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I Voted Today, Will You? – It’s Time To Vote America


America makes an important decision today; that decision is whether or not we will re-elect our 44th President or if we will elect our 45th President. While I think that people are overreacting as to how close this Presidential race is, it’s still important that people vote. That’s why today despite my great disdain for waking up when it’s still dark, I got up out of bed and headed into DC to vote.

At this point in my life, I live in downtown Silver Spring, MD, however, I maintain my permanent residence in Washington, DC. That led to this interaction this morning.

The Real Dr. J: [on the phone] I’m here with my son. Oh yeah, he keeps my address as his address, but he needs to change that.

Dr. J: Can you stop telling everybody my personal business?

There’s a few reasons why I’ve never changed my address to Maryland. The main reason is that as an informed voter in the United States of America, I realize that as much as we pay attention to the Presidential election in America, it’s not all that important in my day-to-day life. The decisions that impact the community and city that I’m in personally vested in are made on a local level. They are not decisions that are made by President Obama, they are made by my mayor (who is a jackass), city council, and school board. For that reason, I maintain my residence in DC, because that’s where the real decisions are made.

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I hope that many voters out there realize this. I’m sure many of us have registered to vote where we live because we needed our votes to count in this Presidential election, but did we all take the time to research all the other elections that will take place today? Are you blindly voting down party lines because you’re not informed as to who is running for your local and state offices? Do you do more of a disservice to your community by only voting in the Presidential election, but not caring much about the other elections on your ballot because “you just live there”? And if that is the case, are you still voting in the communities in which you’re personally vested? Those are the questions that we need to answer for ourselves.

As it pertains to this Presidential election and voting day in general, I know that I enjoyed the experience. I am reminded that I have family members who were born at a time when it was damn there impossible for African-Americans to vote in this country. I have seen their pain and struggle and I show my appreciation to their service by voting. I believe that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Plausible deniability and tacit complicity are not acceptable methodologies in our times today.

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This is our reality; the reality is that close to 50% of this country will vote for Mitt Romney today. The reality is that we will see our country for exactly what it is today. We’ve got to understand what that means for our country and our President. That means that regardless of who is elected today, the only prudent and right way to run this country is to find ways to have compromise on both sides. This is going to be a dogfight today but when the sun rises tomorrow, we will still be in the United States of America. And even if Mitt Romney is our 45th President, we as a Black people will be just fine. After all, that’s what we do best, we take whatever they throw at us Black folk and we survive.

Anyway, on behalf of the SBM staff we encourage you to go out there and vote. If you are misinformed right now, take time to figure out the agendas of all on your ballots. When you’re finished come on back to SBM and tell us about your day. Tell us about the long lines, the young and old voters, the asinine ways they are still running your voting station and how many times you looked at your watch and said, “I’m bout to be late.”

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A few quick observations on my end:

  • We need younger volunteers. It shouldn’t take 4-5 minutes to find a ballot with the last name, Jackson. I swear the same people have been working in some of these stations for the last 30 years.
  • You can’t buy bottles to skip the line.
  • They should have complimentary donuts and juice at the voting station.
  • People will look at your weird if you have a Starbucks cup in the hood and there is no Starbucks within a good three miles of there.
  • It’s cold as hell.
  • Only sellouts don’t vote. Conscious and even hood negros vote. Conscious people understand the importance and the hood at least acknowledges that you get time off to go vote. Sellouts don’t vote because they don’t think it’s all that serious.

And whatever you do, do not post pictures of the ballot. Please, thank you.

Imma do my part.

– Dr. J


  1. This is one of the reasons why the voting in lines in Florida are so long. We repealed the law that limited the language in proposed State constitutional amendment to be at the most 75 words.

    Too many citizens when in thinking "Obama or Romney" and were completely unprepared as a resident to comprehend the pages and pages of constitutional amendment language that reads like doublespeak, the proposed local ordinances and the judge retention measures.

    Please, don't vote blindly and along your party affiliation on your state and local issues, they mean just as much, if not more than the results of the Presidential election.

    Everyone does this country and themselves a disservice when you cast your vote as an emotional reaction versus voting proactively with intellect and logical facts and examples.

    Not all Republicans do harm just as not all Democrats do good (We'd gladly welcome back Charlie Crist with open arms) Know when your state legislature is in session and watch public access from time to time and don't wait until a law passes and then get angry. Show the F up and out before anyone takes your civil rights away. They all depend on your passiveness to slide this stuff threw.

  2. since i changed my voting district to brooklyn i took the time to actually research what seats were up for grabs in the state and US senate as well as the state supreme court. i really can't stand uninformed voters. they're as bad as non voters in my opinion. great read.

    i got to my voting poll (about 4 blocks away) and the lines seemed daunting. i was overwhelmed and i thought i was going to be there forever. they had a good system of breaking down the lines by districts and i was in and out in about 20 minutes. it warmed my soul to not only see young and middle age voters but i also saw a lot of voters who were at least 75 years old. if they can brave the cold with their canes, walkers and wheelchairs then we can get out there and do the same.
    My recent post How I became a jaded man (I)

        1. It was good, and seem balanced. Reflective & definitely called out both sides. We'll check for the sequels

  3. I think I am a pretty straight shooter, and I will continue to be that man.

    I am not voting. My candidate (Sarah Palin) is not on the ballot, and so I'll pass on this election. In 2008 I was 20, and I did not vote either, because I didn't know either candidate, AND the bi-racial boy wonder came outta nowhere to win the presidency.

    I am rooting for Romney to win like Bush did in 2000 ( by hook or by crook) and let the chips fall where they may. Racist practices no matter what candidate gets in, will not cease. (because blacks don't hold those accountable ENOUGH for the hateful actions they commit).

    But I want abortion restricted, I want welfare tightened up a bit. Other than that, I don't think my lifestyle is going to be changed no matter what candidate gets in. The top 20% of people in this country (and I am in that 20% BTW) will be fine no matter what direction this country goes.

    I hope you enjoy the voting experience that I will sit out.

  4. I early voted 2 weeks ago on a saturday at the local polling place closest to me, which was a middle school. Nuff said on that.
    I missed the comradery and fuzzy warm feelings of voting for President Obama for the first time 4 years ago. I’ll never ever forget that experience. People were taking pictures. People I didn’t even know were taking pics with me. The overall feeling of togetherness, peace and love was truly unforgettable. I found myself longing for that same experience. But didn’t get it this time around. Oh well, I have the memories.

  5. Observations from the Midwest:
    1) Detroiters DEFINITELY had snacks, fresh coffee and oh yes alternating between Maze, Earth Wind & Fire and Dr. King's speech. Good times, good turnout, I'll take it.
    2) I swear the voting volunteers are the same ladies who served me lunch in middle school. Bless their hearts but we certainly need younger volunteers. (Maybe I'll do it next go-round…)
    3) Having a baby face warrants comments such as "Congrats on voting in your first presidential election…" Err uhh, yeah not my first.
    4) Can we have separate lines for the people who've researched the ballot before hand and will take 2-3 minutes in the booth?

  6. I am in Florida and did absentee voting. I normally stand in line but learned the hard way Florida has so many initiatives and amendments it's almost offensive. But I took my time with it and I'm glad I did it ahead of time.

  7. CO allows early voting and mail-in ballots – I did both. Guess I missed out on the "experience" of standing in line during work hours and I don't have a sticker to put on Twitter but life is about sacrifices. We also have an amendment here to legalize the sale of marijuana statewide. I'll have to plead the FIF on how I voted on that measure but if my writing style is noticeably more laid back come January 2013 well……..


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