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Black and Single Episode 3: Black and Booty Calls


We’re back with another installment of the Black and Single web series! In this episode, Oni deals with a wack (and comedic) booty call, and Jessie is faced with an awkward situation involving a beautiful woman. More or less, I’d call it a man’s dilemma. Check out the video when you have a chance and leave your thoughts in the comments. This one will have you pondering what you’d do (or have done) and chuckling at a few of the scenes.

For the previous installments, check out this post and their official Youtube channel.

(Note: This video is mainly safe for work, but has a couple scenes that you probably wouldn’t want your boss to see. No nudity though.)



  1. This was a great episode… It kind of had me wondering what I would do in that situation. If a Woman had her kid over and was trying to get it in, I would probably decline. It's easier to say behind a keyboard, but it would feel a little tooo weird to have a lil kid staring at you while your getting it in.

  2. i have just been made privy to this phenomenon of the wack sex booty call less than 2 weeks ago, i would have never thought it possible… i thought the whole concept of booty calls was someone that you enjoyed sharing sex with… i swear i didn't know we had all these problems until i started reading blogs… it's a funny series, i will continue to watch


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