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Why You Should Use LinkedIn


Hey Folks,

I recently started contributing career articles to EBONY.com. I had a few SBM readers ask me about my thoughts on LinkedIn a while back via Twitter, and wanted to share an article I wrote on reasons why you should use LinkedIn if you aren’t already. Check out the snippet below.

One of the greatest and most underutilized tools for transitioning to the job of your dreams is LinkedIn. If you’re not on there, you are losing. Don’t let thoughts like “Just another social network that I won’t use,” or “I don’t want those emails” stop you from using a system that could change your life. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and has settings just like every other site to reduce or stop unwanted communications. If that’s not enough incentive, let me tell you three reasons it’s worth the time to sign up and get to work!

You Can See What You Need to Get What You Want

When researching a company, one of the greatest tools you can use is LinkedIn. If you’ve already gotten an interview and know who you’ll be speaking with, you can take a look at their career progression and find some common points for discussion. If you know the next step in your career, but need some guidance on what it takes to get there, use LinkedIn to help you build a road map.

You can search for companies you want to work for, and find people in the department or type of role you’d like to be in. More than likely, they have a pretty thorough profile and you’ll be able to see their previous job titles as well as some of the skills and responsibilities they picked up along the way[…]

Click here to read the rest of the article over at EBONY.com.


  1. I actually dont have a LinkedIn account. My excuse always been essentially how lackluster my work profle is. I have a google+ (which had loads of potential, still think it came out too early) for my search engine presence, very bland generic statuses, no thirst traps in my circles, suited up profile picture and a nonembarrassing email.

  2. I haven't logged into my LinkedIn account in months. I don't even have anything past my last job on there. I guess I should use it more.

  3. I’m on LinkedIn at the least once a week. It is a great tool once you learn the tricks to maneuver through it. I’ve joined a lot of groups on their, which eventually gave me the inside scoop on networking events in NYC. There are also a lot of recruiters on LinkedIn, some even leave their email addresses on there for potential candidates to reach out to them if their interested in a job at their company.
    Question Slim: As an HR Professional how often do you use LinkedIn to select candidates?
    Also what is the best to introduce yourself to an HR Rep from a company you’re interested in, Should you be straight forward and say that you’re interested in a position at their company?

  4. I was forced to create a LinkedIn account back in 2008 while in graduate school. Our department director felt it would be a great way to network with alumni and join groups that were related to career interests. I must say, LinkedIn is an awesome networking tool and you can join groups that can help with leads to new jobs, but more important these groups usually will keep you abreast about what's going on your respective field. I have reached out to individuals on LinkedIn for career advice, resume tips, and just general informative interviews. I must say, LinkedIn is a must career tool in 2012. Good article……

    1. Thanks good sir. The thing I like most about it is that people who are on there are usually there for business, networking. That's the whole point of the site, which eliminates some of the irrelevant noise (i.e. people posting pictures of their cat). It's crazy to me how many people talk about wanting new gigs, but don't use all the tools available to them…for free.
      My recent post The Soreness Killer: TwinLab Endurance Fuel

  5. Congrats on becoming a contributor on Ebony.com!

    LinkedIn is a GREAT resource. Another great way to use it is to get introductions from your current connections to meet new people. I've used it to arrange informational interviews that have lead to other opportunities.

    I've also used it to get my blog out there (Shameless self-promotion, anyone?) using LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Questions, two great areas of LinkedIn that are heavily under-utilized.

    It's an awesome social network, but as with all good things, it's all up to what you make of it.
    My recent post “A Hard Battle”

  6. I've been recruited twice via LinkedIn. I am on it at least once a week making sure my resume is up-to-date and I am connecting with people who work at places I would like to make a leap to in the future. A career does not just happen.

  7. My issue with LinkedIn: Its waaaay too much information about my work history!

    I work in the legal field (IT Dept), and for years I've will simultaneously worked for 2 diff law firms. Absolutely a conflict of interest because they may possibly be 2 opposing sides on a specific case. Not good. So as much at I would like to utilize LinkedIn I can't, id blow my cover! Outside of that its petty awesome for you regular folks..lol

  8. I am a LinkedIn snob!! (Hence the name business beauty) lol I log on every day, 10 times a day! I check my linkedin more than ppl check FB or twitter. It has really helped me in my professional career. Networking is key! I actually have an interview on Wednesday and have researched every single person in the office. Wish me luck. If I meet someone at happy hour, I search for them on linkedin before FB. I like to know what I’m getting myself into. Like, are you REALLY a corporate business man or did you just tell me that because you were hitting on me? LinkedIn is your friend!

  9. I'm on LinkedIn but I admittedly don't utilize it as much as I probably should. Is networking different on LinkedIn if you're in a public/private/non-profit? Just asking. There's usually some nuanced differences in job searches. That said, I'm not looking for another job right now so I don't use it very much but maybe I should review. I probably need to update my profile, too.

  10. No Wis I don't think it is that different at all. I know a guy who owns a non-profit organization and he is on there. If nothing else it's a great networking tool to see people u may already know and/or be associated with, as well as find people in your field who you may be able to work with. If your in a non-profit you may be able to find sponsers on there, you never know, it's worth a shot.


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