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The Age and Careers of Men Most Likely to Cheat

Men Who are Most Likely to Cheat
It’s not what it looks like!

This morning, I was passed a link to a Huffington Post article: The Type of Man Most Likely to Cheat. Two surveys from AshleyMadison.com, a website that caters to married men and women looking to have an affair, studied the type of men and women who are most likely to cheat. The results for men revealed:

He’s likely in his 40s, been married for over 10 years and has two children over 10 years old.

Of the 11,453 fathers surveyed (all of whom have accounts on the website), the largest percentage of would-be cheaters work in the IT/Engineering field.

Here’s the full round-up of occupations that harbor the most cheating husbands:

IT/Engineer (10.6%)
Financial Industry (8.2%)
Education (6.5%)
Doctors (4.6%)
Lawyers (3.8%)

Survey results for women showed:

The typical cheating married woman was in her 30s, married for five years or less and had a daughter under three years old. She is also likely to be a teacher, a stay-at-home mom or work in the medical industry.

Interestingly enough, while studies have shown that women cheat less often – 19 percent compared to 23 percent for men – when women do cheat, they cheat earlier and more often than men. To be precise, women who cheat have 2.3 adulterous encounters compared to men’s 1.8. Furthermore, women are more likely to fall in love outside of the marriage during an affair. I guess the moral of the story is if your husband is an engineer over 40 or your wife is a stay-at-home mom over 30, you should definitely install a key-tracker on their computer and a GPS tracking App on their phone, immediately!

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wisdom of miseryEngineers cheat more than lawyers?!? …live and learn! What are your thoughts on these stats? Any surprising outcomes? Also, read one more interesting post at SBM – Does Someone Deserve To Be Cheated On


  1. I chuckle, because the first thing I thought was that engineers are most likely to puff out their chest with pride and admit that more than one woman wanted them, vs a lawyer who is more inclined to never tell, EVER. Plus it would make more sense that an IT dude would look for a partner to cheat with….online.
    I dunno about those stats.
    I'm not saying anything, really, just musing.

        1. Saying IT/Engineer is a broad area is an understatement, LOL. I work in IT…and there are NO engineers in my office…like, at all, lol.

  2. Something's up with this list…

    Interesting stats about cheating:
    60% of men will cheat at some point in their marriage.
    50% of women will cheat at some point in their marriage.

    Another angle about cheating:
    30-35% of men will admit to having considered cheating.
    35-40% of women will admit to having considered cheating.

    All that to say, if 10% of IT/Engineers are cheating that number is suspect. If it's 10% of the 60%, then i'd still like to know the breakdown of the remaining 34% left. We need more information. What about professional athletes and politicians?

    Let me put it to you like this though, the people who are most likely the cheat are the ones with the most time away from home and least amount of oversight. Those of us who are in client service are prone to cheating because of being on the road and per diem. You can get wasted every night for the cost of "on the house."

    1. smh @ those stats.

      60/50? That's horrible. The institution of marriage has been so drastically diluted it really is sad. I think PEOPLE getting married should be examined. I mean really. That is such a huge step and people take it so lightly both in preperation and dedication once in it, these numbers sorta suprise me but it's more so a suprise that it's right there in my face as opposed to just something I would expect from the sort of people hopping into marriage nowadays.

      1. Not necessarily. Infidelity is a transgression of marriage. Who's to say that the percentage has doubled in the last twenty years or it's just being admitted more now. Pretty much every representation of the past shows that men were unfaithful at times. In addition, it doesn't take into account the amount of couples/relationship that are choosing to work through issues of infidelity or have open relationships. I wouldn't chastise marriage in this case, it's probably not the correct arena.

        1. So it's like saying within marriage people are unfaithful and that's been a constant throughout history so it's not necessarly marriage in and of itself it's that people may just be more apt to admitting infidelity. And then if they have faced that within marriage there's still the possibility they're willing to work through those issues. So it's not the sanctity of marriage it's more so people respecting the vows they took.

  3. "The typical cheating married woman was in her 30s, married for five years or less and had a daughter under three years old. She is also likely to be a teacher, a stay-at-home mom or work in the medical industry."

    Aha! That explains why she…um…never mind.

  4. I think this article and whomever wrote it is full of it and they can get a check!
    The people most likely to cheat men and women are the ones who are breathing, fairly healthy and that want to.
    There is no real rhyme or reason all the time as to why folks cheat and the type of people. Men who grow up around dads who are playa's and never learn any different and think this is how men should be will typically cheat at any and every age no matter what occupation and what woman they are with. I learned this from watching the show "Love Addiction." Men who are nympho's will probably cheat no matter what age and occupation.
    They forgot about men in any occupation who are fairly wealthy. For instance men who are CEO's, CFO's, celebrities, athletes, businessmen. Common sense reasons why these men cheat are because:

  5. 1. They can
    2. They are away from their wives and girlfriends a lot
    3. Women constantly throw themselves at them (Eric benet has a new song about this called Pretty Girls)
    4. They can afford to cheat
    5. It's quick and easy pu$$i – kinda like fast food.
    The other thing to consider is all the unknown people that are probably cheating and having illicit affairs and nobody knows about it and may never know.
    Wis, If studies have shown that women cheat less often – 19 percent compared to 23 percent for men – when women do cheat, how do they cheat more often than men." ?????

  6. those stats seem questionable……If anything i think women typically cheat with only 1 person and men are more likely to cheat with more than one. Especially since studies show that men can have sex without any emotional attachments and fall in love, unlike women.
    Plus women aren't likely to hire hookers and pay for sex from strippers and hookers to the degree that men are. Not saying women don't, it's on that Vegas male prostitute show that they do all the time, but most all of those women that pay those guys are single, or not married. On the other hand I think more married men pay for sex and would have more 1 nite stands than married women.

  7. What about Pilots and flight attendants. It makes sense if they are most likely to cheat because they often sleep in hotels. They just live a different lifestyle

  8. My wife of 4 years, a nurse. started an affair with a coworker after 30 days in a new job. They seldom worked together so their affair began after about 15 shifts together. so now at a new hospital she has become distant and less attractive to me. So I feel she’s found a new guy. And she has added more secure ways to communicate after me discovering the first affair. Beware if your spouse is in the medical field. And even more if they work the night shift when little management is around. MTCW


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