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Is Tracey Edmonds The Hottest On The Block or Just Been Around It?


Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds have confirmed their relationship. It first came across my timeline in the form of an article posted on Necole Bitchie. Shortly thereafter, gossip sites and Twitter had a field day with the news. From my personal observation it seems as though everyone would rather Tracey Edmonds remain single for the rest of her life. Moreover, that because we can name three famous Black men that she’s dated, that her lady lumps have now expired. Um… that’s complete bullsh*t and it’s totally unfair.

I always like to point out that many are quick to judge someone just because it seems they’ve been around the block a few times. The same people who are judging Tracey probably have slept with the same or more men than Tracey. This makes it blaringly obvious that it really doesn’t matter how many people you sleep with, but it’s who you sleep with. The same can be said for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose; since we know a few names of the people they’ve dated/slept with that automatically brands them with the dreaded, “Oh she a hoe” label.

We’re never going to overcome with that mentality. First of all, we need to learn not to be concerned with what’s going on in someone else’s bedroom. Second, women have been fighting for the liberation of their sexual activities for years. However, as soon as a woman gets anywhere close to it, she’s chastised! Last, I believe Kid Cudi addressed this a while back with the following:

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– Dr. J


  1. She is doing what single people do–date. And she can date a lot of because she's sought after. I think a lot of people are just pissed because they aren't fine and sought after. Now, lemme go do these situps so my tummy stays flat when I'm Tracey's age.

    1. I agree Ms. Smart. She’s a bad mamajama and of course if she’s on the market someones gonna snatch it up. *joins in on situps*

  2. Cosign wit Ms. Smart. Folks who talk about Tracey are Hatehers.
    They "hate her" cause she's pretty
    They "hate her" cause she so easily attracts sexy wealthy celebs
    They "hate her" cause she's successful & got it goin on.
    This is nothing new under the sun. Obviously these men want her cause she's gorgeous and a brickhouse even after her kids. She's also probably very smart.

    Worry about gettin ya own…..

  3. Just because a lady is a celebrity and we can catch up on how many guys she has dated/ slept with does not mean we should make it our business. Many ladies who have less/non
    public lives have slept triple that number and are lucky they’d never be called ‘ho’ cuz they do not live their lives as spectacle for the world. These turn around and ‘cast the stone’ on the likes of Tracey or Kim K. We’re all just trying to live right and be happy, and while we are doing just that, no one has the right to condemn the other

  4. I dont see the problem with her dating Deion or whoever. I'm not surprised about it since Pilar outed him as an adulterer and she as his mistress. I could care less what she, or any other woman has going on during her "sexy time." But… if we are going to rationalize her against the infamous Kim K and Amber Rose, at least she's not known for any sex tapes or being discovered in the strip club before she "hit it big."

  5. I think that this is very true! However, keep in mind the purpose of labeling. When you label someone a Hoe, you can mentally place them in a hierarchy and by having a label you can categorize them (thus labeling is a means to define and delinate power). This gives many women a sense of superiority i.e " She's a hoe, im not. Im a better catch. Why is he with her instead of a woman who isnt a hoe." Some of these things occur out of jealousy or truth – the label exists for a reason. It is ironic though that men do the same thing. A woman will call a woman a hoe because 1. its true or 2. she is jealous or 3. she has a personal vendetta or whats a stake in that man. A guy will call a woman a hoe if 1. he is jealous of a relationshio she currently has with someone else 2. she actually is a hoe , etc. To be honest, if a woman is bad and famous, no man will ever really see her as a hoe ( it could be because his likelihood of wifing her is slim and so he has no personal stake in her- its not like he's bringing her home to mama). But if she was ugly or it was either reason 1, 2 or etc stated above, he might.

    P.S. although women fought to be sexually liberated, you can be certain that means nothing in todays society. Would you wife a woman whom you asked "how many sex partners have you had" and her response was that she was a "sexually-liberated free spirit?" In your mind you would say " she can take her sexually liberated free a** that way —->"

    Just a thought!


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