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From A Married Man: Wifey vs. Wife: Which Are You?


I’ve managed to stay away from writing about relationships so far during this 30 posts in 30 days journey that I’m on. Yet, the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about my thoughts on relationships. I know that the aspect of relationships I decided to write about would have to be impactful though. Luckily for me, Twitter came to the rescue.

See, lately I’ve been spending alot of time on Twitter. As anybody who is on Twitter more than 10 minutes a day knows, somewhere in the “Twitterverse” there are 4 general discussions going on. They are: bacon, analingus, absurdly expensive first dates, and this time of year, cuffing season. While all these topics have varying degrees of importance (not really), the one that can probably do the most damage is…cuffing season. Cuffing season entails “choosing someone, or getting chose”, for the fall and winter months. Sometimes it leads to lasting relationships, and the season can lead to babies as well. A misconception, for men and women, that permeates this season is people acting like a woman being a man’s wifey is equal to being his wife. That is not the case.


A man who makes a woman his wifey, boothang, girl, etc., has not proposed marriage. He may or may not have afforded her certain privileges that are granted because of her relation with him, but his wife? Nah, not even. What really got me thinking about this was a blog post by Streetz. In it, he had several tweets from JasFly, about submission between a man and woman. One of the tweets stood out to me because she said, to paraphrase, “submission is in the marital context. If a man and woman aren’t looking at seriously considering getting married, it’s a moot point.” I couldn’t agree more.

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The same way some men extend the benefits of being a wife to women without actually “wifing” them, some women assume these benefits as well. And if a man doesn’t present the benefits to them, women may take it as an affront. It shouldn’t be. They should realize that, again, if marriage isn’t in the cards, then the perks that come along with it are not for them. Biblically speaking, if there isn’t a bond before God between a man and woman, nothing asociated with their relationship should be considered “marriage-like” or marriage-lite”. There are no such things, at least not according to God. And really, if God can’t ordain it, it really isn’t valid.

So the next time you hear somebody mention something about having a wifey, or being a wifey, kindly check them. If an expression of “we’re getting married” by a man hasn’t been made, then the wifey declaration should be avoided, as well as voided. Only actual wives should get the perks and benefits of the position, while wifeys will most times always stay in the wifey zone.

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SBM Readers, what do you think? Is being called wifey even that big of a deal? Semantics are different is 2012, but your opinion on this topic matters. We want to hear what you have to say. For the ladies, are you wifey material or do you consider yourself more? For the fellas, are you even paying attention this?

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Darrk Gable

Darrk Gable is a man on a mission to expand minds, including his.  He has latent talents that are just starting to arrive on the scene. Darrk looks at life from a biblically practical aspect and shares truths that are self evident. If folks don’t agree, well God bless ’em anyway.


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  1. Unfortunately, just like people will use the n-word and b-word regardless if it makes them sound and/or look like hypocrites, being called Wifey or Hubby will be used and tolerated in the same manner. It's 2012, and It Is what IT Is. It doesn't matter if it's Inappropriate in general, Immoral towards God, or Pathetic/Stupid/a Waste to everyone else, people will Still swear by the Wifey/Hubby title, Earned or Unearned, Warranted or Not Warranted

  2. Words are how we communicate. The choice of words get us what we need and what we think we want.
    Labels, Pet names etc. Whatever it takes to feel valued or accepted. The battle for ones heart or trust never was easy. But, some people get to the level where they are bored with relationships create Hook up Games to feel interested. A Wife wants to have the responsibility of everything dealing with becoming a respectable woman of mainstream america. Wifey is a test trial, to look for potential to become a wife,

  3. I refuse to believe this is a real issue and that there are people (other than hood boogers) who think being called hubby/wifey puts them on the same level as a spouse. Wifey/Hubby is nothing more than a pet name, equivalent to the word girlfriend/boyfriend (or boo-thang or whatever else folks are calling their significant others).
    My recent post The Thirst Is Real

    1. I respect where you’re coming from. This may not be an issue for you. But, as somebody stated up thread though, words do have power. I’m all for pet names, but words do reinforce things in peoples’ minds. If wifey/hubby is nonchalantly tossed around enough, it can replace the meaningfulness of wife/husband. Another point made; there are legal ramifications of the actual titles. Even moreso than the legal though are the spiritual ones.

  4. To me there’s only 4 tittles, friend , girlfriend , fiancé , and wife. I think some ppl use wifey in a playful way once in a blue, but a lot of dudes who use the word, use it to gas a woman head up. Women out here acting like wives ( cooking , cleaning, putting things for him in her name, having kids for him etc…) because a man called her wifey. If you want the benefits of a having a wife then make me a wife but dont try to low ball me with the wifey bs. Trust you can call a man hubby all you want but until he put a ring on your finger, he wil not take on the full role of a husband.

    1. This was pretty much my point. As the transition to different titles takes place, so does an increasing integration of lives. But, up until the “I dos”, there is still a line of demarcation.

    2. Smilez women have been playing the "wifey" role without being called any title for centuries probably. If she loves the man enough and is hopeful that he will marry her one day. It's not much different than a woman staying with a man for 10 yrs hoping that one day he will ask her that all impnt question that will change her life and put a ring on it.
      I don't think women get that gassed up when a man calls them "wifey." In fact, I hear a lot of men who are actually married refer to their wives as "wifey." The times I've heard it used it's simply another word for "wife." Same as women call their husbands "hubby."

  5. The bottom line, as I'm sure I've stated time and time again all over these internets, is this: There are 1400+ rights and benefits that come along with the legal title of wife/husband. People can Google anything else but refuse to understand the legal ramifications of being a spouse. This refusal is why they try to attach value to other empty terms. This is right up there with people casually throwing out, "We might as well be married cus we have kids/live together/share a Sam's Club membership." Nerp. COmmon law isn't recognized in most states. And try that 'might as well be married' junk in anything legal and watch all the feelings get hurt.

    1. Ms. Smart there really aren't a whole heap of legal benefits that come with marriage. Yes there are some but not a hell of a lot. Not to mention laws change more often than folks realize, and there are more laws to protect women and children than men. Laws also vary from state to state. Not a whole lot but they do. Many laws are also relative to the situation.
      Honestly more than anything marriage all over the world is way bigger than legalities and a license. It's more about what it means to be married and all that is attached to being a husband and wife. There is a greater responsibility as well as obligation which has nothing to do with legalities. The legal part of marriage is moreso to protect the woman and children and ensure that they continue to be provided for in the event that the husband decides to up and leave. The reality there is a stigma attached in all society's with being single and it's not a good one. There is a certain image that is perceived from being married. This image represents everything that is positive and good. So the benefits of marriage I think are more about what it represents in society and the perceived image of it.

      1. In a quick google search from my phone, here's a list of a few of the thugs u get from that piece of paper <a href="http://:http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/marriage-rights-benefits-30190.html:http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/marriage-rights-benefits-30190.html<br />Not to mention your spouse is your next of kin. People really under estimate how important that is. All the tax, insurance, and retirement aren't anything to sneeze at either, IMO.Sent from my iPhone

        1. I feel u Ms. Smart…that comment was a retort to your exaggerated 1400+ benefits.
          Regardless of the legal benefits of marriage, actually many women consider how much more they will get in the event of a divorce. In fact a few guys have told me they think women file for divorce quicker than men and push for it more because of the 1400+ benefits the woman gets in the event of a divorce. I had lunch today with an older lady who said she plans on collecting half of her husbands social security and letting her own sit and gain interest. Granted the only reason she can get this is because she never remarried. I asked her if her husband could collect hers. I was told he could, but since he did remarry he cannot. You can only get this if you don't remarry.
          At any rate, I think for many women the biggest tangible benefit of marriage is the money the woman gets from her husband. I know several women whose husbands just hand them their entire paychecks and entrust them to pay the bills and handle the finances.

        2. But again I think for women particularly it's more about what it signifies to be a wife. I think if laws changed where women got less perks than what they get they would still want to be wives a hell of a lot more than long term girlfriends or "wifeys." Being a wife garners a woman a hell of a lot more respect all the way around as opposed to just being a girlfriend.
          It don't mean a thing if u ain't got that ring.

        3. According to Freedomtomarry.com (which cites this: http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d04353r.pdf), there are 1138 FEDERAL rights, benefits, & privileges of marriage. I estimated the additional ones as state benefits. But if I am dealing with a dude who has never held a job or paid taxes, I probably wouldn't care–until I got pregnant. Wait! But I wouldn't do that so…Happy Friday!!Sent from my iPhone

        4. See I didn't know about all of these….let me book a quick flight to Vegas and go get married this weekend……lol.
          Funny how despite all those benefits, it's still no incentive to keep folks together.
          Don't let too many other folks in on this Ms. Smart…..folks are already getting married for the wrong reasons as it is….

  6. The only in-between phase between girlfriend and wife is fiance. *shrugs*

    The only good thing that came from the term, "Wifey" is the song, lol. *shoulder shimmy* I like that song.

  7. If the people want to say "wifey" then let the people say "wifey". Me and my boys have;

    The W – The girl you kicking it with, but may or may not be exclusive.
    The Wif – The girl you kicking it with, but are exclusive and just about ready to make it official.
    Wifey – Your girlfriend.
    Fiancee – Once you put a ring on her finger… (Which it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a wifey and a fiancee are two different things).
    Wife – Once nuptials are exchanged.

      1. I really wouldn't be shaking my head at that. Nothing derogatory about that at all. And it's not like something we break down to women. It's more of an internal classification. There's no harm in it, trust me.

    1. I know you're older than me (24), so I'm declaring that that from W to Wifey is the most ridiculous system I ever heard. SOME thins just Don't need what is know as the Rachet-Abbrebiation Makeover.

      If two people are Kicking It-They are KICKING IT, No Need for a label, Period; if they are Exclusive- they are a Couple, aka Girlfriend/Boyfriend (or Woman/Man for the Adult people who are sensitive to the Mature-centerd titles). I feel you some-what on the Wifey, though if you become a Fiance/Fiancee they you "technically ARE Hubby/Wifey before becoming Husband/Wife). Times used to be Simpler and Non-Confusing in the 90s, Hell, even the 2000s weren't as Wacked Out as it is in this current Decade Period….

      1. Dog that system came up when we was in college. You can break things down however you want to break them down. It's really not that serious, it's more of a joke than something we swear by.

        None of this ish is actually that confusing though. If a man wants a girl to be his girlfriend/wifey or wants her to be his wife, he'll do just that. All these semantics that we're getting caught up in… not really all that important.

  8. Aside, am I the only person who thinks of Durex condoms when I hear the word, "wifey"?

    "Durex condoms are wifey condoms because if it breaks, "Hey! It's wifey!"

    Man… that was the funniest.

  9. You know what, I find the term "Wifey" is generally used by men who have that street mentality ranging from young to old, and that usually means HIS MAIN GIRL.. yeah he may mess with other chicks but "Wifey" in his eyes is the closest thing to a wife and alot of women tend to fall for this BS.

    1. ++++ 1. When I hear wifey , what I usauly think about is some girl yelling at another girl on fb or twitter over a guy saying ” bo0 yoU iz A bIrD sto0pid sIde ChIck , he come home to WiFey <—that's M3"

      Kind of like the girls who " ride or die".

      1. LOL.

        i think people who refer to themselves as wifey or men who would actually introduce a woman as wifey probably know that marriage isn't an option in the far or near future. lol.
        My recent post Toxic

    2. Jay-Z probably still calls Bey his "wifey" even though she is really his wife. Different people have a different meaning.
      Then u have folks who simply don't agree with marriage in the traditional societal sense. They don't feel like they need legal papers to express their love for each other and to signify their commitment to one another.
      It's not like it's just black and white….it may mean 1 thing to you and something else to another person. No real right or wrong, just different.

  10. I never was a fan of the word or the Next song, hate when girls would refer to me as hubby, we’re adults now, stop it. Most people who I know refer to their girls as wifey are living foul, but she’s the favorite, the one they’d run after if they ever got caught up. So for me the word always had that definition. The real issue here is the lost incentive for marriage when women are moving in, having kids and cosigning on car leases why even put the ring on it?

    1. "The real issue here is the lost incentive for marriage when women are moving in, having kids and cosigning on car leases why even put the ring on it?" Truth.net Trist

  11. Dude, I was with you until you said: "Biblically speaking…" Well, ordained by God or not, 2 people who have sex are spiritually bonded by that act and are seen Bibically as being married. (John 4:16-19) And since you brought it up: Biblically speaking, sex was designed to be the *first and ultiamate* benefit of marriage. (1 Corinthians 7:2, but all of chapter 7 is about sex & marriage) But as human beings, we want all benefits RIGHT NOW, *freely*; having put in absolutely NO work. (No wonder marriages are falling apart…<–tangent) Seriously: now a days, chicks are jumping on, and dudes are sticking any and everything they want…so in my eyes, once that benefit has been, uh, fully taken advantage of, all other benefits (keys to the house/car, living together, shared anything, "wifey/hubby" title, etc) have lesser/no value. So wifey or not, the "prize" of marriage has already been given/taken.

    And for those looking at me with a side eye, I am actually a 33 yr old virgin chick. And Im proud to be one for MANY reasons; ultimately looking to be a *WIFE* one day (and yes, I'm WIFE material: educated, career in the IT field, well-traveled [visited 16 countries on 5 continents], no kids, no debt besides my condo, *no drama*, have a savings account, a travel account and investments, living a well-balanced, abundant Christian life), and one day *soon*, I'm anticipating experiencing ALL of the benefits that the "WIFE" title carries! =)

    1. The rate you going when and if you do get married you wouldn't know what it takes to keep it together.
      You cheated yourself from all your experiences to learn how to respect the other individual. And it shows in your somewhat humble post. I hope he is a virgin, because it would not be fair to you in this late in your life. IT and 16 countries having nothing to do with when you get turned out. You will be calling on God for many things! And I am not trying to be funny. I am telling you the truth. This is 2012 you have test the water for harmful chemicals before you jump in to drink or swim. And there is a way to test without going all the way! At 33 you have to test it or pray for understanding when the going gets tough! I wish you the best! To keep it real having the experiences before the title is what makes the title. If your waiting for the word WIFE to make you more than you are right now. You looking at it all wrong. Men wife you because you are already know your strengths and weakness, and stand when you feel broken. You want a trophy Husband to stand next all your accomplishments. Humans are far from perfect no matter who you fall in love with it. You will feel pain, its just can you survive it! I just say make sure you have real expectations.

      1. I can’t get behind any of what you just said.

        Please enlighten us on what it takes to keep a relationship together, oh wise Kaycee.

        Sex doesn’t keep relationships together. “Testing the waters” doesn’t keep relationships together. Respect does not equal having sex with someone. What are you preaching to this woman?

        1. I am sorry you miss the truth in what I was saying to her. You chose to slap me on the risk for my tone of choice of words.*smile* First thing I respect her choice of what she does with her body, if it is her choice not what she was taught to believe… Example: If people you trusted told you never to cross the street because if you do, a car will hit you and you will die. But, yet you see people make it just fine everyday. That means someone else decided for you, they chose not to tell you HOW to Cross the street so you won't get killed! This is when families over protect out of fear and not teach the how too's and only the just not to do's!.. moving on…Your right! Sex does not keep a relationship together. Sex and Respect for other persons individual persona does! Testing the waters doesn't keep a relationship together it is a test to see if its worth your time. And I would disagree RESPECT does play a role on how you view yourself in sexual acts will determine how your partner of choice respects you in the heart of it all…Answer to What is takes to keep a relationship together?
          Real Expectations and real compromise so you can experience a real bond. People lose relationships out of fear of making adjustments and giving without looking for confirmation.
          If you can't see past yourself you don't need a relationship you have to take baby steps to learn how to coexist in everything you do.* No harm intended*

        1. You missed read my intentions if you feel I was being judgmental. Now after reading what I said and this how you took it. I guess your no different from your own comment.*smile* You do know this is a spot where people post opinions? How I start and how I end a comment, there are reasons for everything! Your Beef is not real…its undone.lol I will be waiting for your comment because I like you! 🙂

      2. @Kaycee
        You are so ignorant… *shakes head*
        Why can't she have her ish together? She needs to spend her life running after a man instead of doing what she wants? How ridiculous…
        Some women are sooo confused and just misguided.

        1. @Luvlife289
          Your so feeble-minded if you think I said she had to run after a man. The comment was about relationships and being a wife for the first time. I just skipped to the part who you are before you want to become a wife, I don't know how you got to running behind a man and being Miss Independence. Stay focus…ok. You adding to much drama to a comment. Confused I am not.
          Right, I am!

      3. What you said makes completely no sense unless you completely interpreted what she said incorrectly. Under no circumstances should a woman have to compromise her faith to find a man. That "its 2012" talk is exactly what makes it hard for women with standards now a days. I'm no virgin but I applaud her for being able to sustain that lifestyle for so long. Testing the waters is our way of helping God out, and he definitely doesnt need our help. Waiting for God's best is always the best way to go. Even if she never gets married to a man, it sounds like she's married to her passions in life.

      4. *WARNING* Long reply ahead:
        First of all, I was too busy living my life to respond until now. 😉
        @Kaycee, These 2 lines diminished any chance you had for me to consider your reasoning "You cheated yourself from all your experiences to learn how to respect the other individual." “To keep it real having the experiences before the title is what makes the title” Are you kidding me?! Like FS said: sex does not equal respect. If anything, remaining a virgin shows not only self-respect, but self-discipline as well! And nothing besides sayin them vows and signing that piece of paper “makes” you a wife. And your “cross the street” analogy MAKES NO SENSE! LOL! How many teen moms were “Told how to cross the street”? and STILL got run over! LOLOL! I mean, they all talk about having sex ed courses, and their moms telling them to use protection. Yeah. Abstinence is the only 100% fail proof. And your “testing the waters” spiel sounds like a great after school special to get tested, NOT so much great advice to encourage folks to have sex before marriage. EPIC FAIL.

        I actually find it hilarious when non-virgins criticize virgins, like we are naive, uninformed robots, just doing what we are told, having no power, authority, or reasons of our own for our decision to abstain, sitting at home doing nothing, missing out on all the “big fun”, etc. I know what I’m doing—better yet, what Im NOT doing. And let me clarify: there are 3 main reasons why I decided to remain a virgin: 1) I didn’t want to disappoint my own mom, or be a teen mom 2) I don’t want any of the curable or INcurable diseases. I know, married folk have/get them, but I didn’t want some careless dude to give it to me, unknowingly—or in this day and age: KNOWINGLY! 3) Most importantly, now: as a Christian, it is what I believe one should be until marriage.

        I also believe that there is so much more to life than sex and I’ve been enjoying just about every OTHER aspect of life besides sex: Like travel, friendships, hobbies, etc. setting goals and reaching them. I sincerely think the demise of some people, economically and socially is that they don’t have much in life to look forward to. Some have no goals in life, so they do what others around them do. Other folks have a sense of entitlement without wanting to put in work. They want to enjoy and experience everything NOW! Whats left to look forward to?? What’s left for the future??

        And to be completely honest, I just told a friend, I dont know how much longer I can hold out! LOL! (33 is a LONG time!) But I will say that I dont buy that "experience is better" or "virgins have a boring sex life" garbage! I think learning from my partner (because he probably wont be a virgin) inside of the comfort of marriage will be one of the most exciting/goofy/fun/intimate experiences of my life! Sex is important, but its not the ONLY thing marriage and companionship is about! And we may not get it "right" the first time, but we sure will have fun trying. Practice makes perfect after marriage too! And that's one of the many things that keep me waiting. =)
        And I don’t know where you got that I want a “trophy husband”..the end of the article asked if we were wifey material or more. I was detailing why I am MORE. I am WIFE material. And as far as a husband, I want the right husband, for me. But as Kayan pointed out, that “It’s 2012 does make it hard for a woman with standards to keep a man interested outside of sex. Sad but true! I’m definitely not one to take matters into my own hands or try to help God. And Kayan, I am at the point in my life where I’m 60% comfy with the idea of not ever getting married. I’ve made a nice living for myself, enjoyed quite a few once in a lifetime trips/experiences, and am happy, fulfilled and complete within and by myself. I’m not looking for someone to complete me, Im looking for someone to complement me. Id rather have a fun and fulfilling single life, waiting for the right one, than to get with some dude “just because”. It’s really not THAT serious. Ok, I’m off to Cancun tomorrow! =)

  12. I think you are correct, Mr. Gable. I think the title "wifey" is intended to mislead women to think they are in a more glorified position than they actually are. Words ALWAYS have meaning. It's not just a pet name. It's a guy's way of getting you to act like a wife when you're not even a girlfriend. You may shrug it off, but subconsciously, being called wifey gives a false sense of hope and duty. Ladies beware.
    My recent post Be With the One You Love…

    1. I agree. Studies have shown the power of suggestion via words time and time again. I don't believe this to be any different. Underestimated the subconsciously usually gets people in trouble though.

  13. Biblically speaking, if there isn’t a bond before God between a man and woman, nothing asociated with their relationship should be considered “marriage-like” or marriage-lite”. There are no such things, at least not according to God. And really, if God can’t ordain it, it really isn’t valid.
    I AGREE WITH THIS 100%! God cant and wont bless a charade of His institution..

  14. The crazy thing is I doubt most folks who are married know about all these laws.
    I know a few couples who feel like they make out better filing married but seperate taxes, especially if they have kids from previous relationships and/or marriages.
    Another thing is, just because a law is in place, doesn't necessarily mean it's enforced. Ladies definitely have an advantage over men in marriage and divorce.
    Thanks for the info though.

  15. I fee like this article goes into way too much of a literal context. When you call a woman your wifey it is a nickname for girlfriend and I don't think anyone outside the most ignorant thug is trying to imply that the relationship is similar to a marriage.

  16. There was a very real perception that bi-racial was much worse for the white than it was for the person of color. The liberal culture screamed racism when there is a very reasonable explanation for this reality::::
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    And this is the reason why people of color are not welcome in the United States. The gods control everything:::The perception they want to create, the thoughts they want you to have.
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    Less is more. When young women experience passing thoughts which say you’re doing something wrong instead of fighting or dismissing the thought you should heed the warning. Sadly in today’s world too many experience prolonged periods of promiscuity in their lives, whereas if married by 15 like throughout human history this disfavor was avoided.
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