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Who Is Trinidad James? The Man Behind All Gold Everything


He’s not even signed yet, but has already developed many bonds in the industry with several labels who want to sign him.

Depending on how you look at the situation, all is not lost. Trinidad could either disappear from everyone’s radar in the next month or so, or he could end up like Two Chainz and be forced on everyone’s radar. I remember when I first found out that Tity Boi had started going by Two Chainz and was making the most ignorant music to date with catchy one-liners and ad-libs; Two Chainz is nominated for Grammys, y’all. Don’t be surprised if Trinidad James finds a way to make it into a Benz out of that Datsun. (Albeit, a gold trimmed Benz, like back in the 95 Camry days.)

My personal thoughts: It’s amazing what we consume these days in hip hop. I’m all about individuality and something new and refreshing. This isn’t too refreshing, but it’s new to say the least. The lack of experience in rapping combined with his quick success is really a reflection of the current state of hip hop. While I won’t say hip hop is dead, it’s definitely way more responsive to shock value than talent. In addition, we’re more likely to consume straight ignorance before we consume the gospel. I don’t know if it’s time to sum Trinidad James up as the next most ignorant thing in hip hop or if the science behind the madness is to show us exactly what hip hop has become. We’ll have to wait and see.

Posse out,

Dr. J

5His recent single, All Gold Everything, has received a ton of attention from the Internet and hip hop fans alike.

This is really the only reason why we’re here. The music video for All Gold Everything was so hilariously dope that we couldn’t stop watching it over the last few days. That and the now infamous one-liner, “Popped a Molly, I’m sweating… WOO!”


  1. Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the song or video, though it was much better than a lot of "hits" from people lik Waka Flocka, Soulija Boy, Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, etc.

  2. I love "ALL GOLD EVERYTHING" its one of my favorite songs out. And plus I love me some gold nigga, nigga, nigga lol.



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