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Uncommon Goods Equals Uncommon Fun


Everyone likes to feel like they’re one of a kind.

Special. Unique.

I (ironically), am no exception.

Which is why when I first discovered Uncommongoods.com, I felt like I’d found some secret online shopper’s heaven for the unique in all of us, complete with “green” products, handmade goods, and a pretty dazzling mission statement all about helping the environment and contributing to the greater good of the world by allowing you to select one non-profit for UG to donate a dollar to at checkout. Yes, I read the “about” pages of most sites I visit. Different, see? Um…

Anyway, all of the above is why I nearly squealed when Beau unexpectedly told me to pick something from one of their many interesting items to have and to hold and be all mine. I ultimately chose the Record Star Clock, an awesome wall clock made from a retired vinyl record, because I am currently in the process of redecorating (well, decorating, since the “re” implies it was decorated in the first place) our living space, formerly known as his apartment. This clock won because it combines my love for modern, funky art, and my addiction to music, particularly old school music.

It’s not huge and clunky, but it’s not small and underwhelming, either. A perfect-sized wall clock to hang high above an entertainment center, or dining table, or music nook, to literally rock the night away … or just look like you are.

Still, the decision wasn’t an easy one. I fell head over heels in love at least five times while browsing the site. From the cool stemless Cupa Wine Glasses and their equally cool wood holder, to the Handmade Rock and Vine Lamp (see it here), my heart was torn in so many directions. There’s jewelry and vintage cameras, pillows and watches. Pretty much a gift or indulgence for anyone, and useful items like the nifty little tiltpodcamera stand.

Good thing is, I saved them all to my Christmas wish list. Hopefully Santa Beau will be good to me this year, and head on over to the UG to spread the yuletide cheer. Let me go bat my lashes.

Connect with Muze on twitter @Muzeness, or on her blog, Because I’m Write.

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