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[VIDEO] Dominique Dawes Speaks About Gabby Douglas And Her Olympic Victory



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Check out this teary eyed interview below from Dominique Dawes where she speaks on Gabby Douglas. You can see the pride and joy on her face. Great accomplishment for African Americans and the USA!


  1. I grew up wanting to be Dominique Dawes and to see her so emotional and speak so beautifully about Gabby had me in tears (yet again) _

  2. I'm from Oklahoma so, when I was younger, I heard all about Shannon Miller but I wanted to be like Dominique Dawes even more because she looked like me. I am so happy that my niece and my chilren when I have them, can do anything they want…from President to Olympic gymnast.

  3. That was a big deal. To be that young too. It was awesome to witness it I really wish I could be there. The next Olympics are in Rio I think? It would be awesome to go because to be part of history would just feel amazing; I can only imagine how Dominique feels now that someone else has joined her ranks that in and of itself is monumental. The team win was big too. Especially Gabby anchoring so many events in the sense she really put up a lot of their points. That changed my outlook on team anything especially since Jordan Wieber didn't make the all-around so she had to depend on her team mates to win gold. To see so many people get behind it and for Gabby to be such a major contributor to multiple marks in history, it was just amazing.


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