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A Few Relationship Truths You Need to Know


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In honor of the redundancy of the day, the homie Michele from Black ‘n Bougie wrote a post on 12 relationship truths you need to know. She in no way claims to be a relationship expert, but life teaches you a lot about the game of love (and war). Here are a few points from her list:

1. Yes, you are a prize but not for every damn body. Each of you individually is a prize… for someone. Maybe two or three someones but not for everybody.

2. Just because someone is a “good” man or woman, does not mean they are “good” for you.

3. Liking someone, lusting for someone and loving someone are not the same thing. Unless they come as a package deal for both parties in which case, when’s the wedding?

4. If you’ve had three or more failed relationships in a row, you are the common denominator. (looks in mirror, sticks out tongue) #Arithmetic

5. Grown men and women in committed relationships cannot be stolen from one [another]. Someone makes the conscious decision to leave.

6. The more you tell us how fabulous your life with so-and-so is, the less we believe you. My godparents have been married for 53 years. Every time I have asked how they are doing for the past 20 years, they respond “Baby we fine and we living.” Okay? Keep your business off these inna-web-social-nets.

Once you read the full article, some of you may want to hit control-p. It could save you some trouble. SBM Fam, what relationship truths have you learned over the years?


  1. 1. Good friends may not make a great couple. The requirements of the both relationships are VERY different.

    2. More than what people say, watch what they do. Keep an eye out for the one thats doing what he or she says.

    3. If you're uncomfortable, bounce. If it doesn't feel quite right, cut it off. You don't need to wait around for proof, evidence, validation…later for that. If you don't feel good or secure, leave.

    4. If someone is satisfied with where and who they are…but you aren't satisfied with them as is, cut it off.

    5. While dating, if you think you'd make better friends, cut out the flirty stuff and go for that. Good friends are hard to come by.

      1. A lot a blood, sweat, and tears went into these lessons…so if they help someone else, by all means send it on!!!!

        …just change the 2nd sentence in #1 to read, "The requirements *for both…", lol…

        Please and thanks! LOL

  2. 1. Don't forget to show your partner that you appreciate, value and respect them. In assessing our own value, sometimes we get caught up in how lucky they are to have us and we forget to make it known that we are blessed to have them. Appreciation goes a long way.

  3. 5. Grown men and women in committed relationships cannot be stolen from one [another]. Someone makes the conscious decision to leave.

    Sweet Jeebus thank you! I say this whenever someone is called a homewrecker

    1. Well, homewreckers are called homewreckers, because their a**es are on fire… They jump on the horse while there is still someone else riding it… Can't you be patient? We know you're next!!!

  4. 1.) While no one can MAKE you insecure, they can sure as he!! contribute to any uncomfortable feelings you may have about the relationship.

    2.) If you don't have total peace about the person you're involved with, or the relationship as a whole, you should leave as soon as possible. When it's the right person and the right relationship for that time in your life, you'll know it.

    3.) Sometimes people and relationships are a part of your life for a reason and a season. When both of those are fulfilled, have the strength (and sense) to move on.

    4.) Time is a very precious gift. Don't waste your own or someone else's on something that just won't work.

    5.) Learning to understand and respect your partner above all else goes a long way. If you can't nail that, just move on.

    6.) There's no such thing as looking past bad "sox". Fix it early or you're pretty much hosed.

    7.) Holding out on "sox" just to teach someone a lesson is stupid and never has the intended result. Stop being passive-aggressive and say what's wrong.


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