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Why Are White People So Happy?

You got the juice now.

For centuries the overwhelmingly optimistic happiness of white people has perplexed the masses. I too was confused, but fortunately, I live somewhere that is awash with people of European descent. Therefore, like the great explorers before me, such as Christopher Columbus and – insert list of other explorers here as I never really paid attention in history class – I set out on a personal quest to discover why white people are so happy. Below are my startling findings.

– WisdomIsMisery



  1. Id love to hear Paul Mooney's response to this question. Just hearin his voice in my head with his responses is enough to crack me up & Lmao right now

  2. *screams*

    WIM, you are too much! I cackled for this whole video. The "predatory look" killed me. Also, GOTYE!! Love that song =D. Having gone to all white schools/living in white neighborhoods for most of my life, I have seen that first dude more times than I can remember. White people do.not.give.a.single.f*ck when they're dancing. Our school dances were ridiculous.

  3. It's funny because I saw some dance fitness video the other day & commented on Twitter that I dunno what the heck they were doing, but it sho' nuff wasn't dancing. However, they all looked so happy, especially the instructor who was joyfully leading them astray.

    Anyway, funny video as usual. You silly.

  4. you sure look a lot happier than most white people I know, myself included, just saying

    then again I don't dance and I don't know too many people that do, so maybe that is the key…

    I may have to try this out

      1. Between the oven-baked pizza and dancing to Gotye, it appears life has been treating you very well. Perhaps I should play Gotye and indulge in my insouciance.

        1. Insouciance: noun – carefree attitude: cheerful lack of anxiety or concern.

          That is literally the first time I've ever seen that word in my entire life, but I will definitely add it to my lexicon. You are correct that 2012 has been the year of WisdomIsMisery, so far. #GodIsGood

          My recent post Review: Think Like a Man

        2. LMAO at you defining "insouciance", I SURELY had already opened up another tab to google it – but can just close that now, lol

          As always, thanks for your service 🙂

          And Hugh you betta stop! *bats eyelashes*

        1. Dude is howling like a pathetic animal that needs to be put down. I just can't get with it. The music is cool, but after listening to it carefully, I was like, "eeeel."

  5. I've met several white men who absolutely refuse to dance. They don't seem as happy as the ones making a fool of themselves on the dance floor, so maybe you're onto something here.


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