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Hilarious Video: The Elevator Ghost Prank


elevator ghost prank

The elevator ghost prank is by far one of the funniest (if not funniest) pranks ever. Admittedly, if I were in this elevator, I’d have went to see Jesus or at least tossed some holy Poland Springs at her on the way. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments.



  1. I literally fell out of my chair at work. The man in the blue button up….so funny! The last rider reminds me of what I do during scary movies… I cover my ears or I cover my eyes but still peek through the cracks between my fingers because the curiosity beats out the fear. This video is hilarious…. but I think I'm going to take the stairs when I get off work tonight.

  2. LMAO! Its funny to see other people get pranked but if this was me? I would still be screaming 10 hours later and I probably wouldn't ride the elevator for a couple years. Shoot I would probably pee my pants.

    And I love how every girl fixed their hair in the mirror when they first walked in…

  3. That was hilarious! LOL I have to share it with my facebook friends! If I was in that elevator I would have came out of it with high blood pressure and a new phobia!


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