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WisdomIsMisery, that’s me but I talk in third person because I’m a jerk, is starting a new website of the same name as this post, RealMenDontGossip.com or RMDG. RMDG is an interactive entertainment website covering topics of interest to men and women, such as TV, movies, entertainment news, and much more (like hot women from around the web, fellas).

To the joy of some and chagrin of others, I will continue to write for SingleBlackMale.org each week, but I will no longer write at WisdomIsMisery.com and I will eventually shut the entire site down at a time to be determined. If you’ve enjoyed my prior work or you’re willing to give me another chance to prove myself, I hope you’ll follow RMDG. You can also find RMDG on Twitter @RMDGBro, Facebook: RealMenDontGossip and follow our RSS feed.

If you are or follow any talented entertainment writers, photographers, or up and coming models, please use the comment section below or contact us on RMDG to forward your/their information. I could go on and on but if you have any questions, feel free to drop those in the comments as well and I’ll happily address. If you have recommendations for shows RMDG should follow in addition to those listed on the site (right side column) let me know; thank ya kindly.

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As always, I thank you for the love, the support, and if applicable, the hate.

– WisdomIsMisery


  1. I just happened to catch this on the side by accident, wonder why it didn't show up on the main page. Anyway, good for you for following through with your plans.


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