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The Best Black Blogs and Websites to Read in 2013


As SBM continues to grow, we recognize the importance of networking, collaborating, and highlighting talented bloggers, blogs, and websites from around the web. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the extension of hand-outs and hand-ups. That’s why we strive to counter the ‘crab in a bucket’ mentality; whereby in order for one black website to prosper we have to tear down another. Instead, we’d like to believe there is plenty of cake to go around and we love nothing more than to see everyone in our blogosphere community feasting, happy, and full!

Below is a compilation of blogs and websites from various sources we think you should be reading in 2013. Descriptions provided are from the respective site’s About Us page.

Sex and Relationships

VSB – http://verysmartbrothas.com/: the present-day manifestation of those lonely shanty nights, where Springer and Riley wrote and argued and theorized for days at a time, burning the midnight oil while ignoring the mad shrieks of the wild warthogs. The Champ and Panama Jackson are here to continue the relationship-related word, to enlight and excite, to enrage and enthrall, but most importantly, to educate and entertain.

What Would a Man Do?http://www.wwmdonline.com/: an edutaining web series that explores how today’s male minds truly feel about the politics of love and lust. Steered by real-life gal pals, Chazeen, Guerdley and Tracy, the sassy trio deliver distinct perspectives while asking the questions fellow females have, in exchange for the bs-free answers guys don’t often share.

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Brothers with No Gamehttp://www.brotherswithnogame.com/: BWNG comes full circle as Maverick, Justin Credible, The Yak & Don Kwelu take a look at the “game” from 4 different perspectives. They also have a growing web series you may find interesting.

Still Dating My Spousehttp://www.stilldatingmyspouse.com/: This is a couple that has been married for 13 years but together for 14 years. They have experienced the good, the bad, & the ugly when it comes to marriage; however, they understand how important it is to spend time together.

Black Love and Marriage – http://www.blackloveandmarriage.com/Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at, high school sweethearts, have been together for 18 years and married for 10. Their love and devotion has been an inspiration to many as they demonstrate their commitment to increasing the quality of relationships throughout the world. Because they recognize the need for a rebirth in “sound” relationship dynamics, they’ve created a multifaceted relationship development business that focusses on Life & Relationship Coaching sessions, Pre-marital Counseling, Relationship Education Classes, Creative productions, and the Ask The Ma’at’s “Love and Life” Advice Column.

Seriously Maybehttp://www.seriously-maybe.com/: The blog, Seriously Maybe, takes a look at relationships from the subjective male’s perspective. The authors are true to their opinions, which they un-apologetically express regardless of how inappropriate, unpopular or controversial they may be.

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Marriage Exposedhttp://www.marriage-exposed.com/: Roselyn V. Aker- Black, Psy.D is a native of Rome, Georgia and currently resides in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband Frank. Dr. Roz received a B.A. in psychology from Fisk University and completed a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Argosy University in Washington, DC. Dr. Roz has over 10 years of experience in providing psychological services to children, families, and couples in the nonprofit, government, and private industry sectors.

Black Love Forum http://blackloveforum.com/: Great website with a wealth of interesting dating and relationship content. We also found this snippet from their website: Relationships in OUR community are in serious crisis. There is a grave breakdown in our connections and communication. It is within our power to ‘pump the brakes’ of discord and bring this train safely to a halt. We invite you to start a new journey with us, that will lead us to a destination of wholesome, healthy and financially sound relationships.

Confessions of a Disillusioned Black Girl http://www.disillusionedblackgirl.com: Tagline: An honest dialogue about love, life, and everything in-between…

Black Father Connection http://blackdadconnection.org/: Black Dad Connection was created to impel black fathers and the fathers of black children to take action steps toward living the best, most connected, and longest lives possible for the sake of their children. Black Dad Connection is managed as a program of the national men’s health nonprofit organization, Malecare.

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Check out page 2 for more topics and sources for 100’s of other recommended black websites and blogs.

1General Topics

Source: Blackbloggernetwork

Black Blogger Network – http://www.blackbloggernetwork.com/: We are an online resource guide for Black Bloggers, Writers, and Journalists. Here you can find articles about increasing web presence, networking with other black bloggers, learning great blog building techniques, ways to promote your blog, and much more! We also feature articles from different Black Bloggers and writers every week.

We Got Kids – http://www.wegotkidz.com/: a self proclaimed love and relationship guru, and most importantly… mom to a set of adorable toddler twins. I felt that there was a definite void in regards to the depiction of fun and positive ‘African American families’. We Got Kidz not only fills that void, but brings a little bit of snark, wit, and levity to the parenting paradigm.

Relationship blog (Nigerian focused) – http://www.thenakedconvos.com: The Naked Convos is an interactive community designed to create safe spaces where young Nigerians engage in OPEN and HONEST conversations about music, movies, relationship, sports, news, entertainment etc

Hip Hophttp://www.thecouchsessions.com/: Located in New York City, the Couch Sessions is the premier destination for alternative urban music and culture. Dubbed as the tastemakers’ tastemaker, The Couch Sessions spotlights all aspects of cutting-edge urban lifestyle ranging from music, art and design, food and drink, film, TV and fashion.  The online magazine has attracted tech savvy and progressive music lovers from around the world who are seeking new, underground and underheard talent.

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Black Political Issues – http://www.jackandjillpolitics.com/: In the summer of 2006, Cheryl Contee, blogging under the pseudonym “Jill Tubman”, launched Jack & Jill Politics. Shortly after meeting at the then-YearlyKos Conference (now Netroots Nation), she brought on Baratunde Thurston aka “Jack Turner.” That was the summer Jack & Jill Politics was born.

Black Men’s Style Guide http://gentlemenstandard.com/The Gentlemen’s Standard is ambitiously redefining how gentlemen of color approach life, culture, and style. Founded in 2008, this site arose from a dissatisfaction with how men of color are sometimes portrayed in various media outlets. Moreover, this site was created due to a dissatisfaction with how some gentlemen of color portrayed themselves.

This Week in Blacknesshttp://thisweekinblackness.com/: As the name implies, This Week In Blackness, covers the week in blackness. Editor in Chief includes Elon James White who collaborates on productions with L. Joy Williams and Aaron Rand Freeman.

The Urban Urbanitehttp://www.theurbaneurbanite.com/: A sophisticated urban lifestyle blog where topics range from food & drink, travel & leisure and art & culture to personal reflections, rants and ramblings on current events, life and happenstance.

United Black Americahttp://unitedblackamerica.com/: United Black America is more than a website! Our Strategy as a legitimate organization consists of addressing five major illnesses specific to the Black community with tangible and immediate solutions. The five major illnesses and our approach to them are as follows…read more.

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130 of the Best Black Websites – http://unitedblackamerica.com/127-best-black-websites/

50 Blogs Written by Happy Black Womenhttp://happyblackwoman.com/0-blogs-written-by-happy-black-women/

The Root’s 30 Black Bloggers You Should Knowhttp://www.theroot.com/multimedia/28-black-bloggers-you-should-know

The Root’s 25 Best Black Bloggers for 2012 – http://www.theroot.com/multimedia/25-best-black-bloggers

30 Black Women Bloggers You Should Knowhttp://www.forharriet.com/2011/04/30-black-women-bloggers-you-should-know.html

50 Black Blogs for African Americans (sorted by type) – http://afrodaddy.com/The-AfroBlog/50-black-blogs-african-americans-2012

100 Best Websites for African Americanshttp://www.dcwatch.com/iilist/100best.htm

And last but not least, SBM, WE ALL WE GOT! Please share any websites, blogs, or bloggers we left off that you think people should be reading in 2013 in the comment section below. If you’re a writer or site administrator interested in working with us on future projects or submitting a guest post, please view our Contact Us page.


  1. Wow! WOW! This is Thetoolsman repping TheNakedConvos straight out of Lagos Nigeria and I'd just like to say a huge thank you to you guys for putting us out there. Mean so much.

  2. Good list.
    One I also want to refer is – http://divaswithcents.com/
    On Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DivasWithCents.
    I'm refering this site on behalf of my girl Milah.
    It's similar to some other relationship blogs, with the exception that it discusses all aspects of finance in relation to relationships. It also discusses personal finance, employment, budgeting, money management, entrepreneurship, the economy, investing and financial planning.
    Great blog to check out and gain knowledge on money matters. Ladies we all know – "no romance without finance." *smile*

  3. hm…no techie blogs?

    no disrespect to those listed, but ah…i'm started to get more interested in roms than dates, lol.

  4. If you haven't read the Black Talking Points Blog at blacktalkingpoints.com you are definitely missing out on some of the most provocative, informative, and interesting information concerning African-Americans ever published. I guarantee you have never read a blog like this. Period! Black Talking Points will inform, educate and amaze you with the depths of the black experience, debunking more than 500 years of white, racist scholarship that depict the black race as an ignorant, divided and inferior. Read for yourself and see how your thinking on a whole range of subjects changes.

  5. Oh my, let me first say I am so sorry I hadn't stopped by to say thank you for including us on your list! I did not get a notice that you had linked to the site. I really appreciate you including Still Dating My Spouse. Yes it is very important to understand that you must continue to date because "To Date Your Spouse is to Know Your Spouse".

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  7. Did anyone else pick up on this story that was largely ignired by the mainstream media?

    "Atlanta Jewish Times publisher resigns over Obama 'assassination' column
    Andrew Adler suggested Israel should assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama to counter Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

    Reuters – 19.5.11 U.S.
    By Haaretz
    Published 21:50 23.01.12

    The owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, who suggested Israel should assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama, has resigned from his post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported on Monday.

    Adler, who has since apologized for his article, listed three options for Israel to counter Iran’s nuclear weapons in an article published in his newspaper last Friday. The first is to launch a pre-emptive strike against Hamas and Hezbollah, the second is to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and the third is to “give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

    Adler goes on to write: “Yes, you read “three correctly.” Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If have thought of this Tom-Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?"

    According to JTA's report, Adler announced Monday that he is “relinquishing all day-to-day activities effective immediately,” and that he named John McCurdy as interim managing editor."

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