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SBM Sports: Spending Week 5 of the NFL Season In Vegas, at the Sportsbook


A few quick points about Sports Porn:Thanks to a conference for work, I finally had the chance to cross something off my bucket list. I spent an entire football Sunday at one of Las Vegas’ most famous sportsbooks gambling, eating fried food, and loudly talking trash. For a sports fanatic, this is basically Sports Porn. You can see nine screens here; there was another large one on either side of the theatre. This was every guy’s fantasy Man Cave on steroids, HGH, and Red Bull.

–       It isn’t nearly as sad as one would think. I was a little nervous that the scene would look like the off-track betting place for horse racing. Now that is where dreams go to die. This was mostly fun and upbeat. Definitely a packed house.

–       As fun as Sports Porn is, it can be ridiculously hard to follow 11 screens at once. The picture below shows nine of them. You end up focusing on one game, then breaking your neck trying to catch a big play when another group starts cheering. This works about 75% of the time.

–       I am a gambling god. A co-worker and I put a couple hundred dollars up for a few bets. We went 7-0-1 on our picks for the afternoon games. #swag. I will be sure to lose all this money on the craps table, though.

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–       I retired my jersey collection years ago, and thought the world had moved on. While this is one of the few situations where jerseys are allowed, there is no excuse for owning a lineman’s jersey or one with your own name/number. You know who you are.

Overall, I had a lot of fun, and definitely recommend the experience to any sports fan; especially since this was a random Sunday in the middle of the NFL season. I can only imagine what March Madness is like there.

Since I had the chance to watch literally every second of every game this week, I had my mind changed about a few teams:

Chicago Bears – This team is so good on defense. The team can get to the Super Bowl if the offense merely stays out of the way. Thankfully for Bears fans, you get the feeling that things are headed in the right direction offensively. I watched last week’s Bears/Dallas Cowboys game and thought the Cowboys were terrible (could still be true). Now, you have to wonder if we aren’t watching this year’s version of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

 Buffalo Bills – Wow. The Bills are horrible. There was no point in their game against San Francisco where they looked competent. The Bills had a lot of excitement coming into the season, but the blowout they suffered in Week 1 to the Jets (lol) looks like the way to define this season for Buffalo.

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San Francisco 49ers – It’s hard to get a real read on the Niners after watching them destroy Buffalo at home. Alex Smith looked like a Young Joe Montana, but as discussed above, Buffalo has taken the rest of the season off. Is he good, or are they bad? As always, the answer includes a little of both, but the Niners grade is “incomplete” until further notice.

Carolina Panthers – I won’t go in on the Panthers in too much detail because this article did a great job explaining whythey are so terrible. Suffice it to say, Bill Barnwell was spot on. This team is fundamentally flawed. Cam Newton may be suffering from a Sophomore Slump, but the roster around him is definitely not helping.–That’s it from a fun NFL weekend for me. What stood out to you? Let me know below!


  1. Yeah, like I mentioned at the earlier of the season, the Bears is a sleeper team this year. Not only can they score on offense, but on defense as well..lol I will say that one should not count out the Vikings as well. 4-1 is pretty impressive in my book and their schedule is pretty easy.
    Interesting article on the Panthers. Cam definitely has no help. S. Smith is still productive, but he is 33 and G.Olsen is a good te. The headed backfield is decent, but not great. That defense is horrid! They make a below avg. fantasy player look great! The GM needs to be fired if they want to really build a strong team around Cam. I am interested to see if Gettis does anything since he will be back to practicing soon. He did show promise in 2010 before tearing his ACL in 2011.

  2. I had low expectations for the Vikings based largely on Adrian Peterson’s late-season ACL tear…didn’t think he’d be able to bounce back so quickly. If he keeps running like he has, and Ponder shows improvement, they can definitely keep this up. I still refuse to give them full credit because 1. They are still the Vikings and 2. I’m a Lions fan lol.

    I think the Panthers are done for the time being. You are giving them way more credit than I am. Watching them run pass plays on 4th and 1’s and at the goal line and you wonder what the hell they paid $50M’s to their running backs for. Cam will keep them n games by himself, but they’ll be right back at 5-11 or 6-10.

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