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Nicki Minaj vs. FunkMaster Flex: The Different Methods Men And Women Use To Win Arguments


Every year Hot97’s Summer Jam concert has great moments and equal parts controversy. This year was no different. Hip-Hop artist Nicki Minaj, who was the headliner of the event, pulled out after Hot97 morning show host Peter Rosenberg made some derogatory comments about her music AT Summer Jam!

This caused a firestorm of debate on Twitter, Facebook, and your favorite blogs. It became even more incendiary when FunkMaster Flex went on one of his epic rants claiming that he was going to “ruin a career”. Well this was squashed quick, as Flex and Nicki got on the radio the next night to address the issues.

While the interview contained the same rhetoric, backpedaling, and ample shots of a typical Flex interview, it served as a public example of how men and women act during an argument. It also reminded me of the different tactics used when people argue to win the debate rather than resolve the conflict. We all do this naturally with friends, colleagues, loved ones, and family. Here are a few examples that demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about:

Women: The Gender Card

This card is the big joker or, if you had a deprived spadeless childhood, the king of all stances to take. Nicki used this in her argument when she essentially said that as the only woman on the Summer jam bill and the only woman currently reppin’ crazy in hip hop, that Rosenberg or anyone else should’ve taken that into consideration before dissing her.

Now, if we are going to discuss the timing of the comments, that’s one thing, but the issue had nothing to do with her being a woman! Women will revert to this crutch of a talking point so that a man will be less adamant about his feelings and let the guilt of being sexist seep into the conversation. This may cause a man to chill or talk in a more open tone, even if he is 100% right! Phrases such as “I can’t believe you would say this to a woman!” or “Would you say to your mother?!” come to mind when i think of the female gender card play This is a calculated chess move that few can spot until it’s too late.

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Men: The Gender Card

Men also use the gender card, but in a more blunt manner. If we get offended or frustrated in an argument, we will never hesitate to remind a woman of our gender and the duties associated with said gender. Remember when Martin would always proclaim “I’m a man, Gina!” whenever they had a disagreement? He knew that being strong and assertive is a trait that women love and hate about men. They hate that men can be so stubborn and unwavering in their convictions, yet a man who is firm and can put them in their place has a clear path to the box. Men use this to their advantage and will assert themselves enough to the point of disrupting her defenses and gaining the upper hand in an argument.

Women: Sensory Overload

Women know that men are genetically programmed to tune them out effortlessly. They know that men may hear 100% of your “how was my day” rant, but probably only listen to 60% and ad lib the remaining 40% based on a cross reference between previous cool stories told and expected outcomes of events. When a man locks in on a point for which a woman has no counterpoint, she will bring up a detail about a story and expound like a Rhodes Scholar. She will give you a bunch of unnecessary details about an event that has nothing to do with the prices of tea in China. And before you know it: Poof! There goes your argument. Fellas, avoid trips down the rabbit hole at all costs!

Men: The OK Maneuver

What’s the best way to send a woman completely bat shit? Have her bloviate about the hundred things she found wrong with you during a given situation. Let her elocute profusely. When her diatribe has ceased, and she pauses on the phone awaiting an affirmation of your transgressions and a remorseful and apologetic tone, simply utilize the OK maneuver. A simple “OK” followed by deafening silence or blankest of stares will send her into a rage that would make Bruce Banner blush. What you sacrifice in possible bodily harm and/or damaged ear drum, you gain in a distraction which can allow you to get the upper hand in the argument.

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Women: Emotions

When all else fails, women will resort to an overflow of emotional reactions. They will cry tears of strategy and attempt to break down the Walls of Jericho that surround your heart. As you hear the gentle cracking of her voice as she proclaims her frustration with the situation, saying “All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my uncles… but I ain’t never thought I’d have to fight in my own house!”, men will have to fight all urges to vacate their inner thug. Even Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t curse out a woman who uses her emotions to her advantage. Now, I’m pretty sure some ladies reading this article will tell me that it’s human nature for women to be emotional. It’s in a woman’s DNA to be the more caring of the species. Women are highly evolved and are not afraid to express themselves and shed some tears in the name of a good cry. I applaud you. But as the poet Shawn Corey Carter, once said, “I see right through you Judas!” A woman who wants to put her 6 in Louboutin heel in the ass of a good argument will use whatever resources she can procure in order to be victorious. Emotions are the final frontier of winning the argument war. It can be won or lost with this tactic, but women will go for broke to turn the tide. At the very least, they’ll have the man feeling like sh*t for making them cry or express emotion.

Hell Yes I deserve an apology!

Men: The Unwarranted Apology

No matter how wrong a man might be in an argument, he will ask for an apology. Women will look at you crazily, because frankly, if you were at fault you don’t deserve one! However, this tactic serves multiple purposes:

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If you are at fault: You are planting one last seed of doubt in the woman’s mind. Maybe she did get disrespectful during the argument. Maybe she did take things the wrong way. Maybe you really didn’t know no f*cking Kyana. This apology move is a psychological investment in future conversations. You may have lost the battle, but the war continues!

You also may use the apology move as a last ditch effort at assertiveness. You want her to apologize for puttin you through a BS conversation that was your fault when you could’ve solved it in 2 minutes by saying “my fault” and piping her down as a peace offering. Makes sense to me!

If you are not at fault: This is the victory lap portion of the debate where you dribble out the clock and give her dap for a great fight although you were victorious by a double digit margin.

Men wear the unwarranted apology like a badge of honor. If you are a real dude, you get one. According to Twitter, if you have a big d*ck, you’ll receive an apology, followed by some exquisite fellatio.

Whenever people have any type of conflict, the goal when speaking should be to resolve the issue. When emotions and egos are involved, debates can turn into competitive arguments, where the goal is to be proven right. This leads to unnecessary name calling, pettiness, and an unwillingness to listen to one another. We are human and it can happen easily. Recognizing these flaws and learning how to negotiate and debate can help immensely.

What are some of the other argument tactics that men and women use? When do you know a conversation has turned from productive talk to a full blown argument? What’s more thrilling: solving a problem or knowing you won the war? Why/Why Not? You can be honest.



  1. Wait…was that a Belly reference?

    I don't let the gender card get pulled. If it is pulled I squash it because its irrelevant 102% of the time its used.

    Thankfully I don't get into many arguments but I have a habit of talking down if I get into an argument. Like you will feel your IQ lower the more I go in.
    My recent post InAnimateAlpha: @AnthonyDSparks he got your nose lol

  2. I think you have exhausted the "sane" argument tactics that folks use. I know productivity has lessened when the following happens, either: (1.) I start cursing at you in my mother tongue or (2.) start speaking the Queen's English without smiling or even joking-which I LOVE to. It's a mother lover's wrap! What will pump my adrenaline up to unfathomable heavenly heights, is knowing I won the war-regardless of whether or not the problem was solved. Shit! There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to take me off that high! NOTHING!! As to why I am thrilled, I SHUT HIM all the way dowwwwwwwwwwn!!! What does that have to do with his current oxygen intake-nothing,so he should care because-he shouldn't! It's a big deal because, it just is!!!

    @ Animate, you are extra YUMMMMMY!!! To mean, I find you VERY handsome!

  3. That emotion thing is hard for me – literally sometimes I cant control the tears falling from my face. Sometimes It’s from frustration or anger, or embarrassment and “”here them ninjas come!” When that happens, because I’m so aware of the “women use emotion to win” argument, i bow out and come back or if im om the phone, i hide the quiver in my voice and mask the sniffles beginning.

    But then part of me gets upset because I feel like i have to do that in the first place to show that my argument is valid. The moment emotion is shown, then its like I’m pulling a card. I have learned however to use my logic mind more than base decisions and actions on emotion. To quote my cuz, Emotions is some “Fickle n*ggaz.”


  4. My "favorite" girl to argue with was the friend who thought every thing was much deeper then it really was. I remember going back and fourth with her in regards to sushi that I didn't particularly like. She told me it was because I never had it. I told her I eat it all the time ( and I was the one who put you on to it), I just wasn't fond of where she got this sushi from. She then proceeded to tell me about my childhood, my mother, the history of sushi and how it was on sale.

    I was just trying to understand why I couldn't just not like the damn sushi,

    Which reminds of the arguments with people who don't know how to shut up. Then as you wait for a long pause to get in your side, not only do you get interrupted after every sentence, but when you call them out on it they let you know "you didn't let me finish". Sometimes I wish I could go back to my debate club days and hold up a 30 seconds sign, if you can't get your point across in the time allotted, then tough.

    1. "She then proceeded to tell me about my childhood, my mother, the history of sushi and how it was on sale."


  5. What are some of the other argument tactics that men and women use?
    Women like to make a man slip up, even if she’s wrong about the whole thing, let hm call her out her name, or break something or say something out of anger, she gonna reach up and grab that Golden Snitch, Gryffindor wins. Me(n) will bring up alot of old stuff, anything you’ve conceded to before we will use to emphasize my point.

    When do you know a conversation has turned from productive talk to a full blown argument?
    I say by the 3rd reiteration, that says you don’t really hear me tho and its about to get real. Especially for me, i have a habit of assuming my words can never be taken in the wrong way. My ex was good for quoting me out of context especially when she learned how much that pissed me off.

    What’s more thrilling: solving a problem or knowing you won the war? Why/Why Not? You can be honest.
    Its like asking whats better hitting a buzzer beater or winning by 20. Winning the war is always better, especially when you got a drop the mic point or she got to apologize you get to sit there with fake humility feeling like you’re being presented with an award or something. However that doesnt always happen and sometimes i just was want to be able to finish watching TV, or not get death stares from the kitchen. It really depends on the issue, some things I really refuse to take an L on others i’m just tired of arguing.

  6. Another thing that came to mind reading this post was J. Cole-Lost Ones. The man in the first verse made logical fair strong points but ol girl in the 2nd turned emotions on full blast and went in with a bunch of irrational ones but most people who listen to the song will say the 2nd is more powerful….the power of emotion.

  7. I think it has become more “card” than passion. Same way with men and their anger. It should be used as a last resort as a way to let one know you’re no joke. When you crying over minor ish i can’t take you or your crocodile tears seriously anymore. I can respect a woman who can argue a point without trying to make me seem heartless for going Georgie Porgie style.

  8. Most of the tactics you state happen when one party starts to feel like they’re about to take the L, so they pull these cards as a quick shot to win the argument which started out as a simple discussion or simple question.

    Let’s not act like the emotion card is just a women’s card to pull. Men get in their feelings to when they don’t get their way. Men may not cry or take an argument about “putting the toilet seat down” and turn it into “why you do care about me” (one extreme to the next). You guys get angry, stubborn, maybe not crazy but a little irrational and even jealous. Plus men love the emotion card they pull it when it works in their favor.

    I like to pull the : "ok your right , sure emm hmm and walk away card" or I pull the "repeat what the person said to me back to them and when they give me that look like what I said makes no sense I simply smh, win a silent victory and walk away or change the subject"

  9. As far as Nicki goes the whole “I’m the only women here so don’t talk about me” line is tired. NO one cares that you’re the only rap female on the line up, you been in the game long enough to know the deal. Being a woman doesn’t stop your music from being critic on the same level as everyone else. But I do think Rosenberg and Flex put on their tough guy hates and dissed her like they did because she is a female MC, plenty of wack male artist have graced the summer jam stage, or other hot 97 events and none of the VJ’s/Dj’s have ever pulled that card right before the artist performance, especially if that artist is the headliner, they were trying to get her booed off stage

  10. LOL. love this post. i was almost on Nicki's side after Flex and his whining and ranting and sounding like a mad lover. who "discusses" things like that? Nicki made him sound remedial.

    anyhoo, i'll never use tears as a maneuver. if i'm crying someone is either about to die, i'm reeally reeeally sad, or i'm contemplating break up. lol. or all three. hahahaa.

    that OK thing though….. UGGHHH i HATE that with such a passion i can't even explain. like, it makes me want to fight and throw things. but since he's way bigger and way stronger i just have to argue further and be mad. lol. thing is, we know saying "okay" is just to get us to shut up or make us madder. but whyyy would you want to make us angrier and add another 20 minutes of ranting onto the issue we're already discussing in the name of "winning?" i used to be a master at the "okay" game too. i wish i could reach back and retrieve that skill. lol.
    My recent post muzeness: RT @GLucciano: The punishment of a liar is that he eventually believes his own lies.

    1. "anyhoo, i'll never use tears as a maneuver. if i'm crying someone is either about to die, i'm reeally reeeally sad, or i'm contemplating break up. lol. or all three. hahahaa."

      If I'm mad and just one tear falls, I tell folks to duck or run, LMBO! If I'm that mad at you, the last thing I want you to know is that you had me in my feelings to the point that I cried. Somethings def about to jump off…duck or run, LOL…

  11. Arguement Tactics? hmmmmm… I like to throw things, lol! idk, it depends. The "ignore it and it will go away" tactic. Men tend to think that if they just walk away/stay away from their woman for a certain amount of time, that her anger will boil over. Come back with kisses and hugs like nothing ever happened. Uggh, now that heats me up, but I flip the card with, the "ok" maneuver LOL!

    Productive talk vs. Full blown argument? from my experience… when he comes at me with a stupid statement: "I see how much you really care" or something to that effect… my line of fire usually cocks back with: "Really?!" …. aim…. and fire!!!

    Solving the problem is my forte'. I am so misunderstood or so I have been told, "after the storm". Men expectations of women are a little stereotypical. They automatically assume that a particular situation will end up like this/that because that's the type of women they are accustomed to. By the time that they actually "get me", it's too late. And then it's, "you don't know how good you had it, until I was gone" moments.

    1. "The "ignore it and it will go away" tactic."


      Wussup with that, fellas?????

        1. You guys are too much! LLS!!

          In that case, I'll have to check my agenda….hmmm…. Monday is looking pretty full… it's not you, it's me… maybe we should just see other people….

          My recent post I Have No Panties On

  12. I prefer to solve the problem, but winning the battle isn't bad if the problem gets solved in the process. I try to keep discussions as discussions and avoid saying things that I don't mean for dramatic effect because at the end of the argument/discussion, when everything is better, the fact remains that you said those hurtful and/or disrespectful things whether you meant them or not. So I try to avoid that all together. I also cry out of frustration and anger, but rarely out strategy. I do utilize the 'bombardment of details' tactic, however haha

  13. great post man. i'm king of letting a woman pour her heart out and just saying "ok" in response. also, interchangeable with "alright". i definitely do this on purpose to make her mad.

    i really can't stand the gender card. especially when it has nothing to do with the argument. we're having a debate about which movie to see and you're bring up the fact that the movie industry is biased against lead roles portraying positive women. relax ma, its not that serious.

    also, women have to be careful not to play up their emotions too much. if you cry after every argument a man may become immune to your tears. i remember this woman i was dating did that. towards the end of your "relationship" she tried the crying thing. after about a minute or so i asked her if she was done so we could continue the conversation and if not we could continue when she pulled herself together.
    My recent post Take Me Back to 1953

    1. towards the end of your "relationship" she tried the crying thing. after about a minute or so i asked her if she was done so we could continue the conversation and if not we could continue when she pulled herself together.


      Son… thats all me lmao!
      My recent post #BeTheBetter Fitness Log: Entry 3

    2. …but WHY is my question. why say okay or alright and make her angrier?

      i just don't understand the concept. i used to do it to just make the conversation stop. because "okay." to a man means something different than to a woman. saying "okay." to a woman guarantees increased anger and a longer argument. lol

      see also: "yep."

      grrrrr! lol

    3. [i'm king of letting a woman pour her heart out and just saying "ok" in response. also, interchangeable with "alright"]

      Mannnn! I defer all the time. When I know I'm not going to win the argument but still don't feel like I'm wrong, I just say "it's cool, you got it." At that point, I get tired of repeating myself and a game is on. I'm working on my pride issues, but I despise saying those 2 words of regret. The older I get, the more I see that it's not even worth it to argue with a woman in most cases. Their endurance for that is astronomical.

      My recent post His & Hers – There’s Always 2 Sides To A Story

    1. Azealia Banks does NOT count for so many reasons we really do not have to talk about on this blog today. LMAO.

  14. What are some of the other argument tactics that men and women use? – I think you got them all but dang it…Men use their emotions too! I remember I had to tell my ex-hub to take that crying mess in the basement before he woke up our son with that noise. Cute when I was 19 ("he cried for me") wack as hell at 24.

    When do you know a conversation has turned from productive talk to a full blown argument? – When I'm saying any and everything out my mouth. I am completely castrating and belittling when I'm going off. You will NOT like me when I'm done. Plus, there's no guarantee I'll remain non-violent at that point. So, I don't allow myself to get to that place anymore…I'll walk away first.

    1. What’s more thrilling: solving a problem or knowing you won the war? Why/Why Not? You can be honest. – Solving the problem. I can still be sarcastic/witty while I'm solving the problem. The fact that I was productive…and still got my digs in…is very satisfying, lol. I'm an ENTP…I'm only debating cause I know Imma win, LOL. I'm coming for you cause I KNOW I'm right. If you've made a point that I won't bebate, 1) you're right and I tell you so or 2) I don't care about the topic enough to debate it.

  15. I honestly do not remember the last time I had an argument with a s/o. It usually goes like this.:

    You have an issue? You have the floor. I'll listen.
    Gimme a bit to process, and we will revisit.

    I have an issue? Give me the floor. I swear I'll be brief. Now, don't be mad at me because I will also be BLUNT, but I can't use tact & be brief, either. I'll give you a bit to process and I'll revisit.

    That's it. The last time some guy got angry enough to yell, I let him yell, smiled & said , "are you finished? Great, I'm going to sleep." Then I said nothing about it. For DAYS. Till HE asked ME about it while I was on the computer. I stated my piece calmly, and showed him what I was working on. It was my new lease, and I'd be moving within the month.

    If you can't discuss shit like an adult, find someone to be a child with.

  16. Every woman wants to be a Queen and wants to be considered such, especially in what she deems her territory. More so out and about in the world women wanna be respected as if she's a queen. The thing is, if you carry yourself a certain way, look a certain way, your speech, your mannerisms your beliefs, you typically won't register as one and will be treated according to who you are. Women are emotional because they're essentially arguing worth. Those “tactics” are the natural progression of such conversations.

  17. Personal note: people typically only speak to me regarding questions, advice, projects or they're presenting something, tails tucked and ears down. No need to argue. In corporate or political negotiations however there's a lot of back and forth so my “tactic” is ruthlessness. I get progressively more heartless and to the point the bigger the stakes are. I cry three to four tears at home after the fact then I ante up for the next meeting. Now that I'm taking a step back, in normal social settings I'm finding most arguments are caused by others being offended by my tone and perception of them. There is no tact. I speak based on what I take in about my environment and surroundings. This post made me laugh: that's how I see things and I learned men interupt women when they talk because they're horny. Reeeally?? *sudden discomfort about being cut off * Wow…

  18. My argument tactic is not to argue, I usually break the tension with a joke. However, when I do argue, I don't get emotional. In fact, I shut an argument down with a dude by telling him he needed to get some ballz 'bout himself and stop whining.

    That happened in year one of our relationship. By year three (*blink*blink*) dude had brought this up every time we had a disagreement, lamenting that I could say something so disrespectful to him and not feel sorry about it. So, in our next to last disagreement when this came up I said, the only thing I'm sorry about is that you keep bringing this ish up like a bish. Then I licked the popsicle I was holding. Dude was about to rage out.

    Obviously this is not the man I married.

  19. Lol great post. I'm a little odd when it comes to arguing. If it's an argument over things outside the relationship, such as sports, politics, reality TV , I can go on for days. I don't really back down either – I can go on for days. It's mostly because of my competitive nature – I've definitely been hit with the "ok" when I've gone on a tear about (insert sociopolitical issue here).

    But when it comes to actually relationship arguments, I'm horrible with them. Like, I'm emotionally withdrawn in general, so I don't even like discussing these things. And when I do, I'm SUPER uncomfortable. So if it's a minor issue that I'm peeved about, I will just keep my distance til I get over myself, but if its a big issue and the wait it out game doesn't work…we have a problem, because I don't want to broach it and guys generally take the path of least resistance….I'm working on that.

    And with regards to the Nicki situation, they were both acting like children. You can't be a boss and then simultaneously rationalize following some 5'7 gremlin's orders. She had the right to be offended even though starships is as close to real hip-hop as kelly clarkson , but if I were her, I would have gone on stage, played Starships 3 times in a row, screamed eff Hot 97, and walked off. Like, if she still claims to be a hip-hop artist, isn't that how most of these shenanigans are settled? You get called out, and you answer on some gully ish. *kanye shrug*

    My recent post inomallday: @el_botin_negro @bruiser_ham #Heat #Celtics point is, both teams want it. I just think Doc is outcoaching

  20. Tactics I hate but aren't necessarily gender specific…

    1. The politician's redirection… When I bring up a point and you carefully respond, but don't answer.. You bring some other ish up that has a minuscule relation to my point, but doesn't address anything at hand.

    2. The Downplay.. "Come on, Spidey.. is it really upset about THIS?…" HELL Yes.. which is why I brought it up…

    3. and my LEAST FAVORITE…The Boomerang…. "Well, you've done that before… You did that last week… I remember that one time you did something kind of similar… so why you mad at me?"

    And I always cry in arguments…. I have a very low tolerance for tension.. so the minute a room is tense.. I start to cry… Not a tactic… But it does work LOL mostly.. unless you're with someone who is a d!ck.

    1. Hang on, LOL…cause #3 is valid, IMO. What's good for you will be good for me! Don't call me out on something that you habitually do to me or others. You don't want it done to you, don't do it to me.

      Pfffttt… Naw, yo… that's a no go.

      I feel you on 1 and 2 though, lol…

      1. LMAO.. I knew someone would say that because it SEEMS like Number 3 is valid.. but it is NOT! Because it's usually never legitimate hypocrisy.. For a small example.. If I'm watching a movie or a show, I hate it when people get on the phone and have a full blown conversation, while I'm trying to see what Rizolli and Isles are up to now… If I bring it up.. and ask you to leave the room, or if I mention it after you finish your call..

        It is NOT valid to bring up the time I talked on the phone when I was watching Rizolli and Isles.. Don't mention that time I talked on the phone when the TV was on while you were on the computer… Or the time I got on the phone when you were watching that Snapped marathon..Just accept that it's annoying.. and try to do better.. We don't need to bring up every time Spidey was on the phone to explain why you were not in the wrong…

        If it bothered YOU when I did.. you should've brought it up then, but clearly it didn't so don't try to boomerang it back to me like now I'm going to say.. ooh you're right.. feel free to interrupt every show I'm trying to watch so you can tell your cousin about the funny thing that happened at the gym.. GTFOH!

        1. We'd stay locking horns, LOL!

          My motto: "The grace you give will be the grace you get!"

        2. Not at all, lol…

          Well, not without good reason…thank God I'm rarely given one these days.

        3. Precisely. You get one option between the two: Do the exact same thing you accuse me of having done first, or I have to hear your mouth about my screw up, but there is no way in hell you get to do both. That right there will start a whole new war and it will definitely get ugly. I’m. not going yo get read the riot act and then you go and do the same thing like you forgot all the stuff you said and the moral high horse you rode when you did it. Nah, that horse is about to die and I may not bother to knock you off of it first. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, but there’s a line not to be crossed and that’s it.

  21. I don't argue. Arguments make me extremely uncomfortable, whether I'm involved or not. I don't know why or when it started, but I get borderline anxiety attacks from arguments, so I'll just remove myself from the situation if people can't talk calmly about a disagreement.

    If I can't avoid the argument, I'm pretty quick to get up in my emotions, so sometimes it's easier for me to just write everything down [if it's that serious]. I try not to let it get to the point where I'm pissed, because I can't help but cry and it's hard to talk without using an annoying high pitched voice while crying, lol.

    -But another way men/women win arguments is to get someone else on their side and gang up on whoever they're arguing with. My sister is notorious for this.

  22. I so hate to call it a tactic (however, since we're calling a spade a spade) mines is: "You're absolutely correct"

    #Cease&Desist …everyone wants to be the winner of the argument (such a waste of energy) so there really isn't much left to say after it appears that I have conceded.

  23. "Nicki used this in her argument when she essentially said that as the only woman on the Summer jam bill and the only woman currently reppin’ crazy in hip hop, that Rosenberg or anyone else should’ve taken that into consideration before dissing her."

    In fact, I think saying this is even more insulting to women. I presupposes that we can't be judged on the same level as male rappers. She may not even realize this, but it does.

  24. I've never had fighting tactics. Then again, the only person I've really fought with is my sister, and there isn't a tactic invented that would make either of us budge from whatever stance we've taken, even if it was ridiculously stupid. I've honestly had moment within an argument with her where I've just wanted to say "you know what, I'm totally wrong here, let's forget about it", but my pride won't let me.

    One friend went off on me for whatever he felt I did, and after I tried defending myself and failing I just stopped talking to him.

    I've never had a fight with my guy (hate using the word boyfriend), when we disagree one of us just leaves. Later the one who was wrong apologises. I don't think there's any tactics involved, we just get a chance to think about it and either he will realise he was unreasonable or I will. I think if I wanted to "win" an argument every time it would be very counter-productive. So I'm definitely for finding a solution, even if it means that I'm wrong.

    Doesn't apply for fights with my (twin)sister :D.


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