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SBM ON AIR Tuesday Night: The Naked Radio Show


Hey Folks,

SBM’s own Slim Jackson and Mr. Spradley will be rocking out live with Anslem Samuel Rocque on the Naked Radio Show this Tuesday (10th)! Please note: Nobody will actually be naked. That’s just really weird. Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Anslem, check him out over at the popular Naked With Socks On.

The show starts at 10pm ET on PNCRadio.fm and runs until midnight. If you want to listen in and need the mobile link, you can click here to access it. There will be a chatroom going on during the show, and we’ll also be taking questions from listeners. It should be a dope time.

What will we be talking about? You’ll just have to tune in to check it out. Don’t miss it!

Team SBM


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