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SBM Writers Feature – @Streetztalk on the Madamenoire #AskABlackMan Series


, our Social Media Director and regular contributor to SBM, recently joined the “Ask A Black Man Panel”. These series of episodes coincides with the release of the new movie “Think Like a Man.”

From MadameNoire:

We’ve invited 18 men to appear on our show to give you the low down and share their intimate secrets about love, sex, marriage and relationships. Our talk show features blue collar men, married men, single men, corporate men, young men, older men–all kinds of men–who promised to be open and give us their honest answers to our questions and more. Our host–the lovely Kela Walker from She’s The Boss–will be holding it down for #TeamOvaries and fielding questions to our panel of men.

These were great discussions and real answers from the men, similar to what we provide here on SBM daily. Check out the video below and enjoy! Shout to Liz and the MadameNoire team!

NOTE: The full and extended cut of this episode will drop tonight at 6 p.m. EST right here on the Ask A Black Man channel.
The SBM League of Extraordinary Staff. Pause.


  1. Uh…Streetz?? Go on and bite your nails, LOL.

    Totally irrelevant now…LOL…its a non-issue.

    I'll watch this when I get off…

  2. The Devol (sp?) guy is really cute. The guy on the right really said that women want men to treat them like garbage? I hope he doesn't act accordingly.

    Nice, I liked it. Congrats on getting selected, Streetz. I'll check out the extended version sometime later.


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