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The Six Most Annoying Trends on Black Twitter


I’ve had my twitter account since January 2008. I’ve discussed almost every subject there is to discuss. It’s only natural that being on twitter for more than 4+ years and having followed over six hundred people, I’ve started to see certain themes become repetitive. Today I would like to share with you six topic I am tired of seeing on Twitter.

Is turkey bacon really that bad?

6. Bacon.

I like bacon (turkey or sausage). It’s not my favorite pork product (that title goes to pork chops) but I do enjoy bacon with eggs and french toast every now and then. Somehow, every 36 hours or so, on Twitter, folks who worship bacon as if it’s some sort of pagan god find new ways to broach the subject on Twitter. This discussion usually comes about after some retailer finds someone new use for it. The last time a Twitter uproar was caused over bacon, some fast food chain created a bacon flavored milkshake.

5. Body Count.

You know one thing I’ve never asked a woman? How many men she’s slept with. This is because I don’t care. Unfortunately twitter deems in necessary to discuss what an acceptable number of people women (and to a lesser extent, men) should have slept with in her lifetime. What I don’t get is why it matters what strangers are doing. I don’t care about body count because 1) people rarely tell the truth, 2) as long as you’re safe if it really shouldn’t matter and 3) people rarely tell the truth.

4. Women’s Weight.

This is a topic that causes a lot of hurt feelings. Someone usually asks what the cutoff between fat and thick is and everyone chimes in with their opinion. That’s usually how it goes, or a trending topic akin to #FlatStomachAppreciationDay gets started and twitpics of crusty navels float down timelines across the country. The arguments that ensue from such conversations and twitpics are counterproductive at best.

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3. Height Requirement.

On twitter every man is 6’3 and weighs 225 pounds. Every woman is a 5’9 amazon with long legs. In reality a lot of dudes are 5’7 and a lot of women are 5’2. There’s nothing wrong with that, as those are the exact heights of my parents. What I get tired of hearing is everyone’s height preference. You would never date a man under 6’? Word, let me know how automatically disqualifying a large percentage of dating candidates works out for you [1].

Both look good to me. *shrug*

2. Natural Hair versus Perm.

Nothing causes women (and some men) to draw battle lines in ferocity quicker than this debate. As a man who could care less which side you fall I am tired of it. If you want to get in touch with your African roots or you want to better your health or you love creamy crack it’s your business. Why do you care about what others do with their hair? I have noticed that it is mainly women are newly natural who are often the most outspoken on the subject. I understand y’all are excited about your transition but stop trying to force it on everyone.

I will never look at a balloon the same way again.

1. Passionate Penchants.

Twitter loves to discuss sex. I enjoy a nice sex-laced conversation every now and then but the frequency in which Twitter discusses exactly what they like or don’t like in the bedroom is annoying. From salad tossing to running red lights and from tea bagging to money shots it’s not hard to tell where the lines will be drawn. The reason behind this topic being discussed with such vigor and passion are people tend to want to boast about what they do. Everyone wants to be viewed as having a high sexual prowess and that’s understandable but I’m tired of hearing about licking balloon knots (word to Phonte for the euphemism).

That concludes my comprehensive list of topics that I’m tired of constantly seeing get rehashed on twitter. Are you also bothered the frequency in which these matters are debated? Do you participate every chance you get? What topics are you tired of seeing or have you had to globally filter out of your timeline?


  1. ….I am so tired of people talking about "HOES" all the time….why is it that we know so much about hoes…or are just talking about that all the time?????? To be quite honest, everything blacks under 35 years old seem to talk about on Twitter is an EMBARRASSMENT.

    You forgot on thing…intentionally misspelling words – a broken down phonetic spelling….SO, we're just going to go straight EBONICS now….my people are so hard to respect.

  2. Can I add twitter logic to that list? the most recent case of twitter logic was a decent amount of folks saying/agreeing that Derrick Rose should still play … with a torn ACL, because MJ played with the flu.

  3. Im that .01% BC I’m 6’0 and there is a SERIOUS height requirement to visit this theme park!! Also, I have natural hair but I’ve been natural since birth. Currently #teamWEAVE lmbo

    1. Dee Im the same way.. Au naturale but love my sow-ins lol… I rock the naturalness maybe once a month but thats only in between getting my weave redone.

  4. The following topics I've seen like clockwork since I joined Twitter the beginning of this year

    1) The "who pays/how much should you spend on a 1st date" (it seems like people would rather argue/debate about this instead of putting their phone down and actually going on a date)

    2) Jay/Nas/Em/Pac/Biggie as best rapper of all time

    3) Knicks slander is a daily thing because I follow mostly people from NY

    I could be wrong, but sometimes it seems like people try too hard for their mentions to be in complete disarray (disrespectful misspellings come to mind). And lastly, Charlemagne the God might be the most annoying person I see RT'd on my TL, only because I've heard him take jokes from Twitter and try to pass them off as his own on the air. Weak
    My recent post So how did the Giants do in the draft?

    1. i agree with number 1. i'm so tired of seeing that on my timeline. it's really annoying. and for number two you can't forget to throw the lil wayne stans in there who feel like he's the goat. -_-
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  5. About 7% of the people I follow on Twitter are black, so I'm not privy to all these fascinating back & forths. The most excitement my TL sees is courtesy of WIM, although he does talk about bacon every now and again. The fact that a lot of people I follow are constantly pushing career-related content rather than engaging with one another sometimes makes me rolls my eyes, but I'll take that over the apparent alternatives.

    1. reading you're timeline would bore me to death. as much as black twitter is annoying at times there are times where i'm throughly entertained. mainly during big sporting events and television shows that i watch (game of thrones, the walking dead, true blood and boardwalk empire).
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

      1. Yeah, the only reason I did it that way is because I do actually want to get up on field-related blogs and use Twitter as a networking tool. That part is working out well. It is usually boring as hell, save for him & his discussions with followers. I decided to mix it up, though; I've just been too lazy to actually seek out people to add.

  6. I'm still new to Twitter. I actually only joined because of the constant references (in the comments sections of many a blog post) to things previously discussed on Twitter. So far, it's interesting. And simultaneously both underwhelming and underwhelming. I haven't yet seen anything re-hashed often enough for me to get tired of it yet.

  7. This a rather interesting post! Im noticing the similarities between black twitter in the US and the UK, such as the Height Requirement. Its ridiculous, girls barely 5’0 saying they would date any males under 6’0. I foree a lot of back ache and neck strains trying to meet somewhere in the middle. Other topics usually include, whether it is right to go to Nandos for a first date; acceptable body counts, breast vs bum debates and religion, Christianity vs atheism vs deities vs spirituality. The latter often provokes heated twitter debates.

    1. i've seen the Christianity versus atheism a couple of times and that one really bothers me. i try not to argue religion especially with people i don't know and in public. i will say that the height one kind of stings seeing that i'm under 6'0 so i don't really like seeing it.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  8. hhhmmmm……….I have yet to succumb to the latest Twitter craze, so I'm not privy to all this info posted and cannot really comment. Those are some pretty interesting topics though…..but I think I'll stick to blogging and leave Tweeting to yall.
    In fact, as we speak I'm trying to think of the latest trend I can start once Twitter gets old so I can be a rich bit** and buy myself an island or something……..*smile*
    (p.s. – I'm taking idea's for catchy names)

    1. What? No 4,000 word response today separated into 8 different reply posts? Not sure how I will make it through the day 🙁 (I kid, I kid) lol.

    2. You're such a class act Bree. I ain't even on Twitter but I'm all dippin and dappin in this convo like I know something. That's so ratchet. *Smh @ myself*

  9. I hope this doesn't sound mean/rude, but these are some pretty basic topics. You ever think of following new/different people?

    What shows up in my TL are tweets about music/sports and the occasional tweets from my Mayor Cory Booker tweeting a number that felons can call to inquire about getting a job. He also tweets inspirational quotes.

    Before I unfollowed Streetz, there was more sports talk. #stillheartbroken

    I kid. I kid. : )

    1. This is why I'm not down with #TeamFollowBack and it's also why I'm definitely down with #TeamUnfollowQuickFast

      If you tweet foolishness, I'm unfollowing immediately.

      1. I thought #TeamFollowBack was for teenagers, because they always want to brag about their twitter numbers.

      2. #TeamFollowBack is STOOPID. I mean, if tweeting was just about numbers, there wouldn't be anything fascinating about it. I wanna follow people who actually interest me and I have a good time communicating with. Not just because. LOL


    2. DYING.
      I was trying so hard to not to do it this week. But when your dimples make a (Classy) woman nearly SEVEN FEET TALL forgo a height requirement….

      I just have to bow.


    3. "I hope this doesn't sound mean/rude, but these are some pretty basic topics. You ever think of following new/different people?"

      that's the thing with RT feature. a lot of this usually gets RTd into my timeline. especially number 1 and number 2. i do have another side to my timeline that's awesome. very informative and positive.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

    4. LMBO @ this thread!

      But, yeah, I am not a part of #teamfollowback. Actually, my twitter acct is more for professional use than shenanigans. I'm really only tied to musicians/singers, PR folks, etc. and actual friends and fam. I'm followed by 83 people and only following 81. *shrugs*

  10. Okay Madscientist i see you down with the SBMinati now…i agree with everything, especially that natural hair battle it be real in the trenches. I’ve been on twitter for 3 years (damn that long) and my main thing i hate is

    1. #realboyfriend, #itsnotloveunless, #ivebeensinglesincethepresidentwaswhitebutiknowrelationship101 topics. They’re often full of a bunch of cliches, unrealistic expctations and @Tyrese tweets

    1. LMBO @ Tyrese tweets…. Dude can sing but he seriously thinks he is a relationship and life coach…. Need to get himself together before you dip into the koolaid ole self…

    1. SON. the extreme feminist movement on twitter is heavy. i don't follow any of them but it gets RTd into my timeline often. i try my hardest to ignore a lot of it.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

    2. My thing too, is they always #react to people whose opinions they shouldn't care about. It's like, if Al Reynolds says he'll never date another black women cuz they all have attitudes … why do you care? It's Al Reynolds!

  11. 1. Reality Shows
    2. Contradictory Statements, "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." But like 7h ago on their TL, "Patron shot #4, Might don't make it! I love my girls!"
    3. Deleted Tweets, this ish is getting ridiculous. Black people, and those who are not Black but on Black Twitter need to evaluate their twitter accounts and usage if they ever have to delete tweets. Those people should just stop tweeting altogether.
    4. Screenshots! – I have stopped texting at least four people because they screenshotted a text message back to me. However, when I see a woman post a screenshot on Twitter, I immediately know that Black Twitter is heading to hell with gasoline drawers.

    1. when my timeline gets heavy on reality shows i just log off and go do something else. its really annoying. now i know how people who aren't into sports feel when there's a big game on.

      if any of my texts ever end up as screenshots on twitter i'm talking really bad to someone. call it reacting if you want but there are certain things you don't do and i don't respect anyone who has the audacity to try to out someone like that.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

      1. I was just telling my homegirl the other day that this new screenshot epidemic is the reason why women can't have nothing. Women use those things to control a dude. If you send a chick a text and say, "Hey really nice meeting you, i'm really trying to get up soon." Like a week later when you haven't heard back from her and you completely lose interest… I could see shorty out and be like, "To be honest, I am not all that interested."

        She gets in her feelings and then screenshots you on Twitter, "Look at what he said, then tried to say, he wasn't interested."

        Trust me the screenshot epidemic is real. This dude from the TB Bucs got got real bad by all his side chicks on Twitter not to long ago. Dezmon Briscoe.

        1. isnt that Dwight Howard baby momma new boy toy? lawd…. all that crying to her daddy about she is happy and love dezmon and they are thinking of much on the recent episode of basketball wives is a slap in the face huh?

    2. yes the reality shows annoy me! Like, can I watch it on demand later this week (or month or in life) without already knowing every detail via tweets

    3. Wait…wait…I'm confused. Screen Shots? They answer your twitter with a reponse in a screen shot from their phone? Or…they just want to show everyone about another conversation they were having? It seems like a lot of work either way. The first time I ever saw a screen shot, my co-worker took screen shots of her husband's cell phone as proof that he was cheating to show to her lawyer.

        1. I think that girls are more into screen shots than guys. I see the teenager girls doing it all of the time. I have yet to see a boy do it, unless it's sports related on Instagram.

  12. 7. Head scarves. I rarely see a week go by where there isn't a debate about whether it's ok to wear head scarves to bed or whether a man will date/sleep with a woman who wears head scarves, period.

    To your other point, I do think it's strange how offended people of both sexes get by strangers they don't know and aren't sleeping with.

    PS…Bacon is awesome, but the fact that you discussed turkey and sausage as equals? *sigh* I can't deal…

    My recent post The Dark Knight Rises – Official Trailer #3

    1. I saw that head scarf thing over the weekend, I was like woooow…
      I just ate some turkey bacon and it was DELICIOUS! #TeamTurkeyBacon (said that to annoy you).

      1. I like turkey bacon too and if I eat it for a while, I'll decide that it tastes just as good but when I go back to that real pork bacon, it's like what was I even thinking? Then I tell pork bacon "I'm sorry boo. I love you so much. Please take me back."

      2. I was on #TeamTurkeyBacon for years until I found out it only has 2g of protein! That made me question if it was real turkey to begin with. Now I'm back to the original #TeamPorky.

  13. This was cute/funny! I like!

    Anyway, about #2, its not just newbies, I think a lot of women who have transitioned to natural feel slighted because of what has been "forced" on them from a young age and sometimes that comes across a little "too" vigorously? lol.

    #teamnaturalhair 😛




  14. I don't know…I mean, I understand some topics are often re-hashed and some conversations/discussions can get annoying, but obviously it's nothing too overwhelming that is making people delete their Twitter account in droves. But, Tunde hit on the large ones I see a lot so I'm glad it's not just me, lol.

    People that really…like seriously….let things talked about on Twitter get to them or how they express their annoyance vehemently always confuses me. As if you're not able to either unfollow someone…mute a topic or just skim over the tweet and keep scrolling up the TL….or *gasp* log off for awhile.

    Anywho, one topic I see every now and again is how (some) women complain about, and subsequently laugh at, the amount of thirst they receive in text messages/DMs etc, etc and how lame these dudes are. I'm just thinking, 'But, but…you're the one that follwed them, too and/or gave them your number and are entertaining the convo. How is it you keep on giving lame dudes your number? What's that make you?' .
    I find this rather funny and entertaining at times.

    1. everyone wants to be seen as desirable. i guess it's one of those things where if i say it enough other people will believe all these people are really checking for me. i just look at them like they need more people.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  15. I only joined twitter because, as a singer, it's necessary to be on all the social networks.

    I do enjoy the conversations that sometimes rival blog comment sections in entertainment. I follow WIM and he often strikes up good twitter convo for which there are a lot of responses. I follow Most because I enjoy his writing and perspective, and he appreciates my music. I used to follow another frequent SBM commentator, but he unfollowed, and so I had to unfollow.

    Is it me, or is the unfollow a bit harsh? Like dang, twitter isn't supposed to be deep or beef. I used to feel some type of way about people unfollowing until my numbers came up. Like dang, you can tweet about bacon but I can't tweet about a movie? How is your pointless nonsense better than mine? LOL.

    Anyway, I mainly follow people I've worked with musically, people I admire musically, or fans of my music that are also into music. I'm a big supporter of people who support me and I've actually found musicians and gotten work via twitter, so I can't/won't knock it. Don't take it too personal, don't tweet too incessantly, and have fun. Oh, and if you're like me and your parents check your TL, keep it PG-13 at the most. 🙂

    1. "but he unfollowed, and so I had to unfollow"

      When I read something on some professional blog that basically equated unfollowing someone to a cardinal sin, I had to comment on Twitter that people need to realize that not everyone cares for what we have to say, nor are they required to. When I had my other private account, it was necessary that all parties followed each other if any conversation was to be had. Now, I don't want anyone to feel obligated to follow me, especially because I will unfollow with the quickness if I find their tweets to be burdensome or completely irrelevant.

      lol I wonder if I would follow me. I do be talkin' about some inconsequential ass ish sometimes. But then again, I like people who talk to themselves.

      1. Yeah, I don't think it's a big deal anymore. Mainly because I jump into a conversation and jump out when it's done. I'm not a big unfollower unless they're typing something actually offensive, spamming me obnoxiously, or they unfollowed because they were a bot just trying to get their numbers up.

        I basically had to learn that unlike me, some people feel the need to go beyond not reading tweets and need to not even see them. I do enjoy the randomness I've gotten on my TL, though. And I kinda like linking up with people I wouldn't expect because of a common interest. Twitter is great for that. But yeah, I use it either as a professional hookup or an extension of my blog participation, and once I learned not too take the blog stuff too seriously, that made me relax about Twitter too.

        Seriously, though. My mother comments on my tweets like, "I saw you enjoyed 'Think Like a Man'. Your father and I liked it too." She really reading them. I actually don't mind. People should be a little more careful about what they post online in the first place. I think of ALL of my social networks as professional to some extent.

        1. I'm one of those people who mutes people all the way out of my newsfeed on FB, so yeah, I sometimes would rather not see x,y, or z there at all. I actually stay away from a lot of people I know IRL on Twitter, because their tweets would drive me crazy and make me abandon the entire thing. I'm selective about who I follow to begin with, so I don't have that much of a problem. I once followed someone I find amusing, but his tweets were way too raw for me as a continuous stream, so I had to abandon ship in less than 24 hours.

          I was mindful even when I had a private account, but am even more so now. There are sometimes, though, when I just say eff it, because I don't want to overly constrict myself for fear of what others in the professional world will think. Having my gov't attached to my Twitter makes for an interesting balancing act…..but like I said, most of my tweets are som'n silly.

  16. Hmm.. I don't follow a lot of people, but I do see alot of bacon posts. It could be because bacon is the awesome-est thing on earth (second only to pancetta, which is still sorta bacon…).

    I'm a big MMA fan, so most of the people I follow or who follow me are in that vein. I mostly see tweets complaining about weight cutting. Other than that, I'm usually the lone voice of dissent, waving hands in the air excitedly like "Look Ma! NO height requirement!" #TheGameHateMe

  17. "Is turkey bacon really that bad?"

    Nawl! Ninjas just don't know how to cook it right! LOL, I do admit though, that beef bacon is a bit better. And probably less salty. I do always have to laugh at how spirited the bacon topic gets on Twitter. Just like the grits argument. Sugar or butter. LAWD there be fights on fights on fights!

    I think THEE most annoying trend on Black Twitter is when a celebrity dies. It's the same ol' spiel. Celeb dies. Some ninja goes on about how no one cared about them before they died (right, because the only way to care about someone is to tweet about them EVERY SINGLE DAY… forget that you may think about them occasionally or sing their songs or watch their movies in your private life, your concern has to DOCUMENTED or it didn't happen! -_-). Some other ninja compares their death to some random death in an attempt to "call" other ninjas out. Some ninja makes a shock tweet just for the sake of shocking. Rinse. Repeat.

    1. Where are these bacon convos? I have never seen anything like that in my TL. I'd be down to discuss it, though. I do enjoy turkey bacon. Used to be all about pork bacon til I gave up pork/red meat. I don't miss bacon, but I do miss pork RIBS and a good, ol' fashioned hamburger. There are some nice burger alternatives, though.

  18. I've been natural all my life. Don't understand why new naturals act like they found Jesus. Do you! and they always discover Ankara fabric around the same time… I get that you fell free but still…

    I hate how black twitter will criticize how we think about current issues. First we start posting about the issue everyday (Trayvon Mart, etc) Then someone starts blasting people for tweeting about it when they didn't talk about it a month ago. Then another group blast the haters. Then someone calls everyone sheep. Then we just forget about the topic all together.

  19. "Is it me, or is the unfollow a bit harsh? Like dang, twitter isn't supposed to be deep or beef. I used to feel some type of way about people unfollowing until my numbers came up."

    i don't think its harsh at all. it's only twitter and if i don't like the way a person tweets i have the option of unfollowing rather than letting what they type irritate me. i used to be on "unfollow friday" heavy. another thing i've noticed is that twitter itself has a knack of randomly making you unfollow people. i've noticed that a few people's tweets were missing from my timeline and it wasn't until i did some investigating that i realized twitter unfollowed them.
    My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  20. I love this entire post. There's a few things that drive me nuts.

    1) #TwitterAfterDark – I have LONG since learned that it's not a good idea for me to check any trending topics after midnight. It's just disturbing to me. Now, I'm far from a prude, but ever since I saw RT's giving in depth analysis of proper oral technique, I almost gave up on life. Why are you bragging to randoms about how well you can throw it down? As a rule of thumb, the more you declare your sexual prowess, the greater likelihood that you need more people. This doesn't mean discussions have to be PG, but I feel like some people take it wayyyyyy too far.

    2) Unecessary twitter roasting – people need to turn everything into a punch line. Domestic violence, really? Maybe it's because of the amount of time I've worked in that field, but jokes about people getting mentally, physically, or sexually abused is just going too far for me. I know that you're trying to be the next Lil Duvall (who I don't think is funny personally) or Charlamagne tha God, but are RTs really so important? Its just tasteless to me.

    My recent post inomallday: An army of Davids, though? Lawd…

    1. i don't get the twitter roasting either. i think we discussed this when the deion sanders situation jumped off. its one thing to joke about him putting it all on twitter but some topics just shouldn't be joked about period and in my opinion domestic violence is one of those topics.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  21. Based on these comments I've come to the conclusion that although I follow black people, Im not on "Black Twitter".

    And I'm perfectly okay with that.

    1. damn how could i forget. the fact that people in 2012 put #TeamLightSkinned or #TeamDarkSkinned in the bios is disturbing. you have your picture up so i can see your shade. no need to announce it.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  22. this post is hilarious. and part of the reason why my twitter activity varies so much. i'm so tired of reading about the same old stuff and seeing the same jokes about the same people. whew. bacon though? lmao.

    i took a twitter break a while back bc my timeline was becoming overwhelmingly man-hating. icant.

  23. Most of the annoying trends and debates on “da twiddahs” have been covered here. I’m only there to marvel at the simpleness of folks, laugh, and follow bloggers. Twitter can definitely make the day go by quickly though.

  24. Black people on Twitter are annoying overall. There is almost ALWAYS a sexist, misogynistic trending topic started by a Black person, and almost all of the people who 'go in' on that trending topic are Black. Also, I see many Black Twitter users who use slang and Ebonics like there is no tomorrow. The worst of the worst of the Black race actively participate on Twitter.

    1. "The worst of the worst of the Black race actively participate on Twitter."

      i wouldn't go that far. i know a great deal of black people who are upstanding members of their communities and are actively on twitter.
      My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

  25. I can't say that I've been privy to a lot of bacon topics. My TL is usually random and when it isn't I just log off. I enjoy twitter. It has kept me awake in some desperate situations.

  26. I'm on twitter, I'm black, I have natural hair, and I don't have these problems. I sometimes see people say that there is too much foolishness in their timeline and they are going to walk away. That makes me wonder: Who are you following?! I really think it's all about who you choose to follow and the tweets you want to see. I have been on twitter since 2008 and I have learned how to manage my timeline to fit my expectations and needs.


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