Praying Black MAn

Lord, just let this woman come upstairs. I'll handle the rest!

Have you ever gone out on a date, and wished you could cut through all the red tape and swindles and get to the heart of the matter. You want to ask the pertinent questions to know whether this outing will be worth your time or another loss registered in your dating career. Well this video from Tosh.0 shows two people keeping it 100 and finding common ground. It’s also pretty f*cking hilarious:

Streetz: This video gave my soul the motivation to traverse this 900 degree NYC weather today and enjoy life. So funny, yet so true. You know that when you are on a first date, you codify. You will say key words and perform certain actions to convey your message to the person that you want to enjoy the evening. Men will codify the phrase “I’m just trying to win without messing this up, I hope you appreciate that”, while women might convey the message “If I’m giving up the cake to you, it better be worth my while and my time. Please don’t be crazy!” Maybe I’m exaggerating, but a lot of times this is how it goes. You may just want to have a good time without the physical and want to ensure that you get the awkwardness out of the way ASAP. Sometimes being real can help in that. I wish it were that easy, but some people can’t handle certain truths especially on date #1.

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WisdomIsMisery: This video gave me life this morning. Well, maybe that was God, but this video definitely helped me enjoy life a little bit more today. I wish every date went like this. Everyone asks for “honesty” but no one really wants it. If the conversations between men and women could really go like this I think a lot of headaches could be avoided. I’ve tried to have candid conversations like this in my youth, when I was much more goon-like than I am now. Sometimes the women found my demeanor refreshing; however, more often than not, they were shocked and appalled. Now I’m a grown man tip toeing on cotton balls and egg shells to figure out where things are going when I really just want to know if you’re going to make it wobble wobble for a goon or if you want me to put a ring on it. I’m fine either way, I’d just like more clarity on where we stand without the ambiguity. I don’t feel like that’s asking for too much but apparently it is…

What are your thoughts, readers? Do you wish your dates ended with conversations as candid as the one shown in the video?