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SBM is excited to announce our partnership with talented Mr. Christian Law, also known as @FreshChrisLaw. We’re looking forward to Chris bringing his sartorial expertise to the site with weekly posts keeping us abreast of all the latest happenings in men’s (and maybe sometimes women’s) fashion. To learn more about him, check out his bio below, visit his awesome site and follow him on twitter.

What’s going on good folks of SBM. I too am excited about this partnership. I’ve been a long time reader of the site and am excited about the opportunity to present the black male perspective on fashion and accessories. My goal is to help SBM’s readers develop their own sense of style by incorporating the classic, classy fashion sense our men have traditionally displayed with the latest and greatest trends straight from the fashion week runways.

Today, I want to talk about spring and summer fashion. Here are a few things I think we should all be aware of as April showers shift to May flowers and we rejuvenate our wardrobes for this warmer weather.

Everyday Color Blocking

Simple Black, White, Red Color Block

The last couple seasons we’ve seen the popularity of color blocking has increased exponentially.  While you may not be ready for a neon green pant, red shirt and orange jacket, it doesn’t mean that you have to rule out the trend altogether. There are some subtle ways to create this trend in your wardrobe. By adding a pop of color like a fire engine red in your outerwear or in your footwear, you’ll slowly be adding color blocks in to your everyday.

Print Preview

Adding print to your collection is a much-needed addition to your wardrobe. Whether its plaid, tribal prints, or Baja Navajo, prints are very important and necessary for the spring. For example, you can rock a plaid shirt with a mismatch tie, or a plaid blazer with a printed pocket square. Get creative and push your own envelope.

All Blue Everything

Tailored Blazer +Baby Blue V-Neck

Blue is becoming such a important and popular color … and not just because of Blue Ivy’s birth, but instead due to what’s been trending from fashion week. Whether it’s a blazer, a tie or pair of socks, garments in variations of blue: like cobalt or navy are the greatest way for you to start your spring collection correct.


Whether it’s a blazer for going out on the weekend, a suit for your job interview or a casual suiting look for a summer wedding, your suit jacket should always be tailored to your frame. Women love a man in a suit, but all fitted suit results in ill fate. Pay the extra set of dollars and get your blazer tailored.

The blazer is key staple in any men’s wardrobe. I’m not talking about the suit jacket from the suit you bought for a wedding 3 years ago and never wear. I’m not talking about the denim blazer you inexplicably still have from a clearance rack from Sean John. I’m talking about a power blazer, the kind of blazer you can rock with khakis and jeans. The blazer should fit you well (see previous statement) and should vary in color, print and style. Double-breasted blazers are a great addition as well. You can rock it buttoned up with a colored pant or unbutton with a t-shirt and jeans.

Pant City

Ignore T-Pain Here. Focus on Chris' Blue Pant

You’ll happy to know that the skinny pant is on its way to leaving. Sure, there are some slim fit pants still lurking here and there, but the ultra skinny is officially on its way out. What you will need for this spring is variety. Check out some options and find out where in pant city, you will live.

A: Colored Pants

One the more important and worthwhile trends in current men’s fashion are colored pants. The degree to which you colorize your pant collection go is ALL based on your comfort. Whether you rock an alpha khaki from Dockers which is relaxed and slim through the leg, a pair of colored jeans from GAP or a white chino pant from Club Monaco, a colored pant takes a regular outfit and gives it a bit of extra freshness.

B: The Return of the Cargo

Cargo Pants have made a return to men’s wardrobe. No longer just for the grungy mall kid, the cargo pant has been slightly updated. The pockets have been moved up and the leg fits a bit slimmer and true to form. Add a pair of these and pair with a rugby styled shirt or a crispy white v-neck tee or button down for a perfect, casual summer look.

Best Foot Forward

Generally, men’s shoes have remained consistent. Check out some the additions necessary for your collection this spring.

A) Suede Bucks:

blue suede buck

Suede bucks are a must add to your collection. In addition to being affordable, comfortable and available in wide amount of color ways, the shoes are great way to transition your look from day to night.

B) Boat Shoes:

Boat shoes are often refered to as topsiders or deck shoes are such a staple in menswear. Again, available in array of colors and price points, the boat shoe is a necessary item to have in your collection. Whether it’s a rooftop party with friends, or a weekend at Martha’s vineyard, ditch the Adidas sandals with socks and don’t be afraid to rock the boat … shoe.

There’s a bit of bragging that goes on with footwear. Your feet are probably the place you will spend the most money on. Spring allows to you show off what’s on your feet. Monk strap shoes are a fresh way to get dressed up. While they maybe a little more expensive the laceups you currently have, they are investment piece worth getting. Drivers or loafers are also great for the spring. Get creative bychoosing a pair in a bright color or cool print. Either way, they always say you can tell by the shoes … this is especially true for the spring.

So there you have it folks. My first post on SBM. Going forward I’ll do my best to keep you all fresh. Feel free to email me any questions you might have. I’d like for this to be an interactive section where we can discuss any sort of thoughts you might have on how, when, and where to wear certain items. Hit me up and let’s get the conversation started.



  1. This is a good new edition. I def can't/don't keep up with this stuff myself. Prob time I re-up my closet anyway for the summer months.

  2. I stated on twitter but figured I come pay respects to the site for its evolution/ addition of mens fashion. I look forward to reading your thoughts.
    Great work making the information simple enough that men who are not as passionate can have some direction as it relates to their clothing selection. I think that was done brilliantly.
    I do make a request though that there be some comments that are geared to gentlemen who are more fashion forward, so that conversation and debate can happen among these gentlemen on this blog as well.
    Great Work.

    1. Appreciate this homey. One thing we're looking to do with the section is make it very functional. To that end, most definitely send Chris your thoughts or questions no matter how simple or advanced they are. We really want to put his wealth of knowledge and expertise to good work.

      I want folks to come through with basic questions like, "what's the difference between formal and semi-formal?" and then more advanced stuff like "how does one properly rock a dinner jacket casually?"

      This section is as much about reader interaction as it is about Chris telling us what's hot.

  3. I consider myself a pretty fashion forward person … one trend I've been a late adopter on has been the colored pant trend.

    Being a guy who's not so tall, I'm kinda wary for rocking pants outside of the generally accepted spectrum of "normal" colors. I feel like when short guys where colored pants, the attention they draw to their legs tends to accentuate that person's shortness. I don't know. Could be my own thing. Next time I go shopping I might try on a pair and see how it works.

    I do however, very much enjoy the color block trend. I think folks often assume they have to wear something crazy bright. That's why I like that pick of Kanye. It's such a simple block. White, Black, Red … it's one of the rare moments where Kanye's style actually looks effortless.

    Great first post Chris. Looking forward to the next few…

  4. "You’ll happy to know that the skinny pant is on its way to leaving."

    *puddles up and does church hand-wave*

    Thank you, Jesus!

    And welcome!

    1. lmao I copied that exact sentence and was on my way to come type "Hallelujah!" albeit accompanying it with some weird version of a pagan rain dance.

    1. If you have actual store-chain recommendations, that'd be appreciated. Mind you, I don't live on the East Coast, so it has to be something I can actually locate or that is available on-line. I'm by no means 'fashion forward' or for that matter, even fashion caring. But, I am planning to step my work, suit/shirt game up.

        1. We had an interesting debate about where I live regarding "midwest" or not so I won't go there. lol anyway, right now I reside in Colorado.

      1. Back when I was doing the corporate 9-5 thing I was all about Charles Tyrwhitt. His shrits are typically well made and fit well. The key to buying a proper work shirt is knowing your size. If you know your size, CT shirts fit exceptionally, offer a wide variety of styles and colors and are almost always on sale. Check out ctshirts.com

    1. Interesting point.

      My mentor recently advised I dress more conservatively. (If anyone has seen my pics, I'm not shy on the loud-er-esque colors). I was offended at first but I noticed that I do have more pizzazz – I've been trying to find a way to use that word – than my ummm "other" coworkers. So for example, most of my shits are 'Express' styled because I like the fitted look. He suggested I maintain the fitted look but move more towards offerings found at Macys/Dillards/Bradstreet (or whatever that expensive place is I never shop at). He pointed out that I dress nicely but "not like management" and in looking at management, I had to admit he was right.

      I think on my next re-up my work dress shirts and club dress shirts are going to have a noticeably different look to them.

      1. How u like 40 with a mentor? Google some fashion blogs bro, reading is fundamental, don't need no mentor to tell you that GQ cost $12 a year.

        1. u must be his girl lol, responded with the quickness….carry on, wish ya'll two the best

        2. I'll bite.

          1) I'm 29, Swiper. 2) Mentor = older work colleague who is helping me navigate the corporate chain. That's what people with careers versus jobs do. 3) I'll stick with questioning the in-house fashion expert we just brought on staff, but thank you for the GQ suggestion as I would have been lost without your vastly impressive grasp of the obvious.

          Thanks for commenting.

        3. a blogger man that's a side job haha respect, but pretentious don't = funny, for some reason this is how 90% of black folks with degrees respond to jokes like we went to college and lost all ability to be funny *carlton shrug*….you tell someone he got giraffe teeth and he'll say *ahem* "my dental insurance provider is in the network and does a smashing job but you wouldn't have that aspect of your benefits included from your current employer"

          i know you not 40 my dude lol u just bald like a 40 yr old (seen the trailer), but on a serious note i made the mentor joke just to poke fun cuz its not my style, a mentor to me symbolizes an allegiance in the office, something i don't really feel comfortable with. seems like too many eggs in one basket, but i do seek advice and ask questions of those who are where i want to be.

          keep doin ya thing man and the only reason i mentioned GQ is cuz i have a subscription and read about some of this stuff in the past, i own a few pairs of boats and colored pants, word of advice (yea yea i know you didn't ask) when it comes to boats, buy sebago and don't buy sperry, they're worlds apart in quality and durability, and dockers makes some good chinos (slim fit D1) in a bunch of different colors at a reasonable price

        4. Fair. But to be honest, this comment would have (obviously) been better received than your prior. There is no sarcasm font on the Internet so I (like everyone else) have to take everything at face value. As a blogger, what I see is someone makes a perceived side-ways comment then if I (or any blogger) addresses it, it's "oh wait, WTF, I was just joking" and suddenly their English and grammar magically improves in retort. *shrugs* Nature of the dynamic, I guess.

          I actually highly recommend people proactively locate and utilize mentors. This is not limited to the 9 to 5. I bounce a lot of ideas off a lot of people both above and below me, smarter and less smart than myself for perspective and I have seen it pay nothing but dividends. I personally wouldn't have the career I have or side job, blogging, without the network I've chosen to engage but to each their own.

          There's a method to the madness of us supporting our own in-house staff and affiliates, but I do preciate the tips.

  5. I love this addition to SBM. I see y'all doin' big thangs these days!
    As someone who is entirely addicted to fashion, I'll be looking forward to these posts. There are few things I'd rather see than a well-dressed man. I'd love to meet a man whose Sperry game is on point and wears tailored blazers w/ elbow patches. Lawd!

  6. How do you know blazers fit right? My hub’s recently tried to get in on it he bought one. The folks told him that it fit perfectly and no alterations were needed but it looked big and boxy to me, like an old man in an oversized jacket. Any rules of thumb?

    1. As a rule of thumb, blazers should always be altered. The first part is knowing your suit size.. So many times men are wearing the wrong suit size for room to "breath". It needs to fit right on ur chest and your arms. You can always have it taken places later. Then its also about knowing what kind of blazer fits for your body type.. Chances are, the people he bought it from people who were more interested in sale then size. Hope this helps a little bit. i can continue…once I know a little more..
      My recent post John Varvatos STAR USA -Fragrance

      1. Completely agree here. Always have your stuff altered. It's the salesmen's job to sell you the jacket. It's the tailor's job to make sure it fits properly.

      2. Maybe we should've gone elsewhere to get it altered, he talked to the in-house tailor he said. Instead of taking it anywhere else we just opted to return it. All I knew is that it didn't look right but couldn't give him any real direction on how to get it altered.

  7. Oh Swiper stop swiping. Boat Shoe Recommendations – Brand=Sanuk, found on Zappos.com. Or for Colorado peeps, Larson's Ski and Sport in Wheatridge.

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