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Why Going to See “Think Like A Man” is a Good Idea


Full Disclosure Part 1:

I never read Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” I didn’t read it for a number of reasons. First, I have an aversion to self-help books of any sort–but particularly ones that purport to offer advice on love and relationships—just not my cup of tea. Second, I didn’t read it because (like some of the characters in the movie) I didn’t trust the source. My general response when folks started talking about the book went something like this: “Steve Harvey … from Family Feud and “Kings of Comedy,” a guy who’s been married three times, has a book that’s supposed to help women reach their relationship goals? Yeah, I’ll pass.” Third, and most importantly, I didn’t read the book because, well … I’m not a lady. All these are reasons why I didn’t read the book and they are also reasons why I responded with trepidation when it was announced that a movie would be made of the book. In my mind, the chances of the movie being good, when, in my mind, the source material was inherently flawed, seemed low. Up until about a week ago, I had no intentions of going to see the movie.

Full Disclosure Part 2:

I’ve seen the movie, but I didn’t pay to see the movie. I saw the movie along side the lovely Lala Anthony and a few other folks in the blogsphere as part of a screening sponsored by the good folks at X-Rated Fusion Liquor, hosted by the awesome PR Team at LuxeLife Media. They gave me candy, popcorn, tons of free alcohol and the company of lots of cool people.

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Full Disclosure Part 3:

The folks behind “Think Like a Man” are breaking bread. As you might notice, there are ads for the movie on our blog. Those ads are paid for with money. That money eventually goes into bank accounts and is eventually spent on keeping SBM fresh and sexy.

I don’t want the authenticity of the blog to ever be in question, nor do I want my integrity as a writer to ever be in question, so it’s only right that I pass that information along to you.

Why You Should See The Movie:

All that said, the freaking movie was absolutely hilarious. Seriously. If you’ve read me around these parts for a while, you know I’m not really into comedy. Hell, I’m not even really into laughing too much. Generally speaking, I’m the kind of guy who calls movies “films” even though he knows it sounds kinda douchey. If I’m going to lose 2 hours of my life sitting in a dark room getting fat on junk food, I want to watch something that’s going to leave me deeply affected emotionally. Or at least something so suspenseful that it has me on the edge of my seat till the very end.

Still, I walked into “Think Like a Man,” begrudgingly, expecting to be underwhelmed by a typical, predictable black movie with a half a**ed script, poor, cliched dialogue and unrealistic, emotionally exploitative plot twists. I was dead wrong. The movie was funny, like, laugh out loud despite yourself funny. It was so funny that at times you felt like you were missing certain jokes because you couldn’t hear them because the crowd was still laughing so hard at the previous one.

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Are there cliche’s? Yeah. Is Terrance J a little extra sometimes? Sure. Does it at times take advantage of just how drop dead gorgeous Meghan Good, Taraji P. Henson, and Gabrielle Union are … of course. There’s even a gratuitous shot of a well known and oft desired black actor hopping out of an expensive car in super … SUPER slow motion. Still, writer Keith Merriman and director Tim Story have done such a great job creating realistic banter and shot the idiosyncrasies of black male and female interaction so accurately, that even scenes snatched straight from the textbook of bad black film making, come off as if the film is poking fun at its viewer’s expectations, its genre, and by extension, itself. It does so in a way that respects the modern black moviegoer’s intelligence and ability to appreciate quality film, while also indulging some of our less evolved guilty pleasures … like seeing beautiful people our color quote Plato while sipping an expensive Merlot, in beautiful apartments, with good jobs and nice cars.

But besides all that, and more to the point – the movie is funny, really, really funny. Kevin Hart steals the show with his signature style of conversational, reality based humor. Too often in films, the dialogue amongst a crew of black, or mostly black men is overdone. The slang is often a few years behind, and the delivery makes it painfully obvious that the actors don’t speak that way in real life. If you’ve ever seen a movie starring Shamar Moore, you know what I mean. ‘Think Like A Man’ avoids this by allowing the actors to stay in their comfort zone. They don’t go overboard hamming it up, nor do they sound like they’re trying to be Bryant Gumbel or somebody. It’s realistic. The movie also has an abundance of cameos … more cameos than the entire first season of “Single Ladies,” still, the cameos are almost all laughter inspiring instead of cringe inducing. I know it’s a cliché to say that something is a perfect date movie … but this is a perfect date movie.

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I started off this post by offering you all three points of disclosure I thought it important to mention before sharing my thoughts on the movie. The truth is, all three of those points would have been irrelevant if the movie sucked. If the the movie was terrible, we would not have placed ads for it on the site, nor would we be encouraging you to go see it. But suck it did not. So you all have suffered through my over-sharing so that I can sleep well, integrity in tact. This weekend, hit up a happy hour and then take your guy friend or lady-friend to see Think Like a Man. You won’t regret it.

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  1. I’m going to see it simple for Kevin hart because he's hilarious and Michael Ealy because that’s my play husband and great eye candy. Hopefully Mr. Ealy will be naked at some point in the movie.

  2. I'm not surprised at your review. That movie looks H-I-L-AR-I-O-U-S and I'm going to see it just for that fact alone. Even though it sounds like a great date movie, I'm going with my girls. I want to be able to act the fool, laugh my head off, ogle Michael Ealy, scream at the screen, scoff, all of that. It'll be more enjoyable for me that way. We'll make a date night out of it when it comes to Redbox. Lol.

  3. Aside from my seething hatred for everything associated with Steve Harvey and his book, getting any and every black actor in the film is just enough to make me NEVER see this film.

    The overly aggressive promo makes me think this movie will tank, and tank I hope it does

    1. Having actually seen the movie, I think they're being really aggressive about promoting it because they know they have a good product. Like I said… laugh out loud funny …

  4. I will take your word for it, and leave it at that. I won’t be watching it, whether by theater or by other means. That’s the only way I can show my disdain for everything involved in this.

  5. It's wild how this site's followers aren't into bad black movies. Alot of people cosign garbage black movies. I can't remember the last black movie I've seen. As stated before, half a**ed script, poor, cliched dialogue seem to be a disease to black films. Really bad films in general, but most of these moviemakers know they will get our demographic regardless when making blk films. I am not going to lie though, the lil bow wow movie(lottery ticket?) is in my collection haha.____I'm in Kuwait so I hope they bring it to us. If not probably bootleg smh. If it wasn't cosigned my Mr. Spradley, I probably would have skipped it. K Hart is funny but starting to get a little tired. Regardless, I'm looking forward to watching it now.

    1. Nah TexasMade, they're going to see it… that's one thing I knew as I was reading Sprads review. The main demographic who reads SBM.org will be going to see this movie. Whether that be at the Magic Johnson Theatre or bootleg is the only debate.

  6. When I saw the trailer for the first time a few months ago I posted on my Twitter afterwards something to the effect of "That 'Think Like A Man' movie looks hilarious..will definitely be seeing it when it comes out…judge me if you want, I don't care" lol!

    I initially said that knowing that when this movie started getting more pub there was going to be so much shade toward it based on the book (which I, too, have never read) and people were going to prematurely judge it and give some sort of deep reasoning based on that state of black films, yada yada yada. Man, please miss me with all of that. Anyway, looking forward to watching it and laughing and having a good time.

  7. This trailer was actually kind of attractive when I saw it so I’m not too surprised at your review. So I plan to support it…when it comes to DVD and is available at the library. I typically don’t do movies that go to major theaters unless it’s an indie film with folks behind it that I support. plus I’m sure TLAM will do well given everything that’s been invested.

  8. Hmm, interesting. I do plan to see this movie…on redbox. This is one of those movies I can't enjoy in theaters. You know how black people are at movies like these–speaking loudly and yelling at the screen and ish. I hate that :-/

    1. Whether I want that part of the experience or not depends on the film. If I expect to get something more than entertainment out of it, then I usually see it at an off time.

  9. Like most people, I did not get to read the book… but it’s by choice. The movie, however, I will be seeing. Maybe twice. With a female friend and, depending on how I react, later with a guy friend. I love Kevin Hart’s sense of humor and the trailers I’ve seen were awesome.

  10. I want to see it, The Lucky One, and that Chimpanzee movie. They all come out this weekend but I won't be able to see any of them. We always have next weekend though!

  11. I am going with the singles ministry group at my church to see the movie. We then plan on grabbing a bite to eat and discussing the movie afterwards. I'm looking forward to it.

  12. I actually am on the fence, but I need an excuse for a 'date', so why not a 'date movie'?
    Besides, I love Regina Hall, she's like a Black fran drescher.
    But seriously, even if the movie sucks I hold nothing against y'all accepting advert moolah from them. I enjoy your site & I understand that I don't pay a membership fee to get in, so make that money, don't let the money make you (pause).

  13. I swear…some black folks are so high on their high horse that they have totally forgotten the power and impact of UNITY. We need to start assigning blame to ourselves for the imbalance of power in this country. No animals or small children were hurt during the making of this movie…so relax. Its not that serious. And go to a theatre in a decent non-ghetto-fied neighborhood. SMH. *steps down from soap box*

    Having said that, me and my overly critical of movies bf have been planning to see this since we laughed at the trailer in the theatre months ago. We'll be seeing it tomorrow. 🙂

  14. Didn't read the book but I agree as a woman there is some good eye candy in it….all the men are niiiiiiiice…even short azz Kevin Hart is cute and he's from Philly so gotta support and show that "brotherly love" Definitely will be seeing it either sunday or next weekend probably.

  15. I saw it. This morning. 12:01.

    Full disclosure 1: I was high as hell.
    Full disclosure 2: I was tipsy, too.
    Full disclosure 3: I needed to laugh, badly.

    Verdict: Funny as hell. Like really.

    Yes it's cliche. Yes it's, at the end of the day, a sappy romantic comedy. No I don't think people should take the advice all that seriously. However… it's a movie… it's supposed to be entertainment…. and I was thoroughly entertained.

    And when he got out that car? I mighta recrossed my legs.

    1. Full disclosure 1: I was high as hell.

      Chunk, yo get high as hell, turn off all the lights and watch The Last Dragon on mute. Hit me when you finish that, trippy mane.

  16. I got the book for my birthday when it came out, and I liked it. I thought it was funny, thought-provoking, and insightful— at the time. Can I remember anything that Mr. Harvey said in his book? No. But I like any type of readying material that inspires self-reflection.
    I've been dying to see the movie. I may be one of those movie goers that supports black film simply because black people are in it. I love Kevin Hart, I think he's hilarious. I've seen him live twice. The same with Taraji, I think she's an awesome actress. So I support.
    I'm going to see it with one of my meet-up groups, with discussion afterward. I can't wait!
    My recent post U + Ur Hand

  17. I read the book when it first came out and I enjoyed it. Most of the information I already had known from the many debates I would have with my male friends.I believe a lot of people prejudge the book as well as the movie. I was going to see the movie even before the review but after the review the anticipation is killing me.

  18. Loved the movie! Kev had me rolling and shaking my head the whole movie! Cast was good looking and charismatic!

    The cast and the pairings were done very well, EXCEPT for Gabrielle Union's boyfriend. I tried to search the recesses of my mind for where I had seen him (or the other random married basketball friend) before…But I got nothing. Google helped me out a little but before that I'd never seen the dude before. He did an good job but I wish it had been someone it who I could actually believe could pull AND keep Gabrielle Union's character. << My only real qualm.

  19. Saw the movie. Another one-sided movie to add to the shelves of sexually bias movies. All of the men where portraying some sort of African American stereotype, while all of the females "got it together" as a full package. And who was in control of the whole movie? Women. In the end, the movie reinforces that "strong woman" mentality of dominating a good/bad man.

    Secondly, Steve's book is based on tactics. If you base your relationship on his book, prepare for the worst. Life is unstructured other than you are born, you live, you die. Living is like empty pages of a book. Same with relationships. There is no "90-day rule."

    The only truth in this movie was "love is a battlefield." Now ask any military officer that has been to war and they will tell you that even the greatest operations don't go as planned at some point. But when you base your movement solely on some checklist, you will fail YOURSELF and lose.


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