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Wow: Woman Texts “How’s Life LOL” to Ex After Driving Over His Mom


woman drivers over ex's mom

Breaking up is hard to do.

Elizabeth McClain, 22, allegedly ran over her ex-boyfriend’s mother with a car in Austin, Texas, after stalking the man for three months, the Austin-American Statesman reported.

As McClain drove away from the crime scene, she allegedly sent her estranged lover a text message that read, “Hows Life LOL,” (Sic) according to KXAN.

Ryan Boyd, 25, told police he and McClain dated for about three years before he broke up with her in September, according to KVUE.

According to an arrest warrant and three separate police reports, McClain didn’t exactly handle the break-up well.

You think??!?!
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SBM fam, are people getting crazier or is there just more access to information? Crazy story. This takes busting the windows out the car to a whole new level.
SBM doesn’t condone domestic violence or reckless acts of aggression. 


  1. And she had the nerve to text him "how's life LOL"… O_O!!!! Damn i hate her!!!
    These kind of stories are too much for me… I just can't with people!!!

  2. Idk the police should’ve arrested her before it even came to this. And why didn’t he change his number? I don’t think ppl are getting crazier. We just hear about it more now. Smh.

    1. I agree krystl. Folks have always been as psycho as they are now.
      This chick sounds seriously bipolar.
      He may have tried to change his number and she still found a way to get it.

  3. But men love a crazy woman lol

    Ya'll keep saying "because we can" and what we let you get away with…this is the ish that happens….

    I'm not saying she's right, I'm saying I understand how it came to this.

      1. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt Slim. In no way is she justified in running over the man's mother!! …but I thougt I stated that…


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