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SBM Video Series: WisdomIsMisery Discovers the Wonderful World of Oven Baked Pizza

Look into this ASAPtually.

After almost 30 years of living in pizza warming depravity, a close friend of WisdomIsMisery recommended he cook his leftover pizza in the oven instead of the microwave. I decided to chronicle this life altering event for your viewing pleasure. I hope you all walk away a better person having seen the profound effect cooking pizza in the oven instead of the microwave had on my life. On everything I love, I vow never to heat a piece of pizza in the microwave again. If I have to choose between microwave pizza and starvation, let’s just say I hope you enjoy my obituary.

I was once blind, but I can see clearly now the rain is gone. #GodIsGood.


  1. lmao, So silly. Yeah, putting stuff in the oven changed my life too. I was staunchly against microwaving pizza, and used to have it dead cold or at room temperature. Pretty sure I could have died from those habits once a certain number of hours had elapsed. Then it was stuff like Butter Naan. My mom recently said we should toss stuff in the freezer to retain freshness & add moisture when re-heating in the oven. Game. Changer.

  2. That's a very pretty plate you're using there WIM. This was a hilarious vid! Dominoes artisan IS on point. They don't deliver to my area though. SMH.

  3. The fact that you used "A Whole New World" to convey your message makes this video a winner in and of itself. Maybe I'm a TAD biased, tho. Maybe. Just a tad.


    1. Right!?!? Totally unexpected and hilarious – I was thinking it would be the Hallelujah Angel chorus and he totally WIM'd me. Priceless.

  4. I would pay money to see the video that the person looking out of their window took when they saw WIM out in the meadow cheesing and spinning, cheesing and spinning! They're calling their friend like "you are not gonna believe what is happening behind my apartment…what is this fairy dude DOING in the middle of the grassy patch out there!? Is he SPINNING!?!? I swear to everything holy he is SPINNING and recording himself! I promise! I got it on tape, lemme put it on youtube real quick and send you the link…dude's all tatted up too, just spinnin and grinnin like a mug…crazy world I tell ya, crazy world…."

      1. In the interest of full disclosure, I could have shot this video a week ago but I spent an entire weekend asking myself "am I really going to do this?" There's also 15 minutes of unaired footage of me standing in that field asking myself "AM I REALLY GOING TO DO THIS?"

        …cole world

        My recent post Mad Men: Episode 3: Mystery Date

  5. I really didn't expect to lol the way I did but 1) the running around outside was priceless; 2 ) that tear looked very real; and 3) the super bass in your voice for the closing comments caught me a little off guard (or maybe I'm imagining that pitch change). Hilarious video.

  6. I've never warmed Pizza in a mircrowave doesn't it turn all soggy? I hardly warmup food in a microwave the oven or stove top is the way to go.

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