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The 15 Most Annoying People in Black America

Deep Sigh

So I’m watching the Knick’s game this weekend and during halftime, as usual, Knick’s reporter Tina Cervacio picks a celeb from the crowd and does a 60 second interview. This week’s interview happened to be with Producer/Rapper/Husband Swizz Beatz. During the interview, I couldn’t contain my general annoyance and I couldn’t really figure out why. Which leads me today’s post. Today I wanna keep it light and share with you all a few famous or semi-famous folks in and around Black America that generally annoy me.

Swizz Beatz

Remember Rough Riders? Sure you do. They were a rap label/crew/conglomerate in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that produced some of Hip-Hop’s hardest and most popular music. Eve, The Lox, and of course the great Earl himself … DMX. They had a good run. The chief producer behind what became known as the “Rough Riders sound” was Swizz Beatz. Back then, he was just a young guy making beats. That, I could deal with. What makes Swizz so annoying today is that somehow he believes his beat-making has transcended to the point that he deserves to be in the upper echelon of Hip-Hop producers. It’s also clear he believes that he should be one the few folks chosen to lead Hip-Hop’s charge toward commercial domination in areas outside of Hip-Hop. He’s making songs for basketball teams, designing sneakers, hawking all sorts of beverages … all that. He really thinks he’s at the forefront of the culture and ish. It’s almost like he believes that since he buys expensive art, rare cars and high-top sneakers, he’s supposed to be avant garde or something. He’s not. He just makes beats. That’s where it should end for Swizzy. Sure, some of his stuff knocks, but there’s also a certain measure of clunky awkwardness about everything he touches that should always prevent him from ever being considered “great.” And let’s not forget about his hooks. I still don’t understand how he convinces these artists that they should let him rock out on the hook. He should never be allowed to speak on records … ever. Have we forgotten “Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, I’m tryna get that Oprah” or “(we are) ultra ultra ultra ultra ultra (I am) ultra ultra ultra ultra (you are)” He should definitely never be on anyone’s hook ever again. Songs like ‘On to the Next One’ and ‘Fancy’ are good despite him, not because of him. Just make beats bro.

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Michael Steele

Ever seen an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher that featured Michael Steele? If you have then you understand why he’s on this list. It’s not just his a**-backward political thought or his inability to reconcile his own blackness – it’s how willfully ignorant he’s chosen to be. When he speaks, you can tell he’s not lying, but instead, actively trying to close his eyes and ears to the truth. It’s like he’s trying to be stupid, but sound smart at the same time. We don’t believe you Michael. And the fact that the republicans put you in charge of their party means we can never, ever trust them either.


Tyler Perry

You, Need More People

Y’all drank the juice didn’t you. You saw Tyler looking all masculine and serious alongside Thandie Newton and Gabrielle Union in those previews for “Good Deeds.” Then he had that inspirational message for the new year that went viral on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Then you heard he flew Whitney’s body home to her family in his private jet. Then you heard him take us to church at her funeral. You all thought he had changed. Nope. After dozens of cliched quotes, a few more underdeveloped characters in bad movies, and a slew of new episodes of “For Better or Worse” you realized what we all knew: Tyler is still Tyler and he’s always going to be Tyler. So while success can’t be denied, and while you can’t be mad at the number of black folks he employs, he’s still pretty high on the list of annoying black folk. And it only gets worse as he picks up where Morgan Freeman left off, taking over the role of Alex Cross based on the series of novels by James Patterson. It’s these sorts of moves that make Tyler so annoying. I loved those James Patterson novels and enjoyed Morgan in “Along Came a Spider” and “Kiss The Girls.” It’s the sort of role that’s easy to be great at. Tyler will probably knock it out the park and look great doing so. Every few months he does this. He’ll do something or say something that leads you to believe he knows better. Then he writes, produces or directs another movie or series and … you know what … never mind. I give up on Tyler … for good.

The Entire Cast of Basketball Wives

I must admit, I’ve enjoyed these first few weeks of this season of Basketball Wives. At this point, I’m over the fact that most of them aren’t actively in relationships with anyone who plays any sort of professional basketball and I’ve accepted the fact that, for this cycle, this show is going to replace Love & Hip-Hop as my weekly guilty pleasure. From the new cast members, to the fights, to the formation of various cliques and clans (Royce, Jen, Kesha >>> Ev, Shaunie, Tami) the show provides hilarious, laugh out loud moments every single week. At this point though, the show has become so predictable and so scripted, that the lack of actual depth and reality leaves you with nothing left to enjoy besides nit-picking its characters. I used to feel bad making fun of reality tv stars because in my mind, they were real people. Now, I think it’s all scripted and fake so I have no problem poking fun at them as I might poke fun at the characters on any other serial dramady. I mean, how we supposed to take this show seriously when there’s a random, clearly out of place commercial for “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” inserted into the middle of an episode. At this point, watching the show is about laughing at it’s characters. They’re all generally annoying, and combined they create the Voltron of Annoyance, so here are my general thoughts on each lady.

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Kesha Nichols

Kesha’s not so bad. She just seems like she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t come back next season. Always hilarious how Kesha wants no parts of the physical. Anytime anyone is about to fight … she’s outty.

Royce Reed

We found love in a hopeless place… #DontHate

Royce has grown on me y’all. I couldn’t stand her the first couple seasons but now, I actually appreciate how hard she seems to be trying to make herself relevant outside the show. Platanos and Collard Greens anyone??? I mean, yeah, Tennessee Williams it is not, but at least she’s trying. Relative to the show, I like that Royce has given up on being part of the “in” crowd and is content to just fall in love with a new man each season, do her little choreography and star in her little plays. In that respect, she’s shown a lot more maturity than the rest of the bunch.

Jennifer Williams

I also don’t mind Jennifer so much this season. Based on what they show, she actually seems to be trying to distance herself from the all of the drama that comes with the show. Seems like she’s struggling to find other ways to be relevant, but that aside, she’s not so bad. Plus her leaked photo’s >>>>> Evelyn’s leaked photos.

Tami Roman

Keep making your face like that and … never mind … too late

I liked Tami better last year when she was slapping chics first and asking questions later. Now it seems Tami is kinda going over to the dark side and actually beginning to concern herself with how these other chicks perceive her. She still has that slap first attitude, which can be endearing, but she’s also a big bully which is highly annoying. The thing that makes me sad about Tami is that she really seems to believe that Ev is her friend. I don’t know these women, obviously, but from my outside perspective it just seems like after those beat downs last year, Ev decided it was better to have Tami on the team. That’s not a good way to build a friendship. Tami seems like she’d know better but is instead blissfully ignorant. I also don’t like how she’s treating Kenya. Sure, Kenya is clearly a weirdo, but Tami takes the bullying too far too often. “REPHRASE THAT – I don’t like the way you said that!” Really? Ya’ll like 35 years old. She’s just perpetually in need of a chill pill.

Shaunie O’Neil

I can’t stand Shaunie. The thing I can’t take about Shaunie is that she seems like she’s trying to play the role of the more mature, executive producer who remains above the fray and solves problems amongst cast members. I get it. But like the homey Tony Starks said: “If you gon’ play that role … PLAY THAT ROLE!” The reality is, she’s just as petty and immature as the rest of them and is more than willing to throw kindling on any flame to boost ratings or to boost her own ego.  More than anybody else on the show, she seems to presenting herself as something she’s not.

Kenya Bell

The hell is going on here?

Besides her seeming propensity for mistruth and her convenient bouts of amnesia, the most annoying thing about Kenya is that every week I find myself asking “What in the hell is this chick wearing?” From the 15 year old Gucci slippers to the Dragon-Ball-Z dress, she’s just all over the place. And let’s not talk about them videos. Kenya was really walking on a treadmill covered by a bed sheet with the soft winds of a fan blowing through her weave as she lip-synched Beyonce’s ‘Beautiful Nightmare.’ That really happened. All bad.

Suzie Ketcham

It’s the many faces of Suzie and her complete unwillingness to not be so bird-ish that makes her annoying. Suzie reminds me of a bunch of women I knew in college – the kind of girls who always got invited to the after-parties. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Evelyn Lozada


Five words secure Evelyn’s spot on this list: “You Not About This Life!” Really Ev? What Life? What life are we talking about here? The “Chad Ochocinco’s Fiance” Life?” The “Reality TV Star” life? I’m confused, what life are we not about? This season, for some reason, Ev’s somehow turned into super-thug. Every week she’s swearing to God, swearing on her kids or swearing to everything she loves that she’s gonna really STING somebody. (Sidebar: How does one go about “stinging” another human being?) The interesting thing to note each week are the things that really set Ev off and get her temper flying. Pay attention to those things and remember these words: sometimes, the truth hurts a lot more than fiction.

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This is all meant in good humor and fun. I don’t know any of these people and I probably never will, so I’m trying to stop short of fully passing judgment. Still, I can’t deny, sometimes, they just really annoy me. Maybe it’s the cynic in me, maybe I’m a bit of a curmudgeon. Am I going too far with these folks or a can you understand where I’m coming from?

Either way, that’s my list. How ’bout y’all? Which black folks are you just absolutely tired of? If you could gift a chair to any black entertainer, celeb, or person of note, who might it be?

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  1. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I would add honorable mentions to include, the Real Housewives of ATL, Be-yawn-ce, and the Black Church. That's right, I said it!

    1. My household is behind the Carter-Knowles clan 100% and we're not afraid to admit it. #NoBeyonceSlander

      And, despite how anti-g that sounded, I'm still a G – don't get it twisted.

  2. You left out relationship "experts." Why do we suddenly have SO many of them and where did they all come from???

  3. what you said about YMCMB sounds like a pretty accurate description if you ask me. lauryn is just a sad story. Anytime I listen to her one album, I keep thinking, "what a bloody waste of talent", nowadays you are lucks if she even remembers the lyrics to her songs! As for Tyler Perry, you cant deny his success and the general bland nature of his story telling which I somehow feel obligated to support because he is telling black stories even though in a one dimensional way which makes me kind of dislike him but appreciate his effort nonetheless.
    My recent post Societal Pressure and “The Format” to life in Nigeria

  4. LMAO at the Tavis Smiley clip! Did he just try to check Viola?? I mean for real. Oh, and…so you watch B-ball Wives, huh? Mr. Spradley that cracks me up lol. Also, I had to unfollow Tyrese. He was getting a bit ridiculous. And I also refuse to buy anymore albums until he realizes he smokes too much weed & it's now affecting his voice quality.

    1. Yeah, every tv cycle I have one guilty pleasure show I watch and make fun of on the twitter. Last cycle it was "Love and Hip-Hop" this one it's Basketball Wives. Them chicks are all hilarious.

  5. I COSIGN! I had to unfollow Tyrese months ago…couldn't stand his tweets. I used to talk badly about Tyler Perry but after what he did for Whitney and what he said about her at the funeral, I can't even say anything negative about him anymore. His shows and movies do need a lot of work though. But great post, I have a feeling this isn't the last for this type of post. LoL.
    My recent post Ask Tiffy Stacey: Got Breakage?

  6. I feel like this list can be complete without Tiny. Her voice just makes me want to punch her in the throat.

    Also, I’m so tempted to follow Tyrese and retweet him all up in your TL now. It’s probably the perpetual feeling of being a little sister though and I will resist the urge.

  7. I was born in LA and a Laker fan for life, but Kobe should be added. He is turning into an Allen Iverson this year. At least last year we got a good dose of "passing Kobe". This year not so much. Hopefully he is learning while he is on the bench that he has a supporting cast. COSIGN on Herman Cain for not understanding that all skeletons come out when you step up in the spotlight haha.

      1. Wait no more, lol:

        Kobe assists/game last year: 4.7
        Kobe assists/game this year: 4.6
        Kobe assists/game for his career: 4.7

        I have nothing else to add

    1. I'm a life long Laker fan as well, but to be fair to Iverson he has a career average of 6.2 assists per game and has averaged over 6 assists nine times in his career.

      Kobe has averaged over 6 assists once in his career.

      You can draw your own conclusions.

  8. I actually had some newfound respect for the remarks TP made at Whitney's service. So I think it's him as a brand is what blows me. He needs to chill w/ the caricatures of himself and just BE.

    Kevin Hart is starting to annoy me. Call me fickle but I like comedians that are consistently writing new material and injecting the funny into organic, real situations. After watching his comedy specials, he's used at least 3 identical jokes in every single show. The set up may vary a little bit, but for the most part, he's becoming 1 of those comics where you see the joke halfway thru the set up. So it kinda seems like he's starting to force the funny, which makes him less funny. Can't knock his mgmt team though since he's blown up in the last 18 months.

    Definitely all the basketball broads, coupled w/ the spineless Cynthia and delusional Sheree from RHOA. And my list wouldn't be complete w/out 2 dudes cut from the same thread; Toure and Chris Broussard

      1. I find this interesting. I don't follow Toure enough to have much of an opinion on him either way, but I did follow his mentions on twitter that day he went on Piers. I will say that he had quite a few black folk praising what he did on Piers Morgan saying he did a great job. Obviously there were other remarks to the contrary as well.

        1. That Toure vs. Piers Morgan was just "wow". But when son called Toure a "twerp" on Twitter LOL I knew Toure wasn't bout that life. For me, Toure is 1 of those guys who think he's more clever/witty than he really is.

        2. Thinks he's way more intellectual than he is, thinks people care about his opinions more than they do. Son really just suffers from a majorly overinflated ego.

    1. Broussard is an Ohio boy so I can't hate on him. Obviously I'm biased here, but I'm proud to see where he came from to see where he's at now. The running joke about the whole "sources" thing was funny, though,lol

  9. At first glance I thought the title said the most Amazing people but then I saw the cast of basketball wives and knew that wasn't right

  10. agree with EVERY. LAST. ONE.

    Notable Additions

    1. Bill Cosby- Besides using UMass like Diddy used to use TRL back in the day, he personifies the generation gap in the sense he has NO idea what really goes on in the mind of young black people. At least Cliff Huxtable made his ignorance funny, Cos just annoys me

    2. Rob Parker- He’s like the Charlotte Bobcats of ESPN First Take. Now ppl been gettin in skips behind this past week i wont be surprised if rob is there for weeks just for some easy dubs.

    3. The Game- Game is like the groupie that got a record deal. 9/10 things he says in an interview annoy me. 9/10 songs since his debut LP annoys me. And he’s a Laker fan. Speaking of…

    4. Andrew Bynum- Idk how its happened but i’ve started to like Kobe. So by simple physics my Laker hate cannot be created or destroyed only transferred so it goes to Andrew Bynum who i still think is way too overhyped in a league with 4 centers.

    5. Terrance Howard- His voice just irritates me and i blame him for Red Tails not doing as well in the box office.

    1. Crying!! @ your #4. But yeah, of course he's gonna be overhyped based on the fact there ARE only 4 centers, lol. You know everything is all relative in the NBA.

      As an aside I thought Ryan Clark and Jalen Rose did great jobs on First Take explaining their perspective of things from that whole debate.

  11. I can happily say I've never watch an episode of real housewives of anywhere, and the only two people I've even heard of are Shaunie (hey, she was married to Shaq) and Evelyn Lozada, because of Dr. J's post a few month back. Ignorance is bliss.

    I was never a fan of Swiss Beats, even in the 90s. And Tyler Perry will never be forgiven for inflicting television with House of Payne and Meet the Browns, and I have to see a promo during every TNT basketball game.

    And I know she doesn't exist anymore, but can you put that digital abomination Cita on the list? I forgot what video show on BET she was even on, but just thinking about her, I can hear that irritating, "HEEEEEEEEYYYY!" in my head.

    1. LMAO @ you resurrecting Cita!!!! I'm rollin over here!!

      aaand Amen –> "I can happily say I've never watch an episode of real housewives of anywhere, and the only two people I've even heard of are Shaunie (hey, she was married to Shaq) and Evelyn Lozada, because of Dr. J's post a few month back. Ignorance is bliss. "


    Most, I hate to disrespect your household and all, lol…but I need to swap out Tyler Perry and add in Beyonce. Let me finish before you tune me out. Now I realize that I'm annoyed by/love these two for the exact same reason…I've called myself out so you won't have to, lol.

    The thing that annoys me about Beyonce is that she's sooo much more talented than the direction she's taken her career in. I mean…who's gonna be singing "Video Phone", "If I Were A Boy", or "Insert any other lame Beyonce song" around the house in 2030? She just refuses to make timeless hits although she has the means and talent to do so. Bothers. My. Life. "Love On Top" is my favorite from her. It shows her power and range…has depth that doesn't seem contrived…and the musicality of the song is a breath of fresh air…and the video reminded me that I used to wanna be a background dancer when I was little (sshhh…don't tell nobody though, lol).

    1. Tyler Perry…the issue folks have with him is just not that serious with me. I get the gripe (over the top characters…overly dramaful story lines) but…its a movie, lol. Is he expected to change the world with every movie he makes? Can the brother give me a few good laughs and a decent message without the uproar? Is he the best director/screen writer alive? Nope…not at all. Can he get a good laugh out of me? Absolutely.

      Now, maybe if I was as into movies as I am music, Tyler would be annoying to me. But, for me, TV is just TV. Music is near and dear to my heart…can't be playing around with that, lol.

      1. co-sign x one hunnid thousand trillion!

        I'm glad you said something…I was going to, but decided against it. I will just cosign your Tyler Perry opinion here, lol.

      2. I watch Tyler Perry movies occasionally and I appreciate him for his effort and success as a black man doing his thing and trying to deliver some sort of message. My problem with him stems from the feeling I have that we have decided to be okay with lower standards in film making as long as it is a black man who produced it. If we as a people who watch his ish dont critique it and hope he takes a cue and improves his quality, then how are we ever going to move forward?
        My recent post Societal Pressure and “The Format” to life in Nigeria

        1. Eh, lol.

          Its just not that deep to me. If you were making this complaint about the creators of Soul Plane…or Death at a Funeral, I'd be with you. Those were some really stupid movies that I'm glad I didn't spend money to see in a theatre. But TP's stuff is way more tolerable than those ridiculous movies.

      3. Here's my Tyler Perry 2cents as someone who loves (and works) in the TV/film industry: he's going about it the wrong way. He basically took his playwrighting skills, which you can't deny, and proceeded to transfer them onto the big screen. I just don't think it works. There's so much ART into making a movie that he's missing out on. Plus, his plots are appealing to one type of audience that it looks tunnel-visioned to me. He simply takes all the problems of Black America, highlights them with greasy chests and ghetto characters, then markets it to church folk. In the future, I hope he steps down from ONE of his credits (writer, producer, director) and allows someone who is perhaps more talented than himself to fill the position for once.

        1. I think these are fair statements…coming from someone who clapped when Thandie ended up being on the plane at the end of Good Deeds, lol. Again, I don't think he deserves any oscars…but I'm entertained for an hour plus.

    2. I don't have an opinion of Beyonce 1 way or the other, but I def agree w/ your comment. I think for her entire solo career, she's worked w/ trendy, anthem-driven songwriters. Perhaps if she worked w/ some of the more straight-up R&B writers, like maybe Diane Warren, David Foster, Kells, or even Johnta Austin, she'd have a few tracks w/ a more classic, timeless vibe to it.

    3. Honestly, I beg to differ. Beyonce doesn't put out more music like "Love on Top"….because then you will notice the tiny truth no one wants you know… She's actually NOT that great. I only noticed this when someone pointed out that she very specifically refrains from singing with other people UNLESS she is doing the majority of the singing or the entire video is done in HER style of dancing…lest we have that "videophone" tradjedy where her lack of dancing skills were embarrisingly noticed, or we have another "Listen" where she gets outsung by her co-stars. Her entire career is contingent on lack of competition, from destiny's child to now.
      Now, contrary to popular belief, I take no issue with Beyonce. She has an insane work ethic (which, IMO is based more on fear, but another convo). She's just not my taste musically. What I take issue with are Beyonce STANS, who always want to label me a "HATER!!!!!!!!!!!" simply because I don't worship the ground she & the camel walk on.

      1. I believe Beyonce is talented…very much so. She sings well and she has rhythm, lol. Best talent ever…or even today? *DC voice* No no no no no! That aside, I still think she's better than what she typically does…and the goodness that is "Love On Top" is proof of that. One of my closest gf's is a former professional dancer…and she exposed Beyonce for the dancing fraud she is years ago, LOL.

        I feel your points though…especially about the stans, LOL.

        1. You sound like my bf who thinks Musiq Soulchild is a HORRIBLE singer. I seriously had to weigh the pros and cons of our relationship after he made that comment, lol…sike…well kinda, lol.

          I think Musiq can sing…I think Beyonce can sing. I question anyone's musical tastes who won't complain about Rihanna or Alicia Keys (cause that Licia STAYS FLAT) or Amerie or Estelle (even though I like a few of her songs) or Ashanti…and no, Mary J. canNOT sing live!!!

        2. I will NEVER say anything about AKeys, EVER. I tried explaining how horrible "Karma" was once and almost lost an eye. AK-47's may not have the sheer number of BeyStans, but their ferocity canNOT be rivaled.

        3. I'll give it to her…she got a mean pen.

          But that chick stays reaching for notes she wishes she could hit, lol. I mean…that's cool in the shower, but you don't do that live on stage at the awards shows…or at folks funerals! You just sing notes you can hit. Stay in your lane!

    4. Ugh – Love on Top is my LEAST favorite Bey song! I just can't get with it. Her first solo album is still my fav my a long shot, shoot even her last DC album was better than….well, anything else she's done since. I think that she's trying her hand at new sounds, but sometimes that artistic vision is what messes up your commercial success (lookin' at you, Prince!)

      1. Sorry, she COMPLETELY lost me somewhere between referring to herself as "That Bitch" & "Diva is a female version of a hustler"..that's when I knew she'd just heat-check herself for the rest of her career. It's hard out there when you START the game on top **cough**#BoyzToMen!!!**cough**

        1. When I say I hated, Diva…I HATED Diva. My list of Beyonce songs that I hate is rather long though, lol… One of the worst Beyonce songs…hands down…is Diva.

          I'm willing to stand alone with "Love On Top"…that's fine. It's got modulations for goodness sake! You only get modulations in church these day, lol…

          Man, BoyzIIMen just got lost in the HipHop/R&B mix. They got too grown to do the cool stuff. *shrugs* They had a nice long run of success though…

        2. "I'm willing to stand alone with "Love On Top"…that's fine. It's got modulations for goodness sake! You only get modulations in church these day, lol… "

          I like it too! Funny thing… After listening to it a few times I started to wish church songs were more like it.

      2. I can't stand Love on Top either.

        However "I Am…Sasha Fierce" is that ishhhhhh!

        And the woman's Tumblr made me super jelly. Gorgeous, gorgeous woman.

  13. good morning…
    So tired of Jennifer Hudson's weight loss commercial..if she screams at me one more time, i am going to throw my shoe at the television.
    so tired of Beyonce….really Queen Bee you are NOT!
    so tired of Mitt Romney and his flat, lying face.
    and Rachel Ray and her annoying voice, lol

    1. Co-sign on Jennifer Hudson's weight loss commercials…all 50 of them, LOL!

      And considering my Beyonce rant…I'll co-sign yours as well…

    1. Someone mentioned the 'Real Housewives of ATL' upthread, so that covers it, but YES, that woman is annoying! But, unfortunately, Hollywood has welcome her with open arms, so she's not going anywhere anytime soon :-/

  14. I’m going to have to ask you to take Tyrese off this list. I follow him on twitter and he is one of the few people I CAN stand on twitter. Plus I love his twit pics of his little girl! You can tell he it’s a good father to her.
    Anywho I cosign Beyonce being added to this list along with “I’M RICH” Nene Leaks. B**ch no you aren’t. And when someone mentioned The Game above I thought they meant the cast of the show on BET. Let’s add them too, they are gross and wack

  15. I can't really say any of the people listed here annoy me to be honest. Either I'm not familiar enough with their work to get that annoyed or I pretty much had an expectation going in on what the deal was (i.e. jumpshot jump offs) so I wasn't too annoyed by it….confused and dumbfounded…yeah…annoyed, nah..mindless entertainment *shrugs*

    One person I'll single out here on the list is Michael Steele. Although I don't necessarily agree with much of anything Steele says I will say I respect the fact he is not afraid to go on shows like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart's The Daily Show or Melissa Harris-Perry like he did a couple weeks ago. Left leaning shows as a black man in which the race is dominated by democrats as a republican gets respect from me. Doesn't make him more or less annoying I suppose, but I'm rather ambivalent in regards to Steele in that sense.

  16. Ok, so I have a few people that I may catch heat for listing but…

    Michael Jordan: I get it. He's the best bball player ever, but when was the last time you've seen him give an interview or anything? He acts completely untouchable to the public. I also have a few personal stories about him that I may share at a later date. Fun fact about him, he was a part of the greatest team in NBA history (the '96 Chicago Bulls) and could also be a part of the worst team (present day Charlotte Bobcats) ever….

    Kanye West: Ok, so I'm a huge fan of his music, but his act is wearing thin to me. Especially after going on 106 and Park and not saying anything. Word son? That's hot? You think he would go on a MTV show (yeah, MTV) and not say anything? Plus, Kim Khardasian homey? Really? Shouldn't he have access to any industry (if that's what he's going for) chick that's available?

  17. cont

    Brandy: I don't know what it is about her, but she just annoys me.

    Greg Anthony: During the college bball season, I pay that much attention to him, but when the tourney comes on and he is in the studio with Chuck and Kenny, he just comes across as 'look you two, this is MY domain and I have to disagree with everything you say just so everyone knows I don't like you'. Please sit down and stop wearing those thick church ties on TV

    Cee Lo Green: Now that he has 'crossed over', it seems like he is scrubbing all traces of his hip hop past away. I've actually read on a message board that people didn't even know that he rapped. Then I read a bio on him and nowhere was Goodie Mob mentioned. Word? So his career started with 'Forget You'? Nah…..Plus son with the white fluffy cat on his lap on 'The Voice'? Wow……

    1. Co-sign Kanye…Cee Lo is a bit over the top with the gimmick, lol (but he has a temporary pass for being a true artist)…

      But, Brandy?! I'm not annoyed by her as much as I am sad for her. I have no clue who her team is…but they need to get it together. I need me another "He Is" in my life, LOL… How can true talents who were hot for all the right reasons fall off so hard? Smh…

  18. cont

    Dwight Howard: No explanation really needed but dude had a chance to come to BK and team with Deron Williams and compete for championships and rule NYC with Hov, but he whined his way out of Orla…..wait, he re-upped until next year and ultimately ruining the BK Nets for at least the next three years…..

    Nicki Minaj: You pretty much summed it up nicely in the article. But I will add this, anytime NO OTHER female hip hop artist (past or present) co-signs you and you pretty much steal one of the most influential female hip hop artist style without even acknowledging her…..that sucks….

    Ok….good article man…

  19. The "Basketball Wives" are beyond annoying, they are embaressing. I refuse to watch that show unless its on the weekend and I have some extra time but I had to stop letting them take an hour out of my good nights rest.

    The Bad Girls Club chicks…. all of them past and present need to be on here as well.

      1. Yeah, I'm calling shenanigans on this one.

        Ne-Yo may not be the best singer out there but that pen/production is all the way on point…

        1. Awww come on?!

          Ms. Independent (original & remix) and Champagne Life sound NOTHING alike, LOL

          And didn't Ne-Yo write/produce J.Hud's Spotlight?! Come on, Amaris, LOL…

        2. You can tell a ne-yo song by the "HAYYY" just like you can tell a Babyface song by the fact that he always sings background vocals and that damn singular guitar note. But try it…

          "Let Me Love You"
          "So Sick"
          "Sexy Love"
          "I Hate That I Love You"
          "Miss Independent"

          Play them all in that order and you will see my point. I get having a signature style but they are starting to sound like he made one long-ass song and just gave people verses. It's like he caught the Christina Millian writing disease. At least R Kelly gives away his great songs & keeps the crappy ones (in comparison, even though I play the Imma Flirt remix like there is NO tomorrow). He can do better. IJS.

        3. Imma have to do this test…

          But I'm hesitant cause then you just turned around and disrespected BABYFACE!!!! BABYFACE!!!!!

          Don't go down that road, lol…we'd have to hash that out in court, LOL! Babyface has done too much good for the world of music to be talked about in such a way! #nowwhyyougottagoanddothat

        4. Yeah, that's a good Ne-Yo joint right there, lol…

          My fav Ne-Yo song is "Let Me Get This Right"…great hook.

          Editor's Note: LOL @ the fact that Ne-Yo did NOT write my fav Ne-Yo song, LMBO! Welp…

        5. I looooove Babyface (even though I will forever side-eye him for that REDIIIIIICULOUS 'handclap' in the "There She Goes' video-wtf??), I was just noting artists that have a particular style when writing, and how Ne-yo tries to be all 'meaningful' when sooooo many writers have done it better!

        6. Girl, you scared me, LOL!

          But Ne-Yo wrote Chrisette's Epiphany…you can't write that AND be a clown. Its simply not possible, LOL.

      2. Ne-Yo doesn't need a rationale to be on this list. Just LOOK at them eyebrows, they're giving me 3 snaps up in a Z formation!

        1. All I need is for Krys to chime in with her Ne-Yo comments to make this moment complete, LMBO!

        2. I will never understand his face. He is the perfect example of all the right features going all the way wrong. Tyrese AND Tyson have the Strong Eyebrows+Straight Nose+Pillowy Lips combo…. it just looked like someone gave up when they decided to give it to him.

        3. I forgot the total face package:

          Strong Eyebrows+Asian-ish-atic Eyes+Straight Nose+Pillowy Lips

          Tyrese? WORKS.
          Tyson? DAMN.
          Ne-yo? DAMN (but not in a good way)

  20. I don't have cable so my SYAD (sit yo azz down) list is short and sweet.
    Mr. T. Yo, I love me some Mr. T and I pity the fool who doesn't. I loved him in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He's basically been able to ride that same role from A Team for almost thirty years! But doggone, how the hell he end up on a Nuwave oven infomercial? I mean really? Dude, SYAD.
    Sheryl Underwood. I'm happy for her really I am. She's come up…but her wigs didn't. Yo, they've got stylists for The Talk, use them! On top of that, she's trying too hard to be funny on there. Main reason I'm #TeamTheView. Sheryl's wigs….SYAD.
    I'll cosign the Jennifer Hudson weight loss commercials. She LOOKS AWESOME but dang, do I have to hear about it every 3 minutes?! JHud, SYAD.

      1. Thanks bro. Nah, I don't need to get on the Twitter. I already have an internet/phone problem. No need to make things worse. I do get on there from time to time to check out what ya'll are saying though.

      1. Thank you dear! That means so much because I got it cut and highlighted for my bday and didn't like it at first. It's growing on me though.

        1. You are just too beautiful Krys – on behalf of us all, thanks for the new avi 😉

          Cyn – time for you to rotate too so we can see that face in full light!

        2. You know I got them on clearance right? $14!! 😀 *hits my dougie*
          I tried to find a link for ya, but they're sold out 🙁

          If Larry takes his shirt off again can we renegotiate? :-p #WeAllWin

        3. Oh so I'm ghost for a few days and all y'all springtime heffas come out with new avis – humph! Lookin' all good and isht! Can't STAND Y'ALL – none of ya, not you, Krys, Cyn OR Chloe (when she makes an appearance with her funny glasses).

        4. Aww thanks Star! *saves comment for future mood lifter*
          I'm loving those shoes but what happened to the awesome eyebrow pic? lol

    1. I just wish Jennifer Hudson would stop telling everyone she lost weight because of Weight Watchers, and fess up and say, "I have a personal trainer and personal chef, and paid a lot of money to lose this weight".

      1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about Terry. I like him, but I need him in small doses. Very small.

  21. Larry the Kobe Stan! Larry the Kobe Stan!!!!

    haha… j/k

    But it's always hilarious to me how Laker fans not from LA always feel the need to tell people how long they been Laker fans. Y'all doth protest too much. Showing a lil bit insecurity about your fanhood there homey.

    And yup, I'm a proud Knicks fan. I'm a fan by blood … not ree – lay – tionnnn.

    Lakers aside, why you don't like your home team though?

      1. Answer is up for you brotha. You're welcome, lol.

        Of course it's easy to remember who you beat for all your titles when the number is 2, lol!

        Now if you can list 16 teams you beat for your titles off the top of your head I'd be impressed. You only have 14 more to go.


    1. Well, number 1 there is no NBA team in my hometown. Closet would be Cleveland I suppose. My first basketball memory was watching the Lakers in the '87 Finals and I've been hooked ever since. I guess if the Cavs won a ring that year things would be different, lol.

      No insecurity, though. The reason I qualify how long is most "haters" assume I just hopped on the bandwagon recently. We do have many bandwagon fans. Also, people always make the mistake of thinking I'm a Kobe fan so therefore I like the Lakers. False. I'm a Laker fan first and I like Kobe b/c he plays for my squad. If he got traded I'd wish him luck and hope we'd beat his new team down like any other team in the league.

      1. A bandwagon fan is a bandwagon fan. I just can't respect that. You jumping on the bandwagon in 87 is the same as new folks jumping on the bandwagon in 2001 or 2010. It's all the same to me.

        If the Lakers woulda won in 87 … and then been wack and missed the playoffs for the next 15 years after that, you wouldn't be a laker fan today. It's inorganic to me.

  22. I cosign Tavis all.the.way. I don’t watch the BBW, so miss me with them womenzes. To add to the list, I submit Cornell West, all the Braxtons sans Toni, all the women and men on “thee twiddah” taking ignant pics but tweeting about how they are not negrofied.

  23. Kenny Smith!! He is the only commentator/analyst on Tuner Sports who swears he knows EVERYTHING!! Do you guys ever listen to how he talks to the other analysts? I mean Damn Kenny, you won with the Rockets… um who cares.com. While we are on sports, I cannot stand Chris Broussard! This fool always has some “Breaking news”; sir sit your “I want to be Steven A. a$$ down somewhere!” His wife (if he has one) probably can’t stand him.. lol and please, please leave Kobe alone. Thanks.

  24. I’ll throw my 2 cents in:

    1. Rocsi- and her every expanding Wet Seal wardrobe

    2. Terrence J- just tries too hard.

    3. Natalie Nunn- and her Chin Of Everlasting

    4. Al Sharpton- who nominated him to be the speaker of All Things Black

    5. Amber Rose- for selling all these bald headed girls the Bald Headed Dream

    6. Nene Leakes

    7. Hobe Cryant

    8. Chris Bosh

    9. The Boom Kack dance lady

    10. Mary J. Blige- and her goat like vocals

    1. Died all the way through this list, LMBO!

      Wet Seal wardrobe? The Bald Headed Dream? Hobe Cryant? The Boom Kack dance lady? (Laurie Ann, LOL) Goat-like vocals????????


    2. IT WAS ALL GOOD TILL YOU SLANDERED MARY. I seriously almost deleted this comment.

      And #1 is hilarious. Rosci is definitely one of those girls who, despite any success she might achieve, always comes off more girly than womany and as such, she could be dressed in the most high end fashions and still look kinda cheap.

      But yo, my third job ever in life was at a Contempo Casuals. Contempo was to Wet Seal as Old Navy is to Gap. Suburban black chicks came into Contempo for 1 thing and 1 thing only: MUDD jeans. Mudd Jeans made objects bigger than they appear like a rear view mirror…

    3. I've heard the "Terrence J tries too hard" thing alot…what is it that he tries too hard at though? I'm too old to watch 106 and Park and I've never seen an episode of The Game, so I have no idea what he actually does

      LMAO @ chin of everlasting though

  25. This was a great post, except the Swizz slander. I love him and I actually think he's attractive (I like tall skinny guys what can I say?) I also dig his artsy ways! I am fine with never hearing him rap, ever but I won't diss the dude that produced some of the hits of my young adult years. sure won't do it.

    I have no comment on Lauryn Hill. I actually rarely think about her in present tense, its always in the past. works for me better that way.

    I agree with the rest, especially the BBW chicks. Royce is a bamma but she's sweet and she's honest. Who would've thought the chick that dresses like she's 13 would be the most mature of the bunch?
    My recent post We Can Skip Dinner Head Straight For Dessert…

    1. Reecie, I used to like 'em tall and skinny too (I prefer a little meat now, lol) but Swizz Beats is not attractive to me…like at all, lol. I feel like I have to save you from yourself on this one, lol.

      I completely co-sign your Lauryn Hill perspective. Sad…but it is what it is.

        1. Well, considering his track record…

          He is available, LOL

          Sike…I don't know that man, lol. Jk, Swizz, lol

        2. He's actually a REALLY nice guy. He had one of those faces that can be ugly or cute depending on this attitude…and his constant "I'm-Not-Worthy-to-be-in-Your-Presence" act he cops around women honestly turns him into (insert better-looking famous dude here). He's all awkward and ish, you just wanna save him!
          I realize I have said waaay too much, lol.

  26. did you really just say contempo casuals?? WOW! Taking me all the way back to the 90's!

    Agree with Tavis. He's an ass and I am still trying to figure out why black folks made him relevant to begin with.

    And to the guy who added Michael Jordan–I FEEL YOU! But dammit I'm a chicagoan born and bred and you can't NEVA say nothing bad about MJ or the Chicago BULLS! NEVA! #greatestballclubinhistory

  27. Tyler, the Creator is borderline for me personally. On one hand, he can be the most annoying, arrogant, childish, and vulgar person you'd ever have the displeasure of being around. On the other hand, he always seems genuinely happy, no ecstatic to be able to perform music and have people listen like his first jam session with BadBadNotGood and when he won his MTV award.

  28. I had to think about this, lol…

    I would say Toure should be #1,2,3 4 & 5 on the list, for most of what you mentioned. I dont care if someone is a douche, but at least be a douche with class. Hes the type to try to slander and will only RT people who agree with him, when it's clear a majority disagree. He thinks his word is bond, which it isnt either. I dont know, he always rubbed me the wrong way pause.

    Dr Dre on this list because he can ressurect Tupac but wont give the fans Detox? lol

    Other than that? Who knows
    My recent post Streetztalk Version 4.0: Site Updates

  29. Most, you spoke nothing but the realness about Lauryn. I idolized her til I saw her not once, but twice last year. The first show wasn't the greatest but I think I let the nostalgia of my youth convince me it wasn't horrible. The second time, at Rock the Bells last summer, she officially lost a fan. I'll still rinse Miseducation like it dropped yesterday but I can't with her. Arrogance on a hundred, thousand, trillion.

    Special mention to Fantasia "I don't read so good" Barrino, Rihanna 'Thug Life' Fenty (Who I see winding up just like Lauryn…same arrogance, a lot less talent), and Nicki Minaj for that whole Barbie steez.

  30. I am not even american but I can boldly say Nicki Minaj is starting to annoy even us Africans with her lame rapping…On the contrary we absolutely love Tyler Perry but frown upon the fact that he acts as Madea. Oh and Lil Wayne !!!!

  31. I did not have a chance to read through all of the comments but I am sure someone is like me by mentioning NeNe from the Atlanta Housewives. If I hear that fool of a woman say "I'm rich" one more time I am going to lose it. I will agree that she has made some money in the reality tv circuit but her attitude and demeanor towards others is down right shameful.

  32. And can we add Lil Wayne to this list along with LaLa Anthony? I don't know what Wayne is rapping about anymore, actually I never did and LaLa is just so fake. Everyone in th industry is her best friend and all that cougar does is name drop. I think she put those two chicks from her past on her show just to show she is some what down to earth. Too bad she failed.

  33. So spot on with Tyler Perry. I don't know about you all, but I just don't really find TP very masculine. If he wants to produce black movies, that is fine. I hate when he wants to write and cast himself as the male lead. Most of his writing is just not that good(Madea plays). His directing is not good (For Colored Girls). His acting is okay. I just don't want to see him playing a lead like Alex Cross. It's not believable. I used to read the Alex Cross books. I always pictured Will Smith, Shemar Moore, or Denzel Washington as the lead.

    We always complain that there are no good movies with us in them. He has the opportunity to produce these types of movies and tv shows for us. I understand that he is creative and wants to write his own stuff and act, but he could be producing shows that win Emmys or movies that win Oscars if he would just support some good writers that just need some help financially(Issa Rae Awkward Black Girl).

    There are good black writers. Get them to write something. Support what they write TP, but stay behind the scenes, and I don't mean directing. You can be the money machine.

  34. “Media Take Out” should totally be added! :-[
    Also I’ll add Beyonce & her PR!

    Tavis & Michael Steele are dead on!

  35. If you were adding websites to this list I'd have to give it to SandraRose dot com hands down. Her annoying diatribes against celebrities and all things pop culture are like nails on a chalkboard to me… and yet I still read it from time to time.

  36. melissa harris-perry. she tries too hard to be 'authentically black' (whatever that is)! she's intelligent and doesn't need to do that, but unfortunately lots of biracial folks feel the need to prove something. and who gave al sharpton a show and WHY? he can't read a teleprompter. i'm glad he brings light to issues that need it, but as a personality he is annoying as hell

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