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SBM Sports: Is Mayweather’s Mind In It to Win It This Weekend?


Welcome SBM to Jay Cooke’s Sports Thursday.  I am looking to pack a mean punch today. What plans do you have for this Saturday on Cinco de Mayo? BBQ? Clubbing? Watching Mo’ Money several times just to see a young Stacy Dash? This weekend’s Mayweather/ Cotto fight may not make the top of your list of things to do and I understand why. With Mayweather a 7-1 favorite heading into this fight, I can see why that wouldn’t excite you. However, does Cotto stand a better chance of beating Mayweather than people think? Dare I say, this weekend’s fight could be historical if Cotto does what no fighter has ever done before and beat the undefeated Money Man….

Floyd Joy “Pretty Boy Money” Mayweather, 35, has a historic resume.  Mayweather has won seven world titles, as well as the lineal championship in three different weight classes.  Mayweather is currently the WBC Welterweight champion.  He is known in most boxing circles as the best pound for pound boxer in the world.  Aside from his Orthodox stance, there is nothing conventional about the flash Mayweather brings to the game.  Mayweather has 42 wins with 26 wins by knockout.

Based on resume, Miguel Angel Cotto, 31, should be no walk in the park for Mayweather this weekend. At least not like you people are expecting. Cotto is the reigning WBA Light Middleweight Champion.  Cotto is a four time world champion in three weight divisions; light welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight.  Cotto has 37 wins with 30 wins by knockout with 2 losses. In 2008, Cotto lost to a questionable Antonio Margarito. Cotto’s second lost came in 2009 against a fighter you may not have heard off…Manny Pacquiao. This is not the part of the article where I discredit Cotto as a decent against Mayweather since he lost to Pacquiao.  The Cotto that faced Pacquiao in 2009 is not the same Cotto that will be facing Mayweather this Saturday.  Cotto will be fighting at 154 pounds where he has been very successful lately.

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Mayweather is the more talented and gifted fighter between these two but is Mayweather mentally prepared for this fight knowing jail time is right around the corner?

If you have been watching HBO’s 24/7 Mayweather/Cotto and you are a Mayweather supporter. there’s reason to be worried for his May 5th matchup with Miguel Cotto.  In the last three episodes, for the most part, Miguel is filmed working while Mayweather has been hanging with 50 Cent and the Money Team in malls. Mayweather seems to enjoy being around people.  He’s never with less than a handful of folks at any given time. So how does a man who is always with a posse prepare himself for being in solitary confinement for 23 hours of the day? Maybe this is what he does.

Mayweather has always been known for his phenomenal work ethics, however, based on the show he doesn’t seem as focused on training.  I can only think of two reasons for this: One, HBO is editing the show to make Mayweather appear like a loud mouth, over the top, idiot who is more concerned about money than his opponent. Two, Mayweather does not view Cotto to be a viable opponent.

I have to reiterate. Cotto is a better fighter than people give him credit for, plus he has the power to hurt Mayweather. If Cotto uses his jab he can disrupt Mayweather’s  rhythm. He did that to Shane Moseley and he dropped Josh Clottey with a stiff jab.  In the past, Mayweather has had problems avoiding the same punch. Cotto should try and exploit his jab to help set up for the combinations.  Also, Cotto needs to use his left hook.  Since the Margarito fight, he has been using far too much movement and his left hook has not been right. Cotto does some of his best work when he has an opponent against the ropes. Meanwhile, Mayweather likes to lean against the ropes to counter which would play into Cotto’s strength.

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As Manny Pacquiao prepares to fight Timothy Bradley in June, the fight world is still hoping for a Mayweather/Pacquiao in the fall but until that can happen both fighters need to win their upcoming battles. Just another thing to think about as we consider Mayweather’s temperament before this fight. Is this fight where the immortal becomes a man by losing to Cotto or is this just another win for Mayweather?

Who do you think will win? And how do you think they will win? Knock out? Decision? Share your thoughts in the comments


  1. The only reason why they are making it appear as if Mayweather is not focused on the fight is to make you watch the fight. Mayweather is paying everyone associated with this fight, including Cotto. Mayweather had this fight wrapped up a long time ago. I'm surprised that anyone is wondering what the outcome will be. Mayweather is a phenom in the gym and never can be questioned. I'm cheering for Cotto, but I know for a fact that the fight has already been fixed.

  2. I think HBO producers are just trying to make Money May look bad. Since when have you known him to slack off. He is a master of his craft and takes boxing dead seriously. Probably the best technical/Counter-fighter ever. No one can keep up with the speed and the lengths he can go in a fight. This will be drawn out but my pradiction is Mayweather goes out like a BOSS!

  3. Ya'll fall for that 'not taking Cotto serious' jazz if you want. It's not gonna be a walk for Floyd by any means, but in every dimension he's better than Cotto. Make no mistake about it.


    Please. Show me your 'facts'. Not that Boxing isn't a dirty game, but…fixed HOW?


  4. I don’t know about fixed, but this fight will go to Mayweather easily IMO. Floyd will use his typical boring style to wear Cotto down.

    I definitely think HBO is editing 24/7 to make it interesting. They had me convinced Ricky Hatton strode a chance against Floyd, lol. I’ll try to find a spot to watch it, but I’ll be shocked if Cotto gets a W.

  5. I plan to watch the fight but I'm like whatevs about the whole event because I'm waiting for him to fight Pacquiao.

    Like.. WhatzUp!!! it seems as if Mayweather is avoiding him, he got too many excuses mayne.

  6. Mayweather all the way. Watch the counter upper-cut. Cotto holds his guard up too high and ducks his chin too low.

    Also, Mayweather spaces fighters better than any boxer I've ever seen. No fighter does a better job keeping fighters at a distance from which he can land his punches and they can't.

    Cotto arms are too short to box with Mayweather. Literally.

  7. Like Marquez/Pacquiao (when Pacman shoulda caught that L), if Cotto wants to even be considered a decision winner he has to knock PBF on his behind. The boxing game is skewed to the favorites until proven otherwise. However, i don’t think Cotto has enough speed to keep up with Floyd or enough power to really knock him off his game. Floyd by decision.

  8. Like all fighters in a fight, Cotto has a chance BUT the likely hood of him beating Mayweather is slim to none. I can't see Mayweather losing this bout. Mayweather will win this fight by decision, he will serve his 90 days in jail and he will come out and fight another fighter not named Pacquiao…smh…Mayweather/Pacaquiao fight would save boxing but since they won't fight, boxing is going to get lapped by mixed martial arts.


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