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10 Black Actresses from the 80s and 90s That We Loved


1. Tia and Tamera

“Go home Roger!” No real reason why men used to sit around debating on which of these identical twins looked better, but we did. For some reason, I always picked Tamara, I thought that Tia was a little stuck up. (Years later, we would find out just how far from the truth I was, but still.) Tia and Tamara gave brothers, who did not have, hope that we could meet twins and live forever.

2. Lisa Turtle

Many of us grew up watching Saved By the Bell and as you all know, Lisa Turtle was the only Black girl on the show. Personally, I always understood where Lisa was coming from on this show. I went to middle school with all white people and being one of the only Black people, we all used to date each other. Lisa gave brothers hope that the one Black girl at school would also be as cute and funny as Lisa.

13. Lisa Wilkes

The Fresh Prince almost married this girl. Nia Long came on the TV screen and I swear she put that short hair cut with the bow legs on the map. I mean, Halle made it a hot line, but Nia made it a hot song.

You can learn a lot from Jackie. She showed up and reminded Will of who he was before he became the Fresh Prince. Every superhero needs that in his life. For me, this was the first time I was seeing the model Tyra Banks on the TV screen, I was like, “wow…”






  1. You're forgetting
    – Ashley Banks from Fresh Prince
    – Brenda Jenkins (Regina King , who is still hot) from 227
    – Regina (Kim Fields) from Living Single
    – Justine / Myra (Michelle Thomas) from the Cosby Show and Family Matters (may she rest in peace)

    And we gonna need to work on that ordering.
    My recent post Learn About “the Other” Algebra

    1. I had to invoke the Olivia rule on Ashley and Rudy… them girls wasn't even 14 when they was on TV back then… I couldn't in good faith add them to the list. It just seems nasty. Although Ashley did get older… after picking Tyra and Nia from Fresh Prince they fell off.

      Regina King is personal to me and I didn't want to share her on SBM. Nuff said. #Southland

      Sucki Sucki now… I just couldn't get down with her on that show, something about her just always ruined it for me.

      Myra was crazy man! Chill son! I would add Maxine to the list from Family Matters though. Maybe even Judy… #butletskeepwhyonthelow

    2. MYRA! You took me back on that one, son. Had the BIGGEST crush on her. Even when she was in that gap-toothed R&B group's video whose name isnt coming to mind and I'm too lazy to search for, she was FINE!


  2. Most of them were light-skinned! And Detective Moreno wasn't even black! You're a victim of colorism, and your mind has been manipulated by the media!

    1. Damn that's how bad its gotten of late, cause I was also waiting for the colorism shoe to drop.

      Uncle Hugh said what they usually say but this is the internal transcript:
      "You have just wrote an article praising women that not only aren''t me but do not look like me. I do not like this because I am naive enough to believe that everyone that looks like me should not only like me but prefer me above all else. Since this is not the case I will read your mind and correct you because as an adult you don't know who/what your attracted to but this guilt trip is going to get you back on the right track." SMDH

      Sorry but many of these accusations of colorism are wrapped up in narcissism

      1. You were scared of Lena?! Cute, hood, classy, and smart all rolled into one?!

        Why come???? lol

        She excels amongst theives…in a dark alley and the boardroom! A double win! Lol

        1. You ever notice that only hood girls use the word classy?

          I can't call it, Jada just always has scared me like she would punch me in the face. Didn't like her in Jason's Lyrics, Set It Off, or Low Down Dirty Shame.

        2. "You ever notice that only hood girls use the word classy?"

          *throws down the flag*

          LMBO! I don't even know how to take that comment!!!!! LMBO!

        3. lmbao cause Jada Pinkett is like 5'1 or 5'2 and probably not even a buck twenty soaking wet. Really Doc J…..you scared of Jada Pinkett Smith???? "C'mon Son" Stop Playin! lmbao again.
          But then u don't strike me as the type to go for B-more chick, and she is from B-more and is a straight up B-more chick.

  3. No Laura Winslow? I thought Pam was hotter than Gina. As a woman I was even captivated by Denise Huxtable. Not quite sure what it was either.

    1. Yea I would have to go with Pam. I saw Tichina Aronald at an event a few months ago, she still looked awesome .

      Laura was also very pretty. She had all the joints.

      1. lmao…My uncle and a few guys I knew back in the day said the same thing about Pam. Reason why they liked her more than Gina was cause of all dat wagon she was draggin…lol They thought Gina was prettier though and would've been Gina's man but cheated on her with Pam…lol. Thats what they told me…smdh…."men"

    1. tia has always been prettier. idk what it is. i think tamara just has a more "goofy" look to her. even after shedding the goofy twin image.

  4. Cool list but I have to drop Whitley for Dwayne ex-fiancé Key-nu . She gave Whitley a run for her money. Always felt like Whitley had a tight face.

    Nia long been beautiful forever # nuffsaid

  5. What about Mia Campbell from ” in the house” with LL Cool J. ( Before she went crazy) . I thought she was pretty. Ooo and Reagan Gomez from the Parent Hood . It came out around 1995. It was the show with Robert Townsend , Reagan played Zaria. She’s pretty .

    1. Good catch on Reagan Gomez. Maia Campbell would have made the list if she didn't end up strung out on the crack. I also hated that baby hair she tried to make stay around much too long.

    2. Wasn't Reagan Gomez in "Trois 3" or something? She ended up at the end being….well, I guess I won't ruin it for y'all, like y'all care….but she can't be trusted!! lol.

      1. WHAT????!!!! Is this real? I seriously never missed an episode and had the HUGEST crush on Rider Strong. I used to read his articles in Bop Magazine and everything. Yo, if they're back on "Girl Meets World", I'm getting cable again just for whatever network it comes on, if it's not on Hulu. It's THAT serious.

  6. *pole vaults over the colorism*

    I'm looking at that Lisa Turtle pic with a more discerning eye now that I'm older – and maybe it's just me – but it DO look like she got the crazy eye. Sadly, perhaps we shouldn't be shocked by the Lisa Turtle that greets us today. Mama told me there'd be days like this.

    1. Eh…

      I was thrown by the pic too. Not sure if we should be judging her…or the horrible job the make-up artist did.

      Gotta have make-up/hair folks that can hook US up…smh.

      1. Yep some of that 80/90s cake foundation had actresses looking like the Walking Dead for real. Maybe that's why so may of them look better now in their 40s than late 20s/30s

    2. Even the Lisa Turtles of the world have bad picture days. Anybody remember Mercedes from that show “In the House” she played Carlton’s gf . She also played in the episode of Martinez when him and Gina first broke up, and he met that woman at the club.

  7. My top 3

    1. Lisa Turtle- white girl who I could actually bring home and not get sideeyes, im with it
    2. Jackie- I think Carlton killed her…she was never seen since he took her home then he pops up at a cemetary
    3. Kimberly Reese- Fredi seeemed to weird, Whitley was never cute to me, Kim was my favorite

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