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I Told You! Women Go To Stadium Nightclub Too!



I’ve always found myself trying to explain to folks why I’m going to Stadium as often as I go. I personally think that it’s just a hangout for me and the fellas. If we had picked going to a random watering hole in the middle of Southeast DC, I would go there too. What I’ve always told myself is that Stadium Nightclub is much more than a “strip club” it is a place where a bunch of people go to have a good time. I’ve been able to get more women to come out to Stadium nightclub in DC than Park at 14th. If you’re from this area, you know how weird that is… Anyway, this was a great article posted on The Root DC by Delece Smith-Barrow. I encourage everybody to check it out and let me know your thoughts. And… oh yeah, your homeboy’s birthday is coming up, we may be at Stadium early in the month of October. Libra season is coming up!

It’s Friday evening in D.C., and three women arrive at the Stadium Club, a converted warehouse in Northeast. It is flanked by rundown brick buildings and a gritty car repair station. Rough gravel replaces sidewalks, and the street is largely deserted. Other than the club, the only sign of life is a gas station a quarter of a mile away. Stadium is like a diamond in the rough, but in the way tarnished silverware shines when placed next to plastic spoons.

The women go inside.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be this nice,” says Rashanda Robertson, 33, an Atlanta native who’s in the city for graduate school.

Tonight is her first visit to a strip club. To her left and right are clusters of women, outnumbering the men. Women in heels. Women who teach. Women who advocate as social workers. Professional women. Heterosexual women. Women just like her.

Unlike many strip clubs — which are narrow, dark and dominated by men — Stadium, with color-changing chandeliers lighting up 14,000 square feet, has become a chic hot spot for young African American women. They host bachelorette and birthday parties here, buy rounds of drinks and chitchat while other women work the pole. The club is a bucket-list item for black yuppies. It falls somewhere between Dupont Circle day parties and concerts at The Park at 14th club.

They swarm to Stadium’s happy hour — $10 for unlimited drinks from 6 to 9 p.m. — but you can also find them any night of the week. The setting has become so popular it will be the backdrop for the reality show “Strip Club Queens.” The show, produced by Newton Media Group, will follow the lives of five Stadium dancers and one waitress. No network has signed yet, says club co-owner James Tru Redding, but three channels have expressed interest.

The club has black leather couches smartly decorated with red pillows. Flat-screen TVs hang against stone walls. Black coffee tables fit for a swanky bachelor pad dot the floor. Then there’s the stage, ornate poles and pull-up bars.

“It doesn’t really look like a strip club,” Robertson says.

By 7:45, the crowd is livening up. There are about 30 men but twice as many women dancing to Chris Brown’s “Strip” and other hip-hop tunes. The “entertainment” have removed their mesh shirts and skin-tight dresses, leaving nothing but a garter to hold their tips.

Male patrons thank them with dollar bills, but it’s a sea of women who truly show their gratitude every week, coming back again and again.

“Sixty percent of the club on any night is women,” Redding says.

Read the rest here. “At Stadium Club, young, professional women party while other women strip”

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– Dr. J



  1. =O

    A strip club? You frequent a strip club? That's sorta cool. Just yesterday I was watching this video on youtube of this stripper. and of course my youtube channel is just droves and droves of dancing videos and performing arts and rump shaking/house party/tie guys hands behind thir backs and bump them off stage sorta videos because it makes me feel comfortable and strippers are like the one thing that's…I still get embarrassed. but I saw this one video. It was SO sensual. and beautiful. and I was so into it she was such a good dancer it was like watching one of those beautifully artistic Cirque du Soleil performances and it wasn't about the stripping it was about her sensuality and athleticism. I'm drawn to that. I won't say I'll go so far as to go to a strip club or frequent a strip club but I do consider some of the dancers ethnic ballet. I think the most naughty place I've been to was this one spot in Atlanta. It was like Spencer's Gifts except….like….REALLY big.

    1. Like a Kmart sized Spencer's Gift's. but that has nothin to do with a strip club I'm just saying it was the most comfortable spot I've been to as a woman in regards to that sort of stuff. but I didn't buy anything. I got my friend a tongue ring. but not for me. Just to get it as a gift because they were there. and I thought it was cool because I would never get a tongue ring. I think strip clubs are embarrassing I can't believe you're all normal about it. I'd rather have a ballet studio in my basement and have stripper friends come work out with me but I don't think I'd go to a strip club. I think I'd pay them to be personal trainers though because it's an art form in my eyes.

  2. I LOVE strip clubs. They play some of the best music, they are fun, and no one ever said there was anything absolutely wrong in watching another fine female work a pole in ways you’d only dream of or getting lap dances that make you wanna go home and straddle someone the same way. Strip clubs to me are more relaxing, enjoyable, and always a good time. Specially on Thursday night, topless cage fighting? Yup, I’m there. Strip clubs is like an erotica school, you go in, watch, take a few pointers, drink, get more ideas, drink some more, get turned on, get bold, drink a little more, study that girl, go home and put on display what you just learned for him. I tell you, women should go to strip clubs more often, they’ll learn a few things and keep the bedroom alive.

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  3. Ha! Stadium isn't a strip club. It's a club that happens to have women wearing just a little bit less clothes than chicks wear in regular clubs. Someone should do a study on how men behave given the opportunity to interact with a stripper versus a fully dressed woman who doesn't look like a stripper. I'm always shocked at how 'pleasant' men are as they hit on me when I'm there.

    As someone said up-thread, the music is ALWAYS good. But beside that, there's always ample seating and while the music is good, it just doesn't seem as loud as it is in 'regular' clubs. I haven't been in forever but the every time I've gone has been a good clean evening of fun.

  4. i plan to visit DC the end of this month.. #Libraseason for real!! I'm tryin to research the hotspots and hot nights for parties. i guess here's a start, but i still need help tho. please?


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