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Can Lebron James Be the Greatest of All Time WITHOUT an NBA Championsh​ip?


Welcome to another Thursday edition of the Cooke Chronicles.  A man always remembers the highpoints of his life: the first pair of Jordans he owned, his first kiss, the first woman who paid for a meal for him, the first time he had a dream about that special one (O, Stacey Dash). You remember all these important moments.  In the summer of July 2011, I had one of those moments in Teaneck, New Jersey.

In July 2011, Lenny Cooke was labeled the next big basketball player to come from New York.  Lenny Cooke, who is of no relation to me, was believed to be the best high school player in the Class of 2002; ahead of Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony.   Lenny was a 6’7 scoring machine with grown man strength!!  At the Adidas ABCD camp, Cooke’s team, which was undefeated at the time, was scheduled to play a team led by Lebron James.  Cooke, 18, was entering his senior year and James, 16, was entering his junior year of high school.  The game was being held at Fairleigh-Dickinson University in New Jersey.  The crowd was on the side of the New York City prize fighter, Lenny Cooke.  The areana was jumping. Think Yankee/Red Sox, Game 7 in the Bronx. Cooke is New York and James is Boston.

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When Lenny and Lebron squared up the first time one-on-one during this game, Lenny shook Lebron with multiple crossovers and pulled and sank a three in his face. The crowd went B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!! However, as the crowd got hyped, the beginning of the end came for Cooke as Lebron James dominated him.  James outscored Cooke 25 to 9 and James made a running 3 pointer at the buzzer that gave his team an 85-83 victory.  This game made me realize several key points in my life. One, I never stood a chance of being an NBA prospect/player. Two, New Jersey pizza is not as good as New York pizza. Finally, Lebron James had a fan in me. (PAUSE)

Almost two weeks ago, Lebron James received his third MVP in four seasons.  Only eight players in the history of the NBA has won three MVP awards: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone and now Lebron.  Of the eight players who have won at least three MVP awards, James is the only one without a championship. Only three non-active MVP winners have left the game without a title: Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson. I know Lebron needs several championship rings to be considered the “Greatest Player of All Time”, however, could Lebron be considered “one of the” greatest players to ever play the game without a championship ring on his resume?  To some, what James hasn’t done is more important than what he has done thus far in his career, but is the criticism fair?

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As the story goes, when Jordan was James’ age at 27, the Bulls star wept in the back of the Chicago Bulls’ team bus wondering if he’d ever win a championship. Jordan, who had already won an MVP at the point, had just lost to his rival Detroit Pistons for a third time in the playoffs. At 27, the championships hadn’t come yet for Jordan. The parallel to James might not be obvious to some, but Jordan also fought the label of being a postseason failure and we all know Michael Jordan’s accomplishments.

No matter what James has accomplished thus far in his career, it all seems to be overshadowed by his lack of a championship ring(s) but that isn’t entirely fair. Lebron is in an elite group with only seven other players.  The best way to frame James’ career thus far is to point out that only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had won three MVPs at a younger age. Wilt Chamberlain and Moses Malone both won three MVPs before ever winning a title. Furthermore, Jordan, Chamberlain and Malone hadn’t won a title at James’ current age. But even Lebron knows the importance of winning a championship.

“I’d give all three of them back to win an NBA championship,” James said of his MVP awards. “It’s all I care about. It’s all I know.”

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So SBM nation, what do you think? Should Lebron be in the discussion as one of the greatest player of all times even though he does not have a championship? Should Lebron be in the discussion based on the fact that he has three NBA MVP awards?  What are the odds Lebron retires without a ring?


  1. No player in the history of the NBA has been held to a higher standard and asked to do as much as Lebron has been asked to do for not only his team but the NBA. Since the age of 17, Lebron has been labeled”The King” and he really hasn’t disappointed. Yes, with a nickname “the King” and playing alongside D. Wade and Bosh , he should have a championship but you have to believe he will eventually win a ring….I mean he just has to right?

    1. Great subject. I think Lebron is a great player, but should not be in the subject Greateste Players. In the NBA the Ring is the Thing. That is what they play for. How can he be thought of greater than Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlin or other greats. That isnt even considering Michael or Magic. Lebron has labled himself King James, but I thought kings actually ruled something. So far the only thing Lebron has ruled is the MVP award and that certainly doesnt make him one of the greatest.

  2. I agree he is definitely one of the greatest of all times. To have accomplished so much at an early age, you can't hate on that. To be "the greatest of all time" I can't agree with that. Maybe of his era, but not of all time. To me M.J. holds that crown. You can even make an arguement for Magic who won several championships and was the only player to effectively play all 5 positions.

    1. I can’t argue with you about Michael Jordan being the Greatest of All Times but I do believe Lebron has surpassed Magic Johnson as the best player to effectively play all five positions. In the 1980’s final when Magic started at center, he did not have to defend the center position for much of the game; that was Jim Chones responsibility. When Lebron has to play the center it is for a longer periods of time and it is to take away an advantage an opponent has inside. I am taking nothing away from Magic but Magic always played with at least three other Hall of Famers throughout his entire career while Lebron has for the most part, been the only all star on his team. I think Lebron is more versatile than Magic but he is no where near Jordan.

      1. Oh definitely agree…I would put Lebron on top of Magic as well, but an arguement can be made since Magic does have the RINGS..lol I do think Lebron will reach the thrones of mutiple rings sooner than later..

      2. James….better than Magic??? bwhahahaha. Listen, LeBron is one of the greatest and all, but he ain't surpass no Magic.

  3. To answer the question yes. The championship separates players…how can one argue LeBron > Durant if KD ends up with 3 rings and he ends up Barkleyed. Out of the major sports, basketball is the biggest one that can be won/lost by one guy. Marino couldnt play defense, Halladay doesnt bat cleanup, LeBron has no excuse.

    1. Great point on how in basketball, one player can impact the outcome of the game. I think if Lebron wins one ring, he will win multiple rings. He just needs to win won to gain momentum to win several.

  4. The championship ring is why we play the game, it's how we determine who is the best. There are street ballers who have more skill than Moses Malone or Jordan but guess what, they don't have the rings. Lebron James is highly skilled no question but you aren't "the king" if you can't lead your team to a championship.

  5. "Should Lebron be in the discussion as one of the greatest player of all times even though he does not have a championship?"

    Depends on what you call "one of the greatest". He's not in the discussion for top 20. Maybe top 30.

    "Should Lebron be in the discussion based on the fact that he has three NBA MVP awards?"

    No. MVPs are subjective. It helps your case, but your case can't be based on it. It is criminal that Kobe and Shaq each only won one MVP. Jordan was cheated out of MVPs because people were bored with him winning them. Until he wins a ring, Lebron is the black Steve Nash.

    "What are the odds Lebron retires without a ring?"

    High. Very high.

    1. Sorry Butcher pimp, but I have to disagree here strongly….he's easily top 20. Very easily. And all of and yes the MVP is a subjective award, but you can't tell me LeBron didnt deserve each of those awards. Not sure how the odds can be high here. He took a Cavs team w/o another legit superstar to the Finals in '07 and went 6 games in the finals last year and has a good shot of going back this year. In order to win the Finals you gotta be in the finals. He'll get multiple shots.

      Hell Jerry West went to 8 or 9 straight NBA Finals and took L's…he finally broke through in '72, though. And his nickname is "Mr. Clutch" ironically enough, lol.

      1. Great point Larry about Jerry West. The MVP award goes to the best basketball player of that year. Yes the voting is bias but Lebron James has earned every MVP award he has recieved.

        Also, everyone needs to understand, in a season, there is only ONE MVP and 12-15 champions….so mathematically, it is more difficult to achieve an MVP than a championship. HOWEVER, I understand the meaning of a championship.

        1. "Also, everyone needs to understand, in a season, there is only ONE MVP and 12-15 champions….so mathematically, it is more difficult to achieve an MVP than a championship. "

          Well damn, never really looked at it that way, but you're right! lol.

      2. First, I misread the question. I meant the odds are high that Lebron will win a title. Mea culpa.

        Second, I'm not saying he didn't deserve them, just making the case Shaq and Kobe should have won more than one.

        Third, I strongly disagree. He may eek in the top 20, but definitely not easily. Hell, you can make a case he's not one of the top five all-time best active players. Certainly behind Kobe and Duncan, and a case can be made for Garnett, Nowitzki and Wade.

        Since I made the claim, the burden of proof is on me to list 20 better players.

        1. Kareem, 2. Baylor, 3. Bird, 4. Chamberlain, 5. Oscar, 6. Russell, 7. Magic, 8. Michael, 9. Olajuwon, 10. Shaq, 11. Russell, 12. Moses, 13. Isiah, 14. Duncan, 15. Kobe. 16. West

        I won't even entertain arguments for Lebron over those 16. The discussion can start after that. So best-case scenario, he's 17, and those four slots could go to Cousy, Havlicek, Julius, Garnett, Wade, Nowitzki, Robinson, Kidd or Stockton.

        1. " Cousy, Havlicek, Julius, Garnett, Wade, Nowitzki, Robinson, Kidd or Stockton…."

          LeBron's a better player than all of these guys, sorry. Now if you want to make a case based on more decorated career, fine. But James is the better overall player, pound for pound. Considering this is a subjective debate I'll go ahead and respect your opinion but respectfully disagree w/ ya. It's all love!

        2. Sometimes when talking sports, you have to say it's in love (no homo). It sounds contentious, but it's merely a difference of opinion.

          Yes, I mean career accomplishments when I make the claim. The nine players I listed previously would definitely lose to Lebron one-on-one (with the exception of Wade, Garnett and maaaaybe Robinson being perfectly capable of winning). But if we go by better player and exclude accomplishments, suddenly Russell, Magic, West start dropping, and players like Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson move up. And in that case (Most is about to through something at his screen) Kobe becomes the best player of all time.

  6. Naw yo let me be real right now. Lebron can not be the greatest without a chip. Period.

    Also, don't try and bring his age in comparison to Jordan. Keep in mind, Jordan won his first of chip when he was a 7 year vet. Lebron is nine years in the league. Jordan won 6 chips from his 7th to 15th (albeit 12.5 year in the league.) Lebron ain't winning six straight. Jordan also did it with Pippen who is more akin to the relationship Kobe has with Gasol than Lebron and Wade. They are two of the five best players in the league!

    Lebron is like Dr. J… Dr. J was exciting to watch, very talented, but couldn't win it by himself. Had to have Moses come in to help him win a chip. Only thing is Lebron has Wade and Bosh and they still can't win a chip or have the best record. I wish Lebron the best but in my book he's no better than Dr. J or Dominique until he wins two chips.

    Cause i'm not putting Dirk up there on Jordan and Kobe status anytime soon. He need at least TWO chips.

    1. I agree with everything you said here for the most part.

      I always make the assumption when people say someon is better than whoever they are referring to who had a better overall career…award, accolades, titles, plus talent.

      However, I always make sure I distinct just pure talent alone and skill level….take away rings, etc…and it becomes a whole different discussion. I always bring this up when comparing Kobe and Jordan…yeah Jordan is the G.O.A.T. and all, but you take titles and awards out of the criteria and just go on skill set, period then I can make a great case that Kobe is right there if not more skillful/ talented than Jordan.

  7. So SBM nation, what do you think? Should Lebron be in the discussion as one of the greatest player of all times even though he does not have a championship? Personally, I think it's too early to have this discussion. Seems pointless to compare Lebron James to career to men who have already retired. I'll judge his career when his career is over. I do think he's on a great trajectory to greatness though.

    Should Lebron be in the discussion based on the fact that he has three NBA MVP awards? The only discussion he should be in is specific to MVPs since that's all he has won. If or when Lebron wins a championship, then the discussion can evolve.

    What are the odds Lebron retires without a ring? Low. Statistically Lebron has continued to improve although with skill and age he is likely nearing or at his peak. This isn't a bad thing when you're peak is greater than the rest of the NBA, so he can pleateu and still be in the top 5 discussion every year.

    Regardless, I think he'll get at least one ring. Maybe a few. He just needs the right pieces around him. As I wrote about below, Lebron defaults to other's players to a fault. He's a great TEAM player but I have yet to see him be a great (consistent) CLUTCH player. I've argued with die hard Lebron enthusiast until they were in tears on this subject but facts are facts. If he ever ads that element to his game, then he will definitely be one of the greatest. He does appear to be getting closer but I'm not sure he'll ever fully embrace it. It's a mental component, not a physical one. Just look at Durant. Durant is 5 years younger, 22, yet he has no problem taking clutch shots – make or miss. Lebron is 27 and still struggles with that pressure even though he is arguably just as or more skilled than Durant. It's mental. The hardest person to overcome is yourself.

    My recent post LeBron James: No Clutch

    1. I agree mostly here, except your answer to your first question. Put it this way, if LeBron were to retire tomorrow would he be considered one of the all-time greats? To me the answer is an unequivocal yes.

      Personally, I think LeBron isn't as clutch in walk-off last second situations as people project that he should be, but I believe he is most def clutch in other facets of the game. Also, I don't even think he really needs to be all that great of a clutch player to win a ring or to to be considered one of the greats.
      Hell, look no further than Shaquille O'Neal….more often than not that dude was not closing out games with last second heroics. Many times he was on the BENCH so teams couldn't hack a Shaq him, lol. He left the closing to Kobe, much like LeBron can leave it to Dwyane Wade.

      1. "Put it this way, if LeBron were to retire tomorrow would he be considered one of the all-time greats? To me the answer is an unequivocal yes." Sorry man. You just blew my mind.

        My answer is: NAW. Unless that list is like 10 – 20 or maybe even a 100 long. Sure. But if he retired tomorrow, I dont think he has the standing to be considered the greatest of all time by any means except by a measurement of MVP awards. As I said, which is why this discussion is inherently subjective, he needs to evolve more of his game. To me, that does involve being clutch if he's going to be a star in the position he plays. Shaq wasn't suppose to be clutch, because that wasn't his role. It should be Lebron's role but he doesn't embrace it. As I repeat, he's fully capable of doing so, he just chooses not too. That's weak sauce.

        Stats wise, yes there can be a debate. I think it takes more than stats to be considered one of the greats. That's based on my personal criteria tho.

        1. Sorry WIM, I respect your opinion, brotha, but maybe the point of disagreement here is the criteria. If the list is 20 or 30 people long and you're in that list then yes you are one of the all-time greats. 20 people out of the thousands that played in the league? If you're top 20 out of thousands of people in anything…I don't know about you, but EYE would consider that a pretty remarkable accomplishment, but I can only speak for self, obviously.

          Maybe I'm not putting enough emphasis/weight on his perceived clutchness (or lack there of), but if he retired tomorrow he would have played in 9 NBA seasons in which he has obtained 3 league MVPs, but also 5 time NBA first-team, 4-time NBA All-Defensive team, Rookie of the Year, 8 time NBA all-star. Not many folk have that resume, I'm sorry.

          "It should be LeBron's role…"

          Should? lol…my response is Why should it on this team? I watched that whole 2006 Finals and Dwyane Wade's performance….the Heat are doing A-ok in the closer department, lol. But this is just one man's opinion.

  8. I think there are two ways to look at all NBA players. You can look at them as professional athletes, and you can look at them as just basketball players.

    When you're talking about the greatest professional NBA players of all time, my top 3 goes something like this:


    I think those 3 guys, for a number of reasons stand a little bit ahead of the rest of the pack. After that the next group of guys is a pretty big list.

    Now, if you're just talking about basketball players … meaning, everybody meet up in a park somewhere and let's just play shirts and skins … I think that's an entirely different discussion. When you're talking about just playing basketball when it's all said and done, Lebron will be near the top of the list of all time players. What he does on the court is unparallelled in the modern game. Lebron doesn't have players that you can compare him to that are playing right now. As far as pure, non-professional basketball, he's better than everybody in the league, and has been for a long while. I just think he hasn't figured out that thing to go from being a great basketball player to actually being a great professional, NBA player which sucks for him because ultimately, he'll be judged by how many rings he has.

    It's kinda like rap. If you put every rapper to ever drop an album in a cypher and tell them to just rap, the list of who's greatest would be very different than if you judged those same rappers by the quality of their albums.

    1. That comparison argument can be used against Jordan too. People just rarely want to realize the difference between the talent pool and Jordan during his peak. Early retirement by Bird and Magic, and the Dark Ages for the Lakers and Celtics, helped Jordan out a lot. Only people you can think of during that time that was balling like Jordan was big men like Malone and Olajuwon. Jordan didn't have no comp.

      1. Great point….during the “Jordan Era”, the league was at a shortage of athletic wing players…these are the two guards Jordan had to face in the finals for his six rings:

        1991 – Bryon Scott

        1992 – Clyde Drexler

        1993 – Dan Marjorie

        1996- Hersey Hawkins

        1997/1998- Jeff Hornacek

        I am not taking away from Jordan’s greatness but Dr. Jay has a great point about the level of talent at the SG during the Jordan Era.

        1. Mike's main competition was Drexler, with Mitch Richmond and Reggie Miller a little behind. Drexler had no other superstar to play with (then got a ring when teamed with Olajuwon), Reggie's teams underachieved and Richmond's teams outright sucked. Dumars was on the decline, Sprewell was meh, and players like Kendall Gill and Jimmy Jackson never really panned out.

          So Jordan didn't have too many peers. Kinda like when Kobe said he had none (Iverson kept getting hurt, Wade was too young, Vince Carter never made it to an elite level).

      2. No disrespect but the quality of this discourse is lacking.

        So apparently position flexibility didn't exist during the Jordan era? Guards only defended guards? Jordan's career only began in 1991. Last I heard Joe Dumars was drafted a year after Jordan in 1985. Bird didn't retire early, he played 13 years. You make it sound like he left in his eighth. Magic played for 12, plus the comeback year. Why are you only counting the guards he played against in the finals? What about the guys he consistently beat? What about the depth at the position that was to be found, that is lacking in todays league? Why not recall that Jordan played in the greatest age of centers in NBA history, thus making it harder for him to earn a living at the hoop? And besides, Hawkins didn;t have the main assignment of defending Jordan. It was shared with Gary Payton. Also REMEMBER THAT JORDAN IS REALLY 6'4!

        Since when are wing players limited to only the 2 position? I believe James Worthy would disagree with that.

        MJ and most stars of that era didn't have individual competition. What I mean is that Clyde was never really MJ's comp, the whole Blazers team was MJ's comp. Those teams back then were far better in construction and depth than you find today. The Blazers team in most other eras would have won a championship. They were that damn good. I mean, I'm only 28 and I remember worrying about Terry Porter, Clyde and their frontcourt. The team had made the finals two years before.

        The Suns team with Barkley is far better than any team that has participated in a Finals in the last 5-6 years. That team had Barkley in his prime, along with Kevin Johnson, Danny Ainge, Tom Majerle, Cedric Ceballos, richard Dumas, etc. These were some damn good teams.

        In this current era we have no legendary teams with at least one hall of famer per team. Think about this, when the Bulls swept the Bullets in the 1997 playoffs, who was on that Bullets team?

        Chris Webber
        Juwan Howard
        Calbert Cheaney
        Rod Strickland
        Tracy Murray
        Tim Legler
        Oh and the year before they had Rasheed Wallace.

        There are very few teams in the NBA as currently composed that could stand up to that lineup. I'm just going to name some of the young gun teams from the Jordan Era that were denied glory. Not the top tier guys.

        The Hornets: Kendall Gill, Mugsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Dell Curry
        The Warriors: Tim Hardaway, C-Webb, Chris Gatling, Chris Mullin, Lattrell Sprewell, Avery Johnson
        The Hawks of the 80's
        The Cavs of the 80s
        The Suns of the 90s
        The Heat of the 90s

        The level of talent back then at the 2 was far better than it is now considering you only have maybe 5 legit 2 guards in the league, none of whom shoot over 50% from the field.

        Lebron cannot be compared to the pantheon until he overhauls the likes of Kobe and Tim Duncan. Both of whom have better careers with Championships.

    2. This is how I make the distinction, too. I like the pick up game analogy.

      However, I think he is a great professional NBA player already. Not sure how you're qualifying great professional, really so maybe I'm a little off base. We probably don't disagree on this, but I think it's just a relativity difference on how we are looking at it.

      And for the record I'm not giving anyone who shot a career 43% from the field as one of the tallest players in the league any top 3 anything! (Bill Russell). I'm sorry, I know he was a great defender and won all those rings when there were only 8 teams in the league while playing with 7 hall of famers, but nah homie….not top 3. I'm sorry. lol.

  9. "Should Lebron be in the discussion as one of the greatest player of all times even though he does not have a championship?"

    I mean, is water wet? Of course he should be and if he were to retire tomorrow he'd still be considered one of the all-time greats. This isn't even a debate. Anyone that says otherwise knows NOTHING about basketball *Stephen A. Smith voice* lol.

    Should Lebron be in the discussion based on the fact that he has three NBA MVP awards?

    Among other things, yes.

    What are the odds Lebron retires without a ring?

    Not high. (barring injury, of course).

  10. I remember following that ABCD camp with Lenny Cooke and LeBron in there. I remember people hyping this Cooke character up on the message boards and the such. Saying he was way better than James.

    Well, I have never seen Cooke play before, but I had been watching James play since his freshman year of H.S….and I thought to myself if Cooke is better than James then this dude will be hands down the #1 pick in the draft and score 20 a night easy in the league his rookie year. Needless to say I didn't believe a word of it and knew James would likely dominate, and I was right.

    I'm rather indifferent to James now, but growing up in Ohio and having the opportunity to watch that dude at 14 and 15 years old doing the things he was doing, barring a serious injury set back, I didn't see how it was possible for him NOT to be the player he is today. Greatest H.S. player I've ever seen with my own eyes and best passer by far and it's not even close.

    1. Yeah, everyone forgets about Lenny Cooke who was a can’t miss prospect. I love to see a players progression from high school to the pros.

      I think I know who the next high school phenom is and he is only a sophomore…..Andrew Wiggins and he is Canadian but he lives in West Virginia. The kid is 6’7, 205 pounds. At the Nike Summit, he scored 20 points in a victory for his team against the number one college basketball recruit for next season, Shabazz Muhammad. That game had a Cooke/ James feel to it. Muhammad is going to make it to the league but Wiggins will one day own the NBA. Trust me!

  11. Dude is great regardless but ummmm yea he needs a ring at some point or he'll be stuck in that Barkley Malone group, and nobody really wants to be there. That Magic Michael Bird category is whats poppin.

  12. I'm from Philly so I am a tried and true Sixers fan, but I do like D-Wade & Bron Bron…..I am a huge fan of Bron Bron on and off the court. I just like him as a player and a person…..and let's be real…tha boy gotz skillz.
    I think for show and more popularity, (and more money, fame and noteriety than what he has right now) yes he needs a Championship ring. He needs to get up to Jordon's level. Cause let's be real, here come the stats:
    Jordon won 6 Championships with the Bulls
    In the 90's he won 3 consecutive NBA titles
    He won 5 NBA MVP awards
    I would say yes right now Lebron is the greatest in this time. But Jordon has better stats.
    Jordon was my fav and made everybody no matter where they were from looooove the bulls.
    He had a good long career with them, nowadays unfortunately players don't have the longevity
    to play for the same team for so long.
    imo Jordan has it. Bron has a long ways to go.

  13. y'all OD today. "One of the best"

    I guess. Marino is one of the best QB without a ring.
    Barry Bonds is one of the greats without a ring.
    Barry Sanders is one of the greats.
    Eric Lindross… I could go on.

    But you don't tat 'chosen one" on your chest to be number 15 or 16. Oscar was one of the most skilled basketball players ever. However he is probably only top ten because of of lack of rings!
    My recent post IRREDEEMABLE 37 Review (FINAL ISSUE)

  14. I dislike LeBron James for various reasons but I basically agree with everything Larry has said. I think the key wording in this post was if he is "one" of the greatest players, not if he is "the" greatest player. Now, if you think that being one of the greatest means he has to be in the top 5 all-time, then I don't think he is even close. Not without a ring or two. But to me being one of the greatest means being in the top 10 or top 20, and I'd say he can easily fit in that group. 3 MVP awards is no small feat, despite what people may say about it.

    Competition in the NBA is tough these days, winning a ring is difficult. There have been other great players who've gone out without winning anything at all, so to say that LeBron is nothing without a ring seems a bit harsh. He won't be the greatest without a ring, he won't be compared to Kobe or Jordan without a ring, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is one of the best ball-players the game has ever seen. Plus, he has many years to come to prove us all right or wrong. He's only really been in a team capable of winning the ring a couple of years, so I'd say give him 5 years and see if he has one ring, two rings, or nothing at all. Then we can start discussing his merits.

  15. LeBron Is great but he plays in a league with NO HAND CHECKING… Jordan would be unguardable in today's league… That makes Jordan even greater in my eyes

    He needs two or more for validation… End of story


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