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8 Things We Blow Money Fast On

Now that’s ballin’!

As an adult I have earned the right to spend my discretionary funds on whatever I please. For some reason, we just don’t like anyone telling us what to do with our money. That’s not to say I don’t spend money on some frivolous items. There are some nights, days, and items that I’ve purchased that I wish I never did. I know what my vices are, I hope you know yours. Today, along with a fresh mix from Carver The Great, I’m dropping my list on the 8 things we blow money fast on.

Admin note: The mix is on the last page.

11. Strip clubs

You can make a good argument of how the strip club is probably the only place where you genuinely get your money’s worth. It’s the tipping part that gets out of control. The strip club is the only place that you actually get what you paid for, you wanted TNA and you get TNA. Once you start trying to turn a lap dance into a happy ending, you’re wasting your money.

Hey guys, I have a great idea. Let’s put a red rope over here in front of these couches and call it VIP. Then, let’s sell bottles in that roped off section of the club with a 1,000% markup and see what happens. Voila, the greatest night of your life.

Good idea moron, now go piss out that greatness with a side of headache.


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– Dr. J




  1. Tracklist:

    1. Barbershop Fridays Intro

    2. Billionaire (CTG Refix) by Travie McCoy & Sky Blu (of LMFAO)

    3. On To The Next One by Jay-Z

    4. Get Money by Biggie

    5. Benjamins by Lil Kim & Biggie

    6. Mo Money Mo Money Problems by Mase

    7. I Love The Dough by Jay-Z

    8. Money Ain't A Thang by Jermaine Dupri & Jay-Z

    9. Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) by Jimmy Spicer

    10. Jay's Drop

    11. Money In My Pocket by Lil Wayne

    12. Duffle Bag Boy by Lil Wayne

    13. Blowin Money Fast by Rick Ross

    14. Making Love To My Money by Gucci Mane

    15. Plenty Money by Plies

    16. Money In The Bank by Lil "Put Them Paws On Him" Scrappy

    17. Same Damn Time by Diddy & Future

    18. I Don't Really Care by Trey Songz & Waka Flocka

    19. Racked Up Shawty by Meek Mill & Fabolous

    20. Bag Of Money by Rick Ross, Wale, & Meek Mill

    21. Jay's Outro

  2. “For some reason, we just don't like anyone telling us what to do with our money”

    Men who don't mind or already know feels like being high on pheremones and outside of your right mind. It's soo sexy. A zero debt balance and a way with money is just positively begging for it.

    Strip clubs: I'm pretty cool with them because those women have the athleticism of the Performing Arts I adore, but how come you just won't invest in what a good woman needs to dance for you? Lotto: I don't gamble however I like taking risks. They're exceptionally calculated, strategized, and quintuple assured for profitability. Tattoos: yeeeeeah I want about 12 more in semi sleeves but I wanna see how they look on my skin tone first and how it feels to have that much ink. This isn't an Armani shirt though. You can't try on a tattoo.

  3. lol @ men in grocery stores, I seriously got the most heart warmed chuckle. “I only go to say I went” and the domestic dispute line, cute. but move….

    It's the cheerful sense of fulfillment when preparing a quality meal. Personally, Shoppers is cool and it's where I go but the whole store just feels gloomy. Wegman's is like a farmer's market meets Shoppers. It's always organized, lots of natural light streaming in, the one near me has a moat and the prices are fair. I practically skip and frolic. Persian limes?! Mediterranean salt?! Hawaiin sugar. o.m.g. They have swordfish. No. effing. way is there a *selection* of lamb cuts.

    The whole atmosphere of the kitchen while cooking is just awesome and masterchefesque.

    SIDENOTE: for anyone insisting they need clarity on my succinct statements, the key to properly translating my comments can be seen here in response to "Classy”. You're welcome. https://www.singleblackmale.org/2012/07/18/3-reaso

    1. "Shoppers is cool and it's where I go but the whole store just feels gloomy"…

      Yes. The one time I went to Shoppers, a not so fresh stench hit me as I walked in the door. I was turned off from that moment and turned around and left. I was younger and still wondered how they were in business. I get that saving money is necessary, I just feel as if food should be the last thing a person cuts corners on. You only get 1 body.

      Maybe Shoppers is better now, idk…although that was my first and last experience. Why spend more money on my clothes that are worn outside my body and be cheap on things that go in my body…is that logical?

  4. Perhaps im too broke but i dont spend money on anything on this list. I'm a frugal muhfugga,however thing i do probably spent too much money on

    1. Girlfriends/boos
    2. Hats
    3. Phones
    4. Home Decor
    5. Video Games
    6. Concerts/Sporting Events

    1. Tristan your number 1 is soooo on point. Men do indeed blow so much money on women it isn't funny. But hey if she is worth it to them then it's whatever.

  5. Good list, but number 9 really hits home. I find that when you shop the sell items at Whole's Food is when you get the biggest bang for your buck. When you shop like that, there really isn't a difference in price, plus certain items (fruits and vegetables) not only are best when purchased from an orgnaic market, but it usually taste better. The better of the two is the farmers market if you have access to one.

  6. Doc J if your allergic to glutton, which is in practically all non organic foods then you have to shop at whole foods.
    I shop at Trader Joe's sometimes and they aren't that expensive to me at all. I don't find them to be a whole lot more than any regular supermarket. Whole Foods I agree with you. I used to get lunch from Whole Foods when I worked in Rockville Md. I've got a few things at Harris Teeter once and I agree they are overpriced. Trader Joe's though I will defend to the end.

    1. All the major grocery stores have organic food offerings now at a cheaper price than Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's. Check it out homie!

      1. Ur right Doc J. However major grocery stores have much less of a selection than stores that are strictly organic supermarkets. Major supermarkets are typically limited to 1 or 2 aisles of organic food.

  7. Yeah, this ain't my life, lol. Here's my list:

    1. Eating out
    2. Eating out
    3. Eating out
    4. Eating out
    5. Eating out

    LOL. *reviews* Yup, that covers it, LOL…smh.

      1. I have kids, so I cook by force, lol.

        I prefer when other people do the work. I like the quick, yummy final result. 🙂

    1. I feel you on the eating out Cyn….mine isn't so much eating out (and paying for it all the time) on the weekends and/or after work. It's lunch. I really need to get back to making and packing my own lunch. Cause I've lost my mind this summer and foolin wit these cowrkers stay eating out and everytime somebody comes and/or goes they wanna take em out to dinner. I admit that is starting to hurt a sista's pockets cause now I gotta push back my long cruise vacation til the wintertime, which is cool, but still.
      It's all good though cause after the summertime I'm back to lunchpacking.

      1. I think people in general also tend to blow a lot of money in a short amnt of time on their social lives, cause I do on mine sometimes, and on going out. We also spend too much on special occassions and holidays, like b-days, christmas, new years, thanksgiving, and in the summertime on all the summer holidays like 4th of July and labor day doin it big with the cookouts. For holidays food and liquor alone can run you from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how many guests you have.
        I used to overspend on spa treatments, but I'm sticking to my budget pretty good.

  8. Whole Foods is not much more expensive than Food Lion. You may pay a few more pennies but the quality is worth it. Sure we have been eating at Giant, etc, however better food = better quality of life. When you know better you do better. My health speaks for itself. I do gluten free and eat lots of fruit and veggies and prefer organic. I like knowing my chicken isn't bathed in a chlorine solution more potent than pool water. Those markets are pushing the Martin's and Kroger's of this world to do better. Food will heal or kill. Cheap over processed food will always kill.

    I hate lotto….truly. I hate seeing hard earned money thrown away consistently. Playing for fun is one thing, however a gambling addiction is an addiction even if your not walking into a casino.

    Monthly, the one thing I spend the most $ on is food. I enjoy fresh, great tasting food. Gas for my car is my #2.

  9. well today is my Birthday so i wll be B.M.F On this bottle service tonight………..i deserve it!!!! i dont smoke weed, i havent went to a strip club YET…….as far as Valet, im from the south, i gotta to to Atlanta or somewhere REEEEEAAAALLLL nice to see that cause Jesus in Heaven knows i'll park my car and just walk to the freaking resturant! the Lotto i havent played although im tempted to play, i feel lucky today so im going play!!!! lol

  10. HAIR!!!

    I can't even lie the amount of money I've spent on hair I could have purchased at least one of Bey Bey's $2,000.00 Lacefronts and been done, those machine weft custom blend hair bulk prices ain't no joke. 🙂 *shrug*


    I'm love candles, all types — I have them all over my house my favs are the one you get from The Home Good Store


    I used to get giddy when I got a new pocketbook, switching them up every 3-4 days ….. but know I will carry the same bag for a whole month and not even think 2x about switching it up to coordinate with my wardrobe/shoes so for me to now make such a huge purchase, I now will think about it for a minute.

    I got a nice collection though.

    1. Candles….

      Yes. I haven't spent money on them but in my imaginary home there's peppermint, fireside, marshmallow, jasmine night, pumpkin cookie, orange zest, on and on and on and on not to mention a whole bunch just to accessorize my beautifully coordinated master bathroom. I really love aromas so I already know a bunch of the budget will be spent on candles and home fragrances. I wanna recreate the wall of scent when you walk into the Bath and Body Works by me.

      I will no doubt be OC with stuff for the home. I once saw Mahogany clothes hangers to match this desk I was looking at. done. AND scented drawer liners? smh. This is why I insist on quality investments because my home has to be decked out and I want the option to spend on quality things. but until that day….I'm actually quite cheap, minimalist and non-girly. *walks past the candle aisle sniffing*

  11. 1. Haircare. I got locs. They need to be twisted…I'm not doing it. I did finally decide to cut out the barbershop though and started doing my own lineups at home.

    2. Video games – Actually…ever since I've found "workarounds" I've spent alot less on this. I still spend cash though.

    3. Gas – I stopped driving places for leisure. If I need to go to a bunch of different places, I hit all those stops when I'm on the road. Otherwise…it'll get put off until the next time I leave my house.

  12. I would say hair, but I honestly think I pay a fair price for it. I'm a NappStar! (http://whatsnappstar.com/)

    Man, Whole Foods is just crazy. Like, they started in my hometown and when I really wanna wow my dude, I go there, but Brooklyn Fare has the same stuff for cheaper, and I live in a mainly West Indian neighborhood where vegetarian, vegan, organic, farmers' market, and Halal stuff is available all around. Whole Foods is basically for when I'm lazy and for whatever reason feel like a star fruit, lol.

    I blow money on MOVIES. I sure do have my Regal card and get concessions and movies for free on occasion, but to earn those freebies, you gotta spend money and I DO!

    DRESSES. There are about a BILLION little boutiques in NYC/BK selling dresses for all seasons for $10-20. Having a bad day? Buy a dress. Having a good day? Buy a dress. Killing time before a movie? Buy a dress. Stumbled across a street festival? Buy a dress. Going on a trip? Buy a dress. Big gig coming up? Buy a dress. You get the idea. 😉

    COSMETICS (ESPECIALLY LIP PRODUCTS). This is funny, considering I don't generally wear makeup (except lip stuff, hence it dominance), but I do have shows, and like to be girly for no reason, etc. It got so bad with these that I actually had to cut myself off. I seriously have TWO milk crates and FOUR shoe boxes worth of makeup, perfumes, lotions, oils, etc. "But it's on sale!" is always the excuse.

    1. Oh, and BRUNCH. I don't like that I spend too much on this, but NYC brunch is such a big deal and everyone is always wanting to try out the next spot so I tag along and end up dropping $40 for breakfast food that I could have (and would have preferred to) made at home.

  13. Streetz and anyone else who cares to answer – Why do men pay so much to see naked and half naked women when you can see them for free?

    1. B/c the half naked women we see for free are far less entertaining than the ones who dance on stage. Furthermore, you can touch them without getting slapped and in some places, you can pay for them to give you head. Sounds like a winning deal to me. And no…I don't get my sick ducked by strippers in clubs…I just know that service is available.

      1. lol….you haven’t been with the right type of women Analyst. None of my ex’s have ever had to go to the stripclub and never wanted to.

  14. "For some reason, we just don’t like anyone telling us what to do with our money."

    Alakaii: Hey, you know we should probably look into investing in -insert maverick idea that sounds completely impossible-
    Guy: I don't think I can. I'm scared. I can't. It's Tuesday. The sky is blue. My friends are here. Lets go drinking. My n*ts haven't dropped. I'm useless. My excuses are valid.
    Father: You're stupid. That will never work. It's a bad idea. Here's A-Z of what's wrong with it AND you.
    One year later on a Friday: -story breaks about overnight millionaire who acted on oddly similar idea-
    Alakaii: *genuinely contemplating murder*

    Moral of the story…..I know what I'm talking about.

    *lays in bed all day completely depressed about it*


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