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The Case Against Leaking Nude Pictures On Social Media



A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for TheshopBlog regarding the increase of scorned men leaking nude pictures on social media, and why I thought it was corny. I wanted to share with the SBM fam for a cool read. Enjoy!

I fear for the future of men in America. Not because of drugs, gun violence, or any other applicable calamity. Instead, there is an overarching theme of femininity in men’s actions, especially on social media. When men get into arguments or disputes with women, we rarely can come out a clear victor because women are built for verbal wars. They will use the entire emotional spectrum of slander and mental anguish to cause you to #react. People from a distance won’t be able to decipher who is the true fool in the argument, so men will lose by default. How you respond to perceived disrespect from a woman, especially a woman whom you’ve slept with, ninja cuffed, or wifed up, will show your true character. I’m of the Scorpio tribe, and if you believe in astrology, you know we are the most jealous, spiteful, get you back ass n*ggas on the planet, but even I can’t condone the leaking of nude pictures on Twitter and other social media outlets. Leaking those nudes might make you feel like a king in the short term, but in reality you’ll look like a peasant. Here are a few reasons why men leaking nudes on social media is a horrible look:

Are You A Man or a Boy?

When I was a teenager, leaking a nude picture would be the big joker of revenge moves. I would get my little clout in High School, and prove to the world that I was the original Haitian Don Dada! I would also show to the world that I was immature and unable to handle conflict like a grown ass man. When you are in a relationship of any kind with a woman, whether she’s your slide or your girlfriend, you should act like a man, not a woman. A man won’t bow to his natural instinct to embarrass the woman and will handle himself like a gentleman. If you leak nudes of a woman you had dealings with, and you easily shame her, what does that say about you? Sure, you can hide under the “I don’t love them hoes” umbrella, but no woman will take you seriously, or trust you with anything, if you can drop private photos of someone in a whim. This leads to my next point…

Check out the rest of the article HERE

What are your thoughts? Is it ever right to leak nudes? What are the true benefits? Ladies, since your friends probably know what we look like anyway when we send you pics (lol), is it different if it’s leaked to the general public? Why/Why not?

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  1. 1)Man or women, when you purposely try to embarrass someone in public via social networking it brings you down to the level of a child. (Man acting like a little boy, woman acing like a little girl)

    2)I think leaking people’s nudes are pretty low. And if the person in the nude you leaked is bad built of had a small pickle and you still slept with them, it actually makes you look stupid.

    1. 3) I personally wouldn’t show my homies a D pick of a guy I plan on being intimate with. Now if some random guy hits me up in my DM’s and send’s a D picture then I might just show my close friends what creep ish this guy did. Or if it’s a guy I met a few days prior and he randomly sends me a D pictures, I might show my homegirl like “look at this fool” and promptly delete his number.

      4) For the ladies, really be careful about who you send nudes too. For the young ladies (18-25) if you are sending out nudes to your random campus butt buddy, please cute out your face. Most of us have photo editing apps on our smart phones, edit you face out. If you are worried about him airing your nudes on Twitter, don’t send them and don’t sleep with him, because he’ll run his mouth about that too.

  2. I give you 300 Spartan cosigns on this article. When these fools release sensitive information real CIA case officers like myself find the true art gem collections harder to come by and it's making my FB and twitter experience far less enjoyable

  3. 100 percent agreement with this article. It takes a really butthurt person to leak or expose something someone sent in confidence.

  4. This article right here is why I don't send out any photos you can't find on Facebook. I have yet to send a nude photo to any man. My stepmother always said that as women, we need to take extra care to protect our name and reputation because that's all we really have. I believe that wholeheartedly.

    The men that release private nude pics might as well post a youtube of themselves crying because a woman did them wrong. Their actions pretty much say the same thing.

  5. I never knew it was a case FOR it, its tacky and classless. I've seen exes/boos toss shade online and my responses are usually just a subliminal or ignore it completely and leave her looking like Wile E. Coyote waiting for the bomb to explode. i never thought let me go in photobucket….man oh man the things in my photobucket, but thats where they remain not even in my phone where they can fall onto the wrong eyes. Simple solution, get the hell out of the Matrix. Cant leak a real striptease. Also watch what you text in this screenshot era, dont become the next contestant on that summer jam screen, phone calls and face to face simping >>>
    My recent post Today’s Words is… SINGLE

    1. Yea there definitely is. I was asked for "pictures" which I didn't deliver on. I told that same guy that I didn't want to be friends with him when things ended with us. I am positive me would have blasted the unsent pics if he had them since he was soo bitter about stuff.

      I am similar to you, I could go in on people but just don't too much energy and their issues are way deeper than just me.

      I am curious how you got all your pics. But also happy that you have morals to not put bitter ex's on blast.

  6. Though I do appreciate the photos (I'm just the onlooking bystander) It's entirely against man law to revert to childish methods of slander.

    I have small collection of photos from women I previously dealt with and not speak to anymore, but I would never put them on blast. It's a betrayal of trust and my word I gave them.

    Man up Brothers.

      1. You did kind of hint that sending naked pictures of someone you slept with online makes you womanly. As if womanly = stupid, shameful and juvenile.

        And it's not ok to do even if you're a teenager. Teenage boys are capable of feeling compassion. Not all of them are dickheads.

        1. Think yall took my article too literally.

          The wording isnt politically correct but the message is in my opinion.

          Agree to disagree

  7. When I receive a pic of a naked guy, I return the favor and send one back. I let these guys know that I don't want any full frontal pics and to please respect that. When they cross that line anyway, disregarding my wishes, I send one of the many dicpics that I have and add them to my collection.


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