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Does the Hatred of the Miami Heat Represent a Generational Debate?


I spent this weekend at my alma mater enjoying reunion and taking a big step in my life. When my Dad called to talk about it, we eventually did what we always do: talk about NBA basketball (sorry Rayna!).

My Dad is an outspoken supporter of the Miami Heat. Since The Decision and subsequent pep rally annoyed the hell out of me, I’m not a fan. We have talked about this a few times over the past two NBA seasons, but our conversation that afternoon struck a chord with me. Is this year’s NBA Finals a generational debate? Here are both sides of the argument:

Old Guy’s Take: Why Shouldn’t LeBron Play Where He Wants Guilt-Free? –

To my Dad and his generational peers, The Decision captured the spirit of the Civil Rights struggle. He’s had several conversations with his friends about the good in an NBA player exercising his right to choose. Believe me, I’ve heard about them all. To them, LeBron represents the players (80% Black) taking a stand against the owners (96% White). They see the media backlash/talking-head criticism (ahem, Skip Bayless)/trolling/memes aimed at LeBron as the product of an ingrained belief by many that the players should fall in line and do what’s best for the metaphorical team, even at the expense of his own happiness.

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My Dad respects the strength LeBron showed in upsetting the status quo. As a man discriminated against, both outright and subtle throughout much of his early life, my Dad hopes LeBron does win championships. And not 1, not 2, not 3…you know what I mean. Can my generation of NBA fans understand this feeling without having experienced what our parents and grandparents did?

Young Guy’s Take: When You Talk Trash, Own it and Back it Up! –

For me, LeBron’s Decision/Pep Rally made him easy to root against. First, choosing to leave your hometown team on national TV seemed like a public breakup of high school sweethearts. It was gut wrenching to watch, and implied an air of self-entitlement and lack of self-awareness.

Participating in a nationally televised pep rally the next day only heightened this image of LeBron as the ultimate WWE villain. Without the context of Civil Rights, it looked like LeBron was so desperate to win he deferred to Dwyane Wade in an effort to lay out the easiest path possible to a title. To me, LeBron was trying to manufacture a legacy for himself. As a sports fan, I root for underdogs and pure greatness (…and the Pistons). The Decision felt like a catered dinner on Thanksgiving. It checks the boxes of what is “great,” but lacks the authenticity that makes it unique. What’s the fun in rooting for an outcome that seems orchestrated by conspiracy?

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I don’t hate LeBron or the Heat, I just don’t think they are fun to root for. My Dad has a sense of pride in this team because they are playing on their own terms. I see it differently. Where do you stand? Wouldn’t you want support if you tried to succeed your way despite those saying “but we have always done it differently?” Those are the people we support in all other walks of life. What’s different about LeBron?

For what it’s worth, I think the Thunder will win in seven. They are just as talented as the Heat, except they have a substantial homecourt advantage. If the Heat win, I will applaud their triumph with a new perspective thanks to my Dad.


  1. I don't even feel that most people hate the Heat… they Hate the immaturity of LeBron James in the past & refuse to let go of it. They hate Heat band wagon fans that only started representing Miami on Social Networks when the Big 3 came together.

    It's like when dealing with the Lakers… nobody actually hates the team, save for a few, they hate the attitude of the fake fans that they deserve to be the center of everyone's world. This same holds true with the Heat, people don't hate the Heat but rather relish in the enjoyment of seeing their BS fans suffer when defeated.

    1. I hear that. Especially the fans because they can be really bad. Definitely see how this feeds into the Hear “hate.” LeBron certainly kicked it all off, though, and basically gave those fans a voice. Curious to see what the fans on both sides will have to say if he plays great but loses anyway.

    2. @el_botin_negro: "They hate Heat band wagon fans that only started representing Miami on Social Networks when the Big 3 came together."

      That's my thing. You weren't repping the Heat when Eddie Jones and Caron Butler were playing there, now you're a die-hard Miami fan.

    3. "@el_botin_negro: "They hate Heat band wagon fans that only started representing Miami on Social Networks when the Big 3 came together."

      That's my thing. You weren't repping the Heat when Eddie Jones and Caron Butler were playing there, now you're a die-hard Miami fan. "

      Ok, this is my thing. The reality of the situation is most fans now a days root more so for players NOT teams. Me personally am not one of those as I am and have been a die hard Laker fan for most of my life. But, I realize most people are more so "player" people and will root for the team that player plays for or the "hot" team at the moment b/c of the superstar factor. So to me I already know they weren't there with Rony Seikley and Harold Minor and therefore I take their opinions differently then the die hard fans. It's really that simple to me.

      1. Larry: "The reality of the situation is most fans now a days root more so for players NOT teams."

        That's true, but I think for most people, they are more attracted to winning and the strong possiblity of winning than players. For example, before the Big Three went there, there were few black Celtics fans, few big Kevin Garnett fans, few Paul Pierce fans, and with the exception of mainly black women who thought he was attractive (before they found out he likes white women), few Ray Allen fans. When they all came together and there was a strong chance of them winning the title, suddenly Celtics fans that have never been to Boston, don't know how many titles the team has or know who Reggie Lewis is, started popping up.

        "I take their opinions differently then the die hard fans."


  2. @ Sarg,

    Congrats, congrats, congrats…May the good Lord bless you both in this beautiful journey of forever together.

    This might surprise you, but I'm rooting for OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKC, I have no other choice, none whatsoever!!!! *wailing*

    If the Heat win….*God forbid*

    Nice write up!
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  3. Wouldn’t you want support if you tried to succeed your way despite those saying “but we have always done it differently?”

    It's hard to support someone who blatantly disrespected his roots, flaunted his ego and then struggles to put his money where his mouth is, especially under pressure.

    I agree with your Dad that respect is worthy for someone who is doing what he wants to, to ensure his own happiness but it's the way he did it that left such a horrible taste in most people's mouths. To me, it was a class-less exit, and impossible to root for or support him and his team, even if his god given talent and hard work is undenible.

    1. I definitely felt the way you do until talking to pops. I still do, but it’s impossible for me to be fully invested in my “Anybody but the Heat” stance. I see you remain unswayed, haha.

    2. Put yourself in his shoes. The media has been asking him what he would do in the summer of 2010 since about at least 2008…. all season long, after every game "What are you going to do as a free agent in 2010 LeBron? Will you resign with Cleveland? Will you go to another team?" THEY (the media) created the atmosphere that eventually lead to the decision, yet everybody wants to blame LeBron for taking advantage of a situation that was so ripe for taking advantage of due to the media BS.

      Lets not also forget, he said during the decision live broadcast, he made up his mind THAT day. He didn't know where he was going to be playing for sure until that final day, so how can so much hate and vitriol be reserved for a guy making such a difficult decision that effects numerous cities and hundreds of millions of dollars for whomever gets him? This was no easy decision by any stretch of the imagination as there were about 5 very strong contenders whom he was seriously considering.

  4. I don’t care for how he did it, but I support his decision to leave. He did everything he could in Cleveland and he took them as far as he could. Was he supposed to waste his athletic prime in a no win situation and hope he gets traded to a contender on the downslide of his career a la KG? Or even worse his career plays out like Dominique Wilkins, playing his heart out for the Hawks only to get traded to the Clippers before the playoffs? He’s a student of the game, the history of it, and the business of it. He took control of his career and I applaud him for doing so. I hope he wins quite a few rings soon.

  5. Your pops brought up an interesting perspective of the decision. Makes me wonder if others from a similar background share the same sentiments.

    As for our generation, we hate just to hate man. People need something to critique and argue about and LeGod the best in the business. I just wish he wasnt on such a horrible team now lol.

    LeGod will win in five games…

  6. Can I just first say…..THAT IS NOT HIS HOMETOWN TEAM.

    Secondly, I’m rooting for LeBron to win. Cleveland did not have the payroll or appeal to draw key supportive players around him. He was tired of losing. Their way at least. Why not get together and move to a team where he has the support and the opportunity to go further in the final? Possibly winning a championship. I respect that he had enough balls to get up and do what he needed to do to get in better reach of his goal. This is his profession. If it were our career, we would do for self too. He gets paid to play basketball. I have to side with dad on this one. LeBron did what he had to do to put himself in a better situation with the ultimate goal of coming closer to his dream. I want him to win. not to stick it to “the man”. But because he is actively pursuing his dreams and creating his own path.

    1. I'm from Va Beach and now live in Richmond, VA (70 miles apart). If I were drafted to a team here, I'd definitely feel a kinship with the area. For sports purposes, Akron is Cleveland. Which makes LBJ's fandom of the Cowboys/Yankees/Bulls(?) even funnier.

      I understand your second point, but find it interesting that LBJ leads the Heat in every category you can think of (points, boards, assists, minutes, steals, blocks…). Seems a lot like the situation he left to me.

  7. 1st off, Congrats on your engagement!

    Great article and the civil rights juxtaposition was 1 I never considered before. [What’s the fun in rooting for an outcome that seems orchestrated by conspiracy?] My sentiment exactly! I personally don't want Miami to win because I wanna see Pat Riley, Arison, and the rest of the Heat's front office to admit that this experiment they thought was going to be the next dynasty just isn't working.This isn't the Miami team that can pull it off. In really looking at the rosters side by side, the other Miami players aren't that much different in terms of skill set and stats than what Bron had in his entire stint w/ the Cavs. I think the only player actually playing worth their salt is Shane Battier – and that's not by much.

    I guess for the older generations, they're used to seeing raw competition and that fire in a player's eyes. Nowadays, these top tier players are all homeys. They club together, are in each other's weddings, go on family vacations, etc. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a set of young players (from 2003-now) that have a genuine disdain for one another. Plus like you said, there's something very disingenuous about how Bron went about "The Decision". While the media had been kinda building this up to be a spectacle from 2008/09, dragging it along for an entire hour (regardless of the money raised) was just in bad taste, professionally.

    OKC in 6!
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    1. Thanks!

      I do think the "AAU Culture" has changed the nature of competition in the NBA. Everyone is friends at age 13 or so, and I wonder if there will be another heated rivalry again. Boston/Miami seems like the only one I can think of…and that's not really a rivalry if the Heat win all the playoff series, lol.

  8. I've got to say that as a Wizards fan, I've been hating on LeBron for quite a while and way before it was popular…ever since he mocked Gilbert at the free throw line in the playoffs. Plus he's a crybaby.

    But that's neither here nor there. The problem I have with Miami is the same one I had with Chicago back in the 90s. Its the same problem I had with the Patriots in the early 2000s. I hate givens in sports. I don't want to make it seem like OKC is on the same level of an underdog as Reggie Miller and the Pacers, but I just can't stand all the hype that Miami got before they won anything, that's why I was so happy that they lost last year. My prayer was that they'd make it to the finals this year and lose again.

    I want LeBron James to be the NBA's version of Jim Kelly!!!
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    1. The Wiz fan's hate of LeBron is HIGHLY underrated. After that travel/crab dribble and plays you mentioned, I was hoping that would develop into a fun rivalry. Then Gilbert and his guns…

      I like your second point, and I think it's the flipside to me saying I root for an underdog (when my team isn't involved). Those "stacked" teams are definitely easy to root against.

  9. I think folks would look at LeBron a lot differently if he didn't do "The Decision." Yes, it's one thing to leave your team but to announce your new team in a long, drawn out tv special? Yes, a charity was helped in the process…but still? Come on now.

  10. First, congragulations big homey! Now, I personally hope the Heat wins. Lebron deserves it, Wade is 30, and KC is younger with more time to get a ring. I think KD will get his time to shine, but let's face it, Lebron is the TRUTH in the NBA right now. I think this will last 7 games, but I am putting all bets on the HEAT.

  11. LOL. i forgot I was a Pistons fan! Wow. I grew up watching the Bulls and I swore up and down I was gonna play in the NBA one day and when Jordan retired it jaded the chemistry for me. I didn't watch basketball again until I saw the Pistons play. Chauncey, Rip Hamilton, Big Ben, Rasheed Wallace, Tayshaun Prince. I was so obsessed with those guys! I had every subscription to The Palace humanly possibly outside of season tickets (which I looked into) and then they lost in the NBA finals!! It broke my heart. I was so devestated. I haven't watched any sport since then. Not football. Not competitive dart throwing. Man. Talk about Nostalgia.

    …even though this post was about The Heat/generational perspective. Smh. #attentiontosmalldetail

  12. I don't know. I don't know if this represents a generational debate. Most older heads don't agree with the way Lebron went about doing things. As proof when; Bird, Magic, Jordan and Malone all said they would never have done what he did. Preface: I don't hate the Heat. I think they need a reality check along with 95% of the people in this conversation worldwide.

    1) Re: Choosing to leave Cleveland, this decision being a horrible one centers around one fact that no one likes to consider…Jordan first six years: 3 first round exits, 1 semifinals exit, 2 conference finals. LeBron first six years: one seminals exits, two conference finals exits, nba finals exit. The next time someone tells you that Cleveland was never going to win a championship, tell them this. LeBron didn't leave Miami to win a chip, he could have won it in Cleveland, he quit on an organization that was putting him in position EVERY year. He was just impatient and selfish.

    2) Pro-LeBron & Heat fans are the most shortsighted fans in the history of the NBA. They've been together since 2010. Let them tell it, they've been fighting for respect for a decade. I can't really hear anything from these people because Lakers and Celtics fans have been fighting the good fight for over a half century. LeBron is the most hated in the league? Not really, it's Kobe, but even still, Kobe and Jordan used that to fuel greatness, LeBron uses it for sympathy and excuse. Man up. Everyone wants the Heat to lose? If you claim to be a dead ass basketball fan and don't admit that in all things the Lakers are the team EVERYONE wants to lose every year, you're suspect. So when Heat fans think the world is against them, i'm like, Man up.

    3) This is what Lebron should do and I bet it would help his entire image out; admit that predicting 8 championships was the biggest mistake of his career. The Decision was bad enough, but predicting 8 championships was a smack in the face of every player in the league. The Decision only affected the Cavs and Heat. The Prediction affected the whole league who then put a target on his back and said, "Nah no way, not on my watch."

    4) People hate the Spurs and love Duncan…. LeBron, I rest my case. He should have stayed in Cleveland and he would still have the love and probably a chip by now. Duncan could have left the small market team with nobody surrounding him, he was arguably the league's best big man, easily top 2, oh and he just got these two euro players that no one has seen play before… but he didn't. Duncan has 4 chips now. 3 post-David Robinson.

    Honestly, LeBron just screwed up. He gets what he deserves. He's like the agent who goes rogue and then ends up dying with the villains.

    1. Updated: I just want to add one more note I left out. America cheered for the Heat in 06 and all those years in the Conf Finals against the Knicks. We loved those teams. We especially loved Alonzo. I wonder why…

        1. Not a typo, you just live in NY. NY doesn't represent the entire country. That's one thing about Knicks fans that's different from Lakers and Celtics. Outside of people from NY or living in NY, no one is really a fan for the Knicks. You on occasion come across a Georgetown fan who cheered for Ewing, but it was not uncommon to have folks cheering for the Heat. Not saying they hated the Knicks, they just was cheering for the Heat.

    2. Considering me and you are both die hard Laker fans and basketball fans in general it's ironic how we see things in a totally different perspective here:

      1) I find it interesting how everyone compares an NBAs player's career to Jordan as if he's the status quo (hell I do it, too), but that's neither here nor there. The reality is he has a higher probability of winning in Miami then in Cleveland due to him having another superstar along side. Outside of the '04 Pistons you wont find many NBA champions w/o at least 2 star-like players. No free agents are exactly jumping at the chance to go to Cleveland, sorry. Even KG told 'Bron he would have left Minnesota way before if he had the chance to do it all over again. Signing 2 contracts and being there 7 years isn't selfish or impatient in my estimation.

      1. 2) Agree here.

        3) Biggest mistake Arison made was to televise that pep rally. It was a pep rally for the FANS. I have 0 problem with him saying all of that considering the context of which it was given. I think this is vastly overstated and it's dumb people hang this over his head. Greg Oden said he was going to win 14 rings or something crazy…no one even cared.

        4) Wilt left Philly, Clyde left Portland, KG left Minnesota, etc, etc…for any player that stayed with their original team we all can name another that left and all won championships. Moral of the story, do what you feel is best for yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

      2. Never use KG as an example cause I ether that. KG was in Minnesota for 8 years and made it to the Conf Finals once. He never made it out the first round 7 years straight. What about that is anything similar to the achievements of the Cavs in Lebron's first 7 years?

        KG also left and only won ONE chip. That's it.

        NBA champions will have one mega star and then 1-2 all-stars. Only time it hasn't been that way was with the Lakers teams of Magic/Kareem and Kobe/Shaq. For obvious reasons, that works because it's inside-out. Wade/Lebron are both mega stars and they both have similar needs to be successful.

        You compare LeBron to Jordan, because that's who you compare everyone to. LeBron asked for it, he willingly accepts it.

        1. Lol, you don't ether that well my friend, sorry.

          Bottomline is both scenarios are similar. Superstar player who's virtually the main cog in a small market and never had enough help to realistically compete for an NBA championship so they decided to leave for a better situation in their eyes, period. 1st round, 2nd round, conference final exit, who cares. Both teams achieved the same thing…..nothing.

          Yes KG has one championship….which is one more than he had in Minnesota…one more than Barkely, Malone, Wilkins, etc, etc….

        2. Oh cause I didn't ether Larry… I just left it easy.

          The bottomline you stated is not at all possible. That's nobody's bottomline but yours.

          Facts is facts.

          First of all, Kevin Garnett was traded. Lebron left in free agency and gave the Cavs nothing. Second, playoff success is playoff success. "1st round, 2nd round, conference final exit, who cares. Both teams achieved the same thing…..nothing. " That's a foolish statement and you know it. Lebron was going deep in the playoffs, KG was going nowhere. He couldn't get his team out of a ditch if he needed to. This is the same guy who cried at a press conference because he was so frustrated in MInnesota. Third, the Timberwolves never dedicated resources to improving that team in the way they did in Cleveland. Everything Lebron asked for they gave him. Are you forgetting they went out and gave this guy Shaq? Jamison? Delonte West? KG got two players worth a damn in his entire time in Minnesota and they're two of the worst team players in the history of the NBA, Marbury and Sprewell. The situations are just not comparable by any means.

          Stop saying Malone, unless you're talking about Moses Malone. Karl left the Jazz after they told him they were about to rebuild and he was heading towards retirement. Wilkins shouldn't be discussed either because I don't think that's the caliber of superstar we're talking about here. Barkley is a decent example, but his style of play wasn't going to ever get him anywhere.

          Name me a player who was regarded as the best player in the league for more than three consecutive years of his career who doesn't have a championship and then we can have a conversation about comparing the situations. The only reason why I bring up the fact that he only has one championship is because Lebron said he was going to win 8, he can't look at a dude's situation who only has one. (Against a team that was injured, btw.)

          And please never compare a person who has 7 straight first round exits and someone who reached the finals, conf finals twice, and semifinals twice, in each of his years in the playoffs. That's just not comparable.

        3. Your emotions are getting the best of you…on over 90% of championship nba teams, there are multiple HOF players…magic, worthy, kareem – jordan, pippen, rodman – duncan, robinson-bird, parish, mchale, johnson….and how would know what lebron is like personally?

        4. I didn't say that there weren't HOFs on the team. I said there was one mega star and then one or two all-stars. The gap between Magic and Kareem and Worthy in terms of talent is greater than that of Wade and Lebron. The same with Jordan and Pippen.

    3. This >>>> "LeBron didn't leave Miami to win a chip, he could have won it in Cleveland, he quit on an organization that was putting him in position EVERY year. He was just impatient and selfish. "

      and >>> "They've been together since 2010. Let them tell it, they've been fighting for respect for a decade."

      sum up exactly how I feel about the situation. Nice breakdown. Cleveland was consistently being a top east team with 60+ wins when he left. He just wanted to party in Miami with his boys, and did so at the expense of loyalty.
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  13. As a Native Clevelander, I have the Obligation to root Against LeBron James. Even before his battles with Detroit, Boston, and Orlando when he was with the Cavs, he Promised to “Never Stop until I bring a Title to Cleveland” (look up that Soundbite, it Does Exist), and like somebody said upthread, the Miami bench is just as similar as Varejao, Boonie Gibson, Mo Williams and the other role players with Cleveland that won 60+ games back-to-back, #1 Seed consecutive years. The Heat NEVER got the top seed since Shaq and Wade had it and lost to Ben Wallace’s and Ben Gordon’s Chicago Bulls.

    Another thing: James and his “Crew” got EVERYTHING they asked for from Gilbert, Club Seats, Jet Rides, you name it. The REAL Reason Popular players did not come to
    Cleveland was a) LeBron hadn’t done enough to warrant anyone Join LBJ and b) James wanted to dictate the Atmosphere of the locker room over the potential Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudumire, etc. fact is he QUIT in the 2010 Game 5 against the Celtics, and The Decision was more than Tasteless; it was Spit in the Craw on top of having Other Teams come See Him, IN CLEVELAND like he was the Bachelor.

    I’m not even a Cavs Fan (Lakers since 1998) but to hear about The Decision Over and Over, on top of the Many Collaspes of Cleveland Sports Teams is the Straw that Snapped the Camel’s Back-Again. OKC over Miami

  14. 1) LeBron had all the right in the world to leave Cleveland. It was the WAY that he did it that made him look like an asshole. He brought the villany on himself when he gave false hope to 1/3 of the league that could've gotten him in free agency, and made a spectacle of it all with The Decision. Yes ESPN has as much blame for promoting that BS, along with the ceremony of them coming together. In WWE they call the negative crowd reaction "Heat" , and Bron drawing that heat upon himself makes it 100% ironic.

    2) I don't hate LeBron like others. I love watchin him play. I hate him out of principle since I'm a Knicks fan and he plays for our rival. Truth be told I stopped hating the Heat as our rivalry got lost in the mid to late 2000s. This Voltron shyt Bosh Wade and Bron did made the hate come back 1000 fold.

    3) IF he came to the Knicks I'd be his BIGGEST fan, and anyone else from other teams (including Lakers and Celtics fans) who say otherwise are lying.

    4) This has nothing to do with a civil rights movement. Free agents have had that right for ages. This is all about tact. This is about creating a super team who everyone was on their d*ck and now they became public enemy #1. This is about "player fans" who all of a sudden root for the Heat and can't keep it real when people ask if they only cheer because of LeBron. Ask a Heat fan not from Miami about why they are a fan, and the #REACTING will be Priceless! Just keep it real. Chicago Jordans fans kept it real, just do the same!

    5) Dudes like Skip Bayless have me rooting for LeBron at times against my will due to the scrutiny he receives. Hes CARRYING the Heat this year, but if they lose, all the blame will be on him. Its stupid!
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    1. I agree with most of this. Good points, especially #4. I think 70% of arguments would be muted if everyone realized most fans are "player fans" and therefore should be treated as such (i.e. not taking them overly seriously, lol).

  15. I just wanna say three things:

    1. Congrats on the engagement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I didn't even know there was an OKC until this season. The picture above is the first time I'm seeing the actual name of the team and their colors, LOL.

    3. I want the Heat to win cause some punk poured beer on Lebron in Boston. Its that simple. What grown person is that childish over a daggon basketball game???? Take it all, Lebron!!!

    1. 1. Thanks!
      2. Lol, better late than never.
      3. That was really weak. First of all, grow up. Secondly, those beers cost like $9! I disapprove as well.

  16. I'm actually not that big a fan of basketball. I'll watch if it's on – and I generally only tune seriously in time for the playoffs. I do not have a team because I do not care about the final outcomes. No matter who wins, these dudes do not pay my bills. I'm a fan of LeBron the player and a few other players (Tim Duncan, Ray Allen – class act, Kobe Bryant – just because he is such an unapologetic @sshole it's amazing to watch, etc etc). I'm not particularly passionate about any one team. Therefore, I root for certain players to succeed regardless of where they go. I do think LeBron's Decision spectacle was his own fault and his own doing. You sleep in the bed you make, so while I root for him, I have no pity for him either. I actually think his best bet was to go to Chicago. The fact that he deferred to Miami actually says more about his unwillingness to fully embrace his God given talent, in my opinion. LeBron could be the next Michael Jordan (although I still argue Magic Johnson is a more applicable reference as far as style of play), but from what I've seen so far in his career, I'm not sure he wants to be.

    PS… Bring football back, bro.

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  17. Lebron knows he's a douchebag for the way he went out. I think its hilarious that you make such a big deal to bring together this super team and then womp.. didn't happen. To me it's like if the Dream Team wouldn't have won the Olympic Gold. Just eat crow.

    I'm a Bulls fan.. all day. So other teams I support based on the players… I love the Celtics cause Paul Pierce looks like one of my cousins going out to play pick up, except he's actually dope. LOL I root for the Magic because I love Dwight Howard whose arms are perfectly sculpted like the pop off arms of a GI Joe.. I even love Dwyane Wade because he stands up for fatherhood.. but can't root for the Heat because of The Decision… (Clearly i'm a more superficial sports fan LOL) I remember when "Like Mike" was on the radio everyday in Chicago growing up… and even though LeBron has talent… the country can't get behind him like that because his hubris got in his way.

    That being said.. you may have something regarding revolutionary spirit of our parents' generation.. as much as everyone hated the Lakers… with my mother as a Chicago native… she rooted for them every time they went up against the Bulls… fight the power I guess LOL Stick it to the Man!

  18. Ugh, I'm not sure there are enough characters available, lol. However, I realize there is just a difference of philosophy so we probably wont agree on multiple scenarios. To cut down on my typing I'll just co-sign what Rick Reilly wrote here:

    Couple points, though:

    "As a sports fan, I root for underdogs and pure greatness "

    Slight oxymoron, no? Typically those that are great are favored and not the underdog. On the flipside, the OKC are actually favored in this series making the Miami Heat the underdog, technically.

    1. To clarify on the last point, let's amend the sentence to this:

      As a sports fan, (If my team isn't playing in the game I'm watching) I root for underdogs (to keep the game interesting) and pure greatness (because it's so rare).

      It's more a game to game thing when the Pistons/Lions/Tigers/Wolverines aren't in the game. I think that makes it clearer…though I wasn't typing all that into the original post.

  19. Also, I addressed this upthread briefly, but this whole notion that people are holding that pep rally "prediction" over LeBron's head (still) and root against him for that (among other things) is really one of the dumbest things I have seen and think it's vastly overstated. If Mickey Arison didn't place any TV cameras inside that arena then this would be a non issue, period.

    Folks need to realize it was a PEP rally for the Miami Heat FANS….it was LeBron talking to his fans hyping everyone up and celebrating what could possibly be…you know…things you usually do in a pep rally. LeBron wasn't answering a question from a reporter from ESPN at an official press conference or anything like that. I have zero problem with anything he said at that pep rally given the context of the situation (operative word being context).

    Funny thing is I'm actually from Ohio and am really indifferent about LeBron. As long as he didn't effect my Lakers I could care less, but the arguments against him currently are laugable at this point.

    1. The point about the pep rally makes sense…except it WAS on tv, so we can critique it. I think if he had stood by it and just embraced the idea of being a Floyd Mayweather style villian, more people would embrace the Heat. Works for Money May anyway.

      As for the (combining your points here) idea that it's dumb to hold it over his head and it's better to be indifferent…I'm not sure you are really a sports fan, lol. Being a fan is all about taking sides. It's one of the thing that makes sports fun, and would really cripple ESPN and the sports talk radio industry if they all said "Who cares what went on over there, doesn't affect us." It's ok to have a take…doesn't mean it consumes your life or anything.

      1. I hear what you're saying…and that's why I put "still" in parentheses. That was over a year and a half ago. The fact that people still talk about it like it was just yesterday, to me, is mind boggling (24-hour news cycle attributes to this I understand). But that's just me. I guess my point was there are worse things/grudges to dislike someone about for an extended period of time outside of someone playing to a crowd of season ticket holders at a pep rally. Feel free to critique, but if one puts a lot of weight on that then I give a side eye. Trust me, there are things I put more weight on on why I like/dislike players/teams, etc…then the average Joe sports fan (no pun intended) and I accept that, lol. That's what's great about sports like you said.

        And I am a big sports fan…technically I took a side by not seeing anything wrong with what he said, lol.

  20. Oh, guess I should give a prediction…here's my opinion on predictions. Games aren't scripted in Hollywood. They are played by humans and officiated by them, too…thousands of random events combine to dictate an outcome when mixed in with talent, hard work, matchups, coaching, etc.. All in all predictions are kinda silly….but I'll lean OKC in 7.

  21. Congratulations on your engagement!!
    Dude at 2:39 is getting down! lol

    And I care not about NBA, but I do hope LeBron gets him a ring, po ting. He's lost his hair, give the man a ring.

  22. I can agree with your Dad and his view but I believe in there being "proper" ways to do things, and LeBron was and is still too immature to know. As a die hard basketball fan MY view lies between the generations. I simply can't stand the Heat, especially LEBron for a variety of reasons. 1. LeBron thus far is physically and skill set the BEST equipped player the league has seen thus far. LeBron has "earned" NOTHING in the realm of player greatness but yet is talked about in the ranks of a MAgic Johnson, Michael Jordan(G.O.A.T) and even that of the Kobe Bryant(Yes, I said THE Kobe Bryant). Each of these GREAT player mentioned have been the catalyst of their championship teams and have MADE those around them better (Even Magic who extended the Life of Kareem's career). LeBron is a fair Weather player who "Bitched up" and ran to a team which already had a championship w/ the last 8years and had that finals MVP still on the team….not to mention with his arrival, 3 of the league's top 10 leading scorers.

  23. None of the Greats would've tried that….in their PRIME. Malone tried it on the Lakers but could no longer Deliver, The Glove tried with the Lakers but no longer "fit"(but got one with Wade in Miami in a much reduced role). LeBron was good enough to make his team the BEST in the league during the regular season, not 1, not 2, yea it was 2….2 regular seasons in a row but could not be a superstar a take that BEST REGULAR season team over the Top in the playoffs. Allen Iverson would have died to have Bron's Cavs team in the finals when he went up against the Lakers. NoREAL Superstar RUNS to others to get the job done and that is the child in LeBron that I can't stand. His "Bitchass-ness" has even rubbed off on one of what used to be the league's toughest players in Dwayne Wade, and instead of helping Wade elevate his game, it has gotten worse and his complaining has elevated.

  24. Chris Bosh with his small 22 gun gestures after hitting a 3 in game 7 against the Celts (Peeewm Peeewm, I just wanted Arsenio Hall in his Harlem Nights outfit to appear and slap him and yell at him to say "Stop shooting that Lil Sh*t) needs no further explanation. If LeBron was that "dude" he'd brought those guys to Cleveland. Kobe got Gasol and Bynum(who had to develope) to LA, Jordan MADE Pippen a top 50 greatest player of ALL-TIME….What can LeBron say? "I'm 6'9 260lbs, can't be stop "if" I choose to go to basket but I enjoy shooting jumpers and acting as if i was assaulted in the 2nd degree if I'm fouled at all(Not even hard fouls that Shaq experience every game for his career). Kevin "Ice Cold in the Clutch" Durant and OKC can be respect by true basketball fan because that team has been groomed for the success they are having now. I can't stand Westbrook who helps them WIN but also CAUSES them to Lose but….I like OKC in 6!

        1. "Still convinced you can't read."

          Not sure I'm following, but you said Pippen is no longer one of the 50 Greatest Players of All-Time. ….then CHeeKZ disagreed by stating Pippen is still in the top 50 and if you were to rank them he felt Pippen would ranked somewhere 40 and lower and Worthy is ranked 50th so he should be the first person took off the list.

          Basically in short you think he is not top 50 and CHeeKZ thinks he is still top 50. At least that's how I interpreted it.

        2. Cheekz hasn't looked at that list. He did a cursory review. If he read it, he would have noticed that the list, created in 1996, is completely out of date. It's not just Scottie who comes off, there's a ton of players on that list who are no longer on that list.

  25. I've nothing against LeBron, or Wade, or Bosh. I just don't think they should win the Championship over Oklahoma.

    The discussion here was interesting though.

  26. 1stly, CONGRATS on the engagement! Nice way of using your Ivied Alma Mater as THE PLACE for romance. Now on to the matters at hand: I TOTALLY CONCUR with much of what you posited. OKC WILL WIN this year [STILL got love for #CELTICSNATION y #MAGICPEOPLE]; I cannot for the life of me seem to support the Heat [with or without the "Big Three"]. And this is from a guy that lived in the 3O5 for 3 years!

    Your father also has some VERY VALID POINTS and I see his standpoint, but I just can't get behind Lebron after the big uproar in 2O1O. To me, it shows a kind of lack of humility that is aptly needed to win championships, NO MATTER HOW talented one may be.

    "I don’t hate LeBron or the Heat, I just don’t think they are fun to root for. My Dad has a sense of pride in this team because they are playing on their own terms. I see it differently. For what it’s worth, I think the Thunder will win in seven. They are just as talented as the Heat, except they have a substantial homecourt advantage. If the Heat win, I will applaud their triumph with a new perspective thanks to my Dad." THANK YOU! & that's all #vOte2O12 #trayvOn


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