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Can Women Be Bad in Bed?

Some dudes really think like this.

Excluding a pungent aroma, I don’t think women can be bad in bed. They just can’t. A number of men disagree but I don’t understand how when most people’s measurement for a pleasurable experience, an orgasm, is almost 125% guaranteed every time for a man; whereas for a woman, it’s 50/50 at best. This is like being thirsty and being upset because you were offered water instead of red Kool-aid with a twist of lime. At least you got to drink! She was thirsty and you offered her salt and vinegar chips. You must chill. Anyway, below are 5 reasons why I think it is impossible for women to be bad in bed.

1. Sorry, but if a woman comes in bad in bed and leaves bad in bed it’s your fault. I feel you should be running things anyway. That’s my stance on life and it extends to the bedroom. In my opinion, there are only women that are more talented in the bedroom than other women. If the woman can’t ride for instance, flip her over and take control or be willing to teach her. She must have learned (or not learned) somewhere and if she learned incorrectly, rather than complain about it, fix it. If you don’t have the time, patience, or will to fix it that’s fine. It’s also your fault, because she’s going to keep right on being wack until some dude teaches her otherwise. That girl you enjoyed so much before? Guess what? Some dude taught her and it might have been Yeezy.

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Did you massage the easy button first?

2. It’s dry. Like most dry things in life, add water. Of course, by water, I mean lube. You can find a preferred brand of choice, but I personally recommend Astroglide. Assuming this isn’t a one night stand, you might also want to gain a better understanding of why she’s dry. Is this every time or some time? What changed between the floods and the droughts? In most cases, here’s looking at you, kid.

3. It’s loose. I think “loose” is a misnomer. By this logic, any woman who has ever had a child is ruined and not only does that not make sense, it’s not true. The term itself seems like nothing more than an urban legend. Can it be loose? Sure, but relative to what assuming she’s not a virgin? Most men have been in some loose good stuff and some tight bad stuff, so that’s not really a defining factor in and of itself. Instead, I’ve found most men and women use this phrase to coerce or diss a woman, albeit inaccurately.  Truthfully, most men over the age of 15 I know aren’t worried about how loose or tight it was in terms of enjoyment. Of course, it’s possible I hang out with a bunch of goons.

4. She just lays there. (Please refer to #1). You watch too many adult films. Not every woman is going to flip off a balance beam onto your [Richard], fold herself into a pretzel, spin 180 degrees and ride it cowgirl, sir. Are there girls out there like that? Sure. If you’re not with that girl though, whose fault is that? So there’s no confusion, I’m looking you dead in the face right now. Keeping it real, you’re probably not with her because you couldn’t handle her, more than likely, in or out of the bedroom. Conversely, I’ve heard any number of women making fun of any number of mattress actresses, like Kim Kardashian for example. That’s fine.  However, until I can see your tape for comparative analysis, I can’t take your grandiose claims for much more than a grain of salt because you might suck, and not in the good way, just as poorly.

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Furthermore, I’ve had women who just laid there – which usually means she wasn’t as active as other women, because if a woman is just lying there she might literally be dead – who were as good or better than women who flipped all across the room and acted like women they saw on TV. If you grade sexual gratification by how much your woman moves around and not by how much connection you have with her, then yes, I can see how you might be disappointed. On the other hand, if you view your woman as more than a collection of holes, then the experience should generally be enjoyable for both partners even if the trailer isn’t rockin every single time.

5. The exception to the rule. In making this list, I realized there is one way for a woman to be bad in bed and that is if she somehow embodies #1 – 4. This, however, has literally never happened to me.

If you disagree with the above list, how can a woman be bad in bed? Further, how can it or can it not be overcome?



  1. Of course women can be bad in bed. I don't even understand the words that you wrote in attempting to support your position.

    1. LMAO
      but I agree. I think we all differ in skill and interest when it comes to sex so anyone can be "bad" when it comes to sex.
      I don't think it should be left up to my male partner to be "running things" though. That's far too passive for me and too demanding of him.
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    1. Lazily quoting out of context to appear intelligent? I can do that too… wow, and look, it's from the same paragraph:

      "In my opinion, there are only women that are more talented in the bedroom than other women. If the woman can’t ride for instance, flip her over and take control or be willing to teach her. She must have learned (or not learned) somewhere and if she learned incorrectly, rather than complain about it, fix it."

      The laziness of your millenium dudes knows know bounds…
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  2. Hey, this is good news for women everywhere. No complaints here! lol.

    However, I think men and women alike can justifiably be considered bad in bed if they consistently appear bored as hell, move around (and/or look at their partner) with extreme awkwardness, and do not make any kind of real attempt to please the other party. The fact that a woman's insides are warm and inviting, IMO, doesn't signify that she's good..or at least good enough to be "not bad in bed". It simply means that her insides are a desirable safe haven. Being good at something implies more than just showing up. In the same manner, I hardly think a guy is worth celebrating simply because he's reputed to be working with something terrific down there. Sometimes, it's because the woman has little attraction to the person she's in bed with, but I'd place the blame on her for being in that situation. I'm inclined to agree with you on the dry/loose arguments, but I'm afraid I would have to defer to you men who actually feel the difference.

    …Does this make me a traitor to my sex?

  3. Only way a woman can be bad in my opinion is there's no sexual chemistry between ya'll. For each complaint named above, there's a remedy that both can fix. "She just lays there" is so ambiguous. That's usually code for she doesn't move how I want/like her to move. So if that's the case, then as a guy you can move her to the position or rhythm that works for you. Women can be basura at oral face-time, but actual intercourse? Tough to fathom
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  4. I had this old Italian friend who passed on years ago, and he had this "theory" which till today I use as a sort of barometer. The great irony was that I saw references to it in the book, The Godfather, so I'm guessing there are certain truths to it. The theory is simple, it all starts at the date, if the girl is one of those nit-picky eaters, always with the salads and pretending she isn't hungry and you can hear her stomach rumble a mile away, she is bound to be lousy in bed, cause she can't even be herself infront of you infront of a meal The same applies for stingy chicks, and by stingy, I mean girls who have no reason not to sleep with you. However if the girl is the one holding the knife wondering why you haven't sat down so that the both of you can start butchering the turkey down, you have a keeper. She will be free and open in bed to try knew things.

  5. I agree with #1, if she’s wack its yours, Brian McKnight and her exes fault. Plague upon all your houses. However, the other 3 i gotta throw a challenge flag. At some point men get over the sweetest joy that they’re getting getting (radio edit), and develop some type of standard. *cues Patriotic music in background* Am I wrong for demanding it gets wet and stays wet, am i wrong for wanting her to throweth it backeth, am i wrong for wanting to feel both walls, am i wrong for wanting her to stop rushing me because she got hers 2 songs ago…

      1. I'll add… If you want to demad it gets wet and stays wet. I demand you get it wet and keep it wet.

        1. I might as well add to this PSA (I really was trying not to get into detail!!!!)..
          No this is not on topic. But…I'm not a porn star. You really DO need to er… alternate varying degrees of um…intensity & speed, lest you go from the atlantic to the sahara with your b.pumper impersonation. But back to our regularly scheduled programming….

  6. I agree. I don’t think its possible for women to be bad in bed (on floor, on couch, in car, or in park– don’t judge me) I think it’s the EXPERIENCE that can be damned to hell but not the woman’s sex. The only thing that makes sex bad for you guys is if you’re not getting it. If she’s a culprit of any of the instances above, then YOU my friend need to rely on your degree from the Brian McKnight school of Fuckery and “Show her how her P***y works”. Tokyobrown, reporting live from Atlanta,GA. Back to you Bob….

    [Meanwhile, there’s a black dude getting his rocks off to a cat thats licking his nipple (just thought id point that out) Fellas, don’t be THAT guy.]

  7. Lol I actually like this list. I think lack of enthusiasm can make a woman bad in bed. No one wants to have sex with someone who makes it seem like a chore, rather than something they equally enjoy.

    One question though: I completely agree with your number one. If a woman/man is bad in bed nine times out of ten their partner didn’t help show them any new tricks or just got their quick nut a bounced. So if your number 1 is true (a woman can be taught once she’s yours and open to it) then what’s the big deal about a guy (let’s say 26) getting with a virgin. I’m only asking because I remember one article a while back on here talking about virgins and a lot of guys were like they don’t want to deal with helping her learn. I mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing but she can be taught right?

    1. " I remember one article a while back on here talking about virgins and a lot of guys were like they don’t want to deal with helping her learn. I mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing but she can be taught right? "
      Good point SMielz……man yall be remembering the hell outta previous post…..

  8. "If you grade sexual gratification by how much your woman moves around and not by how much connection you have with her, then yes, I can see how you might be disappointed."

    This sentence, alone, would have been an awesome post for me.

    I confess that, without some type of connection, I have been the one to just lay there. Was it good for him? He never complained LOL!! Was it good for me? Hell No!! Even with great conversation, it wasn't great enough to make up for what was lacked in the bed. However, connecting with someone on and off the scenes? I have been known to lock into some serious back and kegel excercises simultaneously, lol. Did he complain? No! as a matter of fact, we got engaged, apparently he couldn't wait for the wedding so we had a baby. hmmm….. I'm thinking there just may be a few other origins of felines, just call me "Goodius Pusimus" 😉 LMAO!!!

  9. That is the most hilariousest picture I've ever seen! Dr. J, is that you in the pic? I'm playin boo. Anyway, I think women can be bad in bed. I used to be. Took about four years into marriage for it to get better. I don't say that to scare any of ya'll away from marriage though. It just took me some time. And I said it before, I'll say it again. ID Glide is better than Astroglide.

    1. I hate you so much right now, lol. 4 years? What kind of remedial lesson plan were you on?

      1. Well I've already told ya'll that I don't have any rythym. But on top of that, I just had to change my mindset. I used to put too much pressure on it by always trying to "prove my love" or something plus some other deeply rooted issues that were instilled in me. When I decided to just relax and have fun, I started getting a better response from my hubs. By that time, I'd read quite a few trashy books too.

      2. Tef you are soooooo wrong for dat………lol…..Leave Krys alone…at least she was willing to learn and was a good student and it's probably all good now…….your never too old and it's never too late to learn new things…..*smile*

        1. I'm hearing good things about this Shades of Grey book series…..just sayin'. You're not the only one studying! You kilt me on that 4 years, though. You better have an B.A. in Rumpshakin'.

        2. I've heard about that book and Max even talked about it but I'm not sure it's for me. Wendy Williams was talking about it saying there are torture chambers in it and what not, I mean, I can get with cuffs and blindfolds but torture chambers? I'm good bro. That series might be a bit much for me.

        3. Oh and I should mention that we'd had good nights before, just not as consistently awesome.

  10. #1, 4 I thought it was encouraged that women hold back especially if you are looking to be considered for the long term. I mean if the girl comes out the gate as Roxy Reynolds Part II aren't you going to question her ho-tivities, the fragile male ego and ish? or Is it about being open and not initiating?
    As for #2 For me it is quite psychological, because lube is great with a baseline of moisture but if it's the Sahara then that let's me know that I should't be messing with dude. But in that case I have heard some girls think on previous partners or their own fantasies to get off. Sorry guys.
    Lastly #3 Ben Wall Balls anyone? and if you're athletic you can have a vaginal Ping pong competition. But what about the ridges of the vagina (the rugae for those so inclined) doesn't that count for something?

    1. Hold back doesn't mean do nothing or perform poorly. You can still "do well" while not giving the A++ game. You are talking about two separate things entirely

    2. Not that I really expect men to answer, but I really, REALLY wanna know how different vaginas are…like do they actually feel the "rugae" from one vag to another? These are things I seriously, seriously wonder about.

      Like I f you were blindfolded and allowed to stick it in three exes, could you identify them simply by the feel of their chocha on your man man?

      <–Has too much time on her hands…

      1. Since I'm already feeling like crap and may be suffering the adverse side effects of a number of drugs, I'm going to answer this question that I normally skip.

        All vaginas are not created equal. All men know this but few will admit it, especially to a woman. Many women have asked me to describe the difference but I can't because it's usually a combination of factors, like a perfect storm.

        Let me put it like this, women know all sex doesn't feel the same for them, yet they assume all sex is the same for men….it isn't. Some women are just naturally more gifted….in real life.
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      2. Basically was WIS said. They do feel different. The only thing I know of definite description is the depth, but everything else, it's hard to put it into words. It's like when you have to describe a complicated word w/out using the actual word. It just is
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  11. HELL YES WOMEN CAN BE BAD IN BED! The goal of sex (for pleasure) is to please the other person unless you're paying for it then its to finish in the given time frame (not that I know about it, I just hear things lol)! Any woman (or man for that matter) who doesn't whip out all tricks and talents respective to the level of intimacy or out right nastyness of the sexual encounter should be beat and flogged for sexual laziness!!! Tips for ladies!
    1: GIVE HEAD. No more need be said
    2: Presentation The pretty gifts are as fun to look at as they are to open
    3: Be comfortable with your body: Chances are we dont' give a shit about the flaws you see with your body….We want the lights on so we can look at your body…Visual stimulation is just as important as physical
    4: GIVE HEAD!!!
    5: Let go! We all know you're a freak…now is the time to show it…

  12. Yes, it’s very much possible for a woman to be bad, just like it’s possible for her to be great. I think some of it stems from a sense of complacency in some thinking ,”At least you’re getting some” and they think that whatever happens from there, it’s all good. Lies, I tell you. Lies! I doubt it’s a true lack ability, but a lack of desire for excellence at what she does that makes her bad at what she does.

    1. Wis, let's say the woman just lays there and nothing, and i mean Nothing you do makes her move very much, unless you do something that hurts. Yes, you can still do what you do and get your rocks off being on top. But do you want to be with a woman where your always and I mean always on top and "runnin thangs?"
      Granted u can try to teach her to ride you but what if she just cannot get it right?
      Or if your with a woman where everything you do hurts? She's crying before you pull it out? Most men I know hate that. I know men who have experienced women that were too tight and they don't like that either.

      1. And there is such a thing as too loose. The vajajay is like a rubber band and it also has muscles.
        Just like a rubber band can get overstretched and lose elasticity so can the vajajay. Muscles can also lose elasticity which happens naturally as people age. Your body does not stay exactly the same and in the same condition for as long as you live if you live a very very long time. 60 yr old cooch is not typically like 30 yr old cooch. It ages like every other part of your body. So loose cooch is something that is a very real condition.
        Vaginal dryness is also very common in many older women, especially during and after menopause.
        Lube helps but realistically it's tough to have a long extended session because the dryness doesn't just happen one time and is magically fixed with lube. You have to continuously reapply the lube like suntan lotion. The dryness repeatedly occurs thruout the time your having sex due to the constant friction.

        1. Vaginal dryness can happen to younger women too. Side effect of breastfeeding.

  13. Yeah…I'm hoping this is satire. If you really think there's no way for a woman to be bad in bed, you're either extremely fortunate or haven't had many experiences….prolly both. I think this mentality contributes to a lot of WHY some women are bad in bed, yet haven't had any motivation or reason to improve.


  14. I'm over here dying. That pic man….that pic! wtf?!? I don't disagree with you though. A man's pleasure is close to guaranteed. A woman's pleasure is a much more elusive thing, lol.

  15. I fully disagree with you today. And I see many others agree.
    A women can most certainly be bad in bed. And for the very reasons you eluded too in #1 and #4. In fact in a way you contradict yourself. If a woman can't ride it correctly or lays there like a log that is sign that she is bad in bed. That she lacks the ability to please her/that man. That instead that man must USE HER to PLEASURE HIMSELF.
    Think about it like it was a job and you are assigned to work in pairs to complete a project. If your co-worker wasn't pulling their weight on the project would you say they are a bad partner or would you say they were still a good partner but its your fault for not taking over? To get the job done and cover yourself I'm sure you would take over but that person, as far as you were concerned, would be a bad partner. You'd likely not want to work with them again for that reason. Its the same thing in sex. You may take over to get yours but that person would be labelled as a bad (sex) partner.

  16. I use to think no they can't when I was younger. In the end, the best for us was the last 30 seconds. Now being older and getting some of that grown and sexy, yes women can be bad. Does it really matter to me? No. Being single, catchin the breezies or boppers, after the deed is done they move on. If I were actually interested in her, then it would matter. How do women rectify their weak sex game? Ask and thou shall receive.

  17. to answer your question, yes. women can be terrible in bed. i think i've said this before but a lot of women believe that because there is physical evidence that a man climaxed then she did a good job. common misconception that women have. just because a man cums it doesn't mean she did a good job.
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  18. I think overall , attitude determines how good or bad a woman is in bed over skill most of the time. None of us walk into sex knowing all the tricks in the book, we all have to be taught. A woman who is open to learning how to please her partner, comfortable with herself, and open to learning regardless of her skill level, will most likely be a good lay. Plus let’s be honest a man is goin to get his nut regardless of how bad/ bore of a lay you are. It might not be his best experience but he is more than likely going to get his. For a woman if the man is wack or selfish/ not willing to please her then she will probably walk out of the bedroom with no orgasm And a sore vagina from all that unnecessary pounding.

    I took this post as more of a here are four excuses u can’t always use for why a woman is bad in bed.

    1. Could not have said it any better. Nothing better than a confidant woman who knows how to do her "vag*** thizzle" in the bedroom. It's makes for a good interaction session between the two sexes. In reference to this post, women can definitely be bad. A lazy lay is definitely no good. I will say if you see her as a potential wifey, you will be more willing to teach her the many different karma sutra positions out there (60+). Now a random, around the mill chick, you may do the unthinkable and just fake an organism just to get rid of her….It's sad, but true….Been there, done that….lol

  19. Cosign Larne.
    Wis were you smokin some "eeewwweeeeee" this past weekend???? lol
    Pic is funny. Opinions are crazy.
    Anybody can be bad in bed. Your the only man I've ever known to think these things did Not make a woman bad in bed.
    Every guy I know has said these are the very things that can make sex with a woman horrible.
    Unless your the type of dude that feels like as long as your di** is in some pu*** and your controlling the strokes, thats all you need to get a nut I don't see how you can think this.
    One thing you missed that is extremely important is a partner that wants to please you. If you are with a woman who is unwillingly to do any of the things you like sexually.

  20. Honestly no matter how perfect she was in every other way would you be in a long-term relationship with a woman who did not believe in giving head, did not do anal, and only wanted to do one position????
    A woman who is unwilling to please you and try new things I think you would deem as selfish and not good in bed. As Naija said you imply that all the woman has to do is "show up" and even though I don't know you, I just can't see you or any of the SBM's being that dude who goes for that type of okie doke.

  21. Imma leave this entire post alone, as there really is no comment I can make without having to plead the fifth mid-sentence. ("grrl, I don't know HOW you can be bad, because I …er…scratch.")

    I will note that good or bad, EVERYONE has been taught. So, if you may, please have some patience & empathy with your next female partner. Think REAL long and hard about who taught that girl to just "LIE there" and accept whatever was being done. Hopefully that wasn't too much of a downer 🙂

  22. I feel like I'm speaking out of turn because I don't sleep with women, but I think it's possible for a woman to be bad in bed. I know I had a bad spell in my twenties when I was young and uptight and known for saying "I don't do that". I remember a man once asking me if I was spoiled as a child immediately after the deed. I think I get what he was trying to imply.

    Needless to say, I don't have that affliction anymore.

  23. I get what WIM's saying.

    There's a difference between "bad" and "not great". If you came, how "bad" was it really? I mean , really.

    He SAID some are better than others, he's not saying there's no one better than the other, just saying that unless you're 1-4, a decent partner can probably work it out.

    Of course we all wanna be THE BEST, so it helps our theory if we think that other people are horrible – makes our extra regla chexin, extra special…

    I have a friend that would certainly disagree, he had a woman that he didn't enjoy at all…but I think this is a rarity.

      1. Star & Wis, luv ya like cooked food but I call Bullsh** on "If you came, how "bad" was it really? I mean , really."
        Reason being simply……you can make yourself cum by masturbating. You can also think of some other stimuli besides the one your with to make you cum.
        My thing is this – Wis you said unless a woman is 1 thru 4 it's not bad in your opinion.
        However, think about if you married a woman that was any 1 of these things and you had to deal with this day in and day out for months, years………then would you still feel the same way……?
        Ask a man who has been married for umpteen years to a woman who is just 1 of the 4 things you mentioned and let me know if you still have the same opinion. You may still feel the same as you do now, but you will get a different perspective on this.

        1. "Ask a man who has been married for umpteen years to a woman who is just 1 of the 4 things you mentioned and let me know if you still have the same opinion."

          …and I bet he still keeps hitting, and would even like to hit it more often…so again, how "bad" is it? Alls I'm saying…

          And I'm pro any side that ends with me coming. Regardless of if I'm alone, or using some "other stimuli" or whatever else you listed above…I know it's just my opinion, but I'm a big fan of coming. Just throwing that out there.

          Pleasantries 🙂

        2. Just because you keep doing something doesn't mean you it's quality. College students eat romen noodles a lot. It ain't because it's the greatest food 1$ can buy. A lot of time you do something a lot just because it's there.

        3. Star I know men like this, and those men typically cheat with another woman who is "bending it like beckham" and givin it to him superhead & midori style or however he wants it.
          Yeah they may stay married to the woman because "it's cheaper to keep her" he loves her and she is a good mother and keeper of the house or whatever, but he is gettin the good good from another woman. Folks many times assume that just cause people are married and smiling and look happy that they are happy; not always the case.
          At any rate, I'll charge this to difference of opinions. Wis obviously knows what makes him happy and what he want and doesn't want. And if the things he listed Do Not constitute as "bad sex" to him, then more power to ya Wis. To a degree that's good for you because your expectations aren't as high as many other guys. It seems your more easily satisfied than most other men and those things don't deter you from getting a good nut. And at the end of the day, that's the number 1 goal, a good nut. So on that note, I digress.

          And I am a huuuuuuuge fan of comin too Star……..*smile*

    1. I'm not an expert or anything, but as long as the aroused Richard has an inviting receptacle, there will usually be ejaculation. It may just be a matter of semantics, but it wasn't bad =/= she wasn't bad. One is saying that her goodies did the trick, and the other is saying that she wasn't less than useless as a partner beyond that detail she had no control over. The guy basically had a good time in spite of her if nothing else checks out. I can have a terrible sports partner but still manage to have fun by virtue of doing what I love. That doesn't make the other person any less terrible. I personally have nothing to gain by making such an argument, but the alternative doesn't quite take root in my mind.

      1. Do you think given the choice he'd have rather have NOT had the "good time in spite of her"? Cause if not, again I say not all that bad IMO. She could've been better, but he still got to hit that high note…

        "I'm not an expert or anything, but as long as the aroused Richard has an inviting receptacle, there will usually be ejaculation." This statement alone validates WIM's position…coming is just pretty darn fun, no matter the journey to reach that destination.

        1. As WIM said, we'll just have to agree to disagree. It appears some of us are talking about performance while others are talking about sensations. Still not the same thing, in my opinion.

    2. "He SAID some are better than others, he's not saying there's no one better than the other, just saying that unless you're 1-4, a decent partner can probably work it out."

      Exactly! Somehow I get the feeling that not very many people got that part.

      1. Wis first statement – "Excluding a pungent aroma, I don’t think women can be bad in bed. They just can’t."
        This is the point that people, myself included, who disagree are arguing. I've never been with a woman and don't have a di** to put inside a woman; so I'm just going by what men have told me. As for personal experience, I have none so I digress.
        My question to you Wim is this – since you have so clearly spelled out why women cannot be bad in bed, please expound on what makes a woman good? What qualifies as good sex to you?

        1. I love reading your comments Bree, btw. But arguing on one point out of an entire post? I get it though. Sure, a man can have an experience with a woman that they did not find enjoyable. I just feel like the reasons that WIM pointed out can't necessarily be used as defnitive reasons why a woman is "bad" in bed. Mainly because the "conditions" he stated in #1-4 have remedies (for those willing to implement of course). He's simply saying, before complaining that some food "you" eat was bland, try adding a little salt first. If its still not good after that, then maybe there's something to complain about.

        2. Thanks Babes……..true all the things Wis listed can definitely be worked upon.
          Number 1 I disagree with more than any of them though. If a woman gets with a man and doesn't have the skillz to pay the bills in the bedroom, and when they are no longer together she still doesn't have the skillz that is not necessarily a reflection on that man or his fault.
          I always come from this standpoint: You can only teach someone who is ready, willing, and able to learn. Sex is like being a great dancer. We all have feet and legs that give us the ability to move them in certain ways to have the ability to dance. However, we are not all meant to be Michael Jackson, Ballerina's, Chris Brown, J-Lo, Judith Jamison, Savion Glover, and any other great dancer. In the same way, not every man and woman are gonna be great in bed and be able to do extra things. You could be with someone who is great in every other area, but just not teachable in the sex department. You could be with a woman who just can't give head. Maybe many men before you have tried and failed at trying to make her halfway decent, and not use her teeth, and be able to at least get the head in her mouth without choking and gagging. Maybe men have tried to get her to ride it like a cowgirl and she just can't get it.
          Now if it's just a jump off, one nite stand, or random chick then it's whatever. The woman's title makes a difference. Wis if your just speaking about any temporary chick, and not your girl, or wifey then it's all good and I retract all my previous arguments because in that case a nut is just a nut and that's all your in it for, so it is what it is. However if this is your girl or wifey then it's totally different, because that means any one of those things will more than likely be happening for a very long time, and that does make a difference.
          I doubt any man would wanna constantly go thru this with his woman. It would get old, real fast, and the di** would start talkin to his azz sayin "man we need to get some real satisfaction from somewhere else."
          imo what would definitely constitute as bad sex if nothing else, is someone who was completely unwilling to do anything at all to satisfy you and please you. Someone who refused to work with you and didn't allow you to teach her, and she had no desire to learn anything from you sexually.
          This you did not mention Wis and this is a possibility. There are many women like this. Who will absolutely refuse to let you "flip them over, take control, and teach them."
          If this is something that is not the case, and it should be assumed that the woman is ready, willing and able to learn and eager to please, then my sincerest apologies.

        3. I know I'm getting a little deep here, but your overall health makes a big difference in your sex life, especially as you "get up in age."
          If a woman is not in good shape, doesn't eat fairly healthy, and doesn't take care of her body good, and doesn't exercise and maybe do some yoga or calisthenics or something then she will be limited in the positions she can do and her "staying power." Your body's flexibility and stamina are in many ways dependent on your health.
          That's all folks….God bless & Good-nite.

    3. At the end of the day most things are relative and people will speak when judging things in relative terms. That's just the reality of the situation. So the very simple answer of can women be bad in bed is yes.

  24. Oh and a cat breastfeeding on a man?! For real though? Then the caption too. Wow. Wow. Wow. The internet will be the death of us…

  25. Never underestimate the "Missionary PushBack"!!! just because a woman is on her back, so called laying there doesn't mean she's a dead star fish.

  26. I understand the root of this discussion but overall I feel like saying no one is bad is the same as saying no one is good either. We all have had those people who you reminance on and still shiver from height of that climax. But to WIM's point, that very same person could have had an off day and no boom boom occurred or was even possible.

    If she's dry and requires Lubricant, a man should personalize and question if he doing things right. And/or if he is limp, she should be wondering whats wrong with her too cause if he is limp, there aint no sex and thats bad. Poor men with ED think oral is a good exchange and for those looking to be penetrated, it aint. Men should hail Levitra if Richard ain't on point.

    The breast feeding cat on Akon is extremely distribing and causes me to question the humor of WIM. I am hoping the medications have blurred his perception today.

  27. I see where you are coming from, I also think it's rarer for a woman to be bad cause we tend to automatically learn and improve with experience, whereas men can be DOWN RIGHT TERRIBLE regardless of his experience! I also find that sexual performance varies and is subjective. To one dude, I found myself performing like a porn star, to another, I found myself acting frigid. The former, because he KNEW what he was doing. So yeah definitely a man knowing how to RUN things, enhances the experience; Sex is a two way game, and her performance is usually a reflection of his.

  28. This seems like a conversation amongst men and I am so happy to be that proverbial fly on the wall.
    I am heterosexual woman and I not even qualified to even speak on this topic, but I find it interesting how a lot of women on here do. I just can't see myself debating a man on this, I just can not, I mean how? For those of you who choose to, more power to you. As for myself, I feel like my only contribution is to be an observer and maybe learn and thing or two. Thanks, WIM for sharing your insights.

  29. What is this bad in bed business? I know of no such thing. To me, there is only “not that into you”. All sex is good sex. Unless he’s not that into me. It’s happend a couple of times and it seems to me it was because he was just trying to bust one and I coulda been a blow up doll. No bueno. I need some enthusiasm. I think it goes both ways. I think bad sex for men Is sex with no enthusiasm. I dunno why a woman would be less than enthusiastic. I always am. So I figure im a good lay. Ive never been told otherwise. Yeah I know a guy is not gonna tell me. But if I brought the wet and the enthusiasm, I don’t care what he thinks. Its a potluck and those are my dishes.

  30. "Excluding a pungent aroma, I don’t think women can be bad in bed. They just can’t." — 100% false off the jump, my man.

  31. To add onto Rule #2, you have to "boil the water first" …it's the mans job to get a woman 'wet' …this should be done through foreplay. Some men try to get straight to it, this could be why some women are reluctant to "perform" better in bed. Women alike, should be responsible for getting their man hard – primarily accomplished with oral sex.

  32. Women can definitely be bad in bed. I agree that it's the man's fault for sticking around. If you try to teach her to be better and she refuses to listen–bounce! But women can be bad in bed, and mostly it's because of selfishness…

  33. Women can be bad in bed. I'll admit I never met one who was until age 34. She is an ex of mine who used to be wonderful in bed when we first met as teenagers. Since then, she has been treated badly by practically every man she has been with. She has had to go without sex for months, now when I met her she told me it had been over 6 months since her last sexual experience, even though she is engaged. She feels she is unattractive (I disagree) and her self-esteem is very low. This seems to result in her just laying there, not expressing anything during sex. I love her and would love to be able to bring her back to her very likely great potential, but I don't know how to go about it. I won't let the bad sex bother me nor will I call her out on it, knowing how fragile she is. I have tried slowly to explain some things to her but have barely scratched the surface. How could I help her regain her self-esteem and let her become the great lover I know she can be? She is very sensitive and if I talk about it too directly, she will likely take it as an insult. I feel I have a future with this woman and I MUST get the sex back to what it can be. I'm lost on how to proceed. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful to hear them.


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