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One of the Worst Music Videos Ever: Spartan High School Style


Remember Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song? Yeah, this video is worse than that. I made it further through 2 squirrels 1 nut (code name for a video that’ll get the site blocked if I type it) than I did “Spartan High School Style,” which conveys an underwhelming sense of school spirit…even though they’re trying. Retro-Yeezy would not be pleased.

Anyway, I’m challenging you to see if you can get through this whole video. If you wanna read a funny minute-by-minute breakdown of this foolishness, check out Sam Dwyer’s write up over at BostInno.




  1. Ummm….2 thumbs down.
    LMAO @ the 2 token black ppl. Almost felt like I was watching South Park, except that would have been more entertaining.

  2. This video absolutely sucks!!! I haven’t seen anything that would make me want to puke as bad as this since..well…..FOREVER!! Whoever made this should go crawl in a hole with a rabid groundhog.

  3. that video was terrible, yes. But lets give her credit for …. nevermind… they should have not Even let her upload that mess… she just embarrassed an entire community… terrible…. no bueno….

  4. I made it through the video….like the concept but the chick was offbeat the WHOLE time. And yes I only saw two black people in the video…the rest probably realized that it was going to be a bucket o'crap and dodged the cameras. I know I would have. 🙂


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