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Should Black People Vote for Obama Off GP?

GP = General Principle

I have a bad habit of arguing about things that I don’t believe in just because I love to debate.  I don’t like to argue, but I like to hear both sides and see who presents the best argument.  There’s a difference.  During the 2008 Presidential Election, I lost faith in the political aptitude of Black people.  I’ll just come out and say it, I thought they were voting for Obama because he was Black.  I wasn’t silent either, I told Black people to their face, “You’re the reason why White people continue to think we’re inferior. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, but you’re talking about it. Not only are you talking about it, but you’re loud about it.” And then Diddy didn’t even go vote.

I know that personally, I didn’t want to be THAT black guy who didn’t vote for Obama. Back in 08, folks voted for Obama like it was an iPhone.

“Did you see the Obama speech last night?!  My man was like, “Say you want healthcare for your grandmother, there’s a bill for that. “ I’m voting for Obama!  I’m waking up early, i’m getting in line, heck, i’ll vote twice if they let me, maybe I should just go sleep at the polls now, so nothing happens.”

My response was always, “That’s cool, I think he makes some very good points, how do you feel about him continuing No Child Left Behind?”  And herein lies the problem – you wouldn’t believe what they’d say back to me.

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Popular answers included:

He’s got swag – This has nothing to do with his ability to lead a country.  Allen Iverson has swag, ask him how many championship rings he has?

He’s an excellent speaker – Jay-Z is a lyrical lexicon, this doesn’t make him prepared to lead a country either.

Michelle is cool – At the time, I didn’t think the First Lady did much more than encourage people to read books and work out.  I didn’t think Michelle was going to fix the economy or bring any troops home.

We need a fresh approach to the White House – This sounds nice, but it had nothing to do with Obama.  Anybody who was elected would be a fresh approach, the incumbent could not seek re-election.

Sarah Palin is an idiot – Good point, but has nothing to do with Obama.

*I hold my head*

Sad enough, I concluded, “We really voting for Obama off GP.”

I agree that in some circles, you could have informed conversations around politics.  I blame myself for that, it’s this “keeping the common touch” thing that I haven’t been able to master.  There was something else I wanted to say about this … I don’t really agree with half of what the man says but I do tend to agree with Herman Cain that Black people have been brainwashed into voting for the Democratic Party.  But here’s what I think about the brainwashing; do you ever think that Black people vote for the best candidate for themselves, or do you think it’s for the cause?  This is an alarming trend I’ve noticed in Black America, we’re becoming more and more selfish.  It’s only a matter of time before politics is consumed in our selfishness.  I think it’s important that voters think about, “How does this President’s plan really affect me and mine?”  I think often times you get the feeling that Black voters are voting for that family in Canarsie.  They have their vote, they should use it.  Like I said in a coffee shop, “It’s all fun and games until you realize that you make $150K and your wife makes $100K, you’re now consider rich in America and the tax code may change your point of view on your political affiliations.”

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In all truthfulness, you know this doesn’t really get real until we’re not talking about Barack, but we’re talking about Michelle in 2016.  That’s when this voting off GP thing is really going pop off major.  Personally, I think she plays a strong role in the current Presidency, can’t say that’s a Black woman thing either, Hillary did it too.  But she sure would cause problems for Black people in America.  I almost got gunclapped by a chick in 07 for saying I didn’t want Hillary in the White House.  Pssh, saying anything against Michelle would inspire suicide bombers.

In all things, we must admit that the climate has changed. Romney will more than likely raise more money than Obama. I don’t know why I feel that way, I would have told you a few months ago that I thought it was impossible. However, from private conversations with friends there are people out there who are excited about Romney taking the White House. We’ve got to make sure that we dive into the issues because they’re a lot more complex than the last time. Even if you’re going to vote for Obama off GP, just go vote. That’s a right that our generation didn’t fight for, but our previous generations did. My inspiration comes from my 92 year old grandmother who spent a great portion of her life not being able to vote. That’s why I vote. However, for all of us who think that Obama is great just because he’s a Black guy or we just don’t want Romney, we’ve got to dedicate ourselves to go vote. In the meantime, we’ve got to make sure we know what we’re talking about. It’s not about voting off GP, it’s about knowing what our guy stands for and why we’re going to vote for him. In conclusion, I hope this post inspires us to really know what Obama is talking about. We can read, so let’s do it.

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– Dr. J

Let’s talk about it. Who are you voting for and why? Do you think that Black folks have been brainwashed and why? I’m interested to dive into the debate. Let’s go…


  1. Brainwashed?? Yea maybe, but no more brainwashed then wealthy folks pushing to get a millionaire in the white house. Blk folks are happy as hell to have a blk president. Most (blk) folks I speak with regarding politics fail to really mention anything else past the color of our president. And you know what? They have every right to. In my opinion voting should be one of the most selfish things you do. It absolutely should be about how that particular candidate effects you on a personal level. At least that's how I vote.

    1. Yeah but then you have people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah and Jay-Z who would never vote for someone like Romney. There's clear examples of wealthy people who choose not to vote a millionaire into the White House. I think the Black folks voting Democratic is a tad bit different. Brainwashed is more talking about voting blindly for someone for some reason that you can't even point to. So even if you are a millionaire trying to push another millionaire into the White House, you're doing it for a reason, not because you're brainwashed.

      1. Brainwashed is a far stretch. I mean typically voting democrat has always meant you were voting for they candidate that favored a more about-the-people agenda. Social programs, lower tax rates and such would be at the top of the list. In a sense more government is a good thing. Over the past century I don't see how that's changed much. Herman Cain went a lil extreme with the "brainwashed " comment. I think it sounds good to white folks and he thought it would gain him some ground, and it probably did. I think blk people still want a leader that considers their personal situation, be it social-economic or even the feeling that maybe Jay-z and Oprah want a blk face in the white house, and its ok for them to want that.

        1. I guess it all depends. Brainwashed technically means someone made them do it. Like I said, I don't half agree with Cain most of the time. I think a more accurate reason is that some Black folks vote Democratic… just because. No real rhyme or reason. And if they ever have a reason it's because the Republicans are racists.

    1. I really hope we don't have to have another four years about Biden. I love him dearly but he's just a few soundbites away from passing Bushalisms.

        1. Hopefully he doesn't ask anymore people in a wheelchair to stand up.
          Or randomly cuss when a mic is hot.
          Or generally say the eff word at anytime when he knows people are listening.
          Or respond to anything outside of foreign affairs matters.
          Other than that, yeah he can go away…

          Trust if you ever want to see something funny youtube Joe Biden quotes, hilarious.

  2. I'm voting for Obama because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkYr0qgfVa4
    and other evidence like it that indicate his character, and that he cares about me and people like me. That video is exactly the kind of crowd I was in when I was at college, it discussed the issues that were critical and important to me. And you would never see Romney doing anything remotely as real (or relevant to me) as that. I honestly don't need to read up on any other legislation or their platforms or whatever. I don't need to know the minuscule details.

  3. *looks at Jay* *looks at readership* *decides this isn't going to be intellectual giants exchanging knowledge on chillmode setting* *waters down my comment*

    Not that I was going to debate in the first place but in my heavily credentialled and experienced opinion, lower class black people vote democratically because they are dependent on government assistance and therefore see the positive in candidates who stand on social reform. Middle class black people vote democratically because they aren't nearly successful enough to identify with the top tier of American society. Debate is for middle class people talking to middle class people on the best way to be middle class. When a person's success is dependent on Republican policies they will vote Republican. Black people are complacent — not brainwashed.

    1. Who am I voting for and why? Invasion of privacy.

      I will say though, I asked myself how to lift the global third world to a state equal to that of middle class America and then proceeded to make it happen. I tend to gravitate towards people whom I believe will have a J.P. Morgan, Rothschild, Bush, Bill Gates, Oprah handle on future society. I have mannerisms of Fortune 100 billionaires. I get along better with people who speak in terms of hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions and when I begin my life with a man I will consider upper middle class our poverty. Romney makes me laugh as a best friend would; though, I can identify with Obama's idealism and conceptualism. Both candidates have positives and will be influential. I'm more so interested in hearing people who are pushing into the top tier than I am listening to perpetual debate. It would get us further building on a message than to debate what's wrong with it.

      1. The intro is patronizing because it's physically painful to have to continuously dial myself down. Like…..it actually hurts. I actually feel like it will kill me to get any more normal. Perhaps I'm a tad bit condenscending. Just a tad bit. Maybe. I've been considering it the past couple weeks. I don't like the way it feels though because honestly, someone with high-self esteem speaking to someone with low self-esteem is automatically arrogant. Lowering self-esteem is ridiculous.

        Just like it's ridiculous for me to have to step down over and over and over and over and over and over and yet no one can step up or step up or step up. and I mean, if super sugary koolaid contributing to high rates of diabetes is your idea of what's really good than by all means…

        Stick with your grape drink. I, on the other hand, will be looking into healthier formulas for sweet drinks and hoping my community will catch on. Afterall, they say "educate a woman and you educate a community." my intro was a disclaimer to turn the intellectualism and deeper thought up to a healthy degree.

        1. I really don't care if people find me condescending or patronizing or uppity or stuck up because the fact of the matter is it isn't true. and no. I don't fancy normal, stagnant people. I fancy those who are so confident in themselves or have reached a certain degree of life what is "patronizing" to most = normal level conversation for them; but as it turns out, even people who are on my level only converse in a tone of negative attention so….I will continue to be exactly who I have been and everyone can just adapt to the presence of greatness. *shrug*

          You don't like it? Cool. But it isn't going to change. I'm rather down to earth once you ascend to the mountain top.

  4. Nope. Not bc he’s black. But bc he’s mixed like me! Because the first bill he signed was the Lily Ledbetter bill. Because he can speak to any dinitary from a foreign country with confidence in presenting his views and not piss them off to the point that they want to do an airstrike on the U.S. Because he’s a man who cares for his daughters & their future–not a sperm donor like a lot of men in America (black, latino, white & any other races). Because he shows he loves his wife. Because he has a backbone and balls to say what he means and means what he says. Because he doesn’t give up–he finds another way. Because helooks like so many other people around the world and they are proud to hear, “Hey, you look like Barack Obama!” (I said this to a man from Morocco& he smiles and said, Thank you & it’s about time your country has a Black President!” These are just a few reasons I will vote for my mixed President!

  5. The irony is the ignant ninjas who will vote for Barack because he’s black are more Republican than they realize: homophobic, love guns, treat women like second class citizens, put money over morality…i’m sleep tho.

    1. After arguing with this republican chick at my job I realized there are gray area's in all politics. I had asked her how could she be AGAINST abortion yet FOR guns and the death penalty?? she couldn't answer me fully but did say she doesn't believe in the death penalty, yet shes still votes republican. Crazy, but it exist.

      1. The bigger issue is being forced to either be ALL or AGAINST. It is perfectly fine to be pro-choice and anti-gun. The two things have NOTHING in common besides the fact that one party uses it as a political backing.

        I would gander the majority of the population is neutral, and rarely passionately liberal or conservative even 75% of the time.

        Once again, its the problem with bicameral legislation, you are either in or out.

        1. I get what you're saying, and you're right but keep in mind you do have a choice to not take part in the whole process as well.

  6. If you pay attention, Romney us just saying what he thinks America wants to hear to get more voters. First he’s for removing Obamacare & now he wants to implement the healthcare plan he had in MA that is like Obamacare? HE HAS NO REAL AGENDA FOR THE PEOPLE AT ALL. WHO WANTS A LEADER WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHERE HE’S TAKING YOU??? (Just the ignorant voters who hate Obama so much they will vote dor anyone else.) It will be interesting to see if he fires his Press Secretary & hires a new one after the statement she made recently. She reminded me of Sarah Palin…Some people should think before they speak.

  7. Please excuse typos, need to remove moving ad so I can proofread on my phone & I need a bigger keyboard… 🙂

  8. I'll vote for Obama because I'm middle class and voting for Romney may work me over more than the current administration. Although I do suspect Obama and Romney are one in the same – there's not that much difference between the two sans their tax policies.
    In all honesty,I'm more affected by what happens locally than nationally, but I also realize that less gov't is NOT what's needed. It's the equivalent of taking the cops off the street – not enough folks to watch the SMART criminals…..
    Anyways… the beltway takes care of the beltway regardless of who's president – we just get to foot the bill. And the middle class seems to be footing everyone's bill – the poor – who can't/don't pay taxes and the rich – who avoid taxes.. but that's another story/article…..

  9. To be honest, I have no idea what Mitt is really about. He basically used Massachusetts like it was a pre-requisite course for President, he ran out an incumbent Republican, sat and let a Democratic majority legislature do all the work, I saw nothing of this brilliant business mind he's boasting now, the state was last in job creation and entitlement programs doubled #theirony. He then clocked out and been running for President ever since. He won the nomination by default, Newt? Santorum? Perry? 2 Cainz? And now 3 months to go I haven't heard any plans from him but hitting Ctrl+Z on the past 4 years. Perhaps if the Democrats win control of the legislature perhaps he'll kick back and stay out their way again. It's a coin flip.

    Barack, I at least know what he's about. Some of his policies I don't agree with, he's caves in to compromises too easily but he has the right idea. I have confidence that in a 2nd term, Barack will bring the change he's been promising. I just hope he indeed gets the chance. #FourMoreYears
    My recent post Today’s Word is… INFLUENCE

  10. I'm sitting on the sidelines this year. Not voting for Barack simply because he's the black guy, and definitely not voting for Romney.

        1. Other than ” not voting for him b/c he’s the black guy” do you not agree or like any of his polices or agendas he is pushing for this election year. I’m only asking b/c most ppl vote for the lesser of two evils, I don’t see too many ppl come out and say their just not going to vote for either one.

        2. Both Obama and Romney are beholden to the big banks, they are both weak on the greatest issue facing this country (insolvency), and are both likely to make the situation much worse.

          Many people vote for the lesser of two evils, but I do not. A vote for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil.

        3. Barack Obama is not evil. He is a overall good person maneuvering himself into a machine, which is the US government–which may be evil.

  11. Hands down I am voting for Barack. Not because he is black, but I support the majority of his policies. Plus, he is like the first real PROGRESSIVE president we have had in years. The fact that he passed the healthcare bill, which is something that we really needed, was monumental. I can't speak for other industries, but in the healthcare arena, the guy is savior. Mandating all healthcare organizations to have electronic health records was a major milestone as well. I know he isn't perfect, but ROMNEY?? Come on, this guy exemplifies "FAILURE" in my opinion. Do I really want him representing me? Ummmm no. Anyone that is progressive in their thinking will always get my vote. Hands down!

  12. People should vote for him for whatever reason they choose. It amazes me that Black folks have fallen for this 'prove you're voting for him for some other reason than him being Black' bs. Eff that. If I can choose my endocrinologist because she's my Black soror, folks can choose Obama because he's Black. Does anyone give shyt to Hispanics who vote for Hispanic candidates? Or better yet, would Hispanics even entertain the accusal? Hellous nous. So Black folks need to follow that lead and answer the 'Are you voting for Barack because he's Black?' with an unapologetic double blink of the eyes.

  13. I actually disagree with a lot here today but I’m not going to type up a thesis on my iPhone. LOL

    I’ll summarize my thoughts:

    1) I believe no more black people voted for Obama because he is Black or a Democrat than white people who voted against because he is black and/or a democrat. I actually believe this number to be exponentially less given that blacks are not monolithic and are ony 13% of the population as it is.

    2) Black people are no more brainwashed than any other person in America. If we’re being honest, most middle class/wealthy blacks are more Republican than they’d ever realize or admit from a strictly philosophical standpoint. Further, more poor whites would benefit from typically Democrat associated programs than they would ever benefit from Republican ones.

    3) I have been strong in my resolve that Obama (and arguably the country) would have been better off had he run for Vice President under Hillary, then ran for president. He would have gained a lot of experience and more importantly in politics, connections, power, money, and friends. Plus, the Clinton network would have easily been as strong and likely stronger than any network Obama has or will established.

    Again, this is just a summary. For whatever reason, I can’t comment directly on the site. I too welcome debate but if it starts to get into 1,000 words I’ll have to bid you or whomever adieu. I’m my about that 1,000 touch screen typing life. Just typing this has almost given me an aneurysm.

  14. To me, of course there are black folk that are voting for Obama just because he is black, but more so a black Democrat. On top of being a Democrat (which upwards of 95+% of the black population vote regardless of what color the candidate is) I believe many people of color look at the alternative and associate Romney with George W. Bush, fair or unfair, and vote Democrat because they weren't fans of Bush. Similar to how people will vote for Romeny, not because he is the best candidate, but just feel anyone is better than Obama (the lesser of two evils rationalization)

    The reality of the situation is that regardless of what color the President is most people in this country don't follow politics very closely and cant elaborate on any legislation, period. Sure, they should read up, but until they do they will make decisions based on party generalizations and commonalities they can find with their candidates. Just like in sales, most people arent going to buy from you because you know you're stuff…they're going to buy from you because they like you and trust you. Half of politics is that right there, whether right or wrong.

  15. I’m voting for Obama because Romney’s education plan will set us back 40 years. At least Obama has a modified version of NCLB (see Race to the Top) called Common Core. And I’m pretty sure a small percentage of voters even know about it. Romney saved the 2010 Olympics…that’s all he has. So that’s my reason for voting for Obama.

  16. I"m voting because my Grandparents couldn't.

    But in terms of National Politics, I'd give two fcuks who wins or loses. I am not a fan of the Electoral College system which can elect the less popular candidate. We have bigger issues that stem from the US Senate and the House of Representatives and this two-party country of ours ran by upper middle class/wealthy (avg net worth US Senator is >$1MM). I have friends who work in Congress and the stories are all the same; dismay, heightened distrust and shenanigans for our political system.

    The only person looking out for my best interests is myself, and I rather do what is necessary (by hook or by crook) to keep it that way.

  17. Why would I even have to explain my reasons for wanting to see someone that look likes me take a chance at running this country? We have voted since we were allowed for white folk…this is our chance to see what one of US would do in this powerful position. For anyone to actually think they understand politics is asinine anyway. Politics are full of half-lies, omissions and top secret policies that most will NEVER be able to truly fully grasp. Politics are a GAME…so as with any other game; I pick the person I like for my own selfish reasons.

    Even the people that work with the POTUS don't know half the madness that truly goes on. So why rack your brain about it. Although I do vote for the sake of saying I vote, I am also not naive enough to actually believe that my vote actually counts for anything other than a number.

    Every four years during election season, a few candidates say what they WILL do and some get a few things done we like all the while doing some other shady stuff we don't like. Not to mention the rest of the branches and agencies the POTUS has to deal with. Truth be told, the POTUS is the least person we should be concerned with…he has the host of others surrounding him that affect this country just as much as he does. Politics = money in this country…if I hear one more Republican say deficit, I am going to scream. That is ALL those gold diggers care about!

    I am all for being knowledgeable about the dealings of The Administration, if one can be. I just feel as if politics have become a diversion for us. At the end of the day, I still gotta take care of my family, work, pay the bills and live life regardless of who’s in the White House. I just feel much safer when that person happens to be black with a soul.

    1. "For anyone to actually think they understand politics is asinine anyway. Politics are full of half-lies, omissions and top secret policies that most will NEVER be able to truly fully grasp. Politics are a GAME…"


      Not that I think you shouldn't try to understand who/what you're voting for, but it really is smoke & mirrors which makes it hard to be passionate about any of it.

      I think I'll be voting against Romney more than anything, honestly, lol.

    2. "At the end of the day, I still gotta take care of my family, work, pay the bills and live life regardless of who’s in the White House. I just feel much safer when that person happens to be black with a soul."


  18. I’m more concerned about voting on a local level than on a national level. Quite honestly, i have to review whether the things i agree with the President about outweigh the things I disagree with.

  19. To be fair, I have to admit that the '08 election was the first time I'd heard so many in the black community actually interested in an election. People in the hood were actually discussing politics and watching the debates. I would wager that there are more Blacks actually aware of general policies and viewpoints than we are giving credit.

  20. Why not vote for him just because he’s black? Even if you know nothing about politics, at the very least, you realize he was competent enough to make it this far.

    Black people are always trying to be so noble and prove something to other people. Same goes for nepotism and a black people in positions of power helping other black people achieve greatness. Many black people won’t do it because they’re afraid of being called out as having shown favoritism. Who cares? White people have done it for centuries and could care less whether someone says they gave a person a job because he/she is white.

    I see nothing wrong with voting for Barack because he’s black. At least we got people who have never voted, and probably would have never voted participating in the political process.

    So far, the President has done a decent job, so he’s definitely earned my vote the second time around.

    1. "Black people are always trying to be so noble and prove something to other people. Same goes for nepotism and a black people in positions of power helping other black people achieve greatness. Many black people won't do it because they're afraid of being called out as having shown favoritism. Who cares? White people have done it for centuries and could care less whether someone says they gave a person a job because he/she is white."

      AMEN!!!!! I'm hooking all my friends' kids up with internships and recommendation letters so long as they are competent. I know how the world works. They will benefit from an extra something in their application packets for college and on their resumes for work. And I keep my eye out for people who rally against nepotism based on race because I know their asses are more likely to put my application on the bottom because they don't want to appear to be showing favoritism to the VERY competent Howard graduate.

  21. Why not vote for him just because he's black? Even if you know nothing about politics, at the very least, you realize he was competent enough to make it this far.

    Black people are always trying to be so noble and prove something to other people. Same goes for nepotism and a black people in positions of power helping other black people achieve greatness. Many black people won't do it because they're afraid of being called out as having shown favoritism. Who cares? White people have done it for centuries and could care less whether someone says they gave a person a job because he/she is white.

    I see nothing wrong with voting for Barack because he's black. At least we got people who have never voted, and probably would have never voted participating in the political process.

    So far, the President has done a decent job, so he's definitely earned my vote the second time around.
    My recent post Embarrassment Parenting is the New Time Out

  22. I agree 100%. At that time I had a radio show, and that was my point. SOME people were voting colour.

    A "well educated" friend told me that I SHOULD vote for Obama, hands down, no question – because he is one of "mine". *GAS FACE

    I am sorry. Quickly conversations of swag, White House BBQs and "my Lambo's blue and my President is Black" began to sicken me.

    Personally at that time, I thought he was "not ready". My opinion. But I respect the hard, and good job he has done – in the face of insurmountable obstacles. Within and outside the Democratic Party

  23. "You’re the reason why White people continue to think we’re inferior"

    I think the author should be more concerned with his need to tap dance for the white community. We need to focus on us for us, not because white people are watching.

    1. “You’re the reason why White people continue to think we’re inferior. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, but you’re talking about it. Not only are you talking about it, but you’re loud about it.”

      That's the entire quote, don't snippet my ish. I don't tap dance for the white community, unnecessary shot that authors here don't take back at the readers, so I would chill on that.

      "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."

  24. Have no plans to vote for the current White House resident. Stimulus? Billions and billions wasted. Unemployment? Over 8% for what seems like forever. Not to mention allowing close to 1-million illegals to stay in the country and work with over 13% unemployment among blacks. I personally feel like the country has lost some of it’s luster and it is not heading in the right direction. Extending unemployment, weakening welfare rules, apologizing for America being a great country, I could go on. That’s why I switched to voting independent several years ago because I was no longer going to simply follow a particular party because that’s what we were supposed to do. I became better educated on politics and issues, and saw through the bs. Yeah, this will not be a popular post, but I pledge allegiance to my country, not a man…

  25. Ha! I felt similar to you in '08 and challenged a lot of Black folk on this whole, "I'ma just vote for Obama cause he's Black" thing. When one dude told me he just wanted Obama in the White House so they could have a Black angel on the national Christmas tree, I was pretty much done.

    People's reasons for voting are totally up to them and I won't discount anyone (well not to their face, well not too hard) because I would rather folks go vote than not at all. But I think some people were a wee bit surprised/disappointed when they learned that at the end of the day Obama is still a politician and would make typical deals and hold up sacrificial lambs as all politicians do. This reminds me of during the DC Mayor race between Fenty & Gray, this lady comes up to me at the polling place talmbout, "VOTE FOR GRAY, SO WE CAN ALL GET JOBS!" No ma'am. That's not how it works. So once we get people excited about voting, we need to place emphasis on being an educated voter. And then when the election is done, also on being an advocacy/squeaky wheel voter. I think too often the Black vote gets taken for granted by the Dems, but that's a comment for another day…
    My recent post Why America is Beautiful Wednesday

  26. I think we can all agree that Obama claimed his seat during an extremely challenging time. The effect a President has on our nation overall is typically not felt until after they leave office, when a majority of the policies implemented have had a chance to be put into practice.

    I commend the POTUS for signing into law the America Invents Act, the most sweeping patent reform legislation since the 1950's. The heart of the U.S. economy is innovation and the backbone of innovation is patent protection. It's been shown that the majority of new job creation is attributed to start-up companies, which often rely exclusively on intellectual property to entice venture capital investments.

    I considered myself an informed voter in '08 (Obama being black just further solidified my vote), and I couldn't have dreamed in a million years that reform of the patent system would occur during Obama's Presidency (as Patent Reform was stalled and fizzled away in either the Senate or House of Representatives on numerous occasions within the past decade). I'm interested to see what else the President can accomplish with another 4 years at the helm; and the fact that our President is black, for me, is the icing on the cake.

  27. After hearing the debates, I just get scared about Iran having a nuclear weapon. I feel Obama in office leads us closer to that and armageddon. I dont care as much about the issues, but I sure dont want to die.

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  29. Well, look at us today! We’ve gone a long way to what – disaster at the national level of politics? Can we bring Obama back in the White House?


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