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Brian McKnight’s Raunchy New Record: “If You’re Ready To Learn”


Ladies, I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just gonna keep it real: Brian McKnight wants to show you how your ***** works. Not sure know how y’all are supposed to feel about this. Excited? Turned on? Curious? Personally, I’m feeling like this whole thing has to be some sort of joke. I just can’t see Brian being serious with lyrics like “I bet you didn’t know it squirts.” I felt weird typing that. In the video, Mr. McKnight seems genuinely excited and enthusiastic about his latest offering and the potential to incorporate the song into an “Adult Mixtape.” Check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think.


  1. "This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that."

    …Bummer? Although I'm getting the sense that it's for the greater good.

  2. he’s done this before. He had a single out with rapped Juvenile where the chorus is basically “you’re just addicted to what the dick did” … yeeeeeah…. ummm… caught me off guard there

  3. Wow, I used to be a fan of Brian’s, but he’s making some bad choices as gets older. This foolishness will mar all his acxomplishments thus far, if he’s not careful.

  4. I am truly surprised that everyone is taking this so seriously. This video was obviously done for comedy. I didn't believe that this song was real for a minute and actually found the video pretty funny. Where is everyone's sense of humor???

      1. Err…where YOU lookin'? Go about three comments up, lol. There are some seriously pissed off people on Black Twitter right now. "DOA Brian McNight's Career" will be trending soon.

        With that said…****DEAD @ "Since you didn't bring it to me first"** LMAO!!

  5. Brian McKnight actually plays bball around NYC alot and I've actually played with him on a few occasions. And I was really surprised on how goofy he was/is. I know we all are a little goofy, but the way he was acting I was like 'Is this really the 'One Last Cry' dude?' So him putting out a jokey song like this doesn't surprise me…..

  6. Will I be judged if I said this song is a little catchy (hides under table)…he should sell it to Trey Songz guaranteed hit

  7. I think B Mcknight is somewhat a typical man recently divorced after many many years of marriage and work and fatherhood and now he is free. So he is doin whatever the hell he wants and sayin whatever he wants and livin his life on his terms how he wants…plus he is older now, (middle aged) and maybe at the age where u say and do what u want cause u no longer really give much of a fu** what people think about you, and his kids are grown so he doesn't have to worry about them anymore.
    It's kinda like a kid who has been too sheltered all their lives…..they grow up and become adults and go buck wild, doin all the things they feel they missed out on and couldn't do before as a child and getting all those experiences they wanted to have but couldn't.
    This is what divorced folks who have been married since they were very young and have been married for more than a decade remind me of. Cause once they are single and free they go buck wild…..sometimes. This goes for the men and women.


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