men and women do that, they sit around and they complain about all the negative things in their relationship. This happened with some of my friends the other day and I made it a point to keep presenting a positive point each time a negative one was proposed. "She spends too much money" … "You don't have to be in the club spending $60-70 a night just meet a few women." "She keeps talking about marriage." … "At least she's not talking about f*cking random dudes." "She dresses better for God than the god." … "At least you know what she really look like."

    My whole thing is this, most men like to sit around in a stupor about their women. At the end of the day, if it is so bad, break up with the girl, it's that simple. It's a million ways to get it, choose one. You can easily dump one today and have a new one on Monday. The complaining is just second nature.

    Lastly, it takes men a long time to figure out this question, "What do I get out of this marriage?" If you don't have an answer to this question, she's not the one or you're just not mature enough yet. Yes, women get a ring, wedding, a piece of your paycheck, and all other types of things that we claim we don't want and it only for them. The best part about picking the right wife for you is that a man's biggest painpoint in life is… stress. When you find the right woman who compliments you the best she reduces stress in your life. That's what men get out of marriage. (And someone to take care of you when you get old.)

    I don't know, that's just to address how men complaining all the time doesn't make any sense. In the back of their mind, they are happy, they just want to dream about being happier. In those cases, they probably should have married their best male friend.

  28. First off…this post was hilarious. As the perpetually single bachelor of my crew (or at least the one with no kids out of the crew), I have to concur but I wouldn't necessarily call my friends lame. Content, maybe. Obligate, fa sho.

    At work since I'm the young single guy, I get the nickname "killer" and often the married guys love asking me my escapades or enjoy me doing the picture flip on FB to show them the type of women my uninhibited azz hangs out or parties with. What's also funny is how close attention they pay to the new young ladies that show up to work and then what I'm going to do afterwards. I am the entertainment.

    I am aware at this midpoint of my life that marriage holds absolutely no appeal to me. That's all I'll really say on that but I guess it's a fear of being ultra lame that would make that so. Oh yeah, and visions of car seats and kiddie snacks ground into the carpet.

  29. I understand some of what you're saying here, but it seems like a personal commentary with one or more of your lame friends that you've ascribed to all married (and single) men. I know married men who weren't lame when they were single. I'm not sure if you're saying those types of men don't complain about marriage or say things like "If only I were single", but they do. I'm also a single man that does have game. Do you not believe that's possible?

  30. These traits apply to quite a few single men in my experience, but yeah you make good points either way. I can't stand people like this married or not.

    Although to be fair there are guys who keep there weekend getaways a secret from the bros to secure the P*ssy for themself, but married men have no business trying to partake in such outings in the first place.

    The world is a mess these days though, scumbag guys like this are young girls who think they want just that kind of bad boy.


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