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Three Interesting Things About Think Like A Man

We did how much opening weekend? F**k yeah!!!

Along with Sir Spradley, I saw Think Like A Man this past week at an advanced screening courtesy of the folks at LuxeLife Media Inc. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the movie was. It’s not gonna win an Oscar or change the trajectory of Black movies for years to come, but it’s a flick that I think people are doing themselves a disservice by not seeing, particularly if they like comedy. That leads me to my next thought.

I waited a few days to post on this because I wanted to see what feedback people openly shared. I also wanted to follow the comments that trickled in on Sir Spradley’s post. For the most part, the reviews have been positive. But I can’t help but notice the contingent of men and women that’ve refused to see the movie because of the title alone. People saw that, Harvey’s face, and assumed the movie would be a silver screen how-to video on how to find a man. That’s not what the movie was about at all. Is the movie based on the book? Yes. Is it another shot at Black women and their singledom? Nope. Is it purporting to be the key to cuddles and everlasting love? Negative.

At its core, Think Like A Man is a relatable romantic comedy on par with much of what we’ve seen over the years from our White counterparts. With the movie being a RomCom, it’s as big a joke as what people think of Harvey’s book…but in a good way. And though I got the comedic point of the movie and walked away pleased, there are a few things about this whole experience that jumped out at me.  Let me elaborate.

Think like a what? Ain't that the book by Steve Rharvey? Roh no. I ain't trying to see that sh*t.

Sometimes We Say No To Sh*t Without Really Knowing Sh*t.

I’ve seen people say they can’t support anything with Steve Harvey’s name attached to it because it indirectly means they support what he’s put to paper. I just find it interesting how vehemently against the movie some folks have been without knowing anything about it other than the name and book associated with it. Maybe this is partly because of our already low expectations around Black films. Maybe this go around people made a conscious decision to not support something they figured would lack quality because of their thoughts on the book…even though they didn’t read it. Let me note something real quick for those that’ve been around for a while.

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A few months ago, I wrote about how the previews for Red Tails (ho hum) didn’t make me wanna see the movie, and how a lot of Black folks were urging others to check it out because the future of Black film depended on it. Didn’t matter if the movie looked bunz. Some felt seeing it was as important as voting. I disagreed. That post was met with some disappointment and claims of misplaced negativity. I still hold that the movie didn’t look enticing. But after seeing it, I have to say that it was alright and I don’t regret the money spent. The reason I’m making this reference? I didn’t refuse to support because of anybody associated with the movie. I wasn’t inclined to support because it just didn’t look good. But even with that, I took to the theaters to form a more educated opinion. In other words, I gave it a chance.

Unrelated but relevant: The critics over at Rotten Tomatoes have Think Like A Man at a 50% as of 4.24.12, but the audience has it at 86%. I genuinely believe some of the critics didn’t see the movie. They just read a plot synopsis and took to their keyboards. 

TLAM Clearly Hollered At The Duffle Bag Boy For Marketing.

It’s crazy to me how hard they went with promotion for the movie. I’m sure it’s somewhere out there, but I’m wondering what the marketing budget was for the film? They beat people over the head with so much advertising that a lot of folks thought the movie came out weeks before it actually debuted. And the greatest thing about the marketing and the way moviegoers were urged to check it out? There was no guilt tripping and emphasis on “duty.” The heavy promo — cast appearances and all — spoke for itself and the flick won harder than the law.

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Red Tails pulled in $19.1M on opening weekend. Think Like A Man pulled in $33.6M, which was way head of the $17M projection. Whatever that marketing budget was, it paid off big time. Even the racist White folks angered by Black character(s) in Hunger Games knew this joint was coming out…and they were further angered by it.

There are dopplegangers somewhere living this life.

Women Love Talking About Who Other Women (And Men) Should Be With

If there was one consistent piece of negative feedback I heard, it was about Gabrielle Union and Jerry Ferrara’s relationship in the movie. The surprising part was that it wasn’t about them being an interracial couple (By the way, I’m glad the movie didn’t emphasize this). It was about how “unrealistic” it was for a man of his height, lifestyle, and looks to pull someone that looked like Gabrielle. Gotta be honest, this never crossed my mind when I was in the theatre. Walking through NYC, I see guys of various elks and ethnic backgrounds with beautiful Black women enough that I don’t even do a double-take (usually). But it was really interesting hearing (seeing) women say they wished another male had been cast to play his role. The movie didn’t shed light on how Gabrielle’s character was raised and where she grew up, but a lot of folks (women) had an opinion on the type of man she should’ve been with for reasons I have not inquired about. Maybe this is a case of not being able to separate the actress from the character…or a little projection. You can tell me. I won’t be mad.

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These are just three of my thoughts. What about you? What did you think of the movie and the reactions to it? Did you check it out? Do you even plan on checking it out given what you know now?


P.S. In case you were wondering, there was no sponsorship behind this post. My bank account actually has less money in it than when I first started writing this.


  1. i'm gonna say this. i would have traded a lot of things to trade places with michael ealy during that scene where he kissed taraji. maaaaannnnnn…..

    i do agree with point three. i don't know why a lot of people were so against that relationship in the movie. i'm like you in that i see all types of dudes with bad jawns. i don't think twice about it. women are more likely settle as far as looks are concerned and that's not supposed to happen because its in a movie?
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    1. Um am I the only one that thought that dude was FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE in this movie?! I didn't even recognize him as Turtle…in general I like a lil weight on a man, but Turtle looked good enough to eat all slimmed down! And those eyes!

      He was a whole foot shorter than her, but she sure didn't "settle" in the looks department!

      1. that was my thought. he is really really cute. i don't think he is bad looking in the least. the height difference, not race nor looks, was what made me giggle. i don't think they were like Odd Couple but she just looked mad bigger than him. and hey i won't hate on love. lol
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  2. I also agree with number 3. I could identify with the relatinship because I am taller than my bf (in heels). I didn’t see what was so unbelievable about it. Besides the height difference there are other similarities between my relationship and the on screen relationship. The women that are complaining that it is unrealistic, are single. My bf is amazing and recently he has realized his full potential (work wise) and is going for his goals. So what he’s short and our backgrounds are slightly different, we make each other happy and that’s all that matters. I’m 5’6 and often limited myself in dating waiting for a 6 foot and up man.

  3. I decided to see the movie in theaters, instead of waiting for it on DVD. I guess the hype got to me (and I didn't have to pay for it lol). The movie was cool–nothing spectacular, but definitely entertaining. I did think Kevin Hart was over the top and predictable sometimes, but he was funny for the most part.

    As for the relationship between Gabrielle Union and Jerry Ferrara's character, I didn't think it was unrealistic or unbelievable. I've seen couples that look like them several times. However, I definitely didn't sense any chemistry between them. Now, Taraji Henson and Michael Ealy's characters!?! THAT was some chemistry!

  4. Per the Gabrielle Union Jerry Ferrera relationship, what I found unrealistic wasn't the height difference, or the fact that he basically lived like a bum for the better part of their relationship. It was the way they conducted themselves. The other couples seem to have some, a they story seemed to be fleshed out more.

    I mean Gabrielle Union broke up with Jerry and all of a sudden he comes back with a job and a ring and she hops back on his baby train? I think most women, especially those who have been in long term relationships would take a second look.

    It just made her seem like she was willing to settle for less than she deserved or was looking for.

  5. I had this conversation on Monday and i'll share with you my thoughts here:

    (1) Steve Harvey didn't have anything to do with why I didn't want to see this movie. Consider this, what if I thought movies like He's Just Not That Into You, Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached (except for when Natalie Portman told that girl, "You look like a pumpkin, bitch!") were absolute trash and they prey on weak hopeless romantic souls. I just don't like that genre of movie, or style.

    (2) The cast. Most people see movies based on who's in the movie. There's a movie called, "I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)". It's an excellent movie, but no one will go see that movie because the main character isn't very well known or respected in Hollywood. Now, let's look at this movie, the best actor/actress in this movie would be Gabrielle Union. After Deliver Us from Eva, I had no interest in seeing another movie with her in it. All the rest of those stars were an assortment of B- to D rated stars, I passed.

    (3) Almost no one who saw the movie and paid thought the movie was awesome or really worth the money. You know why the critics gave the movie 50% and others gave it 86%? Two reasons, (1) most people who go see movies, don't know what the hell they're talking about because they never see enough movies to be objective. I.E. Red Tails, which is a horrible movie and people keep trying to say it was OK. It was no more OK, than Soul Plane. (2) Everybody who wouldn't have seen the movie, went to see the movie for free at a screening, and then they convinced a few more people in the middle to go see it because of course a movie is much better when you don't have to pay for it. If you paid, $16 or worse, $32 to see this movie, you'd have a different opinion. I also keep in mind that a bunch of ignorant moviegoers were going anyway because this is just their type of movie. Interesting fact, Future ATL sold 40K copies of his debut album last week. FUTURE?! Obviously, he's riding round and getting it, but who's buying that ish.

    That's just me, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just hate when someone thinks that I don't want to see it because of Steve Harvey. I already knew the movie was based on the book, but wasn't exactly about the book. The book was a self-help book, there was no plot. As for me, American Reunion and 21 Jump Street are the movies I would check before TLAM, just because I trust those group of actors to make me laugh way more. And this weekend won't work either, i'm going to see The 5 Year Engagement because Jason Segal ALWAYS makes me laugh.

    1. I hear you, Dr. J. I've never been into those kind of dating/romantic comedies to begin with, in terms of going to the theaters to see them. To me, they're simply unappealing. I'm more of an action film, and even then I'm extremely picky about them. I may go to the movies 2-3 times a year, and I'm not wasting it on something I'm less than enthusiastic about. It doesn't mean that the movie is horrible, but I just won't see it. Not into it.

    2. Yes for "The 5 Year Engagement"! Now, that's a movie I'd gladly pay for! With that cast (and based on the trailer), I KNOW I'll be entertained and I'll get my dollars worth. I still maintain that TLAM wasn't worth paying for.

      1. I was NOT entertained by that trailer. As a matter of fact, my bf and I looked at each other, shook our heads "no", and turned back to the screen, lol!

        And 21 Jump Street looks stupid to me as well, lol. *shrugs*

        1. lol we definitely have different taste in movies. Was dragged to '21 Jump Street'–it was aight, def. redbox material though. Channing Tatum just wasn't that believable as a comedic actor.

      1. It was worth the matinee.

        I think Taraji and Michael Ealy are better actors than Gabrielle. But that doesn't change her resume. She probably got paid the most. That's all I was saying.

        1. Hmm…But Taraji is an Oscar and Emmy nominated actress… I would think that she pulled one of if not the highest check???

  6. First, I haven't talked to one of my friends who didn't think the movie was entertaining/above average/great…and we all paid to see it. I'm not sure who Dr. J polled for his first sentence in #3, but I def give that stat mad side eye, lol.

    Second, Gabrielle and Jerry def had the least chemistry to me…but it kinda makes sense that you wouldn't see it cause she was at an "I'm getting tired of yo ish…you don't dare provide me nothing" point with him when they were introduced to us. I don't know about y'all, but I don't have chemistry with a man I'm tired of, lol. She spent 9 yrs with a man that she expected to mature. Once he showed maturity, she was ready to move forward. What else did she need to find out about him after 9 yrs?! AND, Gabrielle was NOT the best actress in this film…like at all. Meagan Good shocked the shoes off me. I had zero expectation for her. But she was absolutely believable. I don't think there was any one character that really towered above the others…which is a good thing to me.

    1. Lastly, "I'm Through With White Girls" is a FABULOUS movie! Its on Netflix. Take Dr. J's word on that joint. Def worth seeing…

        1. Same story Muze. You know I had to watch it. Leaving white girls post-its = Leaving black girls text messages. I did find it odd the type of Black girl he ended up with in the end, but like I said, it's one of those movies nobody would watch unless forced. I guess it's fair to say, I could do a post about it and not get vilified. Nah chill… i'm good.

        2. I stumbled onto it myself…via a lazy Saturday afternoon in the house watching cable, lol.

      1. *frantic*

        The link isn't working…who is it?!

        …and before you answer, Terrence J >>>>>>> Michael Ealy to me. lol

        1. :-p

          But his head is legit the size of one of her casaba melons…lol Look again, like LEGIT! lol

    2. I agree Cyn….whole time I was thinking she really wasted 9 yrs wit dude who obviously got on her last nerves most of those years and she let him keep an old dirty filthy azz couch from college…..really???
      I mean I assumed they met and got together in college maybe….but damn…most folks I know who dated in college and stayed together would be married long before some damn 9 yrs….
      Besides Gabrielle and her dude I liked everyone else's character and thought they did a great job.
      Kev Hart did his thing and provided great comedy relief. I was a little disappointed in Gary Owen's character. Didn't see the point of him even being there…..he didn't really have many lines. I actually like Gary Owen and think he is pretty funny. They should've did more with his character too. But I guess they could only showcase one comedian.

  7. I thought this movie was good. I would agree with Dr. J on ONE thing only, and that's if you don't like RomCom's don't see this shit. Period. Otherwise, it was a cute RomCom. I laughed through the whole movie, and not just at the soft shoeing Kevin Hart. I mostly laughed at the relationship banter, and the hilarious differences in which the men and the women discussed one another. It wasn't ground breaking, or pivotal or worth of an oscar, but I certainly think it deserved to rake in the cash it got.

    Further, maybe I am just a weirdo, but I think a white man fits Gabrielle Unions quirky on and off screen personality much more than dating a professional ball player. Especially considering said ball player was once married to Siovaughn Wade's lopsided breast, two toned hood hair, acrylic nail, animal print wearing ass.

    I enjoyed this flick. It was my birthday weekend, and I went to see it with one of my best girlfriends and we had a ball. I really do have to side eye anyone who will pass on this for any reason other than the chick flick factor.
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  8. First question – What is a RomCom????
    I saw the movie and liked it. It was the book I wasn't interested in. Typically I find the books are
    better than the movies….I doubt that was the case for this. Honestly though maybe the
    book helped some women, and maybe even some men. I wasn't interested in the book because he talked about the same stuff in it on his radio show and it didnt' have any new information that I didn't already learn from the men in my family and my male friends.
    I like Kev Hart because he is hilarious to me and will support him because he's from Philly, and thats where I'm from.

  9. I didnt' see Gabriel Unions relationship with the white guy as that odd. My girlfriend who is Cambodian her husband is black. I know a girl who is Jamaican and Chinese, interacial couples and what not is nothing new to me. Only odd thing about that relationship was there was no real chemistry and sparks between her and her costar. Obviously he is not DWade which I think is her "type." I could tell she wasn't the least bit attracted to that dude in real life.
    I saw real chemistry between the other characters. I thought the director Tim Story did a good job weaving the book into the movie. I like that he didnt' make the movie directly based on the book and that he showed the men trying to flip the script on the ladies. I thought it was entertaining and give it 4 stars.

      1. lol @ WAChick….4 out of 10. Thats based on the humor and story lines.
        I was laughing so hard I was crying at the very end when Wendy Williams gripped up Kev Hart….then we all started goin on Wendy Williams……

    1. The 4 score raises my people's eyebrow, but I'ma leave that alone.

      On the chemistry/sparks, I believe they were the only couple in that movie that had been together for a while other than the married ones. We saw how things were going for Kevin Hart and white dude seemed to be having a jolly ol time.lol. But as for everybody else, there situations were new. It's tough to compare because things change a lot over time.
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  10. I haven't seen the movie yet but I definitely plan on it. Mainly because I don't mind paying to sit and drool over Michael Ealy for 2 hours. But I've always planned on seeing the movie, although I am not a fan of Stever Harvey in the least bit and I've never given a thought to reading his book.

    I agree that it is not very good practice for people to say no to something/judge things before they truly know what its all about. The only movie I've absolutely refused to see without second thought regardless of what anybody says to me is "White Chicks", for obvious reasons.

    Also, many women mainly go to see RomCom's for the eye candy. So the complaints about why Gabrielle Union's character is with Jerry Ferrara’s character could just be because they don't see him as attractive enough to fantasize about, replacing Gabby with themselves and connecting (<—– sarcastic emphasis added). That's the only explanation I can come up with, otherwise they are just being silly IMO.

  11. i liked the movie. but i also LOVED Friends With Benefits, Crazy Stupid Love, and He's Just Not That Into You. basically, i'm a romcom fan. if you don't like romcoms, then i wouldn't expect you to like it. but honestly, other than that, it was funny, believable (even meagan and terrance j who i had very low expectations for) and enjoyable. and um… how can anyone not like a movie with Michael Ealy in it (and not killing babies). lol
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    1. I'm just going to keep it all the way real with you Muze. It was the casting in those RomCom that turned me off. Let's just be honest, Ashton Kutcher CANNOT act. (Yes, the CAPS is because i'm screaming.) The only reason why I say this is because upthread I said that Jason Segal always makes me laugh. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilarious, How I Met Your Mother has me in stitches. I just wrote a post about it too, plug. But those other movies, I think it's the casting. When I see the ensemble cast and it doesn't do anything to compare to a cast like Ocean's, i'm like eeelll here they go again. They cast a movie with a star in it that everyone can relate to. They want you to see yourself in Jennifer Gardner and then say, "Oh I think I want to see this sad movie cause she's in it." I can't…. I'm weak.

      1. gasp. there will be no ashton slander on my watch. lol. i think he's good. he's not going to win an oscar for anything, but can't act? like at all? like caps worthy can't act? nawl. have you seen The Butterfly Effect? i think he did a good job in that.

        but yes, i will say that Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You Man by themselves pretty much trump all of ashton's movie funniness combined. he cracks me UP. i can't think of any other comedic actor that i'd place over him.

        have you seen Crazy Stupid Love or Friends With Benefits though? they were both very well written, hilarious, not too chick-flicky, and i don't know a man yet that didn't enjoy the former. give them a chance, Doc. lol
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        1. I will co-sign 'Crazy Stupid Love,' but def. can't co-sign FWB. That's not a movie I would spend money on either. i won't even see it for cheap on DVD. I MIGHT consider seeing it on TV, when it's free though. But, I'd have to be extremely bored.

        2. I saw Crazy Stupid Love and FWB. I didn't like FWB because it was actually written before NSA and the idea, although a little different, had already run it's course with me. Oh… and I love Steve Carell so that was an no brainer.

        3. i was surprised that Justin Timberlake was pretty good in that movie.
          I like Mila Kunis acting too. Just the fact that I wanted to see how Justin Timberlake was made me wanna see FWB.

      2. Co-sign "Ashton Kutcher CANNOT act".

        I actually just saw "Friends With Benefits" after refusing to watch it cause Justin Timberlake was the lead…but I actually really liked the movie. Justin did a really good job. I was really surprised…

        And I ain't gonna lie…when I heard Meagan Good was in TLAM, I was like, "…she gonna ruin the movie", lol. Casting is def a gamble…

        1. JT is back in the studio tho… I don't think he's all that great of an actor. Well, at least, I prefer him in comedy and not drama.

  12. "But I can’t help but notice the contingent of men and women that’ve refused to see the movie because of the title alone. People saw that, Harvey’s face, and assumed the movie would be a silver screen how-to video on how to find a man."

    This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen, if you just don't like RomCom's in general then cool. No big deal. But if you're making a blanket assumption on what the movie is about or any other illogical conclusions as an excuse to not see it and feel the need to elaborately tell everyone who will listen these nonsensical reasons then do us all a favor and keep it to yourself and just plainly state, "I'm just not into that kind of flick" and go hang your intelligence on more important issues at hand. That is all.

  13. I agree with all of your points! especially the first! I am SO SICK of people typing diatribes about TLAM because of the Harvey affiliation but haven't read the FIRST piece of the book yet hate it and the movie! ugh! I CANNOT STAND an ill informed critic! people didn't go this hard about "He's Just Not that Into You" which is the same concept– self help book turned to fictional movie. Black people love to pontificate and hate on each other. I don't care the man's been married 13 times or whatever. I didn't even BUY the book, but like "The Help" I actually read it before I criticized it (which I did no such thing for either, btw)

    if you're a fan of romantic comedies and deliberately decided not to see this movie because of him, yet pay 13.50 for every awful movie Katherine Heigl is in…you suck. seriously.

    I still haven't seen Red Tails and I'm A-OK with that. I actually enjoy action movies too (I try not to make things about race in my film going ALL THE TIME) but I wasn't pressed for it, like I am for Avengers. plus hearing it was just ok didn't make me rush. I MAY check it out on redbox…

    I also wasn't concerned about the relationship with Gabby and Turtle. I just thought of it like "okay they met in college. its not uncommon…" maybe she wasn't so fine in college! gahlee. they did seem to have the least chemistry in the movie, but it wasn't that major of a point to me…
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    1. Reecie, you know I agree with you. I've dubbed those pontificating folks "mini Tavis." A bunch of negros sitting around attempting to sound intellectual, desperately wanting attention for doing nothing but talking about nothing. Pseudo-conscious opportunists… its disgusting.

      And don't worry about seeing Red Tails. You missed nothing. The same people who loved that movie are the same folks who hate Tyler Perry movies. Really? lol.

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  14. I enjoyed the movie and am happy that I gave it a chance. One of the main reasons I wasn’t excited to see it in the theatre was because there were too many stars in the movie. Rarely is a movie good when there’s far too many big names in it. I liked how the actors did their job. I liked how they brought out a whole bunch of black folks that you haven’t seen in a while or wouldn’t expect to see in a film. I liked how there was eye candy for men and women. I liked how they had Michael and Meagan tie in references from For Colored Girls and Jump the Broom. And most importantly, all the girls had their hair on point. I know that’s trivial but I don’t like seeing black women in movies with horrible hairstyles or weaves. 

    Anywho, like many mentioned it’s not groundbreaking and it won’t win an Oscar but its a movie that I won’t mind purchasing on DVD and watching it over and over. 

      1. Damn Star…you’re right. I was thinking of everyone but her when typing that sentence. Disregard that comment

      2. lol…was thinking the same thing Star….I'm really feelin Meagan Goode's hair…it really fits her face. I wanna try it for myself but scared I can't carry like her….lol

        1. Meagan Good is TOO pretty – she'd look good with an old toupee glued to the back of her head…Lord, she's beautiful! I def like her best with those short fun looks that just highlight that face – the long hair seems to hide her beauty and takes away that funky edge. But for real, she's just gorgeous.

          Gabby's hair was distractingly blah to me. Every time she was on screen except for that one shot of her reading, I was like, "oh, we're not gonna change that hair yet?" :-/

  15. I haven't seen it, don't plan on seeing it because my patience with G.U has worn thin. She's just as bad as Ashton Kutcher

    What I have heard about the film from a few homies that have seen it is that writing is clever and above par than other predom. black rom-coms that just copy/paste old Comicview jokes. I think future predom black movies should consider the marketing strategy that this film did too. I mean tons of people saw the movie for free99 and reviewed its merit/worth seeing quality. That clearly helped a lot in its opening weekend #s, otherwise I doubt that many people would've flocked to see it.
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  16. I definitely enjoyed Think Like A Man, and despite the meh-ness I have for the book behind it, the CAST is what sold me. And the general fun aura the previews had. It just looked like a fun movie. And it was.

    The Gabrielle/Jerry thing. LOL. My sister KEPT leaning over and saying, "They coulda got somebody else!" "Look how short he is!", "She is WAY taller than him." It was hilarious to see just how short she was but I kinda thought it was adorkably refreshing. Women are always typecast as someone who wants the perfect man, the perfect height, the perfect peen wallet size, etc. But that ain't reality. Compromise happens. And well, I was pleasantly surprised to see a relationship like this. I mean, think about it… we ALWAYS see couples that make us ask, "Wow, how he get HER?" or "Wow, how she get HIM?" and well… we don't know how they did. But here's the problem… we're only looking at the surface.

    1. ETA:

      And now that I think about it, I wonder if his height was symbolic of his other shortcomings in life in the film. Hmmm. Maybe I'm going too deep for a romantic comedy. LOL

  17. "The surprising part was that it wasn’t about them being an interracial couple (By the way, I’m glad the movie didn’t emphasize this). It was about how “unrealistic” it was for a man of his height, lifestyle, and looks to pull someone that looked like Gabrielle. "

    Yet women date dudes that look like him all the time and front for the Internet. Then get mad when dudes say they have "preferences". Im chillin
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  18. Lol at all of these comments. My only thing with the Gabrielle Union and Turtle (he will always be Turtle) is the transparent way they tried to "plain Jane" Gabrielle Union and spiff up Turtle to make it more "even". Disparate couples happen all the time – they should have just let it be that way. But…#thatweavetho….and at one point she was just casually rocking a bandana?! I call shenanigans. And for a slacker, he had quite a decent wardrobe…just saying. Not mad about it, but just calling a spade a spade. So-called "odd" couples are fine…but let them be odd and don't obviously try to bridge the gap.

    Ok, so maybe I'm a little mad about her weave. But that ish was really subpar.
    My recent post inomallday: @MarqRobinson I felt the same way. I found myself cracking up despite myself – originally planned on roasting it.

    1. The bandana was a major improvement.

      I will say that it probably fit her character…I mean she was cool with living in a frat house with a germ and spunk laden petri dish of a sofa, getting high with her man that saw her as one of the homies for 9 years …style and sophistication didn't seem to be high on her list of priorities…

      That's the only thing about their story line that bugged me. She changed, he didn't…at least let the dude know you'd like to alter the relationship before just giving up….you just changed up allll the rules and instead of telling him about the things you'd like to change, you just remodel the house while he's out and play reindeer games based off some book you read??

      Your coworker should never know more about your relationship than your man. Talk to him.

  19. Just writing to whine that I cannot read the post or comments because I still have yet to set a viewing date. =|

  20. I’m one of those black chicks that über vocal on line and and can have a pseudo-intellectual Internet argument pulling random stats out my @ssss with the best of them. I’m angry black woman #83658594 on Clutch. I’ve sent many a peaceful blog discussion left with a (sometimes) intentionally provocatively worded comment that serves to only further the gender divide between black web content producers and consumers. But I’m also a closet romantic, super sentimental, and I loooooove black love. And it’s been a decade since the last GOOD black romcom, The Best Man, 2 Can Play That Game, Loves Jones, Boomerang were all worn out on my laptop. I was going through Black RomCom withdrawal. I needed a fix and I needed it soon.

    So I went to see Think Like A Man. The first day it came out. By myself. At the matinee. With shades and a wig. I kept the shades on in the theater. I loved it. Kevin Hart was hilarious. Taraji and Michael Ealy’s chemistry was electric. Meagan Good’s booty was fantastic. Chris Brown’s teeth looked liked pointy chiclets. There was even a token white friend who served no purpose but to play a comic foil to Kevin Hart, and sit on the outskirts of his cooler, more interesting black friends’ love lives.

    I’ll be buying it on DVD and adding it to black romcom collection.


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