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Four Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Folks Who Don’t Root For The Home Team

Fanhood for sports team
I Got Sneakers Older Than Some Folks Fanhood

I judge people who root for sports teams from cities not their own. There’s just something about not rooting for your home team that strikes me as disloyal. There’s something about being from a place and wishing failure on the team that represents that place that makes me question not just your fanhood or your appreciation of where you’re from, but also your character. I know I’m taking it a little far, but it’s truth. When I meet a person from City A, and then find out they root for a team from City B, I assume this person is not to be trusted. It’s just how I roll.

Today I want to spend some time talking about this issue of supporting sports teams outside of your home; I’m going to share a few of my observations and opinions, and close out with a few thoughts on sport in general. Let’s jump right in.

Folks Who Root for Teams Outside of Their Home Team are Always Insecure About Their Fanhood.

Cheer Up Tony
“Cheer Up Tony … There’s Always Never”

Ever meet a Cowboy fan from New York or a Laker fan from New Jersey? What did they say to you after they told you they were a fan of said team? Chances are they made it a point to share with you how long they’ve been a fan of that team, the circumstances around how they came to be a fan of that team, their family lineage, and any remote, long distance connection they may have to the city that team represents. It’s hilarious to me. The conversations usually go something like this:

Me: “So, what football team do you root for?”

Them: “I’m a Cowboys fan.”

Me: “Interesting.”

Them: Yeah, I was really poor growing up. So poor that we didn’t have TV. One day, my dad took me to Radio Shack to buy some batteries for my portable 8 track player that we got from Goodwill and when I got to Radio Shack, there was a football game on the TVs in there. It was the Cowboys. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Me: “Who were the Cowboys playing?”

Them: “The Cleveland Browns”

Me: “Why aren’t you a Browns fan?”

This brings me to my next point:

Non-Hometown Team Fanhood Almost Always Has Its Foundation In Front-Running.

Chicago Bulls players
You Wasn’t With These Dudes When They Were Losing in the 80’s

As I stated above, when a person roots for teams outside their hometown, they always have some elaborate story around how they became a fan of said team and how their story makes them “true fans,” unlike all the other fans of that team not from that team’s city.

The thing that irks me about these sorts of arguments is that they usually have no foundation in anything that should inspire life long loyalty. Generally speaking, they amount to nothing more than excuses to root for a successful team. So the first team you ever saw on TV was the Larry Bird lead Boston Celtics? Great. That doesn’t mean you need to be a Celtics fan forever, especially if you’re from New York. When I hear these sorts of stories, I always wonder if had that first game they ever watched been the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Detroit Lions, would that person still be a Vikings or Lions fan to this day? Probably not. Let’s be real.

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The truth is, you’re rooting for your team because your team wins and if you’re rooting for a team because that team wins, then that makes you a front-runner, no matter how long you’ve been a fan.

The Detroit Pistons had a great team in the 80’s and early 90’s. They literally changed the game of basketball. There are rules in place now that were put in place because of the style of basketball the Detroit Pistons of the 1980’s played. The 1980’s were the last great decade for American manufacturing and the Detroit Pistons, with their blue collar players and ruff and tumble style of play were wildly popular. They had epic postseason battles with Bird’s Celtics, Jordan’s Bulls and Magic’s Lakers. Along the way they won not one, but two NBA Championships and came dangerously close to the rare 3-peat. With that sort of success, you’d think there would still be all sorts of Pistons fans all over the country, but it’s not the case. What happened to all the front-running Pistons fans? The 1990’s happened. After a decade of futility, the Pistons ended up becoming what they’d been prior to the 80’s Bad Boy renaissance- a small market team with a rabid fan base at home, but no real following outside of that.

The point here is, had the Pistons continued winning, or at least been highly competitive throughout the 90’s, we’d have a lot more Pistons fans running around trying to tell us how they’ve been Pistons fans for years, and how their favorite player growing up was Joe Dumars.

Folks Who Root For Teams Outside of Their Home team Are Always Lonely and Attention-Starved.

Another annoying thing about these folks is that they’re always starving for attention. They always assume other folks care about the goings on of their team. I can’t count how many times New York born, Jordan bred Bulls fans have jumped into my conversations with other Knicks fans about what we need to do to get better next season. And it’s always something along the lines of “The Knicks suck,” “They’re a terrible franchise,” “The Bulls do things the right way, building through the draft…” Cool bro. Good to know. Things is, I really don’t care about the Bulls. Nobody wants to hear your thoughts on what you all have going on and what you all are doing to be great. I’m a Knicks fan. You only care about the Bulls because you took the easy way out.

Instead of going to school and suffering through the jeers of your peers as the Knicks dropped series after series, you jumped on the bandwagon. The fact that you’re still rooting for them all these years later does not make you a true fan, it just makes you a loyal band-wagoner. If you got rich by stealing a couple million dollars and never did anything wrong for the rest of your life, you’re still a thief.

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Kobe stans
Please Don’t Confuse My Indifference for Anger

There is no single nation of fans who root for a team outside of their home tean that thinks other sports fans care more about that team than we really do than the non-hometown fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers fans think the entire basketball world revolves around the Staples Center (despite the fact that most of them couldn’t tell you what street it’s on or how to get to it.) Lakers fans think every basketball fan in the world should have some sort of passionate opinion about them.

We should either love the Lakers as the textbook model for the successful professional sports franchise or we should hate them and everything they stand because our team isn’t as successful as their adopted team. They also believe that, because their team wins more than ours, their opinion is therefore more relevant than hours. Not really holmes. Your spinelessness has no bearing on your knowledge of the game of basketball, and my blind loyalty has no bearing on mine. News flash Laker fans: I am 100% indifferent toward your team. I don’t think about the Lakers any more than I think about the Milwaukee Bucks or the Washington Wizards. I dislike Laker fans with a greater passion than I feel toward the actual team. Mostly because Y’all are so annoying.

I’ve gotten so tired of rejecting the conversational incursions of lonely Laker fans looking for someone to talk to that at this point, I don’t even respond. I just ignore them and hope they go away. There really needs to be an online social networking support group where Laker fans who’ve never even been to LA or seen the inside of the Staples Center can get together and talk about how awesome it is to be a Laker fan. They can swap stories of how their Laker fanhood was founded, send Kobe fan-mail, tout Ramon Sessions as the savior and discuss whatever else it is Laker fans are always trying to discuss with everyone else. Till then, go that way.

Fans of Teams Outside of Their Hometown Can Never Truly Understand the Nobility of Defeat

New York Love
I Love New York … And Our Teams

I’m a fan of New York sports. As such, I’ve had the luxury of watching the Yankees go into every season with high postseason expectations. I’ve watched us win multiple MLB Championships and find it difficult to remember the last time we didn’t make the playoffs. On the flipside, I’m also a Knicks fan and no big market team in the NBA has experienced the decades long kind of futility the Knicks have experienced. I’m also a Giants Fan.

In my lifetime, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my Giants win the Superbowl four times and I’ve also watched us miss the playoffs more times than I care to recall. All of this has made me intimately aware of what it really means to lose. I am a New Yorker and being a New Yorker defines a pretty significant portion of my self-image. When a New York sports team loses, I feel it- not just for my team, but for my city, my state, my little part of the world. That to me, is what sports are about. It’s about going through those years and years of bittersweet failure so that one can really and truly appreciate those fleeting moments of success.

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There’s something special about losing with your hometown team. There’s something special about the memories those losses create. When your hometown team loses, that loss is sewn into the fabric of your fanhood and in that way, they are as valuable as your greatest victories. Patrick Ewing missed a layup that might have won us an NBA Championship. It’s a sore spot for any real fan of the blue and orange. But let Big Pat walk into Madison Square Garden and see what kind of response he gets from the crowd. It’s not because we’re fans of Patrick Ewing. It’s not because we believe in moral victories, it’s not even because of how valiantly he fought for us. Those things are important, sure. But The Garden stands when Pat walks in because he was, is, and always will be … one of us … a New York Knick … win, lose or draw.

Some folks will tell you that doesn’t make sense. They’ll tell you that sports are about winning and that winning, above all else, is the ultimate goal. Those folks are both right and wrong. When you are a professional athlete, it’s about winning. If you own a team, it’s about winning. When you coach a team, it’s about winning. Being a fan however, it’s about more than your teams wins and losses. It’s about more than the banners that hang in your stadium’s rafters. Being a fan is about loyalty and loyalty is neither destroyed nor built on wins and losses, but is instead tested through how one responds to each.

So that’s my little diatribe on rooting for your home team. How do you all feel about it? How do you all pick the teams you root for? Do you judge folks who root for other teams as I do? Have you experienced any of the things I’ve experienced? Or maybe you’re a front runner. Maybe you’re someone who feels they have a legit reason to root for a team other than their home team. Do share. Let us know what’s up in the comments.

So until next season my fellow Knicks fans … stay low and keep firing.

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  1. Ha. What about folks with no home team? Florida State and Patriots fan…from Alabama. Auburn fan. Roots against Bama and notre Dame weekly.

    1. I think not having a hometown team is one of the rare exceptions. You just gotta pick one team and stick with them tough.

    2. Not having a hometown team still doesn't mean you can just pick all the winning teams (Lakers, Patriots, Yankees, etc) and say those are my teams. That's still being a front runner.

      1. I agree here.

        Another exception is if you move someplace new and will be making your life there, or a new franchise moves to your city. I'm not talking about if you move somewhere for a brief stint, I mean if you've uprooted your life and settled elsewhere. I'm a Knicks fan but I live in Brooklyn. The Nets will be playing, literally, 5 minutes from my crib. I will be a Nets fan. I'll still root for the Knicks over the Nets, should to two teams meet, but there's no way I'm not rooting for the team that plays in the same borough where I live.

        1. I cosign AmfterMath but NoSign Sprads. Nets have always been corny to me. Doesnt change because they moved to the most overhhyped borough in America, lol (BK ppl gonna be in my mentions).

          Seriously though, I won't root against them because they now rep NYC, but rooting for them I'm indifferent. I will be in the Barclays Center next year in all Knicks everything going HAM!

          I also thank em for making it easier for me to go see other teams hoop now.
          My recent post [EVENTS] First Saturdays #AfterTheMuseum Cinco De Mayo Edition!

        2. Imagine if instead of moving the Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans, they instead moved them to Queens. Imagine if you had CP3 battling it out for his first few seasons in the league. There's no way you would not have rooted for that team.

          There's just no possible way I'm not rooting for a team that's moving to a stadium I ride my bike to. I can see the barclays center if I stand on my roof. The principle of the home team remains the same. I feel you though … it's a borough thing. BK and Queens are like water and oil.

        3. You know what? thats why I feel BK people on rooting for them Nets. They rep exactly where they're from. No shade. I just like how now, people who root against the Knicks from NY that are "from" bk are now rooting for the Nets because they have a home team LOL! Funny.

          I would still be a Knicks fan, but Basketball in Queens..yup!

          Funny thing about Queens vs BK. Both boroughs are on Long Island… but I must chill
          My recent post [EVENTS] First Saturdays #AfterTheMuseum Cinco De Mayo Edition!

        4. Right. This whole post is about loyalty so I'll always be a Knicks fan first. And I agree, I'm not a fan of folks who root against the Knicks all of a sudden becoming fans of the Nets. There's an inconsistency there that I don't appreciate.

          And yo, you have no idea how many people's minds I've blown, who are born and raised in brooklyn or queens, simply by asking them "where, on a map are brooklyn and queens located?" It get's real quiet.

          Also, people don't even realize that the Nets played in Nassau Colosseum for 10 years as the New York Nets and won 2 ABA Championships with Hempstead native Julius Dr. J Erving. Them having strong roots in LI but moving to Brooklyn is all the more reason why I will support heavy.

        5. Streetz did you just say "going HAM!?" lol My friend from Atl says that. I've only heard folks from the "dirty dirty" say that….lol and I thought you were from NY……..ijs

        6. An exception is if your hometown teams are rivals of the teams in your new city. I am a fan of Kansas City teams but I live in St. Louis. There is no way I am cheering for any St. Louis teams.

        7. I would disagree. How you can root for the Nicks and the Nets I don't understand. I grew up in the Tampa Bay area. I don't care if I moved to, and spent the rest of my life in, Miami I would never root for any team there. I don't know a single Bucs or Lightning fan who would EVER root for the Dolphins or Panthers.

          I currently live in Flagstaff, AZ and I would never root for an Arizona team. They're not natural rivals of course, but I'm not from AZ I could care less if any of the teams here win or lose. As a side note, it seem that every single Navajo is a Steelers fan for some reason that eludes me. Now, if I moved to a city that I loved I would be somewhat inclined to support their teams so as long as they aren't rivals with my Tampa teams. How you can root for the Knicks AND the Nets I don't understand. That would be like someone rooting for the Cowboys and the Texans.

    3. Yeah, I can definitely relate. Growing up in SC, we had no teams and the panthers didn't come until like 2006…So the closest team for me was the Redskins! It's cool now because I been in the DC area for 9 years, so it's only fitting.(even though Carolina Panthers is my team on the low lol)

      1. Yeah man. The Steelers, Bears, Raiders, Cowboys, and Skins have divided most of SC up until the Kitty Cats came to Charlotte. It's a weird vibe.

    4. I agree with most of what he says but he comes off like a tool. And notice he is so strict on what fans can enjoy and dealing with misery when he himself has got to see multiple superbowl wins and multiple world series rings. Its easy to say suck it up when you have something. Notice hes not a met and jet fan. I think its ok to root for teams outside of your area. The only sins of being a sports fan is constantly changing your team to whoever is on top. Spurs to heat to 76er fan. Or jumping off a team as soon as they start losing. Anything else is acceptable

  2. Agree with every word. Lakers fans are the epitome of everything written.

    NYC is the closest I've had to a home town being a military brat so that's how I aligned myself. Jets, Yankees, Knicks, and Rangers. All are my dad's teams except the Yankees who I root for because it bothers him. I judge bandwagon fans. Always have and always will. Especially bandwagon fans on reload teams. It's not that bad in the NFL, but if someone's a Browns fan I know they're real.

    1. I have always rooted for NYC sports Yanks, Rangers, G MENN…BUT i will always root for the bulls and white sox ( secondly to the yanks) because of my mom being from chicago and the family that is from the south side. I mean lets face it the Bulls in the 90s were pretty appealing, and when your first game is at the Madhouse on Madison seeing Jordan with your dad, its pretty hard to like anything else.

      White Sox..well if you have ever been to the south side..thats a religion and my family instilled that on me since I was younger.. But I will still always carry young Jeter memories and Old Yankee Stadium memories as most holy haha. great article and it is really fascinating hearing everyones different thoughts

  3. As long as superstar players exist, there will always be bandwagon fans. Not everybody has the time to root for a team: Not everybody even follows sports. Sometimes just for the sake of stacking up your social portfolio when go to a gathering or the barber shop, you support a team with the most charismatic players because it's convenient and also fun to do.

    MANCHESTER UNITED (True fan: I grew up with Soccer), ATLANTA FALCONS (Home team) NE PATRIOTS(Bandwagon whenever the Falcons get knocked out), and LEBRON JAMES (Bandwagon fan for the Cavaliers earlier; now Bandwagon for the Miami Heat. Aint no shame in my game *shrug*)

    1. I think its a difference between say, being a fan of say Barry Sanders and being a fan of the Lions. I think Barry was the greatest running back ever, but when he played my Skins I was hoping they hit him and hit him hard. But I wasn't a fan of the Lions and so when we beat them in the NFC championship in 92, I was happy (although it was a sad day for Barry).

      1. I'm a ManU fan too, soccer is big where I'm from, but being a ManU fan is totally bandwagoning. They've practically never been the underdog in anything (except maybe against Barca now). I originally signed up cause I loved Peter Schmeichel (do you go back that far?), and after him they thankfully signed Edwin Van der Sar, who was another one of my favourites, even though the team that I loved in the 90s was starting to dissolve. When they got Ronaldo I was embarrassed to be a fan, but loyalty is everything so I couldn't quit… lucky for me he's gone now. So I'd say for me it is more about the players than about the team, but as long as they have even one player I like I'm gonna be a ManU fan.

        Shame that they lost this year. They should've taken it.

  4. Such a flawed argument … I think your emotions got the best of you on this one. Still a good read. Keep it up fam!

  5. I disagree, I fell in love with basketball growing up, then Michael Jordan was the best, he played for the Bulls, now since MJ played for the bulls that made me love the bulls, learn about other players, the coaches, so when MJ retired..still a bulls fan, mj went to wizards, If they played the Bulls go mike, bulls please win. After that still bulls were not good for a long time I was still a Huge bulls fan, all the players we drafted Jamal Crawford, to J.Williams to Elton Brand and Tyson chandler to Ron artest , Tyrese Thomas, eddy curry, which most fans don't know the Bulls originally drafted. Its like you find a girl attractive, so you like her for her looks, then you fall in love with her bro, that's just how I feel.

    1. I agree completely. KNICK fans have ALWAYS been salty because the Bulls destroyed their hopes in the 90’s and they haven’t won a chip in 30 years. I grew up watching the Bulls because my dad was a fan since he was a kid. So like father like son. I still had to deal with dumb ass J Will trying to be a Motorcross champion and endin his career. Then Eddy Curry and Chandler never quite working out and trading both. Plus the constant coaching change.

      1. "I still had to deal with dumb ass J Will trying to be a Motorcross champion and endin his career. Then Eddy Curry and Chandler never quite working out and trading both. Plus the constant coaching change."


        But I can respect the father son angle. It's hard to not be a fan of your father's teams. My dad and uncles were all New York everything so I feel you on that. Is your dad from Chicago?

        1. Nah my dad is part from Georgia and part from NY. Was in Georgia til he was 10 then moved up here. I never did understand where his Bulls fandom came from. But now I'll ask him.

    2. I agree completely. KNICK fans have ALWAYS been salty because the Bulls destroyed their hopes in the 90’s and they haven’t won a chip in 30 years. I grew up watching the Bulls because my dad was a fan since he was a kid. So like father like son. I still had to deal with dumb ass J Will trying to be a Motorcross champion and endin his career. Then Eddy Curry and Chandler never quite working out and trading both. Plus the constant coaching change. The Bulls had their best chance since 98 to win a championship this year but the injury to rose guaranteed that we wouldn’t go deep in the playoffs. So let’s not try and attribute fandom to loyalty. I can easily say most Knick fans are simple mindless beings who will hold on to the fact that they’re rooting for the hometown team as a consolation

  6. I’m a native of Cleveland, Ohio and as far as people being hometown or bandwagon fans- the ONLY remote team in Cleveland worthy of loyalty is probably the Browns- and even They are Shitty. No other city in the country with major sports teams get the Bad Luck, Criticism, or is the Butt of Jokes than Cleveland. Hell, even Clevelanders Dislike Cleveland teams.

    Without going into detail, the Decision, The Fumble/The Drive, Jose Mesa/The Collapse I & Ii ( first being against the former Florida Marlins 1997 and Boston 2010), and OSU vs Florida and LSU in the BCS title games are enough reasons to say being a Homer is Futile

    1. I thank Cleveland so much for Ernest Byner and The Fumble. Because that's what gave us the back who was a force in our next Super Bowl. Yeah, it must hurt. But all I can say is look at what Red Sox fans went through over the years and how they were rewarded for it.

    2. No Jordan over Ehlo, followed by Brad Daugherty giving the most fawning, knobslobbing words about Michael Jordan ever uttered?

      "We tried and tried, but it's hard to stop that guy. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! We tried, and tried, and tried…"

  7. I was born and raised EVERYTHING Chicago sports and thought it was blasphemy if one rooted for teams outside of their cities. Even when the White Sox won the World Series in 2005, I was throwing up in my mouth because I have always been a lifelong Cubs fan.

    When the Bulls won their six rings, I never understood where all of the Bulls fans came from and when I asked it was "Oh, I like MJ" or "I live in Chicago for 2 months and became a Bulls fan when I was there" or "I like their uniforms"… WTH??

    I used to think… where were you guys when Artis Gilmore was rockin those sideburns or when Quentin Dailey was caught doing coke or Orlando Woolridge's struggles to become an all-star or even when Reggie Theus made light-skinned popular?


    I have come to the realization that "front-runners" just want to root for a team that's popular and in some way, people are more followers than leaders. It's easier to root for something that's "popular" rather than stick with a team through thick and thin.

  8. I can always tell the bandwagon fans, they don't know backups or draft history and they still think players that got traded or released 2 years ago are on the team, whatever.

  9. Rooted for Steelers since I saw my first football game as a kid while the entire house were Cowboys fans (I'm originally from Texas). I don't follow basketball anymore. I don't concern myself with who is a bandwagon fan. It doesn't hurt my feelings, pockets, or ego.

  10. The flaw in this entire argument is that only NY sports fans feel this way. And they also seem to lose a lot. It would be different if you was from Boston or LA making this argument, but that's all I got on this today.

    1. I disagree. As a NYC sports fan most other cities teams are way worst. The bulls havent won since MJ. Celtics arent winning anything with their AARP squad. Lakers are on their last leg, and Jerry Jones…well he’s Jerry Jones.

      I don’t see how is this a NYC thing other than when the marquee bandwagon teams you had their fans all over NYC. I can’t find a NYC bulls fan and even the cowboy fans have shut up. One playoff win in a decade will do that.

      Might I add no one talks of what the Lakers are gonna do post Kobe. I wanna see these dyed in the wool laker fans win they barely winning 50 games with Kobe on celebrity row.

      Also there are only 5 or so pro sports teams that win a lot. Yankees-Lakers-Celtics-Patrioits of late and haven’t won since 2004 (and if Eli and Co gets one more than the Giants will have 5 SB’s).

      Which means your teams are average at best. The Yankees have won 27 championships in their history. They have also lost more that’s the cold truth. However I laugh at bandwagon fans. Bulls fans need to pipe down they won with the greatest player and who knows if they’ll win again at full strength they still can’t beat Miami. Cowboy fans really can’t speak on anything. My Giants are one SB behind them. And only 2 behind Pittsburgh and we all know the way the Giants draft along with Eli they can still win another 2.

      People root for bandwagon teams to avoid pain. Only Yankee fans can really boast. But every other pro sports team goes thru long tortuous droughts of no real winning.(celtics were trash post Bird) In the end the bandwagon team you root for is no better than your hometown team.

      I will say this NYC has the most bandwagoners. I cant see a Philly cat rooting for the Cowboys or a Boston fan rooting for the Yankees. This is the part of NYC that thinks its so slick (I know Brooklyn born eagles fans that every QB they get gonna win this and that-let’s see Cunnninham 0 rings, Mcnabb 0 rings and Vick 0 rings guess they like losing)

      (and how come their are no Spurs bandwagon fans?)

      1. I think you missed my point. I said, that only NYC sports fans think that everyone else is bandwagon'ing. You'll never hear a Celtics fan upset about why someone doesn't root for their hometeam. It's a misery loves company thing for y'all. Like, "My Knicks suck, at least I root for my hometeam. You should root for yours too, so you know how much it sucks to lose."

        Yeah… no.

        1. Have you ever heard of the Red Sox they hadn’t won since 1918 and no one in New England I ever met thought it was some aw shucks hometown thing. They knew most years the team didn’t suck they just didn’t win it all. As I said lots of non NYC teams are awful so why is it they are bandwagoned puzzles me-the Eagles get to one lousy SB and lost to the team the GMen beat twice. Yet somehow the birds in nyc get more hype than the Giants.

          The point I’m making is at some point in your life your team will suck but for how long is the key. Just ask Cowboy and 49’er fans. What 16 yr old looks at those teams and says “champions”?

          Again do the math only the Yankees win a lot-something like a quarter of all the WS they have won and the WS is about 130 yrs old. I have to laugh at “why I should I be loyal to a team that keeps losing” you don’t please quit because I’m still clowing NYC bulls, cowboy and 49er fans who as teenagers (when most bandwagoning starts) thought it was gonna be 3peats every decade. What’s funny is thru time these bandwagon guys can’t name the championship starting line ups. Posers, of the highest order.

    2. I disagree. As a NYC sports fan most other cities teams are way worst. The bulls havent won since MJ. Celtics arent winning anything with their AARP squad. Lakers are on their last leg, and Jerry Jones…well he’s Jerry Jones.

      I don’t see how is this a NYC thing other than when the marquee bandwagon teams you had their fans all over NYC. I can’t find a NYC bulls fan and even the cowboy fans have shut up. One playoff win in a decade will do that.

      Might I add no one talks of what the Lakers are gonna do post Kobe. I wanna see these dyed in the wool laker fans win they barely winning 50 games with Kobe on celebrity row.

      Also there are only 5 or so pro sports teams that win a lot. Yankees-Lakers-Celtics-Patrioits of late and haven’t won since 2004 (and if Eli and Co gets one more than the Giants will have 5 SB’s).

      Which means your teams are average at best. The Yankees have won 27 championships in their history. They have also lost more that’s the cold truth. However I laugh at bandwagon fans. Bulls fans need to pipe down they won with the greatest player and who knows if they’ll win again at full strength they still can’t beat Miami. Cowboy fans really can’t speak on anything. My Giants are one SB behind them. And only 2 behind Pittsburgh and we all know the way the Giants draft along with Eli they can still win another 2.

      People root for bandwagon teams to avoid pain. Only Yankee fans can really boast. But every other pro sports team goes thru long tortuous droughts of no real winning.(celtics were trash post Bird) In the end the bandwagon team you root for is no better than your hometown team.

      I will say this NYC has the most bandwagoners. I cant see a Philly cat rooting for the Cowboys or a Boston fan rooting for the Yankees. This is the part of NYC that thinks its so slick (I know Brooklyn born eagles fans that every QB they get gonna win this and that-let’s see Cunnninham 0 rings, Mcnabb 0 rings and Vick 0 rings guess they like losing). Yet on average they are actually losing more than those NYC teams that “suck”. It’s funny cause those cats always root for the marquee teams outside of NYC they are never Bucks fans or Rockets or Seahawks or Bills fans. (note there were lots of 49’ers fans in Montana-Rice years I am just now hearing from them after this years playoffs-a lost to the Giants.) The new darling to jump on is OKC. I’m sure half of my old hood will tell you they was with em from day one, which means they were Sonics fans a team that won in the late 70’s. To that I say bupkus.

      (and how come their are no Spurs bandwagon fans?)

    3. Dr. J. you should feel this way as well being a Native Washingtonian cause you know them skins will give you a heart attack in a New York minute. LLS

      1. You know what's hilarious to me though… The Redskin fans in DC already are talking about Superbowl. Every damn year the Redskins are talking about the Superbowl and i'm just like, "Would y'all calm down? Ain't nobody going to the damn Superbowl this year." Last year, Redskins 3-0… "WE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL." This year, drafted RG3, "WE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL." Meanwhile, all the rest of the NFL is laughing so hard we got strains like Bosh in our stomach.

  11. Because of the AAU, I've noticed that people have become more fans of players than actual teams. So whereever that player goes, that's the team they become a fan of. I don't think there's anything bad about that, it's just reflective of how athletes have become individual brands now.

    Lakers fans are a special case of fandom though. I don't knock it and I guess you can't really blame them though. They're 1 of 4 teams who have had 1 franchise player for more than a decade and have won w/ that 1 player, while others have come and gone. That's respectable
    My recent post Failure Is A Way Of Life, So Accept It

    1. I was a fan of certain players growing up. And this had nothing to do with the AAU circuit. Barry Sanders is my second favorite athlete of all time. When he played for the Lions I always rooted for him to win over any team except the Giants, Jets or Bills. Peyton Manning is in my top 5 of favorite athletes of all time. I rooted for him in Indy against everyone except New York teams, and I'll root for him in Denver against everyone accept New York teams. Rooting for players is fine, but players come and go, they play for teams then they leave teams. I just have always felt like your fanhood should never be based on the players, but instead it should be based on the city. It's fine to have secondary teams.

      1. I feel you, but the reality of the situation now a days in this age of free agency many superstars change teams at a higher rate than ever before. More people now a days do just root for players more so overall teams. Now that's not suggesting they "hate" their hometown team, but are bigger fans of the player. Define it as right or wrong if you want ,but it's just the truth.

  12. I agree. I love DC. I am DC. I always hated the Orioles even though they were the closest baseball team because they weren't DC. Now we have the Nationals and this year feels so good because after losing 100 games a few years back it feels good to experience some victories (given we're not even a quarter of the way through the season yet).

    Good Post!!!

    1. I hear you AfterMath. I am definitely DC all day and it does feel good to see the home teams doing well (Capitols made the playoffs, Nationals winning, and The "Skins" actually making worthwhile draft picks). Hopefully the Wizards can turn things around….

  13. My father is from Brooklyn he reps his teams, my mother was from Indiana and she repped her teams, however I root root root for the home team, I’m a Boston fan thru and thru. I have a players i like on other teams but they know what it is when they go against my team. Admittedly, i have a soft spot for Philly fans (another historical city, passionate base, hates NYers also) but it was Celtics before Antoine Walker and Eric Williams wives became reality heauxs, it was Red Sox back when the curse was too real and it was Patriots back when they rocked the royal blues (not gonna front like im a big hockey fan but i watch the playoffs)

      1. Easy….when the Giants and Jets sucked for the better part of a decade, it's easy to find a new squad….I, myself, was a Cowboys fan before I settled down with the Patriots…

        ..and NYC technically doesn't have a football team. The Jets and the Weehawken Giants play in Jersey…

        1. And here goes the Giants play in New Jersey argument lol….

          and why is it easy if your citys team isnt doing well? Thats the problem right there!

          You do know Giants and Jets originated in NYC and only moved to New Jersey due to space and tax considerations right?

          You also know that noth jersey is part of the New York Metropolitan area right?


          btw 18-1, 20-1 0-2
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        2. Nah, but son really said "I, myself, was a Cowboys fan before I settled down with the Patriots…"


  14. This is interesting and funny because I’ve always felt this way. Now I’m from Rhode Island, and it kills me when I hear people from there say they are Giants fans or Lakers fans. It just seems fraudulent. Although RI doesn’t have any professional teams ( except maybe the Pats which includes all of New England), Mass is right next door, I don’t see how a person could be from New England and support a team that’s not from there. I live in NY now and I still can’t see myself supporting a non-New England team. Even though I hate baseball, I’m always rooting for the Red Sox. I would feel dumb supporting the Yankees or any other team.

  15. My name is Uncle Hugh, and I approve this message.

    While I always stand for the home team, I've been fans of certain players. Being from Milwaukee and listening to the Jordan jockers non-stop drove me to being a Clyde Drexler fan. Then the 90's and the six rings happened and the Bulls fans lost their minds. Then the Bulls fans disappeared and suddenly reappeared when Derrick Rose came along.

    Most: "I don’t think about the Lakers anymore than I think about the Milwaukee Bucks…"

    (shaking fist at computer screen)

        1. The Sixers were ahead of the Bucks all year, so I can't be mad for not passing them up. The Knicks coming from behind and passing the Bucks combined with the no-show by the Packers against the Giants in the playoff this year, makes me wish ill to all New York teams!

          Well at least this year. I'll be over it next year and I'll be ambivalent to the NY teams. In the meantime, #shootingback

  16. My problem with this argument is that rarely do any pro players actually come from the city they play for. Therefore, as Jerry Seinfeld once pointed out, you're basically cheering for laundry. Your hometown's jerseys vs the other town's. There's no real connection to the teams, especially in today's rampant free agent market where a player who may not be from the city but has played for the team long enough to become part of the community doesnt really happen that often. So I have no problem with cats not cheering for their home team. I just ask that my friends stay loyal to whoever they choose to support, team or player, for whatever reason.

    1. I understand this statement. But, I think to say it's just laundry sounds funny, and is a good one liner, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Franchises are so ingrained into the fabric of cities now that when those franchises move, the city retains all the history, the championships, the legacy the records … etc. This is what happened when the Cleveland Browns ownership moved the team to Baltimore and created the Ravens. Cleveland fans were so upset that the League took the then unprecedented step of leaving all of their history intact so that new ownership could build a new Browns team and retain all the history.

      It's more than just laundry.

      1. I gotta say that the Revamped 1999-Present Day Browns are a disgrace to the legacy of the Cleveland legacy. At this point the history of multiple NFL Championships mean Nothing nowadays, not even the fact that the Browns won the Last NFL Title before the Super Bowl Era began

    2. I don't know about that. Every team has its stars, either major or minor, and those stars become a part of that sports generation's city culture. Drew Brees' substantial charity work almost entirely benefits New Orleans, not Dallas, where he's originally from. Most players work towards becoming establishment/invaluable players – being bounced around season after season is not desirable for anyone. And even beyond that, players that establish legacies with a squad will always be viewed as part of that team, regardless of if they leave. Five years from now, no one's gonna be talking about Derek Fisher as an OKC player.
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    3. Thats to me weak were all of the spurs fans Duncan and Co have four rings. They aren’t flashy for one and maybe thats the entire reason. We all know players don’t come from the cities they play for-I am film maker if a job pays better in LA I’m out there. People bandwagon to be “in” always and to avoid pain. As I said the Celtics went years post Bird but that’s sports. You don’t have to root but if you and you frontin and get called out then deal with it. That explains why I dont see so much cowboy apparel in NYC – one lousy playoff win in a decade…step off with that. Yankee fans went thru this in the 80’s mid 90’s they took their lumps and until the Four Core came thru. And again the Yankees are the most winningest pro sport franchise and even they had 15 year championship drought. If you are a sports fan you will have your heart broken. Like it or leave it. And Sienfeld meant root for your team no matter what after all he’s a Met fan, yet dude goes to games no switching cuase the Yankees are winning.

  17. I officially gave up with this argument.

    I've conceded that no person's fandom can be defined anymore. People will come up with any excuse to identify their fandon and rock out. I have friends who used to root LIKE CRAZY for the Cowboys and Bulls, and now all of a sudden they root for their home teams. On the other end, you got Chicago Jordans (not Bulls, Jordans) fans who were NOWHERE TO BE FOUND from 98 – Derrick Rose was drafted. Thats my issue.

    I brought up on Twitter that its crazy that you root for a team outside of your city, but yet you've never been to the actual city OR a home game! Then i'm told that "doesn't matter" lol!

    I would rather cats keep it real. I know cats who root for the Heat solely cause they support LeBron. They kept it real and I respect that. Don't tell me you always supported Wade, when you don't know Glen Rice and Ronny Seikaly!

    What's worse is when you are from a city and if the team isn't successful, they ask you why you root for them. Then they look at you crazy when you say that you root for the home team! Like that's whack?! LMAO. Shits different. You'll have Jets fans who root for the Lakers tellin me I'm crazy. To root against the team that represents your city is corny to me, but that's just me I guess.

    Like who you like, but just don't front. I'll be curious to see where the Lakers fans and Heat "fans" go when Kobe and Bron bounce.

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    1. "To root against the team that represents your city is corny to me, but that's just me I guess." <– Thats just me too..I guess. *gives Streetz another +1*

    2. "I'll be curious to see where the Lakers fans and Heat "fans" go when Kobe and Bron bounce."

      I can only speak for myself and the Laker fans I know personally, but we'll be in the same place we been our whole lives….waaay before Kobe…rooting for the Lakers. I find it hilarious that people who find out I'm a Laker fan automatically assumes I just like them because of Kobe, lol. Or give some sort of wack statement like, "if they trade Kobe you wouldn't care about the Lakers"…lol! I get it, the bandwagoners and the such, yeah, maybe…but the true, true fans…we ain't going now where. We have 11 championships w/o Kobe. We'll be ok.

      1. Well since Larry spoke for the Lakers fans I will say as far as the Heat goes, you have 2 different types of fans rooting for the Heat

        1. You have Miami Heat fans who have been down with that team for whatever reason
        2. You have LeBron fans.

        I, as a LeBron fan will root for whatever team LeBron plays for. So I am sure if/when he leaves the Heat my allegiance to that particular team will too.
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  18. This post is so true. The one person that comes to mind as I read it is Amina "Miss Mina" Owens! Smh

    I always root for the underdog/ any Bay Area (Ca) team (where I'm from) and against the Lakers, Cowboys, Giants and Patriots ( the last two just because I don't like their teams color combination).

  19. The Knicks suck. I can say this because I am a die hard Knick fan. Before Spike had good tickets I was there. When Bernard King was dropping 54 in a loss on the regular, I was there. When Bill Cartwright was shooting that ridiculous free throw form the first time, I was there. When we rigged the lottery, don't ask how we did it I will never tell, to get Patrick Ewing, I was there. That's what real fans are. The people who are there for their home town team because they support the cause. The support the front of the Jersey, ride or die. That's why I can say the Knicks suck, because I have suffered bled and died WITH them and still can't and won't walk away. It is also why talking bad about the Knicks in from of me may get you hurt if it goes on too long. The hometown team is family. I can point out their flaws, talk bad about them, and citizen management but if you do we may wind up rolling around on the ground in a fight to the death. That's the difference between your home team and front running bandwagoning, I will bleed for them because I expect them to bleed for me. When you just jump on the bandwagon you can jump off. Your passion is rooted in merchandising. Hometown fans suffer, therefore the wins are bigger, and the losses hurt more. Don't judge me. It's sports.

  20. YO! I am giving you the Wayne's World bow, chanting "we are not worthy" because this was so a) well written b) written at all. So many people are afraid to point out the straight bitches that are individuals who are not fans of teams in their home. I am from Cleveland. I am a Cavs fan forever. I don't care where that other negro took his talents, I was a Cavs fan when Austin Carr played, not announced, I am gonna be a Cavs fan til the wheels fall off. I JUST started trying to like football in attempts to find a husband, and I chose to follow the Redskins, because I live in the DMV, and its SICK how many people HERE don't like the 'Skins. More importantly, they root for their RIVALS the Cowboys. How many ignorant African-Americans have I heard who were born and raised in The Nation's Capital…the CAPITAL CITY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who refer to the Dallas Cowboys ignorantly as America's Team. Smh. Fall into a media trap if you want to, you disloyal jerk. If anyone should recognize that blatant error, its people who are actually from the place that has the team that should represent America.

    I lived in Cleveland when that guy took his talents to South Beach, then all of a sudden, tons of people I had known ONLY as Cavs fans, switched their loyalties to a PLAYER who wasn't even LOYAL OR NICE to them. I have never seen so many people use the excuse "Oh I'm from Akron"…nigga, you are from THE GREATER CLEVELAND AREA. Outside of Rubber, Akron has not ever had and will never be sh*t. I am from Cleveland hts, which is about 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland, Akron is about 40. You don't ever see me out here claiming OH I'm from Cleveland Hts…and since WE don't have a team…SMH It shows exactly what kind of character you have, you are totally correct. Cleveland is a city where losing is not done gracefully, and not seen as a natural part of sports. We have a GOOD baseball team, and still have folks filling up the stadium in Blue & White to see Yankee games. (LeB*tch himself did it, no surprise) I don't believe in living in a place, letting a place cultivate your growth and not being a fan of their sports team. I live in Annapolis and Browns games aren't televised, but ANYONE can tell you, I am quick to chastise a Cleveland fan who is a fan of the Steelers or the Ravens ESPECIALLY. And even though you would think logically that being from Cleveland you would automatically HATE those teams, there are a LOT of fans in Cleveland of those obvious rivals. I wish I would see a Steelers fan in the streets man…I wouldn't even look his sorry self in the EYE let alone EVER root for the TEAM.

    BRO….I could go on and on about these disloyal, half hearted folks for EVER, but I have to chill. I totally agree with you though. Rather than lose gracefully, know defeat, be patient with choices, and REVEL in successes when they come (and they DO) folks would rather jump ship, follow easy wins and players, and suggest that they are fans for b/s reasons, which mostly boil down to winning and media hype. And those types of people suck. They always have and always will.
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    1. Thanks homey. Really enjoyed your logical reasons for choosing which teams you root for. Makes perfect sense.

      And yeah, it's funny how many folks from Cleveland hated the Cavs till they drafted Lebron, then they loved the Cavs. Then when he left … they too left. It's the epitome of everything that's wrong with the modern day sports fan.

      The crazy thing is, generations older than ours weren't like that. Folks didn't front run back in the day the way the do now. The only team everybody rooted for back in the day was the Brooklyn Dodgers and that was because they brought up Jackie Robinson. All of black america were dodger fans and a great many of them followed the dodgers to LA. My grandmother was a dodger fan for that very reason.

      But yeah… we here.

    2. what's wrong with what you just said is that for one, Cleveland Heights is a part of Cleveland and IS a part of the greater Cleveland Area. __Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, EC….ALL CLEVELAND__Akron IS NOT a part of the greater Cleveland Area, Never has been. Never will be…It is a separate city on its on__Secondly, If you are a Cleveland native as I am an akron native and have been for 25 years, than you know d.amn well that Akron and cleveland DID NOT ever fcuk with each other before LeBron started playing with the Cavs. everytime Cleveland folks came down to Akron to party there was beef, and everytime Akron folks went up to Cleveland to party there was beef.
      My recent post Four Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Folks Who Don’t Root For The Home Team

      1. __I mean Cleveland people were not fooling with LeBron travelling down here to see him play with St.V when he was the highly touted then. So what you are seeing is that thise LeBron fans who did follow LeBron's career (really from Reidinger-Miami Heat) turned in that Wine and Gold for those Heat Jersey's. what really is funny is the fact that because of the history of Ohio-based (and really Cleveland based teams) Cleveland natives are SUPER BITTER when he left. Funny thing is, If LeBron did not get drafted to the Cavs as a rookie and played for another team and left under the same circumstances, I BET those other fans wouldnt be as bitter and classless as Cavs fans show themselves to be. __
        My recent post Four Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Folks Who Don’t Root For The Home Team

        1. Im sorry but I took a little offense /please don't try to group Akron with Cleveland and claim our city now. Ya'll wasn't fooling with us before LeBron and the feelings were mutual and now that he is gone, we don't fool with the Cavs anymore! Things just went back to the way it was before. __So again, what you are seeing are mostly fans who were LeBron fans when he was making headlines throughout his pre-professional careers REMAINED LeBron fans after he left the Cavs. I hate to hear Cleveland folks talk like this It burns me up!
          My recent post Four Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Folks Who Don’t Root For The Home Team

        2. you have to be an idiot if you think no citizens of the entire city of Akron and the surrounding areas were Cavs fans prior to Lebron James. I mean, simply have to be. You can take all the offense you want to, because I meant everything I said to sting the people it applied to. Further, SERIOUSLY…you cited an example of Cleveland and Akron people fighting? Who do YOU hang out with? That seems like a problem of association rather than a city rivalry. I would relegate it to the black community, but I know better because I know a ton of Akron folks who travel up to Cleveland for the weekend regularly to party, socialize with friends, catch Indians, Cavs and Browns games…the list could go on and on. And then to say Cleveland people weren't fooling with LBJ when he was playing in high school…EVEN MORE LAUGHABLE, especially considering he had a LOT of TELEVISED GAMES AT THE CSU ARENA. And where is the CSU arena? Oh that's right. Cleveland. University of Akron didn't house all of those games, did they? Nope. They sure didn't. Not to mention, he got national attention as a Clevelander, because the nation/media still considers Akron an area outside of Cleveland. ASK AROUND. Listen, Queenbinthestreets, I never ever tried to "claim your city"…I merely pointed out that I didn't think it had enough relevance to be more than a part of the greater Cleveland area, and to separate themselves from Cleveland NOW after "the decision" seemed like a poor decision/display of character. If you don't like me, fine. That's ok. Be mad, I often evoke those feelings in others, but please argue with points that fundamentally make sense.
          My recent post I’m Abrasive. And Black.

        1. Oh, trust me, I know the Ravens were the Browns. But the Browns are no rival to us, belee that!

          As for the whole Akron-Cleveland thing, I have never set foot in the state of Ohio (except when I was driving through it to Chicago), but for all his years as a Cav, LeBron never claimed Cleveland, he always claimed Akron. I think the Cleveland fans just took him as one of their own and ran with it.

          Like if a kid is from Poughkeepsie, NY, which is about 45-60 north of NYC, and he's the best basketball player on the planet, and he NEVER claims NYC… always Poughkeepsie… it's not his fault if the media and fans just group him as a New Yorker just because.

  21. I call BS!!!…I'm from New York, and I'm a Patriots fan….and yes, I'm still salty (twice over)….NYC doesn't have a football team, and no, I don't count the New Jersey Jets, or the Seacacus Giants as NYC squads either….and Yes, again, I'm salty….ELI MANNING IS A DAMN BUMPKIN!!!!!!


    1. New Jersey doesn't get a parade when the Giants win the Superbowl. The stadium is out there as a matter of convenience.

      You mad tho. I understand. It's all good homey.

    2. You do know Boston celebrates the Super Bowl victories of the New England Patriots even though they play in Foxborough? And the Patriots actually play for the entire New England area (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), not just Boston. Same thing if the Carolina Panthers ever one considering that team is supposed to rep both states.

      1. Connecticut is interesting as far as sports teams are concerned. In southern Connecticut, the New York based teams are the heavyweights. In northern Connecticut, the Boston teams are the heavyweights. If you live in between (e.g. Hartford area), it is equal billing. I have walked into sporting goods stores in the Hartford area and seen equal gear from New York and Boston teams. The cable system (Cox) has both YES and NESN standard.

    1. A team can have great management, great talent and be an overall classy and well run organization. And you can respect it but nah you can't root for em, you have to stick with the hometown team that's been doing you dirty for years and will keep doing you dirty. I think I'm good on abusive sports relationships lol. I'd rather spend my precious time watching teams that i enjoy and i know are putting their best foot forward. If my team was garbage for a decade i would stop watching the games and watch another team. This is the difference between fans of a team and fans of the game. You guys are the same people who slandered fans of Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the 90's….you can actually laugh now when you think about people saying "HOW CAN YOU BE A BULLS FAN" in the 90s lol. C'mon man really?

      1. Fan of a team vs. fan of the game?!?!???!?!

        I watch the 2nd round of the playoffs because i'm a fan of the game. I ROOT for the Pacers because i'm a fan of the team. I'm not rooting for any other team in the playoffs other than the Pacers, but i'll watch other teams because i'm a fan of the game.

        I HATED Michael Jordan growing up, but please believe I rejoiced whenever I got his basketball card because i recognized his greatness but God strike me down if I root for him and the Bulls to beat my Pacers or any other team for that matter. Trust there were plenty of people in Indiana that rooted for the Bulls simply because they were winning and due to Indiana being in close proximity to Chicago. Grow some loyalty and root for your garbage home team. You're paying the taxes for that team … Might as well root for them.

    2. I root for the Skins. Dan freakin Snyder and the Skins. The only owner who has learned to make money off losing. At least the Jaguars have had some potential lately (well lately is relative), but that team has looked pretty good in recent years, especially compared to my team. If I can stick with my team through the hard and downright ugly times (Steve Spurrier and Jim Zorn stil give me nightmares), you can make it through the Jaguars.

      Or don't worry too much cause they might move to LA in a little while cause fans are not going to games.

  22. Despite the frustration some of the teams have given me over the years, I am loyal to all my D.C. teams with the exception of teams where local players are the spearhead (see: OKC Thunder). With that said, I get into it with loyal Dallas Cowboys fans every year, although I'm confused as to where have of them came from and they always talk about it was their Daddy's team or some nonsense. Basketball I completely understand as the Wizards haven't won anything since I was born. The Nats and Capitals give our area most of their hope right now and I will wait to see what the Skins do this go round.

    Other than that, I co-sign this post. Stay local, stay loyal.

    1. Don't sleep on the Wizards. What's that quote from 50, "Sunny Days wouldn't be so special if it wasn't for rain". Watch John Wall develop into an all star plus we're gonna draft MKG and have the rookie of the year. We've already got Nene/Seraphin/Booker/Vesley making our frontcourt formidable. Its just a matter of time before we're a team to be reckoned with.

  23. "I dislike Laker fans with a greater passion than I feel toward the actual team. Mostly because y’all are so annoying."
    Replace "Lakers" with "Beyonce" and that's the only thing I can add to this convo. Carry on.

  24. welp.. I'm from NJ and used to love the New Jersey Nets. I remember growing up I loved Jason Kidd.

    Then I woke up one day and Jay-z had stolen them and held them hostage in BK. Even though I now live in BK right by the stadium, its not the same. So there should be a clause for what to do when your home team is stolen from you.

    I'm a Celtics fan now btw…
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  25. Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh I whole heartedly agree with everything you said. I was born in Delaware, lived in STL for a few years, raised in Indianapolis. That makes me a Colts and Pacers fan til i die. IDGAF about any other team. No 2nd or 3rd favorite team, none of that corny ish. They all are in the same boat (With the exception of the Patriots and the Pistons, I hate both those teams with the fire of a thousand suns). Anyways, my teams are in the circle and every other team is outside the circle with the Pats, Pistons and Cowboys (My old college roommate's fav team) having an asterisk next to them for extra hatred.

    Anyways, I don't know who i hate more tho … Bandwagon fans who hop on the major teams, but are really from a small market area or Player fans who root for random players that they "Love". Then it turns out they "love" at least 20 players, so they have the option to root for any team at any given time cuz one of their favorite players is on that team (thus removing the feeling of defeat). Utterly RETARDED fukkery. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm.

    Let me roll out now before, i get even more salty.

    1. Top5DOA: "Anyways, I don't know who i hate more tho … Bandwagon fans who hop on the major teams, but are really from a small market area or Player fans who root for random players that they "Love"."

      I hate the bandwagon fans more. I ride hard for the Bucks (no homo), and I was a die hard fan when they thought Lee Mayberry and Todd Day were the wave of the future. I was going to several games a year when they drafted Shawn Respert. I had to watch lineups featuring Alaa Abdelnaby and Anthony Avent. I suffered through Jason Caffey and Dan Gadzuric (enjoy, Knicks fans!). You could get seats anywhere at the Bradley Center. Then when they made the conference finals in 2001 and during the "Fear the Deer" year, bandwagon fans popped up everywhere and made it impossible to get tickets. Of course, now that the Bucks missed the playoffs, they are nowhere to be seen.

  26. I don't usually comment, but I had to get in on this and let it be known I am a Detroit Lions fan until the day I die. I was ride or die when they went 0 and 16 and when they made it in the playoffs last season.

  27. As someone who comes from a city that roots for a baseball team that hasn't won a world series in… Lawd knows how many years AS IF they are rooting for recent world champions (which, by the way… by law of which side I reside in the Chi… I have to root for the LESSER known team that actually HAS won one in this millennium… 😉 ) , I truly never understood the "root for anyone other than your hometown" thing either. ESPECIALLY if it's just because they popular (and a lot of teams are just popular… despite them not having any recent reputation for being a championship winning team… so lol).

    I did make the comparison to baseball because that is truly one of the most passionate fans in Chicago, but I'm a Bulls fan through and through. I was born one, and I'll die one. I couldn't EEEEEEM imagine rooting for any other team. I tolerate and like other teams, but best believe I'll ish-talk that team like a MUG if they come against mine.

    1. ETA:

      Overall, as deep-rooted and passionate as having your team can be, I never understood how that tie could be any deeper than… your own home. Where you grew up. I mean, that's why towns are assigned teams, right? I mean, I'm sure there is a variety of reasons why people can root for a specific team (it may be their "family" team, etc.) but I am genuinely always interested in these reasons…

  28. I disagree with several points in this arguement. Just because I’m a Cowboys fan does not mean I’m not trustworthy or puts any stains on my character. If anything it’s would show my perseverance and resolve. Despite my teams stats and record I continue to root for them. I refuse to be a bandwagon fan (my love for Victor Cruz is an anomaly and can be defined within the parameters of this arguement lol lol) and just root for the Giants now that they are winning.

  29. I really have no home team and a large part of my fandom just comes from sports being very sparse down south. I selected the teams I liked and rolled with them.

    Hell, I'm from SC so there was no NFL team for the longest time so the Raiders are my NFL squad because that's who my pops and one of my sisters pulled for, I'm out of damns to give about the NBA so they don't matter, and the A's are my baseball squad because I like Rickey Henderson when I was a kid and I just can't bring myself to care about the regional team, the Braves. On the college front I'm all over the place: I pull for my alma mater (College of Charleston) and North Carolina on the hoops front. (Again, I inherited UNC from my sisters.) Bama's my team in college football period. (However, if I lived in Alabama I probably wouldn't pull for them due to the overzealous behavior of other Bama fans.) If the Gamecocks or SC State happened to get out of their own way for more than three weeks at the time I'm glad for them because that's a positive action for SC.

    1. Same here bro….UNC all day for college hoops, but if the Gamecocks(gotta rep for the hometeam) or any SC school is doing it big, I gotta rep….

      1. "…or any SC school is doing it big, I gotta rep…."

        I almost agree. I wish nothing but doom and peril upon the Citadel Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers. Their fans are something else.

  30. I agree with Mr.Spradley 100% and I especially like the part of Lakers being the most annoying and I will add Cowboy fans ahould be within the same statement.

    1. I just wanna point out to everybody that this person right here … NiemanMarc … is my one and only older brother. Excited he decided to drop by the blog and drop a comment!

  31. Full disclaimer: Laker fan here.

    Most: "I don’t think about the Lakers anymore than I think about the Milwaukee Bucks…"

    I can't speak for all Laker fans (as many are rather irrational), but myself and the ones I know personally just want to see our team win and the Celtics lose. Outside of that we could care less about any other team. Now, what happens is (to me at least) that someone starts talking trash about the Lakers out of no where to me so therefore I shoot back.

    Now, I'm a fan of basketball and sports in general, also so I'll make my observations about the game and the such and give my opinion like any other fan will do. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this.

  32. I'm from Cleveland, OH. I saw a fellow Clevelander upthread that basically said everything that needs to be said about how all Cleveland teams are hot garbage and why I've never been a fan of the Browns, Indians, Cavs, Crunch, Lumberjacks, whatever our WNBA team is called, or any other professional sport we have that I've forgotten.
    My recent post Bad Luck Blues

  33. That being said, I'm also an alum of The Ohio State University. But, I'm not a Buckeye Football fan. I'm a die-hard Michigan Wolverines fan. GO BLUE!!! I defend my stance, and will love Michigan 'til the day I die. Win or lose, everyone knows I support Michigan. I have a very valid reason, IMHO, but I get every reaction possible, from people understanding once they find out – to people cursing me and telling me I need to leave Ohio and how dare I have attended Ohio State and that I'm a traitor. To be honest, I give zero f*cks about anyone's opinion about what college football team I support. I didn't choose my college based on their football team, especially since last time I checked, I was not recruited. It was just a coincidence that I team I love is my school's most hated rival for the past 100 years or so. *shrug*
    My recent post Bad Luck Blues

      1. Trust me…that doesn't even begin to compare to OSU/Michigan, lol. Now Cam does have a legitmate excuse. Believe it or now, though, there are quite a few Michigan fans that live in Ohio so us Buckeye fans are quite used to it…..we don't knock them from being from Ohio and rooting for UM….just generally feel bad for 'em, lol 😉

  34. This whole post….very entertaining and comedy! I respect your opinion, though, broseph.

    Couple observations:

    -It appears to be there is an assumption that if someone's favorite team is outside of their hometown team then that person "hates" the hometown team. I'm fairly sure, at lesat in my experience, that people don't generally hate the hometown team, they just like another team better as far as priority of rooting interest for whatever reason.

    -secondly…well, you know what, nevermind. I'ma let you cook. Lol.

  35. i root for the redskins, wizards, capitals, nationals, orioles and ravens. if i have to choose between the redskins and ravens i choose the redskins. if i have to choose between the nats and orioles i choose the nats. i root for all dc area teams. this makes for sad times (read: the wizards in the last 10 years) but i'm loyal to my teams.

    what i can't stand are people who live in dc and root for the cowboys. those are our rivals. you can choose any team to root for except them in my opinion. i know there aren't nearly as many redskins fans living in dallas as there are cowboy fans living in dc. that really disgusts me.
    My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

    1. Man, when I was in the DMV I saw that all the time! It blew me. I actually had a girl tell me that she was of Native American descent so the term Redskins offended her (I don't know how much I believe her because everyone and their mother says they're 1/16 Cherokee)….and that's why she rooted for the Cowboys. Apparently Cowboys vs. Indians wasn't a thing….*face palm*
      My recent post inomallday: Bosh Spice is out indefinitely with the abdomen strain….dang

    2. Yeah that baffels me about DC. Like "really do"? Whose idea was that to not represent the home team?

    3. There's a perfectly good explanation for this Redskins and Cowboys thing. It's just one of the biggest rivalries in sports. You know i've said this before. I think DC is better when our teams are winning, but that's where it stops for me. Ironically, I get half credit, my Dad is a Cowboys fan, so I picked the Niners just because the rivalry was way more live when I understood football.

    4. Lol! What if they aren't Redskin fans, though? The reality is that Cowboy fans are universal and they have the largest contingent of fans in the NFL. Some are gonna be in DC. *shrugs*

  36. Man, you know I usually see eye to eye with you on things, but sometimes (like someone mentioned earlier) you move from place to place, then what? So I have a few different teams: College Bball: UNC Tarheels (No brainer, I'm from NC and they were my dad's team) College Football: Nebraska Cornhuskers (I went to high school there and a few of my friends ended up playing for them, so I started rooting for them and I still do off of reflexes NFL: This is complicated. I started off with the Cowboys (again, my dad's team) but then gravitated to the Niners with Montana, Craig and Rice (I was young, so I probably jumped on the bangwagon). But then the Panthers were created, so I rocked with them. But then I moved to NYC and all the news mentions is the Giants and Jets. So I picked the Giants.

  37. con't
    NBA: Again, I moved from place to place so I liked players instead of teams, so yes, the Bulls were my team because of MJ, but I also liked Philly because of Barkley. But then the Hornets were created and I rolled with them until they relocated to N.O. I then moved to NYC and now I root for the Knicks I guess my thing is, people have a variety of reasons to pull for certain teams and giving people the side eye because they root for a team that's not the local team can be unfair for a number of reasons…with that said #weneedtotradeamare #rightnow

  38. I 100% agree. I'm a born and bred New Englander but i've been living in Chicago–ain't no way in h.e double hockey sticks Id root for any other team. I wanna hit my brother every time he wears his Oakland raiders jersey..they aren't even in the same time zone and he's NEVER even been to Cali. I think he just likes the colors.

    Also, there is no greater rivalry than that of New England and New York fans. Like you said, real fans go through the tough times and I've enjoyed the beefs with New York teams. Bashing New York is part of my identity. Other rivalries seem foreign to me.

  39. I agree 100% with this post. Born & raised in NY…will ALWAYS root for the home team. I don't care if they "suck" or not. It's my hometown/state pride. I've lived in ATL for 2 years now & idc if I live here for the rest of my life…you will STILL catch me at Hawks v. Knicks games boo-ing the HELL out of the Hawks. Will never be a Falcons nor Braves fan either. I rep for all my NY teams no matter what. I am a LOYAL fan.

  40. One thing you left out is the number of Dukeies in college basketball. I really don't understand it. Well actually I do and you name it in your piece, they're just rooting for whoever's popular. I'm from DC so I grew up rooting for Georgetown and Maryland. But I see so much Duke stuff around here you'd think that they have a DC campus or something. But then you find out that people have no affiliation with Duke, they just like whoever the latest guy to come out of Duke with a jump shot that won't be effective in the pros (I always despised Christian Lattener!!!)

  41. The Laker hate that is rampant in the comments is hilarious to me. Since I'm L.A. born and raised this post really doesn't appy to me. I will say that you seem a little emo Most and you know I'm a fan of yours.
    I'm all LA everything Lakes Dodgers Kings Raiders (when they were in LA) 49ers because I loved Jerry Rice – we are champions NUFF SAID

  42. As a Lakers fan let me just answer this…

    The Lakers will be fine without Kobe, but the Heat won't be anything without Bron and Wade. The Lakers lost Kareem and Magic and still managed to put back together a competitive team until we got Kobe and Shaq. The Lakers and Yankees are the two franchises in US Sports that you can always count on being competitive. Life after Kobe is well underway and… the true Lakers fans have been saying since we won the chip, it's time to look for life after Kobe.

    I really would have liked to develop and mature Gerald Green, but Kobe ran him off the team and now he's killing in Jersey, I believe. Bynum (if he stays) will be the cornerstone for the team for years. He's only 24. The best part about Kobe is that almost as soon as he comes off the books we get a max contract. I think you'll have 1-2 seasons with the Lakers making the playoffs but not competing for the title. BUT keep in mind, Magic took the Lakers to the Finals without Kareem. Bynum may very well be able to do that when Kobe retires in never years.

  43. I still have no idea why people bother themselves with who others care to root for. When it comes to those fronting as though they've been fans from day 1 and making all sorts of noise about some team they only recently started repping for, then perhaps I can see how that can be annoying. Otherwise, it's my opinion that people need to chill, live, and let live. When I was heavy into ball, I was with the Raptors through thick & thin as they continuously broke my heart into exponentially smaller fragments. That said, I find games boring when I'm not actively rooting for one of the teams. I would hold my breath for the Raptors when they were playing, but root for other teams when they were not on. I ended up having numerous teams and players that I liked, and pretty much always had a team to back. When I watch Hockey, I can just as easily pick the Montreal Canadiens over the Toronto Maple Leafs because I'm Quebecoise first and foremost.

    Long story short, each man/woman to his/her own. Ion't really give a damn who anyone is rooting for, and I always roll my eyes when I see the rants during playoff time (regardless of sport) about so-called bandwagon hoppers. If anyone feels as though they can tell something about my character other than the fact that I don't put much stock into these things, then hey. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

    1. plus the poster seems to forget that people are always "from" that town and may have moved from somewhere else or grew up rooting for another team as a kid. And alot of people travel to the stadiums from other cities (following their teams)…. the poster shouldn't assume that everyone had always been where they currently live.

      And honestly if the local team sucks, its boring (to me) to watch them lose all the time.

      In baseball there's 2 leagues. If your in National League town but you like the American League teams, your gonna end up rooting for another town's team. But I'm like you, I came from SoCAL, and we had 3 baseball teams in close proximity and I rooted for all 3 because it gave me more games to watch and follow and if one was having a bad season, I still had a couple teams to fall back on. If anyone had issue with how I root then I keep it to myself, but I dunno why anyone would care what some stranger does.

  44. I find this post to be hilarious. I am one of those very people you can't stand *shrugs*. The only hometeams i root for are the Yankees and Rangers and I honestly don't care much for baseball and never watch hockey.
    I've loved the Bulls since about '85 when I was a kid. I wont lie in saying its MJ that frist brought me to like the team. But once I began to follow them I loved them. When he left I continued to follow them. Till this day, though I dont watch basketball much because I feel its gotten WAY too soft, I still root for them.
    IN the NFL I rock with Tampa Bay…..YES you read that right. Bottom of the league last year but I rep them hard. Again *shrugs*. I take the flack and trash talking we get and stand by them.
    I've never had any love for the Knicks or Giants and from the bottom of my soul I despise any team associated with New England/Boston in ANY sport.

    1. being a military brat, its hard to say anywhere is my home town. So does that exempt me from following my "home team" if I don't have one?

      Example: There's a lot of Yankees fans because simply, people like to watch a winning powerhouse team and it has nothing to do with the city the team plays in. Most of the players on pro teams aren't even from the town they play for in any case, so are they disloyal (as players), as well? hmm

  45. Being Black is major part of my identity along with my city. so when someone cheers for a non-hometown team or when they switch it's always because of some player they respected or like but the reason I bring race into it is why Grandad hated the redsox and yankees and loved all the NL teams because of jackie robinson.I cheer for all NY teams except the giants and the jets because THEY PLAY IN NEW JERSEY WHICH AIN'T NYC its another damn state it's crazy there even allowed to call themselves ny teams that would be like if the bears played indiana or the the raiders played in oregon. people who cheer for frontrunning teams are people whodon't like their city and don't think they can improve. Why jacksonville has no fans. I'm a bears fan because they play downtown in chicago and have a sick stadium and always compete but i can't stand the bulls or any other team and most real(native) new yorkers don't care about about college sports really and just ride with whoever wins any ways why we have massive UNC and USC football fans here as black person i don't know how can cheer for alabama unless your family is on that team.

  46. As someone who has been in Detroit basically his whole life,I'm a die hard fan of everything Detroit. This includes the Pistons,Wings,Lions and Tigers. With the exception of the Red Wings,I've seen long stretches of futility from every team here and that hasn't stopped me from supporting my teams. It sickens me to see people in and around Detroit doing things like rooting for the lakers or showing up at a Tigers game when we're playing the white sox in a Yankees jersey. I'll never understand what makes someone decide to become a bandwagon fan when they already live in an area with a rich sports history.

  47. Great post. Couple things. Identify yourself by your first name not "Mr Spradley" like a normal person from this century who writes articles on the internet. Second, don't dumb yourself down and try appealing to wider audience by using words other than "folks" in your title. Come on.

  48. Agreed. How a person born and raised in backwoods Pennsylvania came to be wearing a Cowboys or Raiders jersey, is beyond me. Then, of course, there always has to be a few who up the obnoxious factor by cheering loudly for whoever is playing the home team. Gotta love a life time Cowboys fan who becomes an obnoxious Ravens or Bengals fan a few times per year!

  49. I actually read this entire post… And I’d first like to start off that I will cheer for Chicago anything because it’s my home and hometown.

    I do disagree when people are cheering for other teams to beat their home team for whatever reason. I do agree at bare minimum you can atleast be neutral… But I completely disagree that people who are fans of the game.. Shouldn’t have the right to have other teams that they enjoy watching… Your team is not always going to be good and that’s ok and you will go through ups and downs.

    I just find it extremely humorous that people who have decided to go to the extreme with that level of commitment that they are going to torture themselves with horrible teams and Try to push that off on other people or disregard other people who may not be “fans” but just enjoy a particular team or a certain cast… 

    People have all the right to cheer for whoever they want to, but I don’t think they should be allowed to label themselves as fans unless they have put some work in… 

    Temp Bandwagoning is ok if you acknowledge it and if your team is no longer playing

    Cheering for a Team is the reason why people bother with sports

  50. 1. No one gives a shit whether you are a fan or not
    2. Players get traded all the time. If you are a fan of a player, you should expect to root for different teams
    3. It's just a fucking game
    4. You spelled "hours" instead of our
    5. Some players are just great people outside the court, Derrick Rose, Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash. If I want to root for them because I like them as a person, then I'll fucking do just that.
    6. No one cares that you're black. You claim that fans are screaming for attention….you named your fucking website "singleblackmale" Wow.

  51. How do you know they are being disloyal…. just because somebody lives in your hometown doesn't mean its their hometown. Maybe they ARE being loyal to their hometown and you're just making assumptions.

    Your contradicting yourself a little…. what if you recently moved locations…if you live in City B now, you MUST root for City B's teams? , but if your FROM City A, you must root for City's A's teams (to stay loyal)

    …so which is it? If you move city's shouldn't you still remain loyal to your original team? But if they do that you'll call em disloyal? Doesn't make sense unless you know for a fact they are from that town.

    If my local team sucks and the next town over's team is doing really good…I'm gonna find it more interesting to watch the winning team. Hell, I'll probably follow both, who really cares, ya know, its all for fun.

    Example: Military families and Government workers often travel and move around and are often living in cities and states they aren't originally from…. keep it mind.

    Its often far easier to follow the local team than try to keep up with the old team across the country you used to watch…doesn't make anyone disloyal, just means they are adjusting to their new surroundings and getting to know a new team thats easier to keep up with…when/if they move they'll probably follow that area's local teams. So what. Its all about having fun and enjoying a sport…. its nothing all that serious.

  52. I think everyone has different perspectives. I was raised a Chicago Sports fan because my dad is from Chicago and raised me watching all his teams. I grew up in Baltimore however. I casually watch the Baltimore teams and attend games but I've been a Chicago Sports fan my whole life. My brother is a Bears fans as well. It's almost like the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks are the families team. And in my opinion family always come first over hometown and friends. I enjoy watching the Ravens and Orioles but if they ever played the Bears or Cubs in the Championship I would never turn my back on the Bears or Cubs, I was raised on them. Its hard to switch loyalties from teams you've rooted for your whole life.

  53. This article is on point. I agree 95% with everything stated, especially —- "Fans of Teams Outside of Their Hometown Can Never Truly Understand the Nobility of Defeat" and "Non-Hometown Team Fanhood Almost Always Has Its Foundation In Front-Running"—– Yes.
    Growing up in Miami, (Say what you want, I'm Dolphins/Canes/Heat/Marlins/Strikers/Panthers all the way) I noticed this trend at an early age. The darlings when I was growing up (80s/early 90s) were the 49ers, Bulls, Oakland As, and Cowboys. All multiple championship teams…imagine that.
    Front-running was definitely the foundation for those who stuck with those teams 'til this day. Not surprising, the only local team most of those front-runners rooted for were the 'Canes…hmmm. Wonder why? Some eventually grew out of it and came to their senses and actually became loyal Miami Sports fans………..

  54. The nobility of defeat—-yes. A real hometown fan understands that all too well. Foundation of loyalty and pride of the place of birth, or place where you spend the majority of your childhood, worn on the sleeves of the cloth we root for….win, lose or draw. Fandom not birthed from a championship victory or superstar player but created by a sense of loyalty and pride. A win feels ten times as good, a loss..a hundred times worse. I always joke around with my friends and say that …in another dimension of course…if the Phoenix Cardinals instead of the 49ers would have won 4 Super Bowls in the 80s, those same 49er fans would be Cards followers today.

  55. The issue I have with the article is that the terms need defining. What's a hometown team? Where someone was born? Where they grew up? Where they live now, and intend to call it home for the rest of their life? And what in the world is this "nobility of defeat" crap? Having grown up in the Tampa Bay area, and lived there for most of my life, there's nothing noble in any of the defeats of the Buccaneers. Nobility of defeat is something that's reserved for someone (or a group) who are fighting for honor or for what's right. A sports game doesn't really meet that criteria.

    Personally I think someone can (and should) root for whoever they want. As long as they have a good reason what do I care? That only exception to that would be if they root for every winner such as the Lakers, Patriots, Yankees, etc. That would just be obnoxious.

  56. I used to agree with the points made in this article..but then I became a Bears fan scorned. I hate so much about the team, and I don’t feel their tight lipped, delusional, crap spewing style of play is an accurate representation of the city of Chicago. So I refuse to support them. I love the Sox, the Bulls,and the Blackhawks, but I cannot rep a team I don’t support, and have come to despise. Judge me if you want, but supporting a team because you agree with their value, because you actually trust the coach, because they give you fire and desire to watch them, is far less pretentious than supporting a team only because they have your city name tacked on them.

  57. People from North Carolina usually are fans of foreign teams, since we only have the Hurricanes and the Panthers. It's normal to cheer for whatever team, just as long as you an actual sports fan. Like my cousin's a Braves and Heat fan, but a Panthers and Hurricanes fan. I'm a Steelers fan, my mom's a Patriot fan, and my dad's a Redskin fan. No offense, but some cities are different than others.

    1. Plus the bobcats, but literally no one cheers for them… No one, because unfortunately, they have always sucked.

  58. How much management and how many players really represent te team of the city they were born in. Meaning when you root for the "home" team it's still rooting for a team not of that city. In essence few people root fora true home team representative of that city or area.

  59. I like your artical but don’t agree.. I live 40mins north of Boston have always been a Red Sox fan since I watched my first game… But football I’ve always been a Lions fans for over 30 years and have never liked the Pats… As long as you stick with your team and don’t jump on bandwagons. Lions never been to a Super Bowl but still stick with them… I don’t trust people that switch teams just because there team doesn’t win…

  60. Growing up in Northern California I was a Giants, 49ers, and kings fan. Picked moved to Seattle. I dont think my character should be questioned because I do not root for the Mariners, Seahawks, and the now gone Sonics. I do see where you are coming from with people who say Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers…

  61. Why does the home team deserve my loyalty ? Some people support the home team because they lonely, starved for attention and desperate to fit in. Some People support the home team only because they caved into peer pressure

  62. So, I gotta ask, what about in my scenario. I live in Northern Virginia about 10-15 minutes away from the Redskins practice facility. I root for the Green Bay Packers though, because my Dad is a Packers fan and I’d rather have a connection with him than root for a team whose name I utterly despise. What are your thoughts? Am I just a front runner?


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