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Do Men Judge Women By Their Hair?


This week, I dropped my perspective on the hair debate, looking at it from a holistic angle, on MadameNoire. Check out the snippet here:

A few months back, I wrote an article about women changing hairstyles impulsively. The point in this argument was that sometimes, women want a change so bad that they will resort to drastic changes in hairstyle to appease their need for something different. Their friends may know that it’s a bad move, but will let them fall into that trap anyway. Some women have success with a completely new hairstyle, while others fail. While the post was written in 25% jest, I started to wonder whether a woman’s hair played a major factor in the courting process for men. Do men really scrutinize and judge women’s hair?

First of all, men front a lot when it comes to the importance of women’s hair. We chime in on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media outlet with our jokes on weaves, yet we will not hesitate to holla at a woman who’s Hot with “fake hair”. Trust me when I say that I have never heard a man say “I took this woman out, and she was feeling me. We were ready to get it on, but I couldn’t go through with it, man. She had a weave! I was turned off, yo!” Yes, men have preferences, but few will let those type of superficial barriers stop them from approaching a woman, dating them, even marrying them! As men, we have much more going on in our lives to be concerned with whether a woman’s hair is in a certain style. Here are some key points that smart men have already figured out:


If Beyonce can rock a weave and box braids from the 90s, and still command a level of attention from men that’s off the charts, then you know that other women will attempt to wear it with no issue. It actually blew my mind when I found out that black women weren’t the only women wearing weaves and wigs! Women will do different things to their hair over time, and if it’s an official hair-do, you shouldn’t be able to tell unless you touch it. My personal issue is when you have the type of hair that gives me the urge to buy a token and wait for the 6:45 train. Raggedy hair is a complete turn-off. I wouldn’t expect to be appealing to a woman with no haircut and unkept facial hair resembling a bum, so i don’t expect women to do that either. Women are way more particular about their looks than men, so if you are going to rock a weave, rock it right!

You can check out the rest of the article HERE.

SBM Nation: What are your experiences with the hair “issue”? Women how much does it matter? Men how do you really feel? The comments over at MN were “spirited”, so I’m sure we can have a great debate here!

Vaughn Streetz


  1. That's funny because I cut my hair yesterday and it's very different, and I don't know how I feel yet. I needed to do it though! I mean it looks good, but does it look good on me? That is the question. Smh right now.

    As far as how important hair is…. it's important to me because I believe my hair can have damn near magical powers. It's a great asset, as long as it looks good, I can just move it a certain way and I swear men really get affected by it. I think it's kind of funny. Like the way a girl bats her eyelashes or sways her hips–men really be getting pulled in. It's fascinating when you think about it. Even women sometimes get affected.

    1. Hair can be magical…throw Beyonce weave on Gollum-esque looking woman and dudes will pounce…lol
      But I think hair is just an illusion…The real magic is within 🙂
      **YOU make the your hair magical**

  2. I believe some men do judge women by their hair. My man did not speak against me having episodes of wearing weave and fake lashes; but when I stopped relaxing my hair and went natural, he liked my natural look better. He even braided my hair for me!

    1. Girl hold on to him, lol I don’t even have to have a man that braids hair, just help me take them out when it’s time

      I know what you mean with the weave thing . Most men don’t hate weave they just hate badly done, look like a dirty mop on your head weave . I will say that while the man I’m dealing with doesn’t care about what I do with my hair as long as I like it and it looks good, he somewhat has a preference about what style he enjoys more. When it’s out and natural he likes to play in it more.

  3. Absolutely. The external almost always reflects what is going on inside.

    NOTE: Professional Con Men & Women are the exception. But a tiny exception.

    I always praise natural looking women every chance I get.

    1. Damn right! I’ve given compliments to a few sistas in recent months for having freshly tightened dreads or just a naturally curly fro that makes me want to play in it. It isn’t for everyone but definitely sexy when done right!

  4. I think the overall consensus is most men would prefer a long natural hair woman but we remain equal opportunity daters. All I ask is that it’s stays done and grippable. Weave, fro, dreads, braids, keep up the style if I keep my ceasar and facial hair on point I shall hold you to that same accountability

  5. i could careless what men thought of my hair. i do it for ME! love it short – goes well underneath my motorcycle helmet, cool in the summer and doesnt slow me down from enjoying life.
    now men i do love a bald man, lol…lol

    1. Agree with this, but might I add….

      The correct saying is "I COULDN'T care less". To say that you "could" care less indicates that you have more Fu*ks to give. The former; all Fu*ks have been given and you couldn't possibly give anymore. Learned that from my mother when I was young and said it wrong.

      : )

    2. So you wouldn't care if men you were attracted to/were your type had issues with your hair? I know you do it for you, but that strikes me as counterproductive.

      Its a double edged swords. You dont want to conform for anyone, but the type of men you attract based off your physical qualities could vary. IDK. Waves and a shape up on me for the win tho!
      My recent post Morning Motivation: Overcoming The Most Annoying Week of 2012

      1. Yeah, I ain't even gonna front…

        I like my bf…and I want him wanting me, lol. So, as I make hair decisions, I keep his "likes" in mind. The same way he keeps my "likes" in mind when he's shopping for clothes by taking me with him, LMBO!

        Give and take…

  6. I look at women’s hair the same way I look at every other superficial characteristic women put a lot of time into – and they do put a lot of time into it. If I notice, it’s usually a problem. I know when a woman looks good as a package but if I’m focused on a single attribute it probably REALLY stands out. For example, I hardly ever notice when a woman’s eyebrows are done right but I can clearly remember all the times they were done wrong. I say all that to say, I don’t care what a woman’s hair looks like and how it got there. I actually hardly notice unless there’s something really unique or really messed up. But if you have long luxurious hair when I go to sleep and I wake up next to a bald woman, I’m going to feel some type of way.

  7. Good grooming…that's important. We all have lazy moments. But, when its time to turn it ON, you need to turn it ON.

    My hair gets A LOT of attention. I'm not sure if I'm 'judged' by it or not…but I definitely get approached because of it.

    Most men I know HATE wigs. They're cool with tracks but HATE wigs. Most men I know also prefer natural coloring (no fire engine red, pink or blue). Most men I know are cool with perm and natural…long or short…and simply prefer the look thats more fitting for the woman's face.

    1. Cosign Cyn. Most all the guys I've dated, friends with and been in relationships with do not like wigs at all.
      They always talk about me because my hair is long and at times it's been longer than the wigs I wear. I just like to have a different look from time to time without drastically changing my hair. Plus I don't wanna take the time to do my hair. I have a lotta hair and it takes a lotta time and effort to do it. I just don't have the time sometimes. But even when I do wear wigs they look good on me so the only complaints I hear is "whats the point of wearing a wig when u have "good hair." I can easily just snatch it off and k.i.m.

      1. The guy I'm with now and a few guys I've met lately don't like fake anything and don't even like a woman wearing makeup or looking too madeup. My man now doesn't particularly like me wearing makeup and definitely doesn't like weaves or wigs. But when I do wear makeup he doesn't complain cause it looks good and not overdone. Funny thats the first thing he asked me before we even went out on a first date. He actually asked "do u wear makeup" "how much makeup do u wear?" It threw me a little, but I don't wear makeup except sometimes at work and when I go out. I'm a licensed Esthetician and went to hair school and used to do other peoples makeup and facials for a living so I'm good in that area.

      2. Bree,
        Same page… A lot of wigs have GREAT STYLES & AWESOME COLORS…for the most part ppl think its a weave. Meh, whatever.

        "k.i.m" whats that?

        1. Death to LaceFronts!!! women walking around looking like someone snatched their edges IS NOT CUTE. It's not cute on Naomi either.

      1. Does this explain why dudes holla at chicks the most when, to her, she's looking a HOT MESS (for example, tshirt, sweats, messy bun running early morning errands)?! LOL!

        1. I wonder which one of those 2 I am…..I got a fat ass but I like the first comment so I will rock with that one….*smile*

  8. What are your experiences with the hair “issue”?
    Yes I am not my hair but men definitely judge us by hair. I think the emphasis increases as individual's facial/body attraction decreases. So many thought bald heads were the move when Amber Rose hit the seen. However, she has a beautiful feminine face and body without that short hair is too masculine. The men I know like natural hair relaxed or unprocessed. However, there is definitely a preference for curl pattern 3A/B over 4A/B. Most ppl love when my hair is in a Diana Ross state its an attention graber however, I don't care about hair so when ex'es have came up with the money for the Malaysian I comply.

    It breaks my heard but, I have heard of girls lying about pregnancies to get money for abortions and using that for hair etc. So this hair struggle is real.

  9. The Honorable Rosa Acosta teaches us that; long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, or messy hair does not matter when you're beautiful. She's had all of the above and each time I said, "Yep, still good looking."

    The Honorable Cassie Ventura teaches us that; long hair, short hair, shaved head, one side of your head shaved, a mohawk, or a roadrunner hairdo does not matter when you're beautiful.

    Therefore, I think it comes down to if you're beautiful or not, and if you're not then your hair isn't going to make much of a difference.

    1. Doc J your right to a certain extent. However we all know that sometimes the a good makeover can turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. I'm sure many men have seen a vast difference in women with and without makeup and with and without their hair done. I've done makeovers on women and a good one will make a person look better. Truth is though it's all "illusion" and making the person appear to look better. The real person is still who they are with no makeup and hair just plain or in a ponytail.

      1. Based on what men have told me, whats most important to them is how the woman they are with looks naturally. They want a woman who they are still highly attracted to late at nite and first thing in the morning. If a man wants something long term with a woman and possibly marriage he wants her to look good to him with and/or without makeup and her hair done. I think pt of why men don't like weaves is because they can't comfortably grab hold of the hair without worrying will it come out and/or rip out the womans real hair and make for an extremely embarrassing sexual experience and interrupt the chex.
        I've heard some crazy horror stories from some men about sexing women with weaves and wigs.
        I do agree that if a person is physically attractive then the hair won't really make or break them. They're still pretty.

      1. Streets: you are doing WAY too much with this hair post. Am pretty sure you are NO idris Elba or Boris Kodjoe, so who are you to be soooooo picky about a woman's hair?? More importantly, SO CONTROLLING??? Your only at boyfriend or barely dating status, not husband! So you get NO say in how I wear my hair, mmmmmK??? In addition, men know what they like, you made a real silky comment about a woman being attracted to men that MIGHT habve an issue with her hair? Well if HE has the issue, then HE needs to keep it moving! Plenty of fish in the sea, swim on, brother!!

        I'm going to co-sign with everyone else: when you are a BEAUTIFUL woman, you can wear any hairstyle, and as someone whobgotbreally hooked up with good genes I've rocked short, long, cropped, booked, mushroomed and stacked hair and right now I am LOVING my 16 inch weave. Why??? Because I'm a professional woman and it's a lifestyle choice that I gladly pay for, because lord knows men Don't hate a weave, they hate a RATCHET weave!!!

        Naturals can do what they want, but I've seen some HORRIBLE DRY MESSESS on some heads that tells me these women are not feminine and need to get a skin regime going. Women,you are not your hair, rock your weaves and relaxers proudly, the man that likes you will like YOU!!! Hair is just the bonus!!!!

        1. (actually he is THAT cute… but his look [good or bad] shouldn’t prevent him from having an opinion… O_o… and his overall statement seems to be “we [men] don’t care about your hair unless it doesnt suit you very well”…)

        2. Yeah, Imma need natural and permed ladies not to be so insecure, lol.

          Neither have to throw the other under the bus to feel cool about their hair choices…or get angry at men for having a preference. I'm sure you have some of your own.

          School Daze drama is so 80s…

        3. "School Daze drama is so 80s… " Amen to that Cyn
          Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. If u don't like differing opinions click x, don't read and don't listen.

        4. who are you to be soooooo picky about a woman's hair?? More importantly, SO CONTROLLING??? Your only at boyfriend or barely dating status, not husband!"

          He's (Men in general) the visually stimulated creature that we want to attract. Having a preference and an opinion doesn't make him (them) controlling. Seems like his preference just struck a chord because it is something other than what you choose to embody physically, no harm no foul. Everything isn't for everyone, even the most beautiful women just won't do it for some men. If you're secure in your choice and your look, keep it moving like you said.

  10. I must be doing something wrong, never had a guy putting in chips on the hairdo. *rethinks life as I know it* I'm natural and tend to swap between wearing it big & curly and long & straight depending on my mood and available time. I won't lie and say that I don't care whether or not men like my hair, I certainly hope I'm attractive to the opposite sex but I'm gonna do me either way. Women comment/ask to touch my hair much more than men (shocker, #sarcasm). I think as long as I look good and the hair is neatly groomed and touchably soft 😉 it's all good.

  11. What someone wears/their hairstyle does say a lot about them (Dave Chappelle touched on that in his stand up routine "Killin' 'Em Softly"). If I see a girl with a weave, I may not be as inclined to take her seriously, though I make strides to look past her hairstyle to see her as an individual. It does bother me a bit when I see Black women with blond hair, though; to me, that's beyond tacky—especially if the woman in question is as dark as Akon. Of course, if the woman was attractive, intelligent, and non-combative, I might overlook the hair issue.

    I think a bigger problem is that some women use their hair as an excuse not to do things (I remember reading somewhere that some Black women are averse to going to the gym because they don't want to get their hair messed up). I think a woman with natural hair would spend her money more wisely, would take better care of herself, and from what I've noticed, would be more down to earth (and better looking, in quite a few cases).
    My recent post Is Chivalry Dead?

    1. "I think a woman with natural hair would spend her money more wisely, would take better care of herself, and from what I've noticed, would be more down to earth (and better looking, in quite a few cases). " #truth In some cases anyway.

    2. First, last and all the impressions in between are lasting ones. We are all visual and rely heavily on our perception of people. It's human nature. So I agree Morgan that a womans overall general appearance makes a difference to a man.
      I always ask my man how I look before we go out and I've done this with all the men I've dated and been in relationships with. Reason why is because out in the public eye I'm a representation of him. Same principle as your kids representing you. If folks see your kids looking like little urchins they will talk more about you the parent and feel sorry for the kids. Same thing applies to when ur out with a man. Regardless of the nature of the relationship when people see a man and woman together they automatically assume your together. We all like to be represented well.
      Just like women like to brag about their man and his assets and attributes men like to do the same. It makes a man feel really good when other people tell him how good the woman he's with looks. There is a gleam of pride in a mans eyes when she is complimented.

      1. "Reason why is because out in the public eye I'm a representation of him. Same principle as your kids representing you. "

        Say THAT!

  12. I rock dreads! They are beautiful I always get compliments from both men and women about how lovely my hair is, people ask for tips in the grocery store, haters check them out but the jealousy chokes them-lol. But, like Streetz said at times i get desperate for change, want to express it through my hair and i weave! I am probably the only person on earth to weave fringe on my dreads- i have a profile on thirsty roots for people to take notes! lol. My hair is very long so i cant completely weave or my head will look massive and way too bumpy. In these short spurts of 'creativity' with weaves i have noticed that i attract a different crowd of men and that guys front about liking natural hair– or perhaps there is a perception about women with dreads that i am unaware of.

  13. I can understand how men would judge women on their hair because WE women do it too to other women especially when it comes to weaves.

    I wear weaves, I do it for convenience and ease – my natural hair is 17inches long which i let breathe 3x a year but it's WORK. WORK. WORK .

    I am upfront with my ish and I will let a man know I am rockin one but guess what — they don't care they just say " It looks good, I'm cool" honestly when it comes to weave (the hair) you get what you pay for, you have to invest in some good hair not that prepacked crap that you find at the beauty supply store.

  14. The hair does matter matter to this fellow. I am ok being labeled superficial. I was raised to understand that a woman's hair is her glory. It isa sign to me. After a few dating occurrences some ending up in relationships , weave drove me planters (nuts). Aside from the shedding, the ok I got to go wrap my hair before or after coitus, or the pat pat… you know when they clocked the ish out of their head. Moving on, I am a big fan of sistas with their own. Short enough to roll with rice or big as freddie's from a different world….

  15. I prefer a woman with a short sexy haircut over a woman with a bunch of fake hair in her head. I get it though, it validates them and makes them feel beautiful. But for me I don't see beauty, I see someone with not enough inner strength. Someone who values conforming over being her own person. I never articulate it though…

    1. It's sad that a black woman needs another woman's hair texture to feel beautiful. That's messed up, but I understand it. I felt that way for so long. Then I grew up and started understanding that black women are seen as less than by society. Less feminine, less beautiful and their hair texture is part of that. People laugh at black women for weaving and straightening. It's as if you're proving that these haters are right every time you try to wear your hair like them. That's why I stopped. F*ck them. I don't need European or Asian hair to feel, look or be beautiful I am beautiful the way God made me. I chopped off the relaxer almost two years ago and have a huge afro I sometimes wear out, sometimes braid, sometimes twist, sometimes wear in a afro puff. My hair is pretty and it's not hard to care for. Best of all, it's mine and it's healthy. People say I'm "brave" whatever. I'm just being me. I wish more black women would, but it's their choice. Meanwhile I'm not going broke or resorting to theft or lying to find money to keep my hair a certain way.

      1. Black women are how viewed how they portray themselves to be. WE have all the power in our image. Nobody else. I wish we as a group would understand this concept. If your down one day, you can be up the next with steps toward improvement. I know because I have never suffered the same ill as most black women because I've always invested in my level of quality and most men and women pick up on this very fast.

        As a result, I don't view myself as less of anything and have never portrayed myself as such. Being well aware of the value I bring as a woman and as being secures my self esteem no matter how bad it is assaulted by society. It is like titanium because I have ensured I am exceptional in most areas of my life. Even if I lose my looks, I'm multi-talented so I have more than enough to always distinguish myself among others. This bothers people who know they can't see you as inferior, no matter how much they want to. While others find it refreshing.

        Some people want us to feel bad about ourselves, because as long as we do,
        they can feel good and it puts them in a better position, until WE decide to change the game.
        No one can make us feel anything without consent. I've always been a rebel.

  16. Doesn't really matter to me, but if you do wear weave please make sure it's of the highest quality. I do prefer natural or a more conservative hairstyle on a woman, but as long as it's neat, clean, and pullable, we are all good! lol

  17. I don't notice weaves until I see a bad one. I've made comments about women's hair and then had to be told it was a weave. I guess I'm just oblivious like that.lol.

    I think the bigger thing/judgment is on the personality/lifestyle of the particular person based on their hair. Like, if I ask you to envision a sistah freedom fighter shouting viva la revolution, I'm sure that brings to mind a certain image. The same if I ask you to envision a conservative business woman or someone that people would describe as high maintenance. Another image comes to mind. So when men see women who already fit a preconceived description of a particular type of person, the assumptions and judgments begin. Not always a bad thing. It's just an easy thing for the mind to do.

    So I think it's less about the hair and more about the assumed personality traits that come with it…unless it's a complete mess with popcorn remnants and pizza crust in it.
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    1. It's been my experience that only gay men notice the details. Straight men notice the whole package and, like you say, only notice the details if something weird is going on. You guys will say I don't like weave or I don't like makeup even, but will be drooling over these movie actresses and models, etc., weaved up and made up within an inch of their lives. LOL. I know you guys mean you don't like the inconvenience of whatever a woman is doing, e.g., your fingers get stuck in the weave, the make-up feels tacky when you kiss her, etc.

  18. This was a cute post. Hair is unimportant until it’s important. That is, once it starts looking a hot mess. The hubs has said my best asset is my hair so while I’d like to cut it, I’ll be wearing it long until I can’t stand all of this shedding anymore but I’ve often wondered how important hair is to other guys. I’ve had guys come up and comment on my hair saying they’d like to touch it but women do that too so I’m not sure that’s an attraction thing. It’s still a little creepy tho. The women’s magazines lead us to believe that men all want long, shiny bouncy bedhead hair or Kim K layers. However, my (white) mom rocked a bright yellow curly perm/fro situation with one long tiny braid down her back for years and never had any trouble getting a dude. And I’ve seen some other chicks with some busted heads and they’ve still got dudes. Ya’ll know ya’ll’ve seen Naomi Campbell’s pic with her hairline behind her ear and she still has a dude so…..Hair can’t be that important to every dude.

    1. Krystl many dudes will break off a one legged chick. The question is what type of relationship does the man want with the women with busted heads and what else do they have that the man may want and care about more than the hair.
      Yeah that pic of Naomi was crazy as hell. She has plenty of money to do something about that. Just trifling.
      The comedienne Sheryl Underwood said years ago on Tom Joyners show that she had hairplug implants in her head; like what bald men get. I think she has Alopecia Areata, which is a medical condition that causes complete bald spots and/or complete hair loss.

    2. "Ya’ll know ya’ll’ve seen Naomi Campbell’s pic with her hairline behind her ear and she still has a dude so….."

      Thats a sad situation. Must've used some bad wig glue or something…got a fungus.

  19. I am not my hair…Hair is Hair…whatever.

    Example: My guy told me he wasn't into weaves…I said ok.
    1month later and weave was the new me…
    He loved it…and Still calls me Beautiful. *smile*

    So I could care less what any dude says…in the end I find that if he really cares for you then"hair" is whatever & the last thing on his mind.

  20. Do men (or women) think less of women who wear wigs or weaves due to legitimate hair issues (Alopecia, or other kinds of hair loss)?
    Just putting it out there as some women wear weaves and wigs out of necessity, not by choice…

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    1. No relaxers, braids or weaves allowed, huh? Pitiful, sad and divisive, you natural chicks are over thinking this whole their thing waaayyyy too much.


      1. To me braids are fine. Technically they are weave, but they are at least culturally correct. The problem with relaxer and weave is that in most cases that is not the texture you were born with and you are trying more to hide as opposed to enhance. When whites and other races weave, they are enhancing what is already theirs. Most black women are hiding because they've been taught to be ashamed of their natural texture. Totally different.

  22. Wearing all the fake stuff doesn’t make you what you claim you are…..a real woman.You take off all the extra accessories and you are a whole other person so what would be best for your mate? I would appreciate a natural woman with skin flaws,hair not quite right and all the other flaws{that what she call it but I don’t}she claims she has.I have flaws also but I don’t see them as flaws these are my individual attributes.

  23. Long time lurker. LOVE the site guys! __I happen to have a color Mohawk. Seeing as that I work in Corporate America, I couldn’t get it cut into an actual Mohawk so, next best thing. I’ve never seen anyone else where I live with it so I think it’s pretty creative. The Mohawk is blonde, the rest is Auburn (peep the Avi if it shows up. You can sort of see it). __I know for a fact hair matters to Men. From what I’ve been told, they just like for it to look “not a hot mess” and most seem to prefer long hair on Women. *shrug* I tend to switch my hairstyles every year or so and I love funky cuts! I get TONS of attention with the color Mohawk, all good might I add. I had naturally long hair, but prefer it short so… chop chop snip snip all the time and I’ve never tried a weave.__Keep up the awesome work Men! __

  24. I went on a date with a guy and he shared that a woman having her hair done is important to him. He laughed and expressed anger at the anti perm protest going on. He preferred the times when women were wearing perms and flat ironing their hair. I am the woman who loves to change her hair. I did the big chop some months ago so I went natural wearing my hair in a curly afro, but I am not completely aniti-weave so I still wear them. What he considered done is processed and flat ironed hair. Everyone has their preferences, but as women we enjoy embracing the many styles so I feel like so should men.

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