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Fifty Shades of Grey from a Man’s Point of View


Everybody’s talking about it, everybody’s reading it, and if you aren’t doing either of those then you know someone who is reading or talking about the book. It’s Fifty Shades of Grey! It’s probably the most popular piece of reading on the shelves right now. It’s on just about everybody’s summer reading radar. After hearing about this book a few too many times, I decided to just read it. What was the worst that could possibly happen? I get halfway through it, as I do with a lot of books I read, and throw it in the nearest trashcan. Or, I start reading and can’t pull myself away from the book. What ended up happening? En… something somewhere in the middle of those two.

Here is Amazon’s book description:

When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms.

Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.

Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.

I’ve sent out a few tweets about reading the book and even had a gchat status up about reading the book for a few days. Ironically, the gchat status didn’t yield as much of a response as my status related to my obsession with Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit single, Call Me Maybe. The responses that I did receive all wanted to know one thing, “Well, Dr. J… what did you think?”

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Let me get the funny, lighthearted Dr. J thoughts out of the way first:

  • All y’all asses is nasty for reading this book.
  • I didn’t know there were still 22-year old virgins in the Free World.
  • I totally feel that people mask the fact that they read and enjoyed the book with talking about how poorly it was written.
  • If I could sum up Christian in a rap lyric it would be, “That [negro] crazy, don’t say nothing to him…” He needs to chill with all that stalker activity.
  • All y’all asses is nasty for reading this book.
  • I have no problems admitting I’m a nasty ass.

Anyway, on to more serious takeaways from the book:

I had the undying temptation to compare myself to Christian Grey. Yes, Fifty Shades of Jay written by S. B. Massive. 

Christian Grey is an interesting fellow. There’s a misconception about Christian that often goes overlooked. He’s not controlling, he is obsessed with being in control. This is a quality I share with him. I don’t try to control my partners’ actions; they’re free to do what they wish. I focus most of my energy on controlling my actions and emotions. Most women in my past always point to my rigid nature as an obstacle, but it’s what I need to not end up out of place and out of my mind.

Christian is patient, but only to a certain extent after which an explosion occurs. Waves church fan wildly… That describes me almost to the letter. I have a great deal of patience, however, when it wears thin, I’m likely to give a detailed explanation of everything that went wrong. This is included and never limited to: telling you everything I did for you along the way without being noticed, telling you what I really think about your character, and telling you why I really don’t need this in my life.

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Christian loves Anastasia in a way. A few days ago a friend asked me about the relationship between Christian and Ana and I replied, “He loves her like I love my TV. I love my mother and I love my TV, but that love is very different.” This made me think introspectively as to whether I love women like my TV or do I love them like a person with whom I have an emotional connection with. Again, the answer was somewhere in the middle.

Personally, I thought that the relationship and attraction between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele was… interesting. It centered on the ability for someone to date the young and inexperienced. Going deeper than that, there are various types of men on this spectrum. When I say younger, I don’t mean by a year or two, but by a considerable amount of years. There are some men who choose to date younger, and there are men who refuse to date younger. Christian strikes me as a man who tends to stay away from younger women. I can completely understand why he does that. As you can see from the book, dating someone much younger and inexperienced than you can be very difficult. It’s a very laborious process to teach and guide.

It’s even more frustrating to deal with someone’s fear over their reluctance. When you’re in a relationship with someone close to you in age and experience, you face reluctance. They refuse to do something. It’s not because they are afraid, but they would simply rather no do it. When you’re in a relationship with someone much younger, you have to adjust to their fear. It’s almost like wading a child into deep waters.

I thought the sexuality expressed in this book was enlightening and caused a ton of epiphanies about sexuality. None of which outdid the epiphany that most of us really have no clue what’s going on in each other’s bedrooms. Not that we should, but sometimes our opinions of what’s going on can be far from the truth. Save for those of us who live in apartments with thin walls. (Jesus be a doll and come shoot my next door neighbor.)

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When discussing the book with friends I almost had a smirk on my face when they mentioned how much they enjoyed the sex scenes. Almost as if my mind was thinking, “You really into pain, ain’t you?” or “I wonder who is the dom and who is the sub in your relationship.” Real talk, a lot of people are into BDSM and don’t even know it. Personally, I’m not. After reading the book, I’m convinced that plenty of Black folks are into BDSM and don’t know it. However, that’s one of the beautiful things about our sex lives… everybody isn’t in it. Everyone has secrets in their bedroom. Whether they’re starfishes who just lay there like wooden boards or their sex looks like running with the bulls, it’s their secret and their sex life.

leather cuffs + iPod = ?

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I haven’t made a decision either way on whether I’ll read the next two books. I did notice that in addition to the commentary about the writing that the book is written by an author who is in love with the Twilight series. Christian Grey and Edward Cullen are one in the same. I would recommend that if you haven’t read this book and you have absolutely nothing else to do, read it. The book can be read in two days, it’s a really quick read. Keep in mind though, it’s not Zane and if you’re a fan of Zane, you probably won’t enjoy Fifty Shades.

Unless you’re a freak.

If you read Fifty Shades, what were your thoughts on the book? If you haven’t, do you plan to? If not, what factors into your decision not to read the book? Otherwise, enjoy your Friday people.

– Dr. J


  1. Nice commentary.
    I plan to read the series this summer. Unfortunately, our county library has chosen not to carry it (smh), so I'd have to buy it, or get it from Durham. lol. Either way, I'm always down for a book with good, well written sex scenes. That's always a win for me…

  2. I read it. I liked it. The sex made me overlook the fact that the writer used the word “murmured” 7,529,691 times and that Christian ran his hands through his unruly hair about the same amount of times. I’m currently on book two and its been a week. I read the first book in three days. I’m taking my time with the others simply because the initial anticipation is now over. As we all know, anticipation IS half the fun – or however that saying goes.

    Great post. Hopefully more men will get into this so they know what all the fuss is about. 🙂

    1. I kept telling myself there was some reason why she kept saying murmured… I guess we'll have to go to a reading to ask that question. I feel like in the third book Christian is going to bite a piece of her lip off and then at least that part will make sense.

      1. YES!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed that Christian murmured a lot. Oh and..I see that Anastasia's "inner goddess" appeared quite often. I almost threw the book out the window at one point. Although the book is not technically great, it's okay. I'm only halfway done.

    1. No offense, but your comment made no sense. Everyone is talking about this book, so if you consider yourself a connoisseur of street lit, how could you say this is a non-motherfuckin factor? That's an oxymoron. It's at the top of the best seller list. You could say the book was overrated or overhyped, but a non-motherfuckin factor sounds like you're trying to be something you're not.

      1. Dr. J, have a SAT down, like all the way DOWN!
        I was answering this question:

        " What factors into your decision not to read the book?" ———->this is what I am calling a non-motherfucking factor, NOT this book or it's author! I have never heard of her/him, errrrrm. I stopped talking about the book, and the author in the FIRST sentence!

        I was NOT coming here to disrespect your intellect. PSHHHHH! CALM DOWN! UUUUUUUUURGH!!! Next time, ask for a clarification, if you don't understand what I mean. URRRRGH!
        My recent post Joseph The Dreamer

        1. SEAT* … well let me not because you may have actually wanted me to have a SAT down.

          You also said it was the author in the third sentence.

          Lastly, you're talking in all CAPS, i'm in no need to calm down. I thought my comment was very calm and level headed. It's hard to ask for clarification when the comment suggests that the person doesn't really have any real expertise in the area. To me, it would be akin to asking a Schitzo to explain themselves more clearly. What would I really hope to gain from that?

          PS – This is all why I said, "No offense."

        2. Oh lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd hammmmercy! Uh uh….it is "SAT", not seat. Nyhoo…

          I sincerely apologize, next time I'll write in the Queens English that way their won't be any misunderstanding.

          I ain't about that e-thug life,lool! Do have yourself a lovely weekend mista! Imma go have me a sat down…
          My recent post Joseph The Dreamer

  3. I wont be reading it as ive never been a fan of literotica but Im def one of those black ppl into S&M. i actually am in the midst of a hiatus until I can get the type of "freaky" se.x that I want. I dnt know why its so difficult for some men to try. For instance you can subject me to the pain of an@l but then I cnt get choked out SMH. I do want to completely immerse myself in the lifestyle though there's nothing better than being so in control at work then fully having to submit at home.

  4. So i’m guessing this wont be made into a box office smash huh?

    As for the book itself, my homegirl told me it was Zane for white people and i lost interest. I’m not a literotica fan, like said in the sexting post, i’m much more of a visual person.

    Another random sidenote: why arent books rated like TV shows/video games i had to have someone BUY my Grand Theft Auto III for me back in the day but any 14 year old girl can pick up Fifty Shades, especially since from what i’ve seen its written at a fairly comprehensible level.

    1. Damn son, you not reading lol. Books are rated, you just have to go to Amazon. The book is nothing like Zane's articles for white people. Zane's articles are a completely different beast. This book is like the twilight series: porno edition. Sort of like that new Avengers porn that came out with Chyna playing the Hulk.

  5. I’m sure alot of black people are into BDSM and dont know it, i know i’m not. Most ninjas got some cuffs in they nightstands they be reluctant to pull out but that bout it…they aint catching up to white ppl on the BDSM game…then again this only speculation

    1. Think about it like this, how many Black people you know like smacking ass? That's called, spanking. As much ass smacking that Black people do they are the Michael Jordans of spanking. Belie'e that.

  6. i read book one and two. i enjoyed it. easy read and actually wanted more on christian grey. not very interested in Ana steele and her fears which i see as inner strength, but christian he turned me on. darn, a man and his inner demons is a puzzle that keeps a relationship from getting old and stale. and yes, in book two crazy one shows her true nature and crazy two shows what being a crazy submission becomes.

  7. Literotica? That’s what you call it? I have a bias. I associate it with romance novels and I associate romance novels with fat bored housewives who don’t get out much. So, I’m not gonna read it. I try to live that stuff in real life. BDSM? I’m kinda into it. The bondage part is fun if its nothing major. A little spanking, rough talk. Tie me up, take a dominant attitude, love it. But real pain….I’ll pass.

  8. If you read Fifty Shades, what were your thoughts on the book? If you haven’t, do you plan to? If not, what factors into your decision not to read the book? Otherwise, enjoy your Friday people.

    I haven't read the book and have no plans to. If it wasn't for Twitter, I wouldn't even know the book exist. No shots at the author or the literature, it's just not my style to ummm "literotica," which is apparently what we've agreed to call it today.

    As far as BDSM and all that goes, I don't think I have any particularly strange fetishes myself. I do, however, have an open mind and I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least once, which has gotten me into my fair share of adventures. I personally get off on a woman getting off, so whatever she's into I'm into – within reason (granted my 'within reason' area is pretty broad). I've found if a woman is comfortable with you – and I mean beyond simply comfortable in your person but also comfortable enough to open up to you without fear of judgement you find out all kinds of let's call it "interesting" stuff.

    My recent post 5 Reasons Blogging Isn’t Worth It

    1. You say this until she wants you to be her sub and you're kneeling by her door (with a blindfold on) waiting for her to summon you.

      1. Like you said bro… what I do in my spare time is my spare time. All I'ma say is it's funny what men expect women to do on their list of fantasies compared to what they'll reject on their woman's list of fantasies. When there's reciprocity, no Lauryn Hill, you can really fourish and prosper out here.

        …or so I heard….from a friend.

    2. I'm down with that try anything once thing too. I like to see how I feel about certain stuff so I always end up asking my homeboys 'hey you wanna try x, y an—SURE!!' lol. Practice for the actual relationship I don't like anything to hurt so I try to do stuff at least once to get a feel for it. But. Being around someone I'm UBER comfy with? There's a whoooooole laundry list of stuff I start getting interested in trying and then it's just a matter of me rambling and venting and thinking out loud intentially tryna get a rise out of him to see how far I can go before he looks at me like I went to far with the adventures and fantasies. Never happened. But the anticipation?! I WISH he would be the kinda guy that enjoys getting a woman off. Alas'….day in, day out, day in, day out. I always feel the same way. Thinking the whole day about it, pissed off at everyone else because MY panties are in a bunch and there is no hope for ever straightening them out.

  9. I read all 3 books and I loved them! I don't get why people called him "mommy porn" or raunchy because it wasn't, in my opinion..but maybe i'm a lil bit more adventurous than others lol.

    Christian is a control freak and the no touching rule? man listen! Ana is a better person than I am, and that's why her ass is a fictional character because I would've bounced after a few of his rules, but overall, he was cool, and intriguing.

    I recommend you read the other 2 as well Dr. J

  10. I'm not sure when it happened exactly; I think I was in high school when my girlfriends started bombarding me with raving reviews about Zane books and I have yet to see one let alone read one. The Amazon.com description of 50 Shades makes it sound absolutely erotic and intoxicating. It sounds slightly masochistic so I'm not sure why any woman would be fascinated with a guy who harms her sexually, or why something so dark is so popular….I guess it's akin to my interest in 'The Walking Dead' and the subsequent orange light mood music. *shrug* I don't think I'll be reading it but it's funny to hear women who do/are reading it talk about the stimulation of written softcore p*rn. For real though?

    ….Let me watch. Act out that scene if it's that serious. #nohomo

  11. I'm reading it now and its ok so far. I guess I haven't fallen in love with it, but I didn't hurl it across the room either. I think you can tell the author is a fan of twilight. There are moments when I had to put the book down because it's so very repetitive. Like Lily said above, she uses the same words over and over again. I wanted to hand her a thesaurus.
    I heard so much about it I was curious, but I did consistently hear it was Zane for white people. All these older white women are getting all hot and bothered and I was trying to figure out why, then I realized, probably because they fantasize about having a man like Christian and about having any kind of sex life other than the one they're having.

  12. I won't be reading it. For one, I'm too cheap to buy it and if I check it out at the library, I'd be behind 687 people who have already requested it so it would take forever for my turn. On top of all of that, can you imagine the germs. If chicks are getting their rocks off to this book, it's gonna be sticky. Ew. For two, while I think cuffs and blindfolds and light asphyxiation can be fun, I don't think I'd like the rest of that stuff. I know Wendy Williams isn't a reliable source of most information but she read it and based on her review, I know I wouldn't like it. Plus there was a movie back in the day about a chick who was into this stuff. Can't think of the name of the movie but she was a soldier. She would take dudes to her basement and whoop em with chains and what not. That movie turned me off of all of that stuff. Once again, ya'll have outfreaked me today. Oh well. Love you anyway J.

    1. while I think cuffs and blindfolds and light asphyxiation can be fun, I don't think I'd like the rest of that stuff.

      I feel exactly the same. I think I'd be turned all the way off by anything more, and if the actual content of the book isn't all that great I know I'd be disappointed.
      My recent post Remember Me???

      1. I haven't read this book yet. Not sure if I will or not. Don't have much time to read. Heard a lot about it, some good and some bad. The fact that it's talked about so much and heavy on folks minds and has piqued so much curiosity is what makes a lot of people want to read it. At some point this summer I may read it.
        I can handcuff someone and be blindfolded and spanked with the leather whip thing and spank him with it and I've always wanted to be a dominatrix and wear a sexy dom costume and boss a man around and see how much crazy stuff I can get him to do……but that light asphyxiation scares me and I doubt I will ever be engaging in that sort of erotic play.

        1. Don't knock it til you try it – seriously, lots of things you enjoy today, you probably scrunched your nose up at at one point. You'd be surprised how being turned on and with a man you trust completely will change the feeling of pain or panic to pure lust and pleasure. Sometimes you might even surprise your d@mn self…you know, allegedly.


    2. I believe the movie you're referring to is The General's Daughter. When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point.

  13. 50 Shades is the literotica equivalent of a bus accident for me- It pains me to read, but I have this need to finish the story. So after much resistance, I'm on book 3. My co-workers, however, all fan themselves whenever I even mention it. Me? Meh.
    I really thought this post would be more of a "what men can learn from the book so they aren't forced to read it" sort-of thing, but I see your point of view. Carrie-Bradshaw "I'm going to save/snag/chex/obsess over an emotionally UNavailable dude and, after MUCH pain, get him in the end" aside, I can see why (some) women enjoy it:.
    1) There are women for whom a genuine agenda-free compliment is so rare, entire businesses have been funded from it. I was a door-to-door salesman, and made plenty $$ from that alone. Dude "You Enrapture Me"-s Anastasia so much it made me sick, but chicas could not get enough of that ish.

    1. 2) The chex? Yeah, it was freaky, but there is a certain level of "body worship" that goes on throughout-and THAT is what they like(tell you what. Mid-coitus, take a brief "Christian Grey Pause", sit up, look at your chick and say, "you are SO beautiful"). He also, no matter what they do, will not look at her funny in the morning, so she has carte blanche to 'let go' chexually, which apparently, more women want then I ever thought.

      3) Grey is rich, handsome, blah blah, but most importantly, he is COOL. Cool, composed, in control- EXCEPT when it comes to his 'dear anastasia' (barf). Women dream of being the person that makes you lose your composure-to be the exeption.
      That's my thoughts. If you're thinking of reading it it's an easy beach read, but don't lose sleep if you don't.

      1. "He also, no matter what they do, will not look at her funny in the morning, so she has carte blanche to 'let go' chexually, which apparently, more women want then I ever thought. "

        "Cool, composed, in control- EXCEPT when it comes to his 'dear anastasia' (barf). Women dream of being the person that makes you lose your composure-to be the exception. "

        Haven't read the book.
        Want to.
        These statements are just good old fashioned truth in black and white.

        1. This reminds me of what a female blogger was trying to relay to her readers: Women are sexual too and want to feel as if they can be free sexually without being judged. She has some strong views about the Madonna/Whore complex. (I read the excerpt from a link Adonis included in his post to Dr. J's "Dating the Damaged Girl.")

        2. No doubt, that being judged the next morning has stopped many a good time the night before. #HustlinBackwards

        3. Sigh, so true. The worst part of the Madonna/Whore complex is it reduces women to being body parts your reproductive organs are either for pleasure (whore) or reproduction (Madonna). This leaves us in the real world confused and I'm saying can we have both. It is also "convenient" because now men have to have at minimum 2 women to occupy each role and I guess we are just supposed to be cool with that.

        4. That right there will cause me to leave you where you stand, and the entire reason I am incapable of casual relations. I have no interest in chexing you if I can't be comfortable & free of judgement. What's the point? That's why so many women fake it, smh..

      2. "Women dream of being the person that makes you lose your composure-to be the exeption."

        Thaaaaaaaaaaat's me. truth.org

  14. I was never really interested in reading it, and now that you've said it's poorly written, I definitely won't be picking up a copy. My aunt, who is 63, read it in her Old Lady Book Club [my name for it] and raved about it. She wanted to lend me her copy, but then I know she'd want to discuss it when I returned it, so I'm good on that. This review was good enough for me…
    My recent post Remember Me???

    1. I did not say it was poorly written. I said, "I totally feel that people mask the fact that they read and enjoyed the book with talking about how poorly it was written." That's like their copout, not necessarily a true statement.

      1. Nah… that joint was horribly written LOL i got to page 74 and had to stop.. I thought.. I'll never get this time back.. after regretting the 1200 pages I wasted on Twilight and New Moon… I'm good the rest of 50 Shades.. but all my coworkers looooved it. To each his own.

  15. I was against reading it but after a long layover and a dead iPad I picked it up. I ended up reading all three books in one week and enjoyed. I was invested in their relationship and found myself wanting to know more about Mr. Grey and why he is the way he is. So I ended up reading out-takes from Masters of the Universe (which is the original Fifty Shades of Grey) which included Christen’s POV. After reading his POV I have a better appreciation of his character. All in all a good summer read.

  16. The thing is, as a veteran of both good erotica and the BDSM community, this "book" makes me cringe. Not in the way I like to either. Its just… *sigh* if folks like it, I love it., but people who know my proclivities know better than to even speak the title in my presence.

  17. I haven't read the book. I am not a huge fan of erotic novels or having my arse beat. I had flashbacks from when my ex thought it would be funny to handcuff me. I have never been to jail, but you would've thought I had done hard time in Attica the way I carried on.

    It's fine if there's a sex scene here or there, but I am either into profound stories of life, sarcastic/witty chick-lit, non-fiction, or suspense-thrillers. I was a little interested since I kept hearing about it, but the intrigue has fizzled. Repetitive use of certain words and phrases in fiction is a turn-off. And I don't think the book will be as entertaining (to me) as "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest," which is what I'm reading now.

  18. I like literotica and I have heard from some of my closest friends how dewy reading this book causes them to be. But I don't prefer pain with my sexual pleasure. Personally, if it's that erotic I would rather cut to the chase and experience the erotica live and in person. Literotica is only used (if necessary)as a vehicle when making love to myself.

    I do however recognize spiritually that pleasure is more identifiable when pain occurs but biting my lip off during sex seems like an oxymoron to me. And I happen to like my lips…B Side Players speaks to the concept of Pleasure and Pain via http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/71651….

    Side Note:
    What is up with the recent increase of negativity and ignorance from some select readers who have just recently started to comment? School's out for summer and they have nothing better to do than irritate those of us who respectfully share our opinions without intentionally insulting the writers and other commenters. I lurk in the background often, but those who have been respectfully told to be quiet, should really listen more and talk less.

  19. My interest has been piqued by this and other comments, so I will probably read at some point this summer… and as long as its not as bad as this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sleeping_Beauty_… I will be a-okay with it. I like literotica, but I agree with most other commenters, I don't necessarily like all that heavy BDSM in my bedroom…. Also, women tend to be more auditory than men (who are more visual), so it makes sense to those who would rather see a picture than hear a story…

  20. Oh my!

    I got a bootle…I got a PDF copy of the book and I'm about 20 pages away from finishing it and I think I may have missed something? I was expecting something a lot more kinkier but so far, nothing. Besides the R. Room of Pain, their sex life isn't that much different from mine. There were times reading the book when I thought, heeeeyyyyyy, that sounds a lot like my sex life.

    Overall though, the book is okay but a bit painful to read as other people have mentioned because it was kiiiind of poorly written.

  21. I had dinner with Most a few weeks ago and asked him to write about his thoughts on 50 Shades. He told me no and I asked if he could get someone to write about bc I was interested in the SBM perspective. So thank you Dr. J. If you’re interested in book 2 I have it on PDF. My thoughts on the book was the sex was a bit much. I skimmed thru the sex bc I was really trying to focus on their relationship. Book 2 sheds light on Christian’s need for control. Most women have referred to their relationship as being abusive but Ana can leave at anytime and Christian has made concessions with regards to their relationship in order to please Ana. He does make compromises. He’s just a broken man and maybe Ana is the glue that can hold him together.

  22. i got a PDF e-mailed to me so I read a little over halfway of the book (which was admittedly enthralling) until I realized there was literally no plot. Like, okay, I guess the sex is the plot. But it's too much of the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it's hot and the author can really write a sex scene. But I can't continue because it is actually boring me now, which is unfortunate because BDSM should be anything but boring. I think it's the characters. They aren't very likable or believable. And it's completely exactly like Twilight!!! Wow, Edward Cullen = Christian Grey. And I never liked Edward either. I guess some people are into that dark, disturbed, controlling stalker type. I'm good lol. Christian could get it though for a night.

  23. my sis works in the book biz, and so it's interesting to see how REAL the phenomenon is.
    anything that keeps people reading and buying books – i'm all for it.
    good post though.

  24. I've read the whole series with my book club and enjoyed it. I agree that many are in BDSM relationships both physically and mentally. I have also in the past enjoyed Zane's novels but not her short story tales of Alpha Phi Eff Them and such so you can enjoy both this trilogy and her novels but I definitely wouldn't link the two together. I did become annoyed by Ana's "Oh My" and other things that were repeated a million times in the series. But when I learned that the author is British I thought that it was just somewhat of a language difference (just guessing and giving the benefit of the doubt :-)).


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