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Open Letter to Nancy Grace Highlights a Dark Side of Success


One thing I’ve always said is that if I become successful off this writing and website stuff that I won’t let it change me. I’ve seen far too many people become toxic with success even though their initial intentions were good. Celebrities and people of influence in general often forget the impact they can have on lives through their words and actions. An article I discovered on UPTOWN about Nancy Grace, American legal commentator, television host, and former prosecutor, highlights just one example of that. Check out the introduction to the article below:

Dearest Nancy Grace,

This is difficult to write, but here it goes. You have devolved from an acclaimed retired prosecutor, legal commentator, and television journalist to a disappointing sensationalist overly concerned with ratings.

The frustration surging through my ordinarily empathetic veins is difficult to absorb as I pen this; the truth is I used to be a devoted audience member and supporter of you and the mission of Nancy Grace. It was impossible not to appreciate the dedication needed to prosecute some of America’s harshest criminals and to then turn that passion into a multi-million dollar empire. You were focused on protecting our nation’s susceptible children and putting pedophiles and other twisted members of society behind bars. You were an inspiration.

I tuned in faithfully to hear the rants that demolished Casey Anthony’s life, credibility, and reputation. As we hunted for missing children, including Haleigh Cummings and Shaniya Davis, I felt that finally there was someone in the world who cared enough about the world’s most precious gems.

Click here to read the rest on UPTOWN. 

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SBM Nation, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Nancy Grace has changed, or has she just been forced to adapt to keep her ratings up? Is there even a difference?


  1. I haven't even read the entire article yet, but the second I saw her name, I just cringed. I don't know how she used to be when she started out because I only used to catch her show here and there, but man, she is HARSH. This woman thinks everybody is guilty. It doesn't matter what the evidence shows. She always jumps to conclusions. And, when she is wrong, she never apologizes (well, not that I know of). I have read about her being linked to the suicides of at least two people because she was so harsh to them. I can't say 100% they committed suicide because of her, but I'm sure she didn't help.

    I think, deep down, she has a good heart, but I do also think she plays up her tough-woman/harsh act for ratings 'cause frankly, that's what she's known for and that's what got her big. But, I mean, she jumps to conclusion ALL THE TIME! It's irritating. But, people continue to watch, so nothing's going to change.

    1. The mental health of spectators of public figures is astonishing. If in the heat of the moment someone said "I'm not going to pass judgement because all of the facts are unknown and speculation is too impactful on people" people would deem it wrong. If someone were to be tenacious jumping to conclusions because of the emotional state of spectators it would be viewed as wrong. Both reactions are viewed as wrong by the same spectators. That says something about how unhealthy the mind is and therefore makes majority of people prey for successful people. and it takes a certain level of apathy to achieve greatness. You can't have an emotional attachment to something you have to harm to make it.

      1. There's always articles floating around about global leaders being sociopaths — this is coming from people beneath them. AT the top it takes a certain behavior set and mindset to maintain success and protect success and on the path to becoming successful it takes a certain level of….acceptance. detachment. You will be a completely different person. You stop caring about the temporary impact and cut your losses. Not to mention, true wealth, true legacy, successful people tend to be pioneers. You're not a human being by the time you're a public figure. You're just accomplished with a skyrocketed net worth and your chunk of history. Leading people through circuitous contradictions to generate your millions.


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