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On My Struggle With Weight Loss: Challenges and Change

Hustle Hard.

As many of us know, weight loss (or maintenance of optimal health) isn’t easy. We make a commitment for a few weeks then fall off for months — a cycle of despair of sorts. I’ve been through the cycle plenty of times, but recently decided enough was enough. The excerpt below is from a piece written for UPTOWN Magazine on my challenges with living a healthy life and how I’ve started to turn things around. Check it out.

Just over a month ago, I was passing by the mirror in my apartment while getting ready for work and realized I didn’t like what I saw.  The months of eating cheap Harlem food, ordering takeout nightly, and visiting street meat vendors had finally caught up with me. My stomach protruded like I was about to deliver. My chest looked like it was on its Rick Ross flow. I was the unhealthiest I had been in a long time and definitely didn’t feel like a boss. It was the antithesis of cool.

The truth is I’ve struggled with my weight (and health) a lot over the last year. I’d make a commitment to getting back in shape then fall off a soon as life picked up. Having a day job and night hustle can have that effect on you. But something was different this time. Maybe it was the fact my body ached for reasons unknown. Maybe it was the fact that the only ab work I’d gotten was from sucking my stomach in whenever I walked into a room full of people. Maybe it was the fatigue that plagued me daily. Maybe it was seeing myself in Facebook pictures and thinking to myself that I was the one that fell off. Maybe it was realizing that I’m 29 and  my speedy metabolism might be preparing for a lifelong hiatus. Most likely it was a combination of all five. I’d never felt more insecure about my body in my whole life.

Click here to read the rest over at UPTOWN.


  1. Wow Slim – I would never know. In your pics you look pretty good to me….Your nickname fits you…..*smile*
    I think when their young many people work out to look good and cause their on their "I'm sexy and I know it" ish. But as your body ages working out and eating right and just maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes a necessity in order to maintain your overall health and well being.

  2. I think I learned these lessons best from my grandparents and great aunts and uncles. Practically everyone in my fam is young-looking, sprightly, active and fairly healthy. This is not just due to "good genes." They tell us youngins all the time it's about taking good care of yourself. Eating fruits and veggies, and exercising, even if it's just walking for x amnt of minutes everyday. They are living proof that if you adopt these healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle and maintain it while your young you will truly age well and very gracefully. This is why I'm 36 and most folks don't even think I'm 30.

  3. It's not easy, but the more self discipline you have the better. Once you learn healthy habits that work well for you it the longer you do them the easier it gets to stick with them, and make them a part of your lifestyle.
    Just figure out whats doable for you Slim and do it and u will be fine. Don't worry about how little of how much time u put into whatever form of exercise you choose. Something is better than nothing. As for food find suitable substitutions for yourself that will work well for you and that you like.
    I'm not a personal trainer or health and fitness guru by any means. I just know what I know from personal experience.

  4. Great post Slim! I can relate. If I have a hamburger or too many cookies this week…I see it in the mirror next week. My downtime is shorter now because I actually crave exercise. I feel crappy when I don't break a sweat several times a week. Besides that, I am a little vain and like to look good.

    1. This right here >>> "crave exercise" is me definitely. I started working out back in November and exercise has become a serious addiction for me. Nothing like looking good, getting compliments, and being able to actually see results to your body you have never seen before.

  5. Nice post Slim! As someone on my own personal weight loss journey (38 lbs GONE already), I can totally relate. My motivation at first was for looks; I was really overweight and was tired of being limited clothing-wise by my size. Now it's about my health and adopting a healthy lifestyle. My two biggest fears are being old and broke, and being old and sick. Preventing heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke is much more important to me than looking good in a bathing suit. Sure, it's a great perk but it's not my main motivation anymore.

    What I've also found to be more motivational than dropping a pant size is feeling my physical fitness increase. I remember when I first started Turbo Jam, I could barely get through it. But I stuck to it and my fitness increased tremendously. Now I'm doing Turbo Fire and just started running. Doing things that I never, ever thought I would be able to do is beyond rewarding and keeps me pushing forward.

    Good luck Slim in your weight loss endeavors.

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